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MM Publications Tests CD/CD-ROM includes the following photocopiable tests in PDF format:
Eight Module Tests based on the language used in each module.
A Final Test to be given at the end ofthe school year.
All Tests are also provided in modifiable format, so teachers can modify them (add, omit or change the
order of the items and/or exercises) according to their students' needs.
The total number of marks may differ for each test. The number of marks allocated to each activity appears
after the activity. There are also transcripts, keys and audio for the listening tasks.
Module Tests
These tests consist of six sections:
Mid-term Test
It consists ofsix sections:
Final Test
It consists ofsix sections:
Test I Module I
A. Complete the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
l. It's time for you to get ready. Mark is picking you in half an hour.
2. This TV series focuses the problems of teenage life.
3. In some countries black is associated mournrng.
4. I would like to talk to the manager person. Is he available?
5. The aim this music festival is to bring young people from different countries closer together.
5. He is suffering a terrible cold.
7. I am very enthusiasttc our two-day trip to the ski resort.
B. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.
l. They had an argument over a slight and haven't spoken to each other ever since. UNDERSTAND
2.There is a growing
3. His
that the government must do more to protect the environment. AWARE
made everyone feel uncomfortable. PRESENT
4. Karen's about everything can be really annoying. CURIOUS
as he has been living on his own since the age of sixteen. DEPENDENT
5. Eric is
5. There is a modern art at the local museum. EXHIBIT
C. Circle the correct words.
l. When is the song competition taking place / taking part?
2. When I go shopping, I always try out / try on different clothes before I decide which ones suit me best.
3. He expected / waited to be the winner of the contest and was really disappointed when he wasn't.
4. Learning English will allow you to communicate with strangers / foreigners that visit your country.
5. Are there any special habits / customs in your country for New Year's Duy?
5. The Smiths like spending their holidays at a seaside resort / region.
7. Ever since her husband died, Mrs Gordon has been feeling lonely / alone.
D. Match the American English words with their British equivalents.
l. garbage
2. vacation
3. elevator
5. sneakers
5. gas
7. check
8. chips
9. pants
10. cell phone
a. lift
b. autumn
c. trainers
d. crisps
e. holiday
f. trousers
g. mobile phone
h. rubbish
i. biu
j. petrol SCORE
A. Complete the sentences using the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.
l Bob
like) science-fiction films.
3. They usually
5. Peter and Tanya have been together for quite some time.
(get) married soon?
B. Turn the following guestions into indirect ones.
1. How can I get to the post office?
(think) of going on a trip abroad next month. Would you like to join us?
(go) to work by bus but since there is a bus strike today, they
(take) a taxi.
this house (belong) to?
(not know). Probably to some famous person.
Do you know
2. Is there a petrol station near here?
I would like to know
3. Why are you late?
Can you tell me
4. Where did you put the keys?
Do you remember
5. Is
coming to the party tonight?
Could you tell me
C. Choose a, bor c.
l. He
play tennis quite often but after his knee injury he had to give it up.
a. used to b. was used to c. got used to
2. vou to the cinema Iast nieht?
a. Did... use to go b. Did...go c. Were...used to going
3. I found living in a noisy city environment hard at first but now I it.
a. used to b. get used to c. am used to
4. My son gradually
at his new school. As a matter of fact, he has made a few friends.
a. is... used to being b. is... getting used to being c. did... use to be
5. Mary
for her Science exam and she failed it.
a. didnt study b. didn t use to study c. wasn't used to studying
niltlliiltlFf[rrIl D. Read the answers and make questions. The words in bold are the answers.
l. A: ?
B: I like the black dress better.
2. A:
B: I went to Madrid last summer.
3. A:
B: I think the gloves are in the top drawer.
4. Az
B: This book is
5. A:
is an old classmate of mine.
You will hear people talking in four different situations. Choose the best answer a, b or c.
1. You overhear two people talking. Why will the man not go on the trip?
a. He's afraid of the water.
b. He can't afford it.
c. It's too extreme.
2. You overhear two people talking. What does the woman think about flying in a plane?
a. It's too dangerous.
b. It's too expensive.
c. It's too boring.
3. You hear a man on the telephone. What day will he return from his trip?
a. the 2Oth
b. the 23rd
c. the 25th
4. You overhear two people talking. Why doesn't the woman like the idea of the fingerprint scanner?
a. She thinks it's inconvenient.
b. She thinks it's too risky.
c. She thinks it's too old-fashioned.
Read the text and decide if the statements are True, False or Not Mentioned. Write T, F or NM.
International Beans \
After water, coffee is probably the most popular drink in the world. Coffee has man
properties \*
that are good for your health. Drinking coffee can help reduce the chances of some cancers, stomach and
neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes, and even heart disease.
Coffee has had a long and interesting history on its road to becoming the much-loved drink that it is today.
The coffee bush was first discovered in Africa in the 9th century. The coffee berries that grow on the bushes
contain coffee beans which can be made into a drink. The recipe for this drink was passed from Africa to the
Middle East, to Europe, and then to the Americas.
Even though the drink we know as coffee is well known all around the world, most countries have their own
special way of making it. 'Cowboy coffee' is made in Finland and Norway by mixing coffee and boiling water
together in a kettle and pouring out the liquid into a cup without the grounds. Turkish coffee is made by
mixing very finely ground coffee and sugar in a small pot with a long handle called an ibrik. The ibrik is held
over a fire and then removed when the coffee comes to the boil. The mixture is poured into a small ceramic
cup and drunk slowly, Ieaving the grounds at the bottom. Italians typically drink small cups of espresso every
day and usually don't even sit down when they order it; they drink it and leave. Many people in the U.S. have
an electric coffeemaker which uses a filter to separate the water from the coffee. Hot water drips through the
grounds and comes out as the drink they know and love. There is even a way to make coffee using a roasted
coconut and the milk inside it!
Whichever way you prefer your daily cup of coffee, there's no doubt about it, coffee is something the whole
world loves!
-E W!1$n3tryia-.Sl:l.wrq
l. Coffee is the most popular drink in the world.
2. Drinking too much coffee is bad for you.
3. The first coffee was made in Africa.
4, Coffee is always prepared in the same way.
5. Italians drink espresso quickly.
Marie lives in Glasgow and she witt be going to Spain to do a language course. Read the e-mait she has sent to
her friend Roberta, who lives in Seville, and use the prompts given to write Roberta's reply.
Hi Roberta,
I have some great news. I'm coming to Spain for three weeks in the summer! I am doing a two-
week Spanish language course; however, during the last week I will be free so I was wondering if I
could come and visit you in Seville.
My language course is taking place in Barcelona, It stafts on 31st May and finishes on 13th June so
I was thinking of coming to Seville for a few days after my course. Let me know when is convenient
in Seville for me to stay in?
e able to see each other.
Take care, You can stay with me
Test 2 Module 2
A. Complete the following sentences with a suitable adiective from the box.
l. Betty is a very
2. It was really
3. My parents used to be very
5. I feel
6. Apart from being a
marks in class.
7. Vera feels
the dance competition.
8. You told me that you are as hungry as a wolf, but be
9. I'm not
person as she always shares her things with all
of him to go after the burglars that had broken
and rarely let me stay out late at
her friends.
into his house.
for once in your life and tell me the truth!
for lying to my best friend.
hardworking student, Nicole is very too, so she gets the best
about her dancing abilities; that's why she believes she will be the winner of
10. As my baby's fever didn't go down, I decided that the only
to hospital.
B. Choose a, bor c.
and Mary
that they were getting married the following month.
a. announced b. whispered c. claimed
2. Dont try to
that table on your own. It's too heavy.
a. remove b. raise c. lift
3. I don't think I can
him again after all those lies he has told me.
a. appreciate b. trust c. fulfil
4. Some old buildings due to the earthquake that hit our area.
b. blew
for this mess so don't try to blame me.
Dinner will be ready in half an
thing to do was take him
a. erupted
5. Thieves stole two paintings from the local art gallery.
a. valuable b. wealthy
6. Lots ofpeople at the scene ofthe accident.
c. collapsed
c. rewarding
c. approached
a. searched b. gathered
C. Complete the following sentences with a suitable phrasal verb. Make any necessary changes. There are two
extra phrasal verbs which you do not need to use.
l. The football match was because ofthe bad weather conditions.
2. What's all this noise about? What is here?
3. There is a terrible storm and the police have warned drivers to the roads tonight.
4. It's hot outside; some light clothes.
5. The plane finally after a two hour delay.
6. Itt getting dark. Will you please the lights?
7.Don't forget to the lights before you leave the office.
A. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.
1. My father was given a ticket because he (talk) on his mobile phone as he (drive).
2. While I (walk), I
(slip) on a banana peel and (break) my leg.
