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Gustavo Ramirez

FYS 156
Berteaux/Liberal Education
After our class visit by Dr. Berteaux I got to see how he viewed the purpose of
college. He stated that college isnt just about getting a degree to get a job but rather its
about getting an education in order to succeed in life. His one of a kind perspective
actually goes hand in hand with the CSUMB Vision Statement quite well. According to
CSUMBs vision statement CSUMB provides a firm grounding in the liberal arts
meaning that students are directed toward gaining more overall knowledge instead of
learning about a specific task. Dr. Berteaux called himself a product of liberal education
in his lecture I believe that he refers to himself in this manner because after he graduated
college he held multiply different jobs each with their own individual skill sets. Skill sets
that he gained by gaining an education instead of just getting a degree.
When applying to colleges I assumed that if I submitted my application with out a
declared major it would lower my chances of getting admitted. I declared my major as
social and behavioral science because it sounded interesting and after doing some
research I found out that it was not a very popular major. After reviewing my research on
the major I figured that if anything by declaring SBS I would have a higher chance of
being admitted. SBS has very little to do with what I wish my future career to be. I wish
to get into law enforcement after obtaining my degree more specifically border protection
so my degree wont have much affect on the outcome of me getting hired and moving up
the ranks or not. I have contemplated changing my major multiple times and I think that I
have come up with an alternate plan. As of now Im getting my education and keeping an
open mind and a positive look on what my future will hold.
I believe that critical theory means to approach a subject, any subject whether it is
science, history, or, any other topic of discussion, and to look at it with an open and
confrontational mind. Dr. Berteaux compared the CSU system to liberal arts colleges in
his lecture and stated that the CSU system is not making students critical thinkers but
rather training them for jobs. Whereas liberal arts colleges are creating critical thinkers
which is allowing graduates to obtain the necessary skills to adapt to their future in the
working world. Dr. Berteaux also discussed the downside of MLOs at CSUMB saying
that they basically creating one-track minds and allow for students just to simply get a
degree without truly getting an education.
Going to college in this day and age may in fact allow for more people to obtain
jobs that that might not get without a degree. BUT if anything goes wrong with said job
people will not have the necessary skills to bounce back! Basically Im saying that
without an education there is no second change out there in the real world. CSUMB
makes it a requirement to complete General Education courses and I think that it will help
students get an education that whether they like it or not. GEs allow for students to learn
about different topics and making CSUMB something like a liberal arts school. Dr.
Berteaux should be pro GEs because without them we would merely be a trade school.