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Nairobi | Friday, May 23, 2014

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consoles Mrs
Joyce Wanjiku
Ngugi, whose
Gatundu South
MP Joseph Ngugi
Nyumu, died in
his Runda home
in Nairobi on
Wednesday. Mr
Nyumu will be
buried on Friday
next week at his
rural home in
Gitare Village,
Gatundu South
CONDOLENCES | President visits widow of Gatundu MP as burial date set
Oburu drops plan
to record statement
P.2 Police have taken a position
on Raila death claims, says MP
South Sudan:
A clash of egos
DN2 Give its warlords a mi-
crophone and war beckons

PSV owners want minister jailed
for defying directive nullifying re-
striction. Page 9
Malawi leader says vote tallying
system deliberately jammed. P. 24
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Anglo Leasing rm
wants Sh3bn more
FRESH BILL | Parliament team told that Anura Perrera is demanding cash for shadowy NIS project
>> Company associated with dubious security deals has sent demand notice for
yet another contract, ocial tells Public Accounts Committee >> Team led
by Namwamba demands to see letter, but they are told oce is locked Page 6
Rescue may
be at hand
for Waiguru
ajority Leaders of both
Houses last evening came
to the defence of embattled
Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne
Waiguru as the call to impeach her
appeared to lose Jubilees support.
They played down her planned
impeachment, saying those who
sponsored the Motion were doing it
on their own and not as members of
the Jubilee Coalition.
Senate Majority Leader Kithure
Kindiki and his National Assembly
ominated MP Oburu
Oginga will not record
a statement with the
police over his claims of a plot
to kill his brother, Mr Raila Od-
inga, his lawyer has said.
In a letter to the Inspector-
-General of Police, Mr Harun
Ndubi says his client is of
the rm view that the Kenya
Police Service is neither ready
nor willing to investigate the
The government already has
a position on the matter, Mr
Ndubi says.
The lawyer says that from the
experience he had with MPs
and other leaders associated
with Mr Odinga at the CID
headquarters, the police are
not impartial on the issue.
He says when they reached
the headquarters, they were
referred to the deputy director
in charge of investigations and
stayed at the reception of the
ocer for over one hour, with
the majority of the leaders who
accompanied him standing.
According to the lawyer,
when the officer finally
emerged from his oce, he said
he had instructions from the
CID director that Dr Oginga
(above) should go and record
the statement to the CID in
Asserting that he knows
his work, the ocer refused
to hear our clients plea that
he allows us to sit and discuss
how best the matter should be
handled. He told us he had
nal instructions that our cli-
ent should go to Bondo, says
Mr Ndubi. Our client and col-
leagues were humiliated as the
oce secretary and reception-
ist stood by, he says.
The lawyer says Dr Oginga
and the MPs left the headquar-
ters disgraced, disappointed
and saddened at the hostile
and casual manner in which
the police chose to treat a
matter concerning the former
Prime Minister, a prominent
and respected leader of this
Mr Ndubi says since secu-
rity is not a devolved function,
there was no reason to insist
that the statement ought to be
taken in Bondo.
Oburu: I wont speak to police
STATEMENT | Lawyer says hostile attitude at CID headquarters has put them o
Ocers not willing
to probe claims of
plot to kill Raila,
says nominated MP
African leaders bank
on youth to grow
regional economies
African leaders have agreed
to involve more youth in gov-
ernance and business in order
to grow their economies.
However, the leaders said
skills and ideas are more
critical in picking the youth
rather than age alone.
The leaders, who included
Deputy President William
Ruto, were speaking in
Kigali, Rwanda during a two-
day meeting of the African
Development Bank.
Others were Ugandan
President Yoweri Museveni,
Rwandas Paul Kagame,
Gabons Ali Bongo and Mauri-
tanias Mohamed Abdelaziz. A
host of former presidents and
other dignitaries across the
world attended the forum.
The leaders agreed that al-
though most Africa countries
grew by more than ve per
cent, the continent lacked
proper infrastructure, elec-
tricity and technology.
Good infrastructure,
proper security and cheap
electricity are key for growth
in our countries, the Deputy
President said.
Mr Ruto said Kenya was
already providing opportuni-
ties by allowing young people
access to funds for business
and setting aside government
tenders for them.
The Deputy President said
access to credit by small
and medium size businesses
and youth was critical for
He said the government
was focusing on training
young Kenyans more on
areas that were relevant to
local industries.
We are re-engineering
education to enrich their
skills, the DP said.
President Museveni said
development of infrastruc-
ture and production of cheap
electricity would stimulate
manufacturing and create
more jobs for the youth.
