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Kayla Bryant

3700 Shanks Lane

Louisville, KY 40225

Nortons Healthcare
200 E. Chestnut St.
Louisville, KY 40202

To Whom It My Concern:

When you were a kid growing up, Im sure you often had dreams about what you wanted to be. You
may have walked around pretending to be a lawyer, practicing a sermon for your congregation, or like
me, you had a tool bag full of play medical supplies. Becoming an Obstetrician happens to be my most
important goal for my future. It is so important to me, that I have joined the Pre-Med magnet at Central
High School. Although my magnet is a very good one, our medical ward could use a little help. I am
referring to more hands on stimulations, more tools, and maybe even decorations for the ward. Our
ward needs to feel Medical, not just a different section of the school.

There are many other students here at my school that may have the same dream or similar. I am very
proud to be a part of this school. Not only does this school prepare us for college, but it also prepares us
for our careers. This is where the Magnet program comes into effect. We are home to the Business
Magnets, Medical Magnets, Computer Technical Magnet, and Law Magnet. Our Medical magnets are
consisted of Pre-Med, Nursing, Dental, and Vet. All of our magnets can use some further assistance, but
my main concern is with the Medical Magnets.

Our Medical Magnets do a great preparation for the medical field. With the Pre-Med magnet, we have
been certified for CPR. The other magnets are working towards the same certification, but on a different
pace. My teacher has also started a track for EKG certification. We even have our own medical lab here
at Central, but we have a problem. The problem is that we lack accommodating equipment.

I am writing you this letter to ask for support in reference to medical equipment. This equipment will
better our program here at Central. The equipment will provide hands on activities that we have not
been exposed to. Such equipment such as manikins with stimulation of labor could help those who want
to become an Obstetrician like me. Manikins that are suffering from choking could help those who are
working towards becoming CPR certified.

You donations will be greatly appreciated. Remember, that dreams can come true. With your help, you
are helping us further our path to making our dreams happen. I am aware that there is a scarce of funds,
so I am not asking for brand new equipment. I am asking for gently used equipment or anything that
could be a assistance. Thank you.