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The e-Newsletter of the Gender Network April 2014 | Vol. 8, No.1

Economically Empowering Cambodia Women Road Workers

The Gender and Development Cooperation Fund subproject Promoting Gender Equality and
Womens Empoerment ! "trengthening Capacity o# Women along the Central $e%ong
Delta Connectivity Project Phase && as implemented by the &nternational 'rgani(ation #or
$igration along the route o# planned road in#rastructure developments in )iet *ams
$e%ong Delta under the Central $e%ong Delta Connectivity Project+

The ,-.month subproject #ocused on to districts in Dong Thap province/ and aimed to
promote the economic empoerment o# omen/ improve income generation opportunities/
and reduce vulnerability to ris%s o# 0&)12&D" and human tra##ic%ing+

The subproject resulted in 3i4 a 556 increase in the average monthly incomes o# business
development bene#iciaries through increased productivity/ higher.value products/ improved
#inancial management/ and access to credit7 3ii4 a ,,86 increase in the average monthly
incomes o# omen in employment placements7 3iii4 enabling 9, omen to re.enter the
or%#orce or gain a steady income #or the #irst time through employment placements7 3iv4
increased support #rom #amily members and enhanced capacity o# local project partners to
support omens income.generation activities7 and 3v4 omen having greater
understanding o# 0&)12&D"/ ith 8: per cent o# omen surveyed able to correctly identi#y
ris% #actors and means o# prevention+

The subproject demonstrated that such a project ould be use#ul in ensuring omen
bene#iting #rom large.scale regional connectivity projects+

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