Now that most countries
in this region have discovered
oil and gas, it is important
that we revamp our in-
frastructure quickly, the
Ugandan leader added.

proper security
and cheap
electricity are key
for growth in our
Deputy President
William Ruto
Five given green light to
battle it out in mini-poll
The electoral commission
yesterday cleared ve candi-
dates to run for the June 23
Bonchari by-election.
The Independent Electoral
and Boundaries Commission
gave the green light to Mr
John Oroo Oyioka, Mr David
Ogega (Democratic Party),
Mr Paul Matagaro (KNC),
former MP Charles Onyan-
cha (Wiper) and Mr Zebedeo
Opore (Ford People).
Candidates awaiting clear-
ance are Mr Charles Mogaka
(NLP), Mr Geofrey Omwando
and Prof Charles Okioga.
Speaking to journalists
after being cleared by re-
turning ocer Peter Resa at
the Suneka Social Hall, the
candidates called for peaceful
A court order barring a Chinese rm from developing a
commercial facility on a disputed parcel on Ndemi Road in
Kilimani, Nairobi, was issued on May 12. In the Daily Nation
of May 14, we indicated that the said order was issued on May
9. We take this early opportunity to rectify the impression cre-
ated by the error to the parties concerned.
On page two of the Wednesday, May 21 edition of the Daily
Nation, we reported that no learning took place at the Western
Kenya campuses of Maseno, Masinde Muliro, Nairobi, Moi
and Kenyatta universities. The story was based on claims
made at a press conference in Kisumu by students from the
listed universities. However, Kenyatta University has pointed
out to us that it does not have a campus in Kisumu. It has an
open learning centre which does not oer residential classes
and students study at home. The question of learning being
disrupted at the centre does not, therefore, arise.
FORESTRY | Elgeyo-Marakwet governor launches tree-planting initiative
Pupils of Sabor
Primary School
in Elgeyo-
Marakwet County
carry home tree
seedlings during
the launch of a
drive at Sabor
Forest yesterday.
County Governor
Alex Tolgos was
the chief guest.
Friday May 23, 2014
2 | National News
ritish travel operators evacu-
ated tourists from the Kenya
Coast on the strength of the
travel advisory issued by their gov-
Yesterday, they told the BBC that
they will follow UK travel advisories
issued in future because they pay
high insurance charges to keep
their patrons in hotels after such
They spoke as the UK and Austral-
ian high commissions in Nairobi said
they had no plans to evacuate their
nationals from Kenya.
The Association of British Travel
Agents (ABTA) said their programmes
to Kenya would depend on the secu-
rity advice they receive.
If you are out there in Kenya or if
you have any plans to go out to any
of the areas aected in Mombasa
or any of the areas aected, British
Foreign Oce advises against it, Ms
Ilana Rapaport from the association
told the BBC.
Travel agencies working in these
countries are well aware of this advice
and they have contingency plans to
either oer an alternative or oer a
cancellation and give a refund.
Last week, the US, Australia, France
and the UK issued travel warnings to
their citizens after two terror attacks
in Nairobi and Mombasa.
Yesterday, the Australian High
Commission said that while its travel
warning advised its citizens to re-
consider their need to travel, it had
no plans to evacuate those already in
the country.
We have not evacuated any Aus-
tralian nationals and have no plans
to do so, said Mr Davis Amanda, the
deputy head of Mission.
Australia has four levels or warn-
ings it gives to its citizens intending
to travel or those already abroad.
Level 4, the most serious, is issued
on countries considered extremely
dangerous due to widespread ter-
rorist attacks, conict or crime. In
March, Australia reviewed Kenyas
status to level 3 specic to Nairobi
and Mombasa and has not changed
Yesterday, the BBC reported that at
least 400 British tourists had returned
to the UK following the travel advisory
from the Foreign Oce last week.
But the British High Commission in
Nairobi said that its government had
only issued a safety warning based on
an assessment of the security situa-
tion. However, it did not order anyone
to leave the country.
The British Government does not
enforce its travel advice. It is for indi-
viduals and travel companies to make
their own decisions, a statement from
the High Commission said.
The British Government is not
evacuating its citizens from Kenya.
Some British tourists flew out of
Mombasa last week on the advice of
their tour company.
However, Thomson Holidays and
First Choice said they evacuated the
400 tourists because Britains Foreign
Oce warned of high threat from ter-
rorists, beach resort managers from
the Coast region said yesterday.
The dispatch from the Foreign of-
ce had said: There is a high threat
from terrorism, including kidnapping.
The main threat comes from extrem-
ists linked to Al-Shabaab.