4. What you (do) between nine and ten yesterday evening?
5. The teacher (notice) that we (not pay) attention in class.
8. For the time being, I can't
any more responsibilities as I have a busy schedule.
oin the following sentences usang who, which, whose or where. Add commas where necessary.
1. Tom's brother is a surgeon. He works in a big hospital.
2. This dress is made of silk. It is very expensive.
3. Brian is my best friend. His mother is a soap opera actress.
4. I am going to London. I am going to study Economics there.
5. He is an author. His books have been read by thousands of people.
6. Mrs Braxton is a neighbour. She looks after our cat when we are away.
C. Complete the following sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives or adverbs in
brackets. Add the than, as or and where necessary.
is usually (hot) month of the year.
2.The film we sawyesterdaywasnt (interesting) as the one we saw last week.
3. Ryan is (bad) student in class. He should really try harder.
4. It is generally believed that bungee
is not (dangerous)
white water rafting. More people lose their lives while going white water rafting.
5. My son is (old) yours. They were born the same year.
5. Peter is getting (tall) wery day. He takes after his father.
is (talented) Anna at painting. Thatt whyAnna is so jealous
of her.
E. This exercise was (complicated) of all, so nobody could do it.
9. As she was late, she started walking (fast) usual, so as to get to school on time.
10. That is (fascinating) book I haye ever read.
Listen to two friends talking and write T for true or F for false.
l. Kelly has never missed an episode of Heroes.
Z.Brad and Kelly want to be able to read minds.
3. Brad thinks Kelly often gets hurt because she's not careful.
4. Kelly thinks people would use their power to do bad things.
5. Kelly changes her opinion in the end.
Read the text below and answer the questions.
l. Stan Lee first started working at
a. Marvel Comics.
b. Timely Comics.
c. Marvel Entertainment.
2. When Lee was in the military, he
a. wrote.
b. drew.
c. wrote and drew.
3. Why did Lee create many new characters?
a. He was told to.
b. To make more money.
c. To keep up with the competition.
4. What was unique about Lee's comic heroes?
a. They were all different.
b. They were more like ordinary humans.
c. They were not very heroic.
5. What hasn't Lee done during his career?
a. acted
b. directed
c. written a book
Write a description of a person that you consider to be a hero. Say why you have a good opinion of this person and
how he/she has influenced you.
Stan Lee: Heromaker
Stan Lee is an American comic book creator. He has created many famous comics over the years, and is
responsible for some of the most popular superheroes that we know today. Some of Lee's more well-known comics aiE
Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, Iron Man, the Hulk, Daredevil, the Avengers and Captain America.
Lee started working at Timely Comics, which he turned into his own company, Marvel Comics, and later Marvel
Entertainment. He was
19 when he became an assistant editor and started writing texts for Captain America. When
he was 20, Lee joined the U.S. military. There he spent most of his time writing manuals, training films, slogans, and
even drawing cartoons.
In the 1950s, Lee's main comic book competitor, DC Comics, renewed the interest in comics, which prompted Lee
to create more characters of his own. Lee created heroes that were not perfect and had human characteristics like vanity
and greed. In this first wave ofnew characters, Lee introduced the world to the Fantastic Four, a group that often argued
with one another, the Incredible Hulk, a man whose temper was uncontrollable, Iron Man, a businessman who was at
times greedy and selfish, and finally, Spider-Man, a young man who wanted to help make the world a better place, despite
his own limitations. The change from the idealistic superhero to the more realistic hero helped the average reader identify
with the characters more. Throughout his career, many of his comics have been developed into films, and he also started
his own company, Stan Lee Entertainment. He has also appeared as a character in many comic books, made appearances
in films and TV shows and written an autobiography. In 2O07,Lee received perhaps the highest honour a comic fan
could: an action figure was created in his likeness and debuted at Comic-Con International.
Test 3 Module 3
A. Match the two columns.
l. interesting
3. angry
4. scared
5. pleased
5. tired
7. surprised
8. tasty
B. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.
t. Brian is going to take care ofall the travel ARRANGE
2. You can always depend on Ann as she is RELY
3. The was brilliant and everyone applauded in the end. PERFORM
4.I can't stand Victor any more. He is complaining about everything! CONSTANT
. help was offered to the athlete after his serious injury during the match. MEDICINE
6. None ofthe had the necessary qualifications for the job. APPLY
C. Complete the sentences with a suitable word from the box. Make any necessary changes.
a. exhausted
b. huge
c. terrified
d. delighted
e. delicious
f. fascinating
g. amazed
h. furious
1. Once I have
2.The companywill
3. I've
4. Does the price ofthe hotel room
5. For the past week, she has been
6. The government should
enough information for my science project, I'll start writing it.
the candidate with the most experience.
to my next door neighbours about the noise they're making but they just won't
breakfast as well?
for the school play they are putting on.
the poor with food and accommodation.
7. Don t forget to a CV with your letter of application.
D. Choose a, bor c.
l. Football is a verv sDort.
a. relaxed b. creative c. competitive
2. It took me a long time to complete the
the teacher gave me.
a. responsibility b. duty c. task
3. I'm worried about my son as his
at school has become worse lately.
a. facial expression b. gesture c. behaviour
4. Luke is a very- person and never makes a mess.
a. confident b. ambitious c. neat
5. Helping out people who are in need is a
a. challenging b. rewarding c. stimulating
this natural beauty spot is only possible by car.
a. Search b. Access c. Research
A. Complete the sentences with the Past Simple, Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive of the
verbs in brackets.
1. I (work) all day and I feel exhausted.
2. A: you (ever
/ travel) to Italy?
B: Actually, I
3. Susan
(go) to Rome last summer. It is an amazingcity.
(want) to become an actress ever since she
(be) a little child.
4. A: How long
B: For three years. It is an interesting language.
5. This is one of the best films I
your sister
(learn) Chinese?
/ see).
B. Choose the correct answer.
1. You mustn't / don't have to pick me up from the airport. I can take a taxi.
2. We had better / would rather put on warm clothes. Itt very cold outside.
3. I have to / need be at work at 8am every morning.
4. You can't / must be tired after such a long journey.
5. Need you / Do you need to wake up so early tomorrow?
6. You needn't / don't have worry about me, Mum. I'm not a baby any more!
3. He cant be at home as he is not picking up the phone.
He is not picking up the phone, so
4.lf you want to become a successful athlete you must train hard.
formal clothes at the ceremony.
5. You should avoid eating fatty food in order to keep fit.
6.Harry started surfing in 2005.
Harry 2005.
if you want to become a successful athlete.
eating fatty food in order to keep fit.
C. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given.
Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given.
l. He tried as hard as he could to win the tennis match but he didn t succeed. BEST
to win the tennis match but he didn t succeed.
2. It isn't necessary to wear formal clothes at the ceremony.
wilt hear five short conversations. Choose the picture which answers the question correctly.
1. What is the mant main job at the office?
2. What will the woman buy her mum?
4. What will the people most likely have?
5. What time will fames
leave work?
3. Which class will the man take?
Read the following statements and decide which one applies to each person.
Write S for Shirlen D for Danie[, P for Pam or Zfor Zack.
When I got my first
job, there weren't many choices available for women. At the time, girls were
expected to stay at home and help raise the children and take care ofthe house. So the only
job that was available for me then was as a waitress at a local restaurant. My parents knew the
owner, so he agreed to let me work there a couple nights a week. I started working there when I
was 16. My parents thought I was too young, but I was really excited to get out of the house and
make my own money. It was a good job, and I had a really nice boss. Plus, it was fun, because all
my friends from high school would come in the evenings and I was able to hang out with people
I knew while I worked. It was the perfect job!
I spent a lot of time in my dadt dental office as a child. Even when I was very young, I
understood how things worked there and I helped out whenever I could. So, everyone knew
that someday I would follow in my fathert footsteps and take over the family business.
After I got my degree in Dentistry, I started working in my dadt practice as his partner
until he retired a few years later. I learnt a lot from my dad and from watching him in
surgery. I learnt how to love my job and be really good at it. I'm glad I didn't have to go to
a bunch of interviews. Now, my son helps out at the office and it seems he has already decided on his future career. What
can I say? Dentistry runs in our blood.
My first job in the 'real world,' was really hard to get. I don't know what the problem was; I mean
I had my Master's degree and all the necessary qualifications and I was hard working. Still, no one
wanted to hire me. Maybe it's because I had so little real-world experience. I went to at least three
job interviews every week for more than six months. It was a lot of driving around for nothing
and it was very tiring. Not having a job for that long was really stressful, because I kept eating
away at my savings so I could pay rent and bills. Eventually, I did manage to find a
with a
good company. My salary was a lot more than I expected, so I guess in the end, the wait finally
paid off!
