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Payroll System for GIBZ

Introduction :
This is in-house system , entirely processed by hand.
Where it will used to maintain the set of new employee with
salary details,And the calculation of salary.
The main output of the system is , to interactively calculate the
salary of employee.

The main purpsoe of the system is to calculate the monthly
salary on the basis of the attendence of employee and the
entered salary(included all types of tax and deductions).

1) It will be offlice application and will need the local host.
2) Needed LAMP or WAMP set up depends on you are using linux
or windows
LAMP :Linux , Apache ,Mysql,PHP
WAMP:WAMP,Apache ,Mysql,PHP
Will need atleast 50Mb space on system.
3) All data will be reside on back end in Mysql.

How the system will work:

In admin : The user need to enter

1) Employee Information:
Employee name :
Employee type : Permenent/Temporary
Basic Salary:
Only the above data will ne maintained related to employee

2) Tax Details:
Here, admin willl need to enter the tax percentage for every
Inputs for percentage of tax dtls.
Educational Allowance
Special Allowance
Medical Allowance
Tea & Food
Fixed Incentive
Variable Incentive
washing allowance
Petrol Allowance
Professional Tax
Provident Fund
All necessary tax dtls
3) The CTC will be calculated on the basis of above information.

On Frontend:
Employee name : Just need to select Employee name.
Present days:Just need to enter days in numbers.
Month:Need to select month
Year:Need to select year.