And yesterday, Amani Tiwi Beach
Resort deputy general manager Mus-
tafa Lekishon said Tui Travel the
rm which operates Thomson and
First Choice decided to fly its
patrons back home to avoid paying
high insurance premiums.
In areas that are a high risk from
threat the insurance cover is a pre-
mium, therefore to avert incurring
costs, the rm had to cancel the
holidays, Mr Lekishon said and de-
scribed the evacuation as unjustied
and unfair.
It is cowardice for foreign partners
to take such a step.
Kwale County Tourism Executive
member Adam Sheikh said that al-
though the UK did not tell the travel
agency to evacuate the tourists, the
rm had to act on the information it
had received.
In the event the travel rm contin-
ues with operations then the insurance
rms would decline to oer their cus-
tomers insurance and this will have
an impact to the business.
A German tourist, Mr Thomas
Muller, said: In Germany attacks
happen and no national is evacuated
from the country. We wonder what is
wrong with the British Government
and Americans.
Mr Muller urged tourists to visit
the country without fear.
We are disappointed that the Brit-
ons left, we enjoyed their company
and spoke to them while drinking
the Kenya beer. Our interaction was
amazing, he said.
Ms Angelika Dirks, also a German,
said tourists should feel safe.
Everyone has a right to a decision
and our decision to stay in the hotel
was made through consultation with
the management of the hotel and read-
ing online local newspapers... I want
to stay in Kenya and dont intend to
leave before the end of my holiday,
she said.
UK alert pushed rms to evacuate tourists
Tourists relax at Whitesands Beach Resort in Mombasa yesterday. The number of visitors has gone down due to the recently
issued travel advisories which have sparked a blame game between hoteliers at the Coast and the British High Commission.
Travel agency says it
will do same thing
if similar warning is
issued due to the
high cost of insurance
BLAME GAME | High Commission says it did not order tourists to be taken back home as hoteliers claim advisory sparked exodus
The Kenya Tourism Board yes-
terday said it was embarking on
a global online reputation man-
agement campaign to woo back
tourists who may have opted to
skip Kenya due to terror attacks.
KTB managing director Murithi
Ndegwa said the six-month cam-
paign would cost Sh10 million and
would target USA and several
countries in Europe and Africa.
The online reputation manage-
ment will aim to provide positive
visibility and factual information
to both consumers and trade to
create honest, truthful and veri-
able positive online review for
Kenya tourism, he said.
He also disclosed that the govern-
ment would spend Sh200 million
towards the tourism recovery
programme as a result of escalat-
ing insecurity from terror attacks
and other criminal activities such
as poaching which have aected
the image of the country interna-
The plan targets 10 markets in-
ternationally. It will also target
domestic tourists to bridge the
gap during low seasons.
We are also looking at the East
Africa and regional markets as
well as top producing markets in
Europe, Asia and America, said
Mr Ndegwa.
Ouma Wanzala
KTB unveils plan to
woo back visitors
In areas that are a high risk
from threat the insurance
cover is a premium, therefore
to avert incurring costs,
the rm had to cancel the
Mustafa Lekishon, Amani Tiwi
Beach Resort deputy GM
Friday May 23, 2014
National News 3
roposed reforms in the National
Youth Service have raised a
storm after experts who came
up with them recommended creative
but controversial methods of empow-
ering thousands of young people.
The reforms, proposed by a rm
where political strategist Mutahi
Ngunyi works, recommend the adop-
tion of a method called Amani Sasa,
apparently used by Mungiki members
to raise millions of shillings through
Kenyans on social media reacted
angrily to the proposed changes when
they were posted on the Devolution
ministrys website forcing it to take
them down on Wednesday.
The reforms seem aimed at or-
ganising thousands of young people
across the country to serve the na-
tion in various sectors, including
security, specifically the Nyumba
Kumi initiative.
They will be required to save part
of the payment they receive in groups
which will qualify them to get govern-
ment loans.
Yesterday, Mr Ngunyi defended
the changes.
He said his consulting rm was
hired by the former NYS Director
General Jaspher Rugut to come up
with the reforms.
Mr Ruguts transfer from the
NYS by Devolution Secretary Anne
Waiguru has led to calls for her im-
Security eld
Mr Ngunyi said his expertise in
the security eld was evident due to
the work he has done at the National
Intelligence Service.
I am a serious security expert, we
drafted the law for the NIS, I now
work with a top General, a brigadier,
three professors and lawyers who have
drafted this ambitious structure that
will transform NYS, he said.