I consider myself pretty lucky when it comes to my life. I'm22,I've just
graduated from university, and I already have a great job. I design websites. It's funny, actually. The
day I got my degree, I put my CV on Monster.com, and within a few hours, I had a few companies
interested in me. I decided on one and we had a brief phone interview and that was that. I e-mailed
them my portfolio, they liked what they saw and hired me. They didnt even need to meet me! The
best part is I can work from home and they pay my salary right into my bank account and I never
even have to leave my house. The only problem is I still live with my parents. So itt really time I
did something about that. I'm tired of my friends making fun of me for my mum still cooking for
me and doing my laundry! But hey, with this great new job, now I can afford to live on my own.
r. this person still depends on other people.
2. This person did something that was not very common at the time.
3. This person started working in high school.
4. This person didnt have to have an interview.
5. This person had to wait a long time to get a job.
6. This person got a job
through the Internet.
7. This person's lack of experience might have been the reason they couldn t get a job.
8. This person improved by working with someone else.
A friend of yours has recently moved to a different city. Write to your frlend telling him/her your news.
A. Circle the correct words.
1. Whoever knows the answer to the question, please rise / raise your hand.
2. The parents in the area were disturbed / interrupted by the news of the little girlt disappearance.
3. We are doing a research / survey on radio stations. Have you got a minute to spare?
4. My grandfather became rich when he discovered oil / petrol on his land.
5. Mice are easy prey / predator for cats.
6. How manylitres / inches of milk should we buy?
7. Luckily, we were not injured in the accident but the car was badly damaged / destroyed.
Test 4 Module 4
B. Match the two columns.
r. global
2. fossil
3. conservation
4. exhaust
5. environmental
6. nature
7. traffic
a. fumes
b. congestion
d. project
e. awareness
f. fuels
g. reserve
C. Complete the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
L. According scientists, the Eartht temperature will keep rising in the future.
2. I am not favour of animals being used in experiments.
3. I am not sure Ashley is aware the seriousness of the situation.
4. People should try hard order to achieve their goals.
present, he has a part-time job
at a supermarket.
6. The researchers are in search a cure for the disease.
D. Complete the followlng sentences with a suitable phrasal verb from the box.
Make any necessary changes.
l. We have milk. I should go out and get some.
2. I kept asking my parents for a new bike until they finally
3. Let the soup a bit before you eat it. It's too hot.
4. The residents do not agree with the authorities' decision to
a shopping mall.
5. She always wears designer labels as she likes to
and bought me one.
the park
to other people.
A. Complete the sentences with the correct tense of the verbs in brackets.
l. IfI had a licence, I (drrvQ my father's car.
2. lf you go out shopping, (you/ buy) me some shampoo, please?
3. What would you do if you (see) a burglar in your house?
4. When the temperature drops below zero, the local lake (freeze).
you (let) me go out with my friends if I promise to tidy up my room?
6. You should see a doctor ifyour stomachache (not get) anybetter,
7. You (not pass) your final exams unless you study hard.
B. Complete the following sentences with the words in the box. There are two extra ones which you do not need
to use.
1. We've got very time left! Unless we hurry, we'll miss our flight.
2. I'm afraid we have Iemonade. Would you like orange juice instead?
3.A: How people were at
B: There were quite
4.A: How
actually. We had a nice time.
money did you spend on that dress?
B: I didn't spend money at all. It was a gift from my husband for my birthday.
5. No wonder she has so friends. She is such a rude person!
C. Complete the following sentences using a, an, the or -.
Ionian Sea.
When we arrived back home, the
Himalayas are
Corfu is
highest mountain range in
beautiful island in
3. Last Friday we went on excursion to
children were so tired they went straight to
police officers usually wear
5. I want to learn how to play violin.
You will hear people talking in five different situations. Choose the best answer a, b or c.
l. What do they agree about?
a. Lightning is spectacular.
b. They might be in danger.
c. Theyte lucky to be alive.
2. What is the woman worried about?
a. that the fox might be lost
b. that the fox might get hit by a car
c. that the fox might get sick
3. Where are the couple?
a. in a beach chalet
b. in their hotel room
c. in a tent
4. What do theyhave in common?
a. They have both travelled abroad.
b. They have both met and worked with interesting people.
c. They re both concerned about endangered species.
5. Whyis the man upset?
a. There was heavy snowfall.
b. The government isnt protecting the environment.
c. There will be floods in the future.
Read the text and decide if the statements are true, false or not mentioned. Write T, F or NM.
Goa is a natural paradise which offers travellers who need a break from city life an opportunity to experience nature at its
best. If you want to combine a holiday with conservation work, this is the ideal place to go to. I spent two weeks at a nature
conservation centre in Goa and it was one of the best holidays I've ever been on.
The conservation centre, which serves as a field station for biologists and ecologists, was set up so that they can
do research and check the development of various plants and wildlife. In addition, the centre tries to make the local
communities in the region aware of environmental issues. There are also volunteers at the centre who help with
conservation activities in the area.
After a two-day training course, I started working with the team responsible for the conservation of sea turtles. My role
was to collect data on the turtles and also to talk to people in the local community about things they can do to help protect
the turtles. I spent most of my days walking up and down the beaches observing and writing down everything I noticed
about the turtles. At sunset, I would eat dinner with the other team members and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
In my free time, I went swimming in the sea and I also went on organised nature walks into the jungle. This was a
truly amazing experience as I got to see all kinds of interesting wildlife up close. However, the best thing was visiting the
waterfalls; they were simply wonderful. I also took a yoga class which was offered at the centre.
l. According to the text Goa is an ideal location to enjoy a break from living in the city.
2. The writer stayed in luxurious accommodation in Goa.
3. The conservation centre was set up to study and investigate plants and animals.
4. The centre does not inform the local community about environmental issues.
5. The writer was involved in sea turtle conservation work.
5. The writer studied the turtles mostly at sunset.
7. The writer organised nature walks into the jungle.
8. The writer plans to return to Goa next year.
An international magazine has invited its readers to write an articte about a place of
country. Write your article for the magazine including the following points.
where the place is
what makes it beautiful/special
what you can do there
natural beauty in their
Mid-term test
Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d,
l. The theatre was very
on the first night of the performance.
a. trendy b. isolated c. crowded d. monotonous
2. AIex has a
of biting his nails when he is worried.
a. tradition b. need c. habit d. custom
3. Please, could you off the computer before you go to bed.
a. keep b. put c. take d. turn
4. Some people say that listening to music can
your mood.
a. influence b. encourage c. entertain d. achieve
5. Can you
sure you close the windows before you leave the office?
a. be b. do c. make d. get
6. There was a(n) on the mountain and the climbers became trapped under the snow.
a. earthquake b. volcano c. avalanche d. hurricane
7. The diving instructor told me not to worry as the strange looking fish were
a. Ionely b. peaceful c. harmless d. independent
8. Peter was arrested because the police were able to
him to the crime.
a. symbolise b. associate c. represent d. link
9. The
of many animals have been destroyed by the activities of humans.
a. habitats b. environments c. atmospheres d. grounds
10. It's impossible to the difference between Sara and Beth; they're identical twins.
a. tell b. give c. say d. rePort
11.I think this mobile belongs
a. with b. to c. from d. at
12. I don't need any help; this box is as light as a
a. mouse b. sheet c. feather d. bird
13. Many people have difficulty coping with the
of life.
a, effects b. responses c. possessions d. pressures
14. Please, don't
me when I'm talking.
a. disturb b. annoy c. interrupt d. protest
15. The football was slippery because of the rain.
a. pitch b. slope c. court d. ring
16. I'm not in the to go out tonight; cailt we just stay at home and watch TV?
a. mood b. purpose c. moment d. opportunity
17. This suitcase weishs 25
a. grams b. kilograms c. inches d. tonnes
18. I felt very
after my holiday by the seaside.
a. exhausting b. peckish c. amazed d. relaxed
19. Ifyou don't understand the instructions, please
your hand.
a. carry b. increase c. rise d. raise
20. Could you
me a favour and help me take these bottles to the recycling bin?
a. make b. give c. tell d. do
is very
; she is never late for work.
a. reliable b. creative c. active d. stimulating
22.The of the box is 20 inches.
a. level b. capacity c. weight d. length
23. The local
is against the building of a new motorway in their town.
a. community b. generation c. organisation d. company
24. I think Max is the most suitable for the job.
a. member b. applicant c. customer d. cashier
25. I have previous ofworking at a travel agency.
a. interest b. certificate c. experience d. qualification
26.There is a(n)
in the middle of the desert where you can rest and drink water.
a. ecosystem b. canyon c. oasis d. pond
27. Sheila was
when she was told that she had won the competition.
a. nervous b. helpful c. delighted d. tired
28. When we
home, we discovered that our house had been burgled.
a. approached b. arrived c. headed d. moved
29. Tourists are a serious to the mountain gorillas.
a. shortage b. threat c. cost d. hazard
30. Tina is a very
woman; she won the lottery last week.
a. honest b. courageous c. patient d. wealthy
31. In order for this project to succeed, it is necessary for all the team members to cooperate
each other.
a. with b. to c. by d. from
32. There are many beautiful sandy beaches in this country that for miles.
a. include b. feature c. cover d. stretch
33. It is polite to 'thank you' when someone does something for you.
a. say b. tell c. express d. speak
34. Some birds are easy
for cats.
a. prey b. predators c. creatures d. animals
35. The
in the valley were bright and colourful.
a. flies b. bees c. ants d. butterflies
a. play b. used to play c. am playing d. played
2. Could you tell me what time
a. will the last train leave b. Ieaves the last train c. the last train leaves d. does the last train leave
3. How much
for your new car? I really like it.
a. you paid b. you pay
Choose the correct answer a, b, cot d.
l. I
tennis once a week and I also go swimming twice a week.
