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Media Release

The Madison Police Department has arrested a second suspect in

the residential armed robbery which occurred in the Cypress
Lake Subdivision on May 5, 2!"# $arvea Leuis Motallebi, a%e
22, &'& $arvea Mallett, o( )5"* +n%ersoll Street, ,ackson, MS,
was arrested (or two counts o( armed robbery on May !, 2!"
at )-) PM with the assistance o( the $inds County Sheri((.s
/((ice at 0oodrow 0ilson &venue and 1ailey Street# &(ter
subse2uent (ollow up investi%ation, detectives had obtained an
arrest warrant (or Motallebi 3Mallett4 on May 5, 2!"# Mr#
Motallebi is currently bein% held at the Madison County
Detention 6acility with no bond set# Detectives continue to
investi%ate this crime and more arrests are possible# &nyone
with in(ormation is asked to call the Madison Police
Department at 37!4 *5787!!! or Crime Stoppers at 37!4 )558
T+PS# Crime Stoppers o((ers up to a 92,5 reward (or
in(ormation that leads to an arrest and conviction#
P&:; ! /6 2
M&D+S/< P/L+C; D;P&=TM;<T> M/=; >
2001 Main Street
Madison, MS 39110
Phone (601) 856-6111
Fax (601) 856-2178
Contact: Chief M. E. Waldrop
Phone: (601) 856-6111
FO !MME"!#$E E%E#&E
"ate: 5'10'(01)
$arvea Leuis Motallebi, &'& $arvea Mallett,
&%e 22
P&:; 2 /6 2
M&D+S/< P/L+C; D;P&=TM;<T> M/=; >