He dismissed claims that he was
paid Sh40 million for the services add-
ing that it was the Devolution ministry
that can disclose how much was paid
for the consultancy.
I have no idea how much the
company was paid, if you want those
answers ask the principal secretary in
Devolution, he said.
The strategy involves recruitment
of 21,870 youths to the NYS annually,
up from the current 2,000. They will
be required to save part of the pay for
work to form a seed fund that will
ultimately be used to access loans.
Through NYS work camps, the
21,870 annual recruits regimented into
squads of 15 will make a mandatory
contribution of Sh100 per day to ac-
cumulate Sh111,000 after an average
of 74 days of service.
The contribution, the document
says, will be used to get a loan three
times the amount either from a co-
operative or Uwezo Fund or even
a matching grant from the parent
This is enough to buy two brand
new motor cycles for the squad of 15.
This is how Mungiki does it through
Amani Sasa, the document says.
The NYS recruits will be expected
to disciple another 227,670 for a
This group will then serve the coun-
Uproar greets
new NYS plan to
empower youths
Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru whose
ministry came up with the controversial
National Youth Service reform plan.
REFORMS | Experts recommend Mungiki-style organisation for young people
try for between four to six months as
paid labour under the supervision of
the 21,870.
The document does not say how
those to be discipled will be iden-
After the service, the 227,670 dis-
ciples will be organised under what
the document terms four principles
of social movements-regimentation,
rituals of bonding, livelihoods and
identity and signicance.
The squads of 15 will then be linked
to the Nyumba Kumi initiative as well
as Uwezo and the Kenya Youth En-
terprise Development Fund. It is not
clear what their role will be in the
Nyumba Kumi initiative.
Borrow (sic) from the Mugudugudu
model in Rwanda or the Kebele model
in Ethiopia to involve the youth in
Manyumba Kumi.
This will be a signicant score,
the document notes.
The Kebele system is a neighbour-
hood administration and control
system in urban Ethiopia (kebele is
Amharic for neighbourhood).
Selsh interests
The 227,670 youths will be regi-
mented into 323 squads of youths
per county.
In other words, there will be 4,845
youths in each county who will have
graduated from the programme.
There might be concerns that such
groups could be misused by politicians
for selsh interests.
The NYS recruits are also expected
to create what is being referred to as
Huduma Corps of 10,935.
The service will be reorganised
in nine units with service men and
women posted to work under these
units as part of service to the na-
They include the integrated dam
construction units (2,250), road con-
struction units (6,345), Vector control
units (3,645), slums civil works and
public environment units ( 1,215),
Huduma kitchens units (840), Trac
control units (1,215), public security
units (1,280) and agriculture units
Political strategist
Mutahi Ngunyi admits
writing the document
but denies he was
paid Sh40 million

I have no idea how

much the company
was paid, if you want
those answers, ask the
Principal Secretary
Mutahi Ngunyi
The Government through NACADA is validating and proiling all alcoholic drinks outlets in Kenya. This notice is in regard to
entity involved in the sale of alcoholic drinks, except as provided in the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010.
All alcohol selling outlets are hereby required to forward the following documents to their respective County Commissioners by
5.00pm on Wednesday 28
May 2014:
1. Single Business Permit by your County Government
2. Proprietors PIN/Tax Registration
3. Public Health Certiicate
4. Applicable Liquor Licence (NACADA/County)
A comprehensive list of all outlets who have qualiied will be circulated to all police stations by Friday 30
May 2014.
It is a criminal ofence to manufacture, sell or drink an alcoholic drink outside the provisions of the Law.
Hon. John M. N. Mututho, EBS Mr. Enoch N. Onchwari
Chairman, NACADA Board of Directors Ag. Chief Executive Oficer
24 Hour Toll-Free Crisis Response Number: 1192
Friday May 23, 2014
4 | National News
Assembly to
fete Lupita

Kisumu County Assembly
Speaker Samuel Ombogo yester-
day tasked a house committee to
come up with a betting reward for
actress Lupita Nyongo.
Mr Ombogo directed the House
Committee on Tourism to take the
matter and advise on how the ac-
tress, who hails from the county,
can be honoured.
This was after Nyakach Ward
Representative Maina Koko asked
the house why the county govern-
ment had not awarded Ms Nyongo
despite her winning the coveted
Oscar Award early this year.
Oscar no mean feat
According to Mr Koko, failure
to recognise Ms Nyongos great
achievement amounts to a snub
by her county government.
Winning an Oscar awards is not
a mean feat. We are the rst county
in Kenya to produce such a person,
the MCA said. Recognising her ef-
forts would encourage other young
talents in the county, he added.