4. You be tired. You have been working all day.
5. Maria, lives next door to me, is going to France on holiday.
a. that b. which
a. will b. must
6. I am used_ to bed late at night.
a. to go b. going
7. Sam is
girl in her class.
a. cleverer b. most clever
8. You will not get better unless
your medicine.
a. you don't take b. you will take
9. A: Is there any
B: There is
in the fridge.
a. some b. a few
10. Last year I
to Corfu for my summer holiday.
a. have been going b. was going
11. A: Do you have time for a cup of coffee?
B: Yes, I have
a. little b. a few
c. did you pay
c. could
c. where
c. to going
c. the cleverest
c. you would take
c. any
c. have gone
c. a little
c. will have cooked
c. taller
c. was watching
d. you did pay
d. should
d. who
d. most cleverest
d. you take
d.lots of
d. went
d. much
d. is going to cooking
d. as not tall
d. watched
d. am buying
d. have put
d. the more
dinner tonight.
a. cooks b. is cooking
13. Tom is
as his brother, Mike.
a. not as tall b. as taller
14. Sarah- TV when she heard a loud crash.
a. watches b. has watched
15. A: I need flour to make the cake.
B: I
some on mywayback from work.
a. will buy b. will be buying c. buy
c. would put
16. If I were you, I
on a coat; it's cold outside.
a. will put b. put
LT.Brian is
suitable person to lead us on our adyenture into the jungle.
a. the most b. a more c. more and more
18. When I was young, I
watching Sesame Street.
a. use to like b. am used to Iiking c. used to liking d. used to like
19. While I
along the beach, I saw a dolphin in the sea.
a. was walking b. walked c. am walking d. walking
her degree and now she is looking for ajob.
a. has completed b. has been completing c. was completing d. completes
2l.Mary has been living in Paris
a. for b. since c. already d. before
this project for months but I don't seem any closer to finishing it.
a. worked b. have work c. have been working d. work
23. I
the chocolate ice cream than the strawberry flavoured one.
a. would rather b. should c. had better d. might
24.You don't look very well; you
stay at home today.
a. would rather b. need c. had better d. needn't
25. Sean octoDus before.
a. has never eaten b. has never been eating c. never eats d. was never eating
26.I can't come to the party tonight because I
study for the exam.
a. need b. have to c. must to d. can
27.That woman in the supermarket
Mrs Simpson; her husband told me that she left for Florida this morning.
a. must be b. could be c. can't be d. mustn't be
28. This time next week we to Madrid.
a. will fly b. are going to fly c.fly d. will be flying
29.I an interest in a career in race-car driving since I was a young boy.
a. have been having b. have had c. was having d. had
30. If I finish this work, I
be able to come to your dinner party tonight.
a. can b. must c. may d. could
31. Emily is the girl
won the beauty contest.
a. where b. when c. which d. who
32. Thomas clean the windows this weekend.
a. will go b. is going to c. will have d. will be going to
33. That is the house I grew up.
a. which b. where c. when d. that
34. A: Did you see who_ the window?
B: I saw Dave playing football in the garden. Mayb. he did it.
a. break b. breaks c. is breaking d. broke
35. Can you see who is at
I'm having a shower.
a. door b. a door c. the door d. doors
Read the text and decide if the fo[towing statements are true, fatse or not mentioned. Write T, F or NM.
Endangered Species Watch
The Orangutan is a great ape which is found on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra in South East Asia.These gentle great
apes are very intelligent and, like humans, they have the ability to think and learn. They are the largest tree living mammal,
with longer arms than other great apes such as gorillas and chtmpanzees.
Orangutans are an endangered species because of illegal hunting, loss of their habitat and being kidnapped from the wild
and sold as pets. In fact, it is possible that orangutans living in the wild may become extinct very soon. The loss of their
habitat has occurred for various reasons. As the populations of countries in South East Asia have grown, so has the need for
land and food. The rainforests have been cut down to clear land for housing and agriculture. In particular, whole sections
of rainforest have been cleared to plant palm trees which produce palm oil. As a result, the orangutans have no home. In
addition, natural disasters such as flooding and forest fires have also contributed to the destruction ofthe rainforests.
The survival of orangutans depends mainly on the efforts of various conservation organisations which are working
hard to protect them. For example, Camp Leakey is a research station in the Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo;
here orangutans are studied, cared for and prepared for life in the wild. Despite the work of organisations such as these,
orangutans are still threatened; if we want to save these magnificent creatures from extinction, more needs to be done to
protect their habitats.
l. Orangutans are known to be very clever.
2. Gorillas and chimpanzees are the largest tree living animals.
3. There are several reasons why orangutans are an endangered species.
4. The writer believes that orangutans will never become extinct.
5.Large areas ofrainforest have been cut down.
6. Events such as natural disasters threaten the habitats of orangutans.
7. The loss of their habitat is the greatest threat to orangutans.
8. Many governments are supporting conservation organisations.
9. At Camp Leakey orangutans are taught how to survive in the wild.
10. As a result of the work of conservation organisations, orangutans are no Ionger threatened.
You will hear people talking in five different situations' Choose the best answer a' b ot c'
1. Why do they decide to go swimming first?
a. the sea may not be as beautiful later on
b. they are not that hungry right now
c. it's not good to go swimming on a full stomach
2. Where is the man's
a. in the kitchen
b. in his bag
c. on the table
3. What is the woman doing?
a. Shet watching tellY.
b. She's doing the washing-uP.
c. She's taking the bottles to the recycling bin'
4. What can we tell about the woman?
a. she likes being outdoors
b. she likes exercising
c. she likes studying
5. What made the man want to become a tace car driver?
a. Lewis Hamilton
b. his father
c. watching a Formula 1 race live
have received an e-mail from an English-speaking
friend of yours informing
you about a fundraising
event that
she is organising.
Read your friend's e-mail and your notes and write a reply'
Hi Joan,
I'm writing to invite
you to a fundraisins event that I'm
l"-1,?]ry-9 ?19i1'j-Ll^1i1,:lyl:*'
one of the tasks iam responsible for isp help
organise this event. W.'*..ti" raise money to repair a
rescue centre $atyS struck
like to come?
fi6-"*nt will take place on the 14th of July at Platt F.ields Park' I hope youyill be
available then. We ur" iiifi
planning the activlties for the d but we will ddnitelv have a
funfair and a puppet ;how ior kidsl If you have any other eas about a/wities that would
appealto everyone
please do let me know'
Best wishes,
that's great!
Test 5 Module 5
1 . vo cA B u LA RY
A. Complete the following sentences with a suitable phrasal verb from the box. Make any necessary changes.
take up put up turn up hold up bring up go uP pick up
l. If you want to keep fit, it would be a good idea for you to a sport.
2. Since my parents were at work all day long, I was by my grandmother.
3. What time did he eventually at the meeting?
4. I've got to George from the train station in an hour.
5. Two men with guns the local bank yesterday.
6. I've got a friend on the island who will
7. People are complaining because the price of many goods has
us until we find suitable
B. Replace the underlined phrases with expressions from the box.
for the time being on time once upon a time by the time in time from time to time
l. A veryt long time ago, there was a princess who lived in a very big castle.
2. At present. he is working part-time at a fast food restaurant.
3. The concert started at the scheduled time, so we didn't have to wait long.
4. We arrived at the airport earlv enoush to catch our flisht.
5. Mv wife and I like eatins out occasionally.
6. When we got to the cinema, the film had already started.
C. Replace the undertined phrases with the correct form of the verb be + prepositions.
be up be off be on be over be about be against be up to
1. There is no time for our team to score a goal. The matchwrll
any minute now.
2. Do you know what fllm is showing at the Odeon Cinema tonight?
3,Henry wakes up at seven o'clock every morning as he has to be at work by eight.
4. The kids are awfully quiet. I wonder what they are planning.
5.I do not support the town council's plan to have a mall built in our area. It will cause huge traffic problems.
6.1 was read)t to go to bed when I heard a strange noise coming from the kitchen.
