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Art Portfolio Critique Sheet

Describe What do you see?

Artists Name: Seth
Thompson Date: 2-19-14

Work Title: poem
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Analyze How is the work organized?

What elements or principles of design are used? Use art vocabulary to analyze the work.
What kind of lines are in the work? Straight, curved, dotted, broken, wavy, jagged,
textured, horizontal, vertical diagonal, contour or outlines. Were the lines created by
abrupt color, value or texture changes?

Color and Value
Colors- are they warm, cool, bright, dull, light, opaque or transparent? Values resulting from
combinations of lights and darks, or shades and tints of a color.
Shapes (two-dimensional) and forms (three-dimensional), representational, abstract,
organic, geometrical, open, closed.
Texture Rough, smooth, coarse, soft, bumpy, hairy, shady, etc. Simulated you can see
but not feel it or real. (Dont confuse texture with pattern the repetition of some motif in a
recognizable order, such as polka dots or a checkerboard.

What contributes to balance in the composition? Is the balance symmetrical,
asymmetrical or radial?

Interpret What message does this artwork communicate to you?
Write about the feeling, mood or message of this work. Defend your interpretation with evidence from
the description and analysis information above and/or use art history or past experiences.

Judge What do you think of the work?
Write about the success of this work, explain.
Its a poem not many lines were used
The colors are black cause words
It was words, are words not balanced

I feel this work was a different experience.
The success was that it was a poem that wasnt depressing that was
written by me.