Ms Nyongo is the daughter of
Kisumu Senator Anyang Nyongo
and hails from Seme Constitu-
She won an Oscar for the best
supporting actress in March for
her role in the movie 12 Years a
Slave, beating renowned actresses
like Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer
counterpart Aden Duale dismissed the plan
during a press conference at Parliaments
Media Centre last evening.
Although they did not harangue the chief
architects of the planned impeachment, the
leaders were in agreement that the motion
being prepared was yet to get the nod of
any of them.
If Duale or Kindiki have not spoken,
then Jubilee has not spoken. Others who are
talking are free to talk. This is healthy ... we
are a democratic coalition. Our members
are free to say what they wish ... but in
terms of ocial script, then the leaders are
the ones to speak, said Prof Kindiki.
The leaders said the motion could have
been sponsored by the Opposition to dis-
tract the ruling coalition and portray it as
losing its unity.
Our members have a right to exercise
their democratic role but we are the leaders
and we are yet to speak , said Mr Duale.
Kericho Senator Charles Keter, who
earlier asked for a second look into the
decision to transfer Mr Rugut, was present,
but only spoke on Anglo Leasing. Mr Keter,
also Senates Deputy Majority Leader, was
earlier in the week quoted as questioning
the transfer of former National Youth Serv-
ice director-general Kiplimo Rugut.
Ms Waiguru has come under re for
transferring Mr Rugut from her docket
to the Ministry of Sports.
Earlier, some MPs who had appended
the signatures to the motion also revoked
their decision, dealing a blow to the move
to send home Ms Waiguru.
Kiambu MP Jude Njomo rescinded his
decision saying he had been misled by the
drafters of the motion.
I was not given full information by those
who asked me to sign it. But now I have it
and I will not participate in any move to
impeach Ms Waiguru, said Mr Njomo.
Women have also defended the Ms
Waiguru, urging male MPs to drop their
plan to impeach her.
Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation
yesterday defended the CS saying her
credentials placed her among the best
performing ministers in the government.
MYWO chairperson Rukia Subow
accused the MPs of ganging up to frus-
trate women Cabinet secretaries She is
holding an important docket. We need to
support her because devolution is at risk
of being derailed with her impeachment,
said Ms Subow.
Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau and
Machakos Town legislator Victor Munyaka
dismissed the motion saying the CS had the
right to transfer ocers under her. They
said the ocers under question were moved
by Chief of Sta Joseph Kinyua.
The Jubilee leaders also dismissed
CORDs indication that the ruling coali-
tion had performed dismally in the last
year. They gave the coalition a satisfactory
score saying it had done its best to protect
citizens and provided services.
It is unfortunate the Opposition has
focused on the security problems yet we
are trying to clear the mess created over
the last several years. Im shocked at how
petty they can be, said Prof Kindiki.
And Igembe South MP Mintika Linturi
yesterday fought o claims that he was
undermining the President by pushing for
impeachment of Ms Waiguru.
He said though he was from TNA, he
has a duty to promote proper governance
without being swayed away by unconsti-
tutional interests.
Oversight role
I am not supposed to be a stooge. I
am not expected to be a sycophant. The
constitution empowers MPs to play an
oversight role over the national govern-
ment, said Mr Linturi said during a talk
on a local TV station.
He said majority of the 136 MPs who
have so far appended their signatures in
support of the Motion he has drafted, are
from TNA.
However, the MP said the move should
not be misconstrued to imply that the leg-
islators have no respect for the presidency,
who is the TNA party leader.
We have a lot of respect for the Presi-
dent. We believed in him when we invested
our time and resources to have him elected,
said Mr Linturi, adding that they only
wanted to end the culture of impunity.
Duale, Kindiki rally support for Waiguru
Kigumo MP Jamleck Kamau addresses journalists at Parliament Buildings yesterday, anked
by other Jubilee Coalition members. They condemned the proposed impeachment of Devo-
lution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru.
IMPEACHMENT | Women defend Cabinet Secretary and urge male MPs to drop removal plan
have a
right to
exercise their
role but
we are the
leaders and
we are yet to
Leader Aden
Join Cord, party
dares Khalwale
The party that spon-
sored Kakamega Senator
Boni Khalwale is unhappy
with his public allegiance
to Cord.
Yesterday, United Demo-
cratic Forum ocials dared
Dr Khalwale (below) to re-
sign and seek re-election on
the coalition.
Party leader Musalia
Mudavadi and his deputy
Jeremiah Kioni said the
party was unhappy with Dr
Khalwales public criticism
of party ocials and Presi-
dent Uhuru Kenyatta.