7.1 must leave now. See you tomorrow.
c. frustrated
c. murmured
c. murdered
c. astonishment
c. identification
c. hypnotised
c. encountered
A. Complete the sentences with the Past Perfect Simple, Past Perfect Progressive or Past Simple of the verbs in
l.We (wait) for half an hour when the bus finally (arrive).
2.By the time the children
(come) home, I
(prepare) dinner.
3. After they (drive) for two hours, they
(realise) they were going the wrong way.
4. We
out only after it (stop) raining.
a. confused b. encountered
2. Chris with relief when he was informed that nobody was seriously injured in the accident.
a. sighed b. swallowed
D. Choose a, bot c.
1. I was really- when I failed my driving test for the second time.
3. The two men were to death for killing two innocent children.
a. ordered b. sentenced
4. What a(n)- ! Our children were born on the same day at the same hospital.
a. coincide ce b. clue
5. Miranda is a doctor with a good
a. legend b. reputatio
6. He was as there was not enough evidence against him.
a. reminded b. released
7. When
walked into her house, she was shocked to see everything
on the floor.
a. vanished b. scattered
B. Rewrite the following statements in Reported Speech.
l. 'We had a great time at the caf6last night,'
2.'I am going shopping tomorrow,' Christine said.
Christine said
3. 'I will call you when I get home,' Nick told me.
Nick told me
4. 'I have seen this film before,' Iackie said.
5. 'We may go to the cinema tonight,'Alex told Mary.
Alex told Mary
C. Rewrite the following questions in Reported Speech.
1. 'Do you want to come to the concert with me tonight?'Peter asked me.
Peter asked me
2.'Why didn't you come to work on time this morning?' my boss asked me.
My boss asked me
3. 'Have you read the book I gave you?'Iohn wondered.
Iohn wondered
4. 'When are you leaving for Paris?' Fiona wanted to know.
Fiona wanted to know
5. 'Can you show me how to use this DVD recorder?'Brenda asked Larry.
Brenda asked Larry
t D. Rewrite the following orders or requests into Reported Speech.
l. 'Stop talking and focus on the text,' the teacher told us.
The teacher told us
2. 'Please, let me go to Mark
The boy begged his mum
's party,' the boy begged his mum.
'Don t make noise because the baby is sleeping,' Martha asked me.
Martha asked me
4. 'Don't go near
Harry told me
this dog,'Harry told me.
5.'Give me some water, please,'my grandmother asked me.
My grandmother asked me
Listen to a radio interview and answer the questions. Choose a, b ot c.
4. What adds to the air of mystery surrounding crop
a. The fact that some crop circle artists don't take
responsibility for their work.
2. Why do people believe that crop circles are created by b. The fact that there is not enough research into crop
l. What is a crop circle?
a. alarge pattern created by flattening crops
b. a large circle
c. a circular field of wheat
intelligent aliens?
a. Because they have seen the film Sigzs.
b. Because some of the patterns are
complex and
difficult to create.
a. They are created by strange lights.
b. Large bursts of energy arc used to create them.
c. The wheat in a crop circle has unique features.
c. Because they appear all ofa sudden all oyer the world. found?
a. Southern England
3. What do some researchers believe about crop circles? b. America
circle formation.
c. An experiment performed by a group of artists.
5. According to Ian, where are crop circles most commonly
c. Switzerland
Read the text and answer the questions. Choose a, b, c or d.
The strange world of your dreams
There are many different theories about dreams and how they work; however, what is certain is that the science of dreams
is not exact. In ancient times, people believed that when we dreamt we entered another world which was real. As the fields
of science and medicine became more advanced, different theories started to come out. Some scientists believe that dreams
are just verbal, visual and emotional stimuli with no apparent meaning. However, others believe that dreams are important
for our mental well-being. The leading psychiatrist, Carl
thought that analysing our dreams provides us with a way to
think more deeply about our lives and solve problems.
For centuries, people have believed that dreams have a deeper meaning. For example, many of us dream that we are
falling and suddenly we wake up. Experts say this dream means we are feeling anxious and insecure or we feel we have
failed in achieving a goal. Another popular dream is that of being chased; this means we are trying to escape our problems.
Ifyou see yourselfin a dream trying to run but your legs don't take you anywhere, then you could be trying to do too
many things at the same time. Also, dreams about losing our teeth are believed to show that we are worried about our
physical appearance.
There has been a lot of research done into controlling dreams and this has led to the term lucid dreaming. Lucid
dreaming happens when you are aware that you are dreaming and are able to control what happens in your dream. This is
an amazing skill but it is also extremely difficult to do and not many people are able to learn it. Lucid dreaming can be a
fun way to experience the strange world of your dreams but it is also believed to help personal development and improve
your problem solving skills.
Some people are able to see future events through their dreams. There is the case of the man who dreamt that he took
his son on a camping trip and his son died near a lake. Some time after he had had the dream, the man and his son were
invited on a camping trip. Then, at a certain time during the trip, the man remembered his dream and noticed that
everything was the same as in his dream; the boy was standing near a lake looking down at pebbles. The man quickly
grabbed his son and took him to safety.
There is still a lot of research taking place into dreams, and it will be some time before we are able to really understand
the strange dream world that we enter every night. Dreams allow us to experience things that would not be possible in real
life, and by analysing our dreams we can learn more about ourselves.
l. According to the writer, ancient people believed that 4. What does'it' in line 18 refer to?
a. the dream world was real. a. Iucid dreaming
b. dreams were verbal and visual stimuli. b. research
c, dreams were essential for our mental health. c. the term
d. dreams could help solve problems. d. dream
2.lf you dream that you are falling, this could mean that 5. According to the writer, why are dreams important?
a. you are worried about the way you look.
b. you are doing too many things.
c. you are trying to escape from your problems.
d. you are worried about something.
3. Lucid dreaming
a. is a way of controlling your dreams.
b. reduces your ability to solve problems.
c. is very easy to learn.
d. has been learnt by a large number of people.
A magazine has organised a short story competition and you have decided to enter. The story must begin with the
foltowing words:
When PauI woke up that ntorning, he had no idea that his life was about to change
a. They help us see the future.
b. They allow us to live in a dream world.
c. They help us to understand ourselves.
d. If we can control them, they are a way to entertain
Test 6 Module 6
A. Circle the correct answer.
1. Will you help me caruy I take the kids to school today?
2. While we were in Paris, we went on a trip / tour of the city and saw all the famous sights.
3. How much are the taxi tickets / fares in London?
4. It will take us about an hour to reach / arrive the lake.
5. The archaeological area / site of the Acropolis is visited by thousands of tourists every year.
6. The Statue of Liberty is a famous landmark/ exhibition in NewYork.
B. Comptete the fo[lowing sentences with a suitable prepositiona[ phrase from the box.
[. I'm sorry I cant stay any longer. I am
2. Your room is always
3. I like most of the specialities of this restaurant,
4. Come here
D. Match the two columns.
I want you to tidy it up before you go out.
the roast beef.
! I want to talk to you.
the bus has arrived. I've been waiting for 45 minutes.
5. We had to pay for our hotel room
7. Tell me everything about your trip to Madrid
8. You are allowed to go to the party as long as you are back by midnight
9. Stewart did terribly on the test,
he failed it.
10. I may not be the most handsome man in the world but
C. Complete the fo[towing sentences with the correct form of the words in capitals.
as an for a big construction company. ENGINE
2.I travel abroad as I love seeing new places. FREQUENT
3. If you would like any information, do not hesitate to contact me. ADDITION
4. Ryan lost his job and now he is having difficulty making his house payments. MONTH
5. Dr Berk is our family . PHYSICS
I am a good person.
1. business
2. air
3. traveller's
5. driving
5. conference
a. conditioning
b. tour
c. room
d. license
e. cheques
f. centre
RilITTii?'IEIilII E. Complete the following sentences with a suitable expression from the box. Make any
necessary changes.
L The children are really
2. The new swimming pool
3. We decided to the 20o/o discount and book a room at the Plaza Hotel.
were accepted by our boss.
going to the zoo on Sunday.
be ready by now but it will take another two weeks for it to be
4. Young children should not
5. All the suggestions my colleagues and I
A. Rewrite the following sentences in the Passive Voice.
l. They believe Kate Winslet is a great actress.
2. We are going to renovate our house next month,
3. She has painted her bedroom pink.
4. The electrician is installing our new cooker.
He may wash the car tomorrow.
I invited Ben to my birthday party.
7. The band will give a concert next week.
8. The authorities had restored the old town church.
B. Rewrite the sentences u
1. They didn't go on a picnic
They didn't go on a picnic
sing the words given.
because it was raining heavily.
2. Although he did wel
He didnt get the job
I at the interview, he didn t get the job. IN SPITE OF
3. She walked in quietly
She walked in quietly
in order not to wake up the baby. SO THAT
4. The football player was
The football player was
5. I joined a fitness centre
I joined a fitness centre
shown a red card for hitting another player. BECAUSE
shown a red card
so that I can keep fit.
