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Magnussons Model

Content Formation of ionic bonds

1.Ionic bonds : transfer of
electrons between metals
and non-metals.
2. Anion: Atom that
accept electron and form
negative ions.
3. Cation: Atom that
donate electron and form
positive ions.
4. Ionic bond: Negative
and positive ions are
attract each other by
attractive force.

Misconception of students 1. Students cannot
differentiate between
ionic bond and
covalent bond.
2. Students think that the
ionic bond is sharing
electrons between
3. The students assumed that the
number of electrons to be
donated or accepted in ionic
bonding determined the number of
ionic bonds formed and not just the
ionic charges (Boo, 1998; Coll &
Taylor, 2001; De Posada, 1997;
Taber, 2003).

Strategy in teaching 1. Use simulation
2. Analogy
Assessment Formative assessment