Addressing ocials and
elected leaders during a
four-day retreat that started
yesterday in Lamu County,
Mr Kioni told members that
the partys national organ
would discuss the steps to
be taken against all errant
If he thinks
that he is man
enough, let
him resign and
look for a fresh
mandate with
any party that
represents his
ideals. To use
our platform
to heckle the
President is
not in line
with this
party, said Mr Kioni.
Dr Khalwale, he added,
lacked loyalty to UDF, an
ally of the Jubilee Coalition
of President Kenyatta.
Mr Mudavadi also told
o Dr Khalwale and Cord
ocials for criticising the
President publicly over
Sh1.4 billion pay to Anglo
Leasing and giving county
commissioners powers.
I urge them to respect
the institution of Presi-
dency which is a symbol
of our united and peaceful
They should remember
that one day they will seek
respect when they happen
to be President, added Mr
He accused Cord lead-
ers of politicking and
raising political tempera-
tures instead of working
to improve the livelihood
of Kenyans.
Galole MP
Hassan Du-
kicha, who is
also among
15 party MPs
and 88 MCAs
attending the
retreat, warned
Dr Khalwale
against any
motion to
i m p e a c h
Pr e s i d e n t
Friday May 23, 2014
National News 5
LSK threatens to disbar
Githu, top State lawyers
The LSK wants Attorney-
General Githu Muigai and his
two top State Law ocers to
explain why they misled the
government that there was no
other legal option but to pay
Anglo Leasing contracts.
The Law Society of Kenya
issued Prof Muigai, Solicitor-
General Njee Muturi and his
deputy Muthoni Kimani no-
tices to show why they should
not be issued with Certicate
of Dishonour.
And if the three fail to re-
spond to the notices issued to
each one of them, they will be
the rst State Law ocers in
the country to be declared unt
to handle any business in the
legal profession.
Once these certicates are
circulated, no one will respect
them as honourables any more,
even within the international
community, said LSK chair-
man Eric Mutua, who has
signed the notices.
Mr Mutua explained that
when a lawyer is issued with
a Certicate of Dishonour he
or she becomes unt for em-
The lawyers resolved to issue
the notices following a meet-
ing on Saturday where they
accused Prof Muigai and the
two State Law ocers of giving
an unconstitutional, illegal and
fraudulent, unprofessional legal
opinion to the government on
the Anglo Leasing deals.
The lawyers lobby claimed
they misled the State that there
was no other legal option but
to pay for the contracts while
an appeal option was and is
still available.
Mr Muturi is separately
accused of representing the
government in the London
court without a licence to
practise in England and
Wales, implying Kenya did
not have legal representation
in the suit.
However, the AG distanced
himself and his ocials from
blame, saying the State sought
legal opinion from experts.
enyan taxpayers worst
nightmare is unfold-
Less than a week after Presi-
dent Uhuru Kenyatta ordered
that Sh1.4 billion be paid for
two Anglo Leasing projects, the
man who got the money has
come back demanding Sh3.05
billion more.
Mr Anura Perrera, identied
by former Ethics and Anti-Cor-
ruption Permanent Secretary
John Githongo as the shadowy
figure behind many Anglo
Leasing-type projects, is now
demanding the new payment
for a separate project carried
out by a company associated
with him.
Deputy Solicitor General
Muthoni Kimani and Treas-
ury Principal Secretary Kamau
Thugge told the Public Ac-
counts Committee yesterday
that the government had
received a notice of claim for
Project Flagsta, linked to the
National Intelligence Service
At the same time, Dr Thugge
said there was no written direc-
tive from President Kenyatta
for the first payment and
the National Treasury only
sought and got the approval
of the Controller of Budget to
make the payment because the
Head of State supported the
Project Flagstaff was a
contract for the design, sup-
ply and installation of various
electronic security equipment
for NIS, but there are no more
details about it.
Ms Kimani said that of the
seven other Anglo Leasing-
type contracts that became
the subject of investigations in
2005, Project Flagsta was not
evaluated by Pricewaterhouse
Coopers, who had been hired
to appraise their value and
It was on the basis of the
report by the private account-
ing rm that the government
challenged the claims for Anglo
Leasing contracts. Some, like
the value of bandwidth pro-
vided by Universal Satspace,
were quashed by the court.
The project was alive when
PwC was evaluating but the ca-
veat was that due to national
security considerations it was
not among the 18 that were
to be evaluated, she said in
a meeting with legislators at
Parliament Buildings.
Ms Kimani said now that Mr
Perrera has lodged the claim,
the government is looking for
someone to evaluate the con-
tract and report on how much
work has been done.