You will hear five short conversations. Choose the picture which answers the question correctly.
1. What time are they going to take the coach?
b. c.
2. What means of transport is the man probably going to use to get to
3. What did the woman not like about the hotel?
4. Where is the man's passport?
4. What did the man sell?
Five sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A-F the one which best fits each gap
There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.
This year for my summer holiday I wanted to enjoy the good life and travel in style so I sailed around the Red Sea in a
luxury yacht. I left behind sub-zero winter temperatures in the UK and arrived to clear blue skies and cheerful sunshine.
The yacht that was to be my home for the week was named Elizabeth. (r)
soon as I got aboard, I took off my shoes
and enjoyed the pleasure of walking on the cool wooden deck. After I was introduced to some of the other passengers, I was
shown around the vessel by two crew members. (2)
On the first night we had a delicious evening meal which consisted of fresh fish and roasted vegetables followed by a rich
chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. (r)
The following morning we set off on our journey; it was a wonderful
feeling just
sitting and watching the turquoise water slide by. Later on in the day, I went snorkelling and saw some colourful
marine life. (4)
a refreshing swim we all went back to the yacht where we had lunch. The remainder of the day was
spent lazing on the deck.
During the rest of the week I learned how to sail, which was loads of fun but mostly I spent my time swimming in the sea
or on the deck relaxing and chatting to the other passengers.
I would definitely recommend this type of holiday to
anyone who wants to get away from it all.
A. At the end of the week, I felt completely refreshed.
B. My cabin was very comfortable and above the deck there was a spacious dining area and a lounge with a TV.
C. After that feast, I sat with some of the other guests watching the sun go down.
D. Even though it was very hot during the day, in the mornings there was a chill in the air.
E. When I caught sight of Elizabeth in the port, I experienced a thrill of excitement.
F. Apart from lots of fish, I saw several large purple jellyfish, which I have to admit made me a bit nervous.
Write an essay on the following topic:
The most enioyable type of hotiday involves travelling to several places rather than staying in one ptace. Do you
Test 7 Module 7
A.Choose a,bor c.
1. The storm r\ras
getting worse, so we decided to stay in.
a. absolutely b. entirely
2. This sofa is rather old. I think you should it with a ne\{ one.
a. replace b. dye
3. Eatine too much iunk food leads to
a. hunger b. poverty
should be made to the educational system of our country.
a. Convenient b. Relevant
5. My
job at the supermarket is to the shelves with food.
a. stock b. place
B. Complete the following sentences with a suitable preposition.
1. Tracey is curious
everything that is going on.
2. Claire is
jealous her older sister as she is old enough to do anything she wants.
3. This argument of yours is not relevant
the topic we are discussing.
4. I always eat low fat meals, so as to keep
5. Have you come with any ideas on how to improve our business?
6. Will you keep an eye
the baby while I am taking a shower?
7. Ted is really addicted
computer games. He never thinks of anything else.
C. Replace the underlined parts of the following sentences with a phrase from the box.
c. gradually
c. exchange
c. obesity
c. Radical
c. install
l. If you are going in the same direction as we are, we can give you a lift.
2. It is not at all oossiblethat
team will win the final.
3. Now that we are talking about her, Diana said that she was going abroad for a few days.
4. That huge box in the middle of the hall is not allowing me to move around. Can you move it, please?
5. If she doesn't want to take
advice, lether make mistakes and learn from them,
6. While I was going to the library, I bumped into an old friend of mine.
7. Mv car was blockine the exit so I had to move it awav from there.
D. Complete the following phrases using lose, miss, keep or hold.
a secret
a turn
a promise
one's breath
a chance
in mind
2. Our mother makes us
3. How about
(get) a driving licence.
B. Rewrite the following sentences using the Causative Form.
1. A plumber will fix Alfred's leaking tap.
A. Complete the sentences with the full infinitive, the bare infinitive or the -ingform of the verbs in brackets.
l. The shelf was too high for
(tidy) our room before we go to school every morning.
(meet) outside the cinema at eight?
4. I will always remember
(see) the Pyramids for the first time.
5. It was nice of you (invite) me to your party.
6. Don t forget
(lock) the door before you leave the house.
7. It's no use
(try) to persuade him to come with us.
8. I dont know how
(use) this camera.
9. If coffee upsets your stomach, maybe you should avoid
(drink) it.
10. He has decided
(take up) tennis lessons.
f f . My parents worlt let me
(buy) a motorbike until I'm old enough
2. Did the hairdresser dye your hair yesterday?
3. A mechanic has repaired Sue's car.
4. A painter is painting the Smiths' house.
The Smiths
5. A decorator may decorate our house.
We may
6. An alarm system is going to be installed in Mr Bett's house.
Mr Bett
7. The gardener was planting flowers in Peter's garden.
C. Complete the following sentences using could, should, might, can't, must + have + past
participle. Use each moda[ verb once only.
l. You (not lie) to your parents about the bad mark you got on the History test.
2.He (die) in the plane crash. He was lucky to survive.
is not here. She (go) to the dentist as she had a terrible toothache last night.
(be) to this restaurant before but I'm not sure.
5. You (see)
Iack this morning. He is abroad.
Listen to a radio interview and complete the sentences below. Write no more than three words.
l. At the beginning of the year, people are full of about joining
a gym and keeping fit.
2. Green Gyms are more economical because they are
3. After the warm-up exercises, you will be taught how to use the different
4. At first, some teenagers might not be to participate.
5. Many Green Gym participants reported that they had better health.
3. Karen
Read the text and answerthe questions. Choose a, b, cot d.
Cars of the future?
When your mobile phone runs out of battery power, all you have to do to get it working again is to charge it up. Imagine
if you could do the same thing with your car. Researchers at car companies are developing cars that plug into electric
sockets. These vehicles might become the cars of the future.
The cars are called plug-in hybrids and they get most of their power from electricity, just like other electrical devices like
mobile phones and laptops. This technology would significantly reduce the amount of petrol that people use. For countries
that depend on other oil producing countries for their petrol supply this could be a great advantage.
Presently, most cars use petrol. Unfortunately burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide gas, and when alarge amount
of this gas and other greenhouse gases are trapped in the Eartht atmosphere, they cause global warming. Hybrid vehicles
have already been developed and are being driven. These cars get their power from both petrol and electricity; they are able
to travel longer distances with less petrol. Plug-in hybrids will be even more advanced as they are designed to be powered
mainly by electricity and use only a small amount of petrol.
Although this technology aPPears to offer a solution to our planet's environmental problems, there are still some
challenges in getting it to work efficiently. The biggest problem is creating batteries that can store a large amount of energy
to run the cars. Plug-in hybrids require a special battery which is very expensive, making the cost of the car very high. In
addition, the electricity used to charge plug-in hybrid cars is produced from burning coal
this produces pollution, too. It
might be some time before the cars will become available to the public but if they do, it will be a major breakthrough for
1. According to the text, researchers are developing
a. a cat that never runs out ofbattery power.
b. an electric car whose battery can be recharged.
c. a car that does not need a battery.
d. an electric car that doesn't need to be charged.
2. This new technology will be beneficial for
a. companies which produce cars.
b. people who don't use much petrol.
c. countries which do not produce oil.
d. oil producing countries.
3. Hybrid cars
a. get their energy only from electricity.
b. are not yet in use.
c. use less petrol than plug-in hybrids.
d. use a combination of electricity and petrol.
4. What is the greatest difficulty in developing the plug-in
hybrid cars?
a. making the appropriate batteries
b. making them environmentally friendly
c. designing the cars to be mainly powered by electricity
d. designing them to run with no batteries
5. According to the writer, what is true about plug-in hybrid
a. They are now available for use.
b. They might never be available to the public.
c. Theywon't solve the problem of pollution completely.
d. They might make pollution worse.
Read the announcement below and the notes a student has made and write a [etter in response.
Student Volunteers Needed
Greenbury Volunteer Organisation is looking for students to help with a new project which aims at providing
support to poor countries in Africa.
you an enthusiastic team player?
whatwv'd of skltL*
Have you got a lot of spare time
Example tasks
' Contact local schools to collect unwanted books, computers, and sports equipment which will be sent to
schools in Africa
' Organise fundraising events
Test 8 Module 8
A. Complete the following sentences with a suitable adiective from the box.
l. He gave us a very
2. She fainted on hearing the bad news and she only became
3. Victoria felt
account ofhis travel adventures.
again after halfan hour.
when she found out that her husband had lied to her.
proof that he had committed the crime and he was set free.
lately. We should do something to cheer her up.
to you for helping me finish the report on time.
and need to be explained very carefully.
