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whk:h Ilwy he or vital importance in determining its interplay with other

leuislation, filtH) unfortunately Hecm to be contradictory to each other and

incapuhlc of Hhcdding any funher light 011 the correct path to be taken.
Section GO of the Competition Act, 2002 is read a5 follows: "The
provisions of thiN ac1 shall have effcct notwithstanding anything
inconsistent (herewith contained in any other law for the time being in
force nnd section 62 suys th(Jt the provisions of this Act shall be in
ddition to, and not in derogation of, the provisions of any other law for
the time bcinu in force". The Tribunals and courts will obviously have a
uu.h time decidillfZ between applying scction 60 ( which gIVes
to the Competition Aet ) and section 62 ( which gives
ther overlapping law) in an overlap situation and may
uidcd by an overall perspective of the case at hand.
he threshold limits prl
ribcd, in tenns of value of assets or turnover,
which are indeed very high in comparison to limits provided in the laws of
is not a sufficient criterion
nd Effect,ft
omic Times. 20 December,