She told the committee she
could neither show them a
copy of the notice of claim
nor remember when it was
sent but gave the impression
that it was fairly recent, prob-
ably this year.
Ms Kimani said the le on
that matter was locked in the
State Law Oce in an oce
whose occupant was in Mom-
basa on ocial duties.
This new claim appeared
to agitate members of the
committee, which began the
special sittings on Wednes-
day with the aim of nding
out whether Kenya was open
to any other claims from the
security and ICT contracts
that were collectively known
as Anglo Leasing.
If Mr Anura Perrera, who
has just walked away with Sh1.4
billion has slapped Kenya with
a claim, it would be important
that the Kenyan taxpayer knows
what is going on, said PAC
chairman Ababu Namwamba
(Budalangi, ODM).
He said that if Mr Perreras
claim is successful, it will mean
that ve of the contracts he had
under the Anglo Leasing batch
of suspicious claims will have
been paid.
The Sri Lankan business-
man was also behind First
Mercantile Securities Cor-
poration, Universal Satspace
and the rms that supplied the
naval ship and Project Nexus,
a communication system for
the Kenya Defence Forces.
Is this a conspiracy to pay
Anura Perreras contracts?
Junet Mohammed (Suna East,
ODM) asked. Four projects of
his have been paid. The fth
one does not even appear on
the PwC report. What justica-
tion will you have not to pay
the fth one?
Treasury Principal Secretary Kamau Thugge and Deputy Solicitor-General Muthoni Kimani when they
appeared before the Public Accounts Committee to shed light on Anglo Leasing payments yesterday.
Anglo Leasing demands Sh3bn more
FINANCIAL TROUBLE | Company linked to others which got Sh1.4bn this week sends another bill
Ababu team shocked
by revelation that
Kenya will pay more
for an NIS project
Anglo Leasing contracts and
their status:
(1) Cancelled Contracts
worth Sh22.6 bn
Forensic Laboratories for
CID (signed on 16/8/2001)
worth Sh4bn. Funds re-
turned and deal cancelled.
Immigration Security
Equipment (signed on
4/12/2003) worth Sh2.8bn.
Funds returned and con-
tract cancelled.
E-Cops/Infotalent (signed
on 19/11/2003) worth
Sh5.3bn. Funds returned
and contract cancelled.
Security vehicles for
Kenya Police (signed on
16/8/2001) worth Sh6.8bn.
Funds returned and con-
tract cancelled.
Modernisation of police
equipment (signed on 17/
12/2003) worth Sh3.6bn.
Project did not start and
contract cancelled.
(2) Fully paid-for contracts
worth Sh7.1bn
Kenya Prisons 1 project
(signed on 30/10/1997)
worth Sh2.2bn. Quantum
meruit settlement (QMS)
Sh3.1bn. Too expensive to
recover this money. Matter
Kenya Police Airwing 1
(signed on 8/6/1998) worth
Sh2.7bn. QMS Sh3.2bn. Too
expensive to recover this
money. Matter closed.
Kenya Police Addendum
2 (signed on 9/4/2002)
worth Sh2.3bn. QMS is
Sh1.3bn. Too expensive to
recover it. Matter closed.
(3) Under Litigation/ Arbi-
tration- Sh11, 438, 000,000
Project Nexus (signed on
19/11/2002) worth Sh3.2bn.
QMS is Sh1.4 bn. Negotiated
settlement at Sh1.4 billion.
Oceanographic Navy
Vessel (signed 15/7/2003)
worth Sh4.6bn. QMS Sh4bn.
Negotiated on fair value.
Settlement in progress.
Broadband Network
(PCK) (signed on 11/7/
2002) worth Sh884m. QMS
Sh231m. Case open to ne-
Bandwidth Spectrum
(PCK) (signed on 11/7/
2002) worth Sh2.6bn. QMS
Sh1.4bn. Case under litiga-
(d) Partly completed con-
tracts worth Sh5.7bn
Project Flagsta (signed
on 20/1/2004) worth
Sh3.1bn. QMS 3.2bn. Frame-
work for resolution pre-
Kenya Prisons 2 Project
(signed on 19/11/2002)
worth Sh2.6bn. QMS
Sh522m. Negotiate for can-
cellation and restitution.
AP Telecommunica-
tion Equipment (signed on
14/6/2002) worth Sh4.4bn.
QMS Sh1.1bn. To negotiate
for cancellation and restitu-
Some of the
dubious deals
Friday May 23, 2014
6 | National News
Friday May 23, 2014
he targeting of ter-
rorism suspects and
criminal gangs across
the country will continue
amid new threats from Al-
Shabaab militants.