4. There was no
5. Mary has been feeling
7. Some theories are quite
B. Replace the underlined parts of the sentences using the correct form of the phrasal verbs in the box.
1. Julia was exhausted at the end of the marathon race.
2. When my mother-bwJp.useious-again she couldn't remember what had happened to her.
3. These pills will have no effect in approximately three hours.
4. I don't feel well. I think I have caught the flu or something.
5. It took the doctors five minutes lo maketheboxer resain consciousness.
6. Sometimes it takes a long time to recoyer
a common cold.
C. Complete the following sentences with a suitable phrase from the box.
[. You can go out with your friends for an hour
2. Gary is not very popular at school since he is very rude
is really adventurous and he is not
5. The films I like
6. You should
7. He is not planning to invite lots of people to his party
with lately.
8. You should drink
I would like to thank my family for all their support all along the way.
Then you have to come back and finish your
frightened of extreme sports.
are comedies because they make me laugh.
your two-week safari trip to Kenya.
Paul, who he has had an argument
eight glasses ofwater every day.
D. Match the two halves.
1. go
2. knock
3. have
4. be
5. spill
5. learn
If Marv
a. on wood
b. the beans
c. on cloud nine
d. hysterical
e. by heart
f. a sweet tooth
E. Circle the correct answer.
l. He really hurt / harmed my feelings when he called me a liar.
2. After I had sprained my ankle, I was in a lot of bruis e I pain.
3. This scratch / rash on his body is because of an allergy he has developed to fruit.
4. He rose to the surface of the water choking / gasping for air.
was taken to hospital after he was injured / harmed in a car accident.
A. Rewrite the following sentences using the
l. Mary didn t wake up early and missed the bus to school.
2. The weather was bad, so we didnt go fishing.
If the weather
3. Derek took part in the competition and won a trip abroad.
4. Thomas studied hard and passed his exams.
5. She didn't follow my advice and things didn't turn out well.
If she
B. Rewrite the fo[lowing sentences so as to make wishes.
1. I don t have enough money to buy a car.
I wish
2.7 regret not having accepted the
job offer.
If only
3. Matild
If only
a cart't speak French.
4. The baby just won't stop crying.
If only
5. Britnev
If onlv
wasrit careful while driving and had an accident.
5. I don't like living in a city. I prefer the countryside.
I wish
C. Complete the following sentences using both, all, neither, none, both... and,
neither... nor, either,.. or.
3. We can
Angela Rita liked the film they saw. They thought it was boring.
of my shirts are clean. They all need washing. What am I going to wear?
have Chinese Mexican food. Which one do you prefer?
of my classmates failed the Maths exam, except me. I was really proud of myself.
my parents are strict and won't let me go out on a school night.
Iessica Ron have a good sense of humour; that's why they have so many friends.
of them is English.
is Spanish and Antonio is Italian.
Listen to a radio interview and decide if the statements are True or False.
research showed that teenagers are not concerned about global issues.
organisation lets young people know about volunteering opportunities.
3. You can call
organisation at the weekend.
4. A study showed that young men and women are passionate about the same things.
organisation gives money to young people to make their community better.
Read the text below about unusua[ fears and phobias. For questions 1-1o choose from the people A-D.
A. Sheila
When she saw these objects on the floor, she felt sick. If they were attached to a piece
of clothing, she found it difficult to be in the same room. What was Sheila so afraid
of? Buttons. The sight ofa button on the floor used to send Sheila into a terrible panic;
her palms would start sweating, her heart would race and she would have difficulty
breathing. Sheila's friends and colleagues usually burst out laughing when she told them
about her phobia and she often felt very embarrassed about it. When it started to control
her life, she knew she had to do something. Sheila took part in a psychology project
which aimed at helping people to get over their fears. As part of her treatment, Sheila had to face her fear and stay in a room
alone with lots of buttons scattered all over the floor. Before facing her feat she had several sessions with a psychologist and
after three weeks she was able to overcome her fear. Now, when Sheila sees a button she just laughs at herself.
When Brian thinks about fish, he feels sick. If he smells or much worse sees a fish, he is overcome
with a feeling of intense disgust. He can't be in the house if any of his family members eat fish and
has to wait several hours for the smell to disappear. If he eats out at a restaurant and someone is
eating fish, he has to leave immediately. One day when Brian saw one of his co-workers eating a
tuna sandwich, he became terrified and started feeling very ill. He had to go home and was unable
to go back to work for two weeks. Brian sought the help of a counsellor who recommended some
relaxation therapy. By talking about his fear and performing some deep breathing and muscular
relaxation exercises, Brian is now able to face his worst enemy. Although he still refuses to eat fish,
now he can go with his family to the seaside and enjoy an evening eating out.
B. Brian
C. Sarah
A childhood event triggered Saraht fear. One day, when she was eight years old, an enormous
cockroach got caught in her hair. Sarah panicked and screamed but it was very difficult for her
parents to help her remove the insect. As a result of this experience, Sarah became terrified of
insects, in particular, cockroaches. She refused to travel abroad and Iived in constant fear of
finding a cockroach in her home. When Sarah had to give up a job offer, she decided it was time to
take control ofher life. She had a combination ofhypnotherapy and psychotherapy, which over a
period of six months helped her to come face-to-face with a giant cockroach without running for
her life. Sarah is delighted that she has been able to get over her fear and now she is able to do her
As a young child,
had a fear of lemons. When he was just a toddler, he started screaming and
ran for cover if he even saw a picture of a lemon.
fear caused many embarrassing situations
for him and his family. The worst incident happened when they travelled to Greece for a family
holiday. The family had just
been swimming and were settling down to a delicious lunch of fish
and chips; however, when
spotted a slice of lemon next to his chips, he became hysterical.
In his panic,
knocked over a tray that a nearby waiter was holding.
parents were so
embarrassed that they never went back to the restaurant during their holiday. As
grew older
and he realised that lemons could not harm him, his fear of them decreased until eventually it
disappeared completely. Now
is an adult and he has little memory of his childhood fear that
caused so much havoc.
Which person or person's
1. had to stay away from work because oftheir fear?
2. friends found his/her fear amusing?
3. never had any therapy at all?
4. was unable to leave their country because of a fear?
5. caused a scene at a restaurant?
6. used relaxation therapy to get over their fear?
7. fear was caused by a childhood incident?
8. could not accept a job because of hisi her fear?
9. was very embarrassed by their fear?
10. does not remember his/her fear?
Read the letter below and write back to Melanie giving advice.
I have a problem and I need your advice. I'm the captain ofthe netball team at school and I'm having trouble
with one of the players. She keeps missing training and when she does turn up, she usually turns up half an hour
I've tried talking to her about it but she just gets angry when I say anything to her. I don't understand why
she's behaving like this because she used to be one of the best players in the team. A few months ago she would
never miss training sessions and her performance during matches was always excellent.
I think there is something going on in her personal life that is causing this. I just
don't know what to do
because I've already tried talking to her. I feel it's my responsibility as team captain to sort this out. I really don't
want to kick her off the team but if the situation gets any worse, I might have to.
What do you think I should do? I would really appreciate it if you could give me some advice.
Best wishes,
Final test
1 . vo cAB u LARY
Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.
1. He lives in a(n)
village which cannot be reached by car.
a. alone b. lonely c. isolated d. peaceful
2. He has a nervous ofscratching his head.
a. tradition b. custom c. habit d. culture
3. When you meet Amanda, you will her beauty.
a. marvel b. admire c. focus d. view
4. In many countries around the world, black is with death and mourning.
a. related b. referred c. combined d. associated
5. You can't
working so hard for so many hours. You'll exhaust yourself.
a. turn on b. put on c. take on d. keep on
6. I dont think Tracey is
enough with little children to become a teacher.
a. honest b. patient c. sensible d. brave
7. The meeting was
because not all the members were present.
a. put off b. turned off c. kept off d. taken off
8. He is a businessman and has expanded his business all over the world.
a. strict b. courageous c. powerful d. heroic
9. Looking after small children can be quite a
which can leave you feeling exhausted.
a. stimulating b. challenging c. creative d. competitive
10. She wasn t offered the job
because she didn t have the necessary
a. duties b. preparations c. responsibilities d. qualifications
11. You need to the weather into consideration when you're planning a camping trip.
a. make b. take c. have d. keep
12. Ann is a
person. She will never give away a secret.
a. reliable b. punctual c. neat d. confident
13. When I saw smoke in the air, I could tell that we were near the campsite.
a. rising b. raising c. lifting d. increasing
14. A great part of the Amazonian rainforest has been
a. hurt b. destroyed c. harmed d. disturbed
hope to find a cure for cancer.
a. Residents b. Predators c. Researchers d.Authorities
16. The people in this area speak their own
language, which is not understood by anyone else.
a. unique b. fabulous c. impressive d. awesome
17. When their parents were killed in a car accident, the boys where
by their closest relatives.
a. turned up b. brought up c. grown up d. held up
f8. I like eettine a massase
a. in time b. once upon a time c. for the time being d. from time to time
19. The inhabitants of the area
the building of the factory as it will cause air pollution.
