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Annotated Bibliography

Anderson, W. L. (2010). Cyber stalking (cyber bullying) - proof and punishment. Insights to a
Changing World Journal, (4), 18-23.
This article talks about the rising amount of cyber bullying cases that have had legal
issues attached to them. Some new laws and precedents have been set because of
incidents arising from cyber bullying.
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database
Bhat, C. (2008). Cyber bullying: overview and strategies for school counsellors, guidance
officers, and all school personnel. Australian Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 18(1),
53-66. doi:10.1375/ajgc.18.1.53
This article goes over strategies for school counsellors such as guidance and
psychologists. It lists out major effects and future implications for victims and how to
prevent/deter the problem.
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database
Diamanduros, T., Downs, E., & Jenkins, S. J. (2008). The role of school psychologists in the
assessment, prevention, and intervention of cyberbullying. Psychology In The Schools,
45(8), 693-704.
This article describes the role of school psychologists in certain aspects of cyberbullying.
It sheds light on the importance of assessing students in order to prevent and intervene in
cyberbullying situations
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database
Dlma, B. (2009). Psychological needs as a predictor of cyber bullying: a preliminary report on
college students. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 9(3), 1307-1325.
This journal article maps out how the psychological needs of victims and bullies can be
predictors for how bullying might take place and how it may be received. The important
thing to remember in this one is the viscous cycle of bullying (young people with low
self-esteem will bully others and cause them to have low self-esteem)
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database
Mickie, W., Bullock, L. M., & Gable, R. A. (2011). Cyber bullying: practices to face digital
aggression. Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties, 16(3), 317-325.
This article talks about different strategies for the emerging problem of digital aggression
towards others. Since cyber bullying is relatively new and undocumented, this article
talks about particular practices for facing certain kinds of digital aggression.
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database
New, M. (2012, January 1). Cyberbullying. KidsHealth - the Web's most visited site about
children's health. Retrieved May 6, 2014, from
This article is from Kids Health so it takes a more simplified approach to the topic of
cyber bullying. It goes over the definition, some effects, things parents should know, and
even what to do if your child is the bully. It has a section for parents, teens, and kids so it
can be applicable for everybody
Source Type: Online Article
Location: Internet (google search for cyber bullying)
Credible? The website is a .org so it is surely reliable from the standpoint that it is an
organization and not a commercial purpose. The article was reviewed by Michelle New
(PhD) so it lines up with a doctors point of view.
Value: I will use this source as a baseline for the definition of cyber bullying and some of
the effects. I like how the website keeps it simple and understandable for virtually
everyone so I will be able to get my point across with less confusion.
Nosworthy, N., & Rinaldi, C. (2013). A review of school board cyberbullying policies in
Alberta. Alberta Journal Of Educational Research, 58(4), 509-525.
This journal lists out some of the cyberbullying policies put into place in a specific school
district. It talks about the policies a school board initiated a long with why they were put
into place and how the policies are expected to help the growing problem.
Source Type: Journal Article
Location: FSU Library Database