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Martha Rinaldi

This case focuses on the career and work
frustration of Martha Rinaldi, an assistant
product manager at a leading beverage

Problem Statement
Martha Rinaldi has experienced significant
difficulty integrating her into the organizational
structure culture and environment at Potomac
waters. The hiring strategy adjustments have
increased tension up. The political environment
and office gossip social structure and Rinaldis
organizational fit.
Marthas personal short comings unaware of
own position within the company, organization
culture lack of accretion.
High need for recognition and approval.
Rinaldi only want to perform high profile or
important task co-workers difficulties, different
social style, personality types and experience
level within department.
Rinaldi has conflicting social style and lack of
cognitive awareness power and influence in the
work place.

Situation analysis
1.Stay at Potomac and work with co-workers
even though she has differences.
2.Stay at Potomac and request for a department
3.Leave Potomac and take up offer of Deep

1.Martha Rinaldi should leave Potomac for an
opportunity at Deep Dive pizza.
2.She should be understanding and secure new
3.She should resign from Potomac in an
amicable way.
4.She should learn from her past experience
and apply it in her new roles.