a. are against b. are for c. are up to d. are off
2O.He stealing the money and claimed he was innocent.
a. refused b. admitted c. denied d. apologised
2l.If you go to Greece, you can visit many archaeological
a. sites b. sights c. attractions d. must sees
22. Abeggar
me and asked me for some money.
a. approached b. arrived c. got d. reached
23. Your flight number is written on your
. nil.ffi?f,Tll$fl
a. travellert cheque b. boarding card c. ID card
d. frequent flyer card
24.You could
make your bed when you wake up in the morning. I can't do everything on my own.
a. at last
b. at the latest
c. at least
d. at once
|ohn didnt do well in the exam so he's
a. in a bad mood b. in a mess
c. in a hurry d. in detail
26. This box is
. Will you move it please?
a. on the way
b. out of the way c. in the way d. by the way
27.Since we are running out ofnatural resources, sources ofenergy should be used.
a. limited
b. various
c. alternative
d. flexible
28. The view from the top of the skyscraper was absolutely
a. breathtaking
b. shiny
c. descriptive
d. radiant
29. Unfortunately, I will have a short holiday this summer as I can only take five days off work
a. least of all
b. in the least
c. most of all d. at most
30. Nathan and now everybody knows about the surprise party for Katie.
a. spilled the beans b. beat about the bush c. had a sweet tooth d. was on cloud nine
31. A quick heart rate can be a(n) ofdistress.
a. evidence
b. proof
c. sign
d. clue
32. This book is so
that I stopped reading it after a couple of chapters.
a. dull
b. gripping
c. timeless
d. vivid
33. when she
after she had fainted, she couldn t remember anything.
a. brought round
b. got over c. wore off d. came round
34. Thinking that walking under a Iadder is bad luck is a common
a. feeling
b. coincidence
c. superstition
d. process
35. I was
to be elected class president.
a. delighted
b. depressed
c. betrayed d. terrified
d. are... belonging
d. aren't coming
d. Whose
d. was used to living
Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.
1. Who this money_ to?
a. does...belong b. is,... belonging c. do....belong
2. They- to the concert tonight,
a. don't come b. not come
c. not coming
3. Could you tell me
a. what does this word mean b. what this word means c. what this word does mean d. what means this word
do you like most, the white or the black one?
a. What b.Who
c. Which
6. He
TV when suddenly the lights
_ .
a. was watching' went out b. watched, went out c. was watching were going out d. watched, were going out
7. This is the man car was stolen yesterday.
5. He
in a peaceful environment, thatt why he dislikes the city so much.
a. got used to living b. was used to live c. used to living
a. that
b. whose c. who
d. whom
8. choosing a careeris one of decisions in a person's life.
a. important b. more important c. the most important d. as important as
9. She is than all her classmates at Science.
a. better b. best c. well d. good
10. Leona
in any sports competition since she broke her leg.
a. will not have taken part b. didn't take part c. does not take part d. hasn't taken part
leave the party so early?
a. Do you need b. Might you c. Do you have d. Must you
12. You go to work today ifyou have a fever.
a. would rather not b. hadn't better c. had better not d. don't need
13. That woman be the actress Amy Robinson. She looks
just like her.
a. must b. ought c. can't d. should
14. You possibly be serious when you suggested going swimming in the middle of the winter.
a. couldn't b. might not c. mustn't d. can't
15. I
dinner by the time the guests arrive.
a. will be preparing b. will prepare c. will have prepared d. am going to prepare
16. Don't come and pick me up at 10am tomorrow as I
a lesson then.
a. have had b. will be having c. would have d. will have had
17. I think I would suffer from less stress if I
in the countryside.
a. would live b. had lived c. was living d. lived
18. lf you see Mary,- her my regards.
a. give b. will give c. can give d. would give
DC is
capital of
a. The, the, the b. -, the, the c. -,the, - d, -, a, the
20. There were only
people at the author's book presentatron.
a. few b. many c. a few d. a lot of
21. Don't worry! It will be absolutely
trouble for me to take you to the airport.
a. any b. no c. some d. little
22.That was the best book I
a. have ever read b. ever read c. had ever been reading d. had ever read
23. Our mum promised that she- us to the zoo on Sunday.
a. would take b. will take c. was taking d. took
24.The teacher asked us noise.
a. to not make b. not to making c. not to make d. to not making
25. They wondered
to Rome before.
a. ifl have been b. ifl had been c. ifl went d. ifhad I been
26. Ln applicant
by the personnel manager right now.
a. is being interviewed b. is interviewed c. is interviewing d. interviews
of being exhausted, he went to the cinema with his wife.
a. Despite b. Although c. Even though d. In spite
28,He missed the lecture to a doctor's appointment he had.
a. because b. as c, since
29.Igave him myphone number he could call me in case of an emergency.
a. in order b. so as c. so that
30. I wouldn't say that the film was worth
a. seelng b. to see c. see
31. Olivia to her house last week.
a. delivered the furniture b. had the furniture delivered c. had the furniture deliver
down that
offer. I really believe it was perfect for her.
a. couldn't have b. mustn't have c. shouldnt have
33. If he
through a red light, he wouldn't have crashed into another car.
a. hadn't gone b. didn't go c. wasn't going
34. Brandon wishes he more free time to spend with his family.
a. would have b. has had c. can have
35. of the twins looks like their mother. They take after their father.
a. Both b. Neither c. All
d. due
d. because
d. to have seen
d. had delivered the furniture
d. might not have
d. hadn't been going
d. had
d. None
Read the text about hip hop and answer the questions. Choose a, b, c or d.
For those of you who love hip hop, there is a great way to learn more about hip hop history and culture -just take a
hip hop tour of Harlem and the Bronx. This is a unique music tour that provides fans with a deeper understanding of
hip hop. It is both enjoyable and educational for both serious hip hop fans and tourists visiting New York who want to
experience a different side of the city.
The tour guides are some of the biggest names from the early years of hip hop; they include D| Kool Herc, known to
many as the father of hip hop, the rapper Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Caz who was a member of the group Cold Crush
Brothers. The guides provide an entertaining presentation for their listeners, including handing out some "bling bling"
such as gold bead necklaces with large gold dollar signs attached. This is to show that hip hop culture is all about style and
having the right attitude.
The tour bus sets off from Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and the guides explain how hip hop started on August 11,
1973, when Kool Herc held a party which lasted for several nights.The passengers learn that rappers, DI's, breakdancers
and graffiti artists all play an important role in hip hop. The tour bus makes its first stop in Spanish Harlem where the
passengers car, gaze at the Graffiti Hall of Fame. The walls are brightly coloured with cartoon characters and phrases;
they are considered to be works of art. During the tour, the guide points out various important landmarks such as the
Apollo Theater and the Theresa Hotel, where Ray Charles wrote his famous song Hir the Road
Passengers can also
stop off at a 'soul food" restaurant where they can enjoy African American food.
This tour shows that hip hop is not just about music; it's about the graffiti artists, the MCs, the Dls, the breakdancers,
the clothes and the fashion accessories. Itt about having fun and expressing yourself. So ifyou'd like to learn more about
hip hop, why not take a tour!
l. What is the main aim of the hip hop tour?
a. to see the places where hip hop started
b. to learn more about Harlem and the Bronx
c. to better understand hip hop music
d. to experience New York's hip hop culture
2. Why do the guides give out necklaces?
a. to attract more visitors
b. to make their presentations more entertaining
c. to explain an aspect of hip hop culture
d. to explain that hip hop artists always wear jewellery
1. What did the man's children enjoy most about their
a. the beaches
b. the museums
c. the trip to Aqualand
2. Who is making all the noise?
a. a burglar
b. the neighbours
c. a pet
3. What are the people discussing?
a. popular holiday destinations
b. the man's holiday plans
c. difficuhies with going on holiday
3. The passengers learn that
a. hip hop parties last for days.
b. hip hop started in Manhattan.
c. Kool Herc held a party in Spanish Harlem.
d. different artists are involved in hip hop.
4. What is not mentioned in the text?
a. Passengers can enjoy a special cuisine.
b. Passengers can see places ofinterest.
c. Passengers can see works of art.
d. Passengers can buy souvenirs.
5. What can we conclude from the last paragraph?
a. Hip hop is not just music but much more.
b. Hip hop consists of D|'s and rappers.
c. Fashion is the most important element of hip hop.
d. Hip hop means being artistic.
You will hear people talking in five different situations. Choose the best answer a, b ot c.
4. What does Fiona suggest to Sarah?
a. that she should buy something other than a dress
b. that she should go to different shops
c. that she should change her style
5. What does Lucy advise Steven to do?
a. stop babysitting
b. find a quiet place to study
c. work fewer hours
An international magazine has organised a short story competition and you have decided to enter. The
competition rules say that the story must begin with the following words:
Sally had been waiting
this day
Traveller Intermediate B I
Test Booldet
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