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I dreamt of America long ago,

Still a child
But the dreaming died together
With the rude aarene!! of the World"
I #elie$ed in Religion,
And I dreamt of a life enriched
B% Word! of God and &hri!t"
Wo'e u( one morning,
And #rother 'illed #rother !till"""
)hought !cience ould o(en
A door of under!tanding"
Are e not to under!tand the li$ing*
)he horror! of the molecular man re(eated in m% mind,
Death at the ti( of a finger,
+ntil the ho(e altogether died"
Marigold, m% !i!ter,
,idden #% God from the life out!ide,
S(o'e of the true Re$elation to under!tand-
Ne$er Again"
Ne$er Again ,ate"
.o$e Not ,ate"
She !aid, thi! i! the &all of our .ord God/
Man dream! of Death, and mi!!ed the &all,
With ,undred of %ear! of !elf0inflicted terror and !adi!m"