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Design for Learning

Instructor: Miss Lavender Grade Level/Cooperating Teacher: 3rd

Lesson Title: Land of the Free! Date: April 15, 2014
Curriculum Area: Reading Estimated Time: 2 hours
Standards Connection: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in
a text, distinguishing literal from nonliteral language [RL.3.4]
Determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support
the main idea. [Rl.3.2]
Learning Objective(s): When given a reading passage, students will be able to correctly
identify the main idea.
Learning Objective(s) stated in kid-friendly language: Today class, we will be
learning reading The Story of the Statue of Liberty. We will be focusing on learning
about main ideas of a text and reviewing our vocabulary words.
Evaluation of Learning Objective(s): Students will be given a short passage to read.
They will do this independently. They will be asked to write the main idea of the passage.
Engagement: The teacher will play a short game of where in the world is the Statue of
Liberty? Ok, we are going to be reading a new story today. We learned some of the new
vocabulary yesterday and today are going to be reading the story. But first, we are going
to do something fun! Our story is about the Statue of Liberty. So, I have a question for
you. Where have you seen the Statue of Liberty? (wait for appropriate response) I can
think of two. The first in on money. The teacher will show fake money. The Statue of
Liberty is located on the one dollar coin. The second think I can think of is replicas all
over the world. I can think of one that you all may know of. Has anyone heard of Liberty
Park in Birmingham, AL? (wait for appropriate response) Here is a picture...and look
there is a replica of the Statue of Liberty! So be looking all around you, you never know
where you will see it!
Learning Design:
I. Teaching: The teacher will read the story to begin the teaching time. So, I need
everyone to pull out their books and turn to page 288. I am going to read. I need
everyone to be listening and following along. Be listening closely to key details and
main ideas of the story. I may call on you to read. The teacher will begin reading the
story. The teacher will stop throughout to ask questions to make sure students are on
task. Did you all like that story? (wait for appropriate response) This story is narrative
nonfiction, which means it gives information about real people and events in the form
of a story. So everything we just read is true! How cool is that?! Lets talk about main
ideas of a text. What is a main idea of a text? (wait for appropriate response) The main
idea of the passage is what the text is mainly about. It is the BIG IDEA! Details are the
part of the text that supports that big idea, or main idea. These details are what makes
the text interesting to read! Details also help you find the main idea. So, lets talk about
the story we just read. Can someone tell me what they think the main idea of the story
is? (wait for appropriate response) The main idea of this story is to tell about the
building of the Statue of Liberty and what the statue symbolizes. How do know this?
What are some supporting details from the story that help us know this? (wait for
appropriate response) The teacher will fill in the graphic organizer on the Promethean
Board. Great job! Now, lets review our vocabulary words. The first one is unveiled,
which means uncovered. Say it! Unveiled. Next, unforgettable, means not to be
forgotten. For me, my birthday parties are unforgettable! What about you? Next, torch,
a fiery light. Look, on this coin. Here is a picture of a torch. Next, a tablet. A tablet is a
surface for writing. Here is an example of a tablet. Crown, I have a great example of a
crown! Here it is! The teacher will wear a patriotic crown. The Statue of Liberty is
wearing a crown. Do you see in this picture? Next word. Models, which are small
copies, or a small version of a real thing. Can someone think of an example? (wait for
appropriate response) Good! I think of model cars! Liberty is our next word which
means freedom. On coins, the word liberty is written like this one here. And our last
word, symbol. Symbol means an object that stands for something else. The United
States of Americas flag is a symbol of our country. After reviewing the words, the
teacher will use the powerpoint as an interactive activity to review the vocabulary
words further.
II. Opportunity for Practice: For opportunity for practice, the teacher will use stations.
The first station will be a vocabulary matching station. The second will be a main idea
station. And the third will be a writing station. Alright, you are doing fabulous so far!
We are now going to do some fun stations. I am going to put you into groups. When I
tell you to switch you will move to the next station. The first station is a main idea
station. You will read some passages and as a group and decide what the main idea of
the passage is. Then you will record your information in the graphic organizer. Does
anyone have any questions? (wait for appropriate response) Good! Ok, the second
station is a writing station. You will get a post card template. I want you to pretend
that you just visited the Statue of Liberty. Write to your family or friends about what
you learned and saw. Then you will draw a picture once you are finished writing. Here
is an example for you! Any questions? (wait for appropriate response) Ok, the last
station is a vocabulary practice station. I have some star cards in this box. The
vocabulary words are on some cards and the definitions are on the others. You will as
a group, find the correct match! Questions? (wait for appropriate response) Got it, get
it, good?! Alright, I need ______ to go to station one. _________ to go to station two.
And ________ to go to station three. When I say switch, move to the next station.
Students will rotate stations every 15 minutes.
III. Assessment: For the assessment, the teacher will give students a quick check.
Students will read a short passage and write the main idea of the passage. I have one last
funsie for you all! I have a short passage. I want you to read the passage on your own.
Then in the blanks provided, write what you think the main idea of the passage is. When
you are finished, bring it up to the front table. Got it, get it, good?!
IV. Closure: Do I have everyones paper? (wait for appropriate response) Awesome! You
all did a great job. Now, what I need for you to do is wait for Mrs. Moultries
instructions. We will be heading to PE next.
Materials and Resources:
Reading Street Books
Fake Money
Main Idea Graphic Organizer
Post Card Template
Center Boxes
Star Vocabulary Cards
Quick Check Assessment
Extra Main Idea worksheets for early finishers
Graphic Organizers
Differentiation Strategies (including plans for individual learners):
High: Paragraph Main Idea Practice Worksheet; Create a story and have friends figure out
the main idea
Low: Main Idea Game on the Promethean Board
Data Analysis: I did not have time to assess the students on this lesson.
Reflection: I enjoyed this lesson a lot! I was very nervous about doing stations when my
teacher asked me to. It was a great learning experience. Students were engaged and
enjoyed the stations. It was definitely a reminder to keep working on classroom
management though!