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EDMA 310 Assessment 1

Kassandra Schramm

Report on your students mathematical knowledge of fractions and decimals, and
any misconceptions.

The intention of the rational number interview was to highlight Jacksons
understanding and misconceptions on fractions. Upon completion it was evident
that he grasped this area quite well demonstrated by his confidence when
naming fractions- halves, quarters, sixths and so on. Jackson uses different
representations of fractions and is able to recall them mentally, visually through
pictures, concrete models, decimals and also on a number line. Jackson was able
to correctly identify improper fractions and was able to place these fractions on a
number line. He gave sufficient reasoning on how to do this, for example his
explanation was, you need to divide the top number by the bottom number.
Jackson used fluent mathematical vocabulary throughout the interviews
demonstrated by the use of words such as whole numbers, divides, shares, equal
parts, out of, more than, less that, left over, denominator, numerator, improper
and proper. The use of this language shows that he has an extensive
understanding of fractions. An area where Jackson needs some improvement is
adding fractions together. There was no evidence of a strategy and after
prompting he was still uncertain on how to create a common denominator.
Likewise, decimals were also a challenging area for Jackson as he was unsure on
how to identify the differences between two decimals and which was
larger/smaller of the two. Overall Jacksons results on this test demonstrated a
number of strengths in this area of mathematics, as he was able to answer the
majority of the questions correctly with valid justifications.