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I have decided to deconstruct the TV show the walking dead's title sequence as

it is one of my favourite TV show's and it is really well made.

1) Camera work
The camera work
is very stylised and
very dystopian for
the opening
sequence and it
changes from very
close up shots to
action shots very
quickly and
although the shots
are slightly blurry
it adds to the feel,
also the action
shots through the rooms feels like your running from the unread and makes
the audience are on the edge of their seat. Also its very good zooming in on
the things that are associated with the characters
2) Editing
Editing is very crucial in this title sequence as it cuts very quickly between
shots its also very grainy to make the world feel darker and grim, they've also
speed up the shots to show how even though the worlds dying time keeps
going on and on so the speed up effect makes it feel more realistic and darker.
3) Sound
The music in the title sequence is symbolic to the television show as it is easily
memorable and is extremely well scored as it fits in well with the tone as well
as the mood although it doesn't have any other sound effects apart from the
music it is really not needed as the music is chosen perfectly for the sequence.

4) Mise-en-scene
Everything in this
title sequence is put
there for a reason
to capture
everything in this
dystopian world.
Every single detail
from the mattress
on the floor to the
worm on a can has
been put there to
show you how the world has changed and is dirty and disgusting and also run
5) Titles
The titles are very normal for a television, there very neatly placed and very
ordinary as the image in the background is so strong and visual, they don't
want the titles to draw away from the images but some of the images are
linked to the actors whos name pops up on screen, so for the main character
who was a
sheriff his badge
was shown when
his name popped
up on screen as
it links to the
6) Representation of character
the only glimpse of character that we get are the little things on the screen
linked to the actors name, a police badge to show a sheriff also the arrows in
the tree for the survivor who normally carries a crossbow even though we
don't get a very big glimpse into these characters we are given slight images
and symbols that are shown are also very strong.