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1. Explain Why Your Career Is Well-Suited To Your Personality.

My career choice is well-suited to my personality.Well, just about any intellgant person

can become a nurse, but being a great nurse is who you are not what you do. I believe that it takes
a special kimd of person to become a nurse, and my peers would agree that I have those star
qualities for my career choice. or e!ample" great nurses makes co-workers feel like family,
optimistic, loving, and caring, all of which I was born with.
2. Explain If, While Doin This !lo, You "ade #ny Chanes To Your
Career Choi$e.
While doing this blog I have made a slight change to my career choice. I have decided to
go to college to be a #ursing $eacher because I feel that I would be useful to the healthcare
profession if I could make more great nurses.
%. Explain So&e Thins You 'a(e )earned #*out Your Career.
%ome things I have learned about my career are" many nurses today are becoming
entrepreneurs by providing services directly to home care patients without having to be employed
anywhere, the nursing profession has been in high demand for decades for decades, but dew to
many technology break-throughs the profession is not only nearly well staffed but e!panding in
the work force with better pay oppurtunties, and also dew to technology advancement the health
care profession has been taking care of patients faster and more efficient than ever with advice,
scheduling appointments, and filling perscriptions being available to patients at there finger tips
&on cell phone apps, over the phone, and online internet websites'.
+. What #re So&e ,f The Contro(ersies -#nd Your ,pinion ,n
The&. You "iht En$ounter In Your Career/
(ne controversie that I have encountered in my career research so far, is the fairness of
health-care businesses to finance scholarships that pay for their employees to go back to college
and)or giving a set precentage to their employees children attending college. $he people who
benefit from the help are greatful and e!cited about the scholarships, for families like lower-
middle class families or single parent families can better themselves. (utsiders feel that financing
education to people who have already got promising careers is a waste, considering the *.%
unemployment rate and college drop out rates due to finance issues. I do not believe that it is
health care responsiblity to finance college students tuition, although the money set aside for
employee scholarships could go to charity or more usefully.
0. If This !lo Was 1sed 2or # 3o* Inter(ie4, What Would Your
Potiential !osses )earn #*out You/
If my blog was used for a job interview, potiential bosses would learn that I have a plane
to have a promising future, dedication to persue my highly set goals, and the college)workforce
readiness it takes to be successful.