Interior Cabinet Secretary
Joseph ole Lenku said yester-
day that the government will
continue ghting elements
of the group in the country
even as the terrorists issued
a warning of future attacks
Mr Fuad Mohamed Kha-
laf, one of Al-Shabaabs
most senior commanders,
vowed yesterday in a radio
broadcast to sustain its war
against Kenya.
We are urging all the
Muslims in Kenya... to ght
the government of Kenya
inside that country, because
Kenyans killed your people
including children, Mr Khalaf
said in a speech broadcast on
the Al-Shabaabs Radio An-
However in a telephone
interview with the Nation,
Mr Lenku dismissed the
threats. That is not news,
it has always been their posi-
tion, he said.
In the broadcast, Mr Khalaf
said: The war will be shifting
to Kenya. If they kill a Somali
girl, we kill a Kenyan girl.
Fighter jets, believed to
be from Kenya, struck Al-
Shabaab strongholds near
Kismayu this week, in the
latest oensive by AU forces
against the insurgents.
When their soldiers and
war planes kill your people,
God permits you to retaliate
accordingly, we will ght the
Kenyans, Mr Khalaf said.
We have trained the peo-
ple... they are the ones who
carried out the Mandera at-
tack. More are going to be
sent soon, he added.
Mr Khalaf is viewed as sec-
ond in seniority to Al-Shabaab
chief Ahmed Abdi Godane.
The United States has
oered a $5 million (about
Sh425 million) bounty for Mr
Khalaf, who holds both Somali
and Swedish nationality.
Intelligence reports indicate
that the terror group was re-
cruiting Kenyans to identify
potential targets, after training
and paying them.
Lenku: We wont halt
the hunt for terrorists
TERRORISM | Al-Shabaab warns of more attacks
Minister plays
down latest threats
of attacks from
terror group
Amount of cash in shil-
lings the US has oered
as bounty for Mr Khalaf

That is not news,

it has always been
their position
Mr Lenku
Bullets found hidden in city airport toilet
Security has been beefed up
at Wilson Airport in Nairobi
after a rie magazine with 29
bullets was found hidden in
a toilet.
The magazine of a Machine
Pistol Model 5 (MP5) is sus-
pected to have been left by
one of the passengers who
alighted at the airport from
Mandera on Monday.
Investigations have been
launched to establish if one
of the passengers managed to
sneak the rearm out of the
airport undetected.
MP5 rie is one of widely
used submachine guns by
Kenyas security agents, es-
pecially the Administration
Investigations launched
Kenya Airports Police Unit
commandant Joseph ole Tito
yesterday said investigations
had been launched.
The kind of firearm is
rarely used by ordinary crimi-
nals and we are investigating
who could have left it there,
he said adding that security
had been enhanced in all the
A police constable found
the loaded magazine in one
of the toilets next to the ar-
rival lounge shortly after three
ights from Mandera arrived
at the airport.
The magazine was wrapped
in a polythene bag.
Detectives are investigating
whether the owner managed
to get the rearm through the
manual screening area.
GRADUATION | First Lady presides over girls rite of passage
Mrs Margaret Kenyatta tries on an outt after her arrival at Entasopia, near Magadi Soda, in Kajiado
West Constituency yesterday. The First Lady was the chief guest at a graduation ceremony for 278
girls, who underwent an alternative rite of passage organised by Amref-Kenya. On the left is Samburu
Women Rep Maison Leshomo, Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda and Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet.
Friday May 23, 2014
8 | National News
atatu owners re-
turned to court
yesterday seeking to
have Transport Cabinet Sec-
retary Michael Kamau jailed
for contempt in a dispute over
the night travel ban.
They took the action after
their vehicles were impounded
by the police.
The vehicle owners claim
the minister and the trac
commandant have deed a
court order that annulled a
regulation that had imposed
the ban. They say the direc-
tive had subsequently allowed
them back on the roads.
This comes in the wake
of a Press briefing where
Mr Kamau insisted that the
High Court had not lifted the
ban. He, instead, instructed
police officers to impound
public service vehicles found
transporting passengers at
The businessmen led the
case under a certicate of ur-
gency through lawyer Harrison
Kinyanjui. They say the Cabi-
net Secretary should now be
cited for disobeying an order
that had declared the new
regulations he introduced in
the industry null and void.
Owing to its extreme
urgency, the applicants seek
leave to institute contempt of
court proceedings against Mr
Kamau, National Transport
and Safety Authority Direc-
tor-General Francis Mooke
Meja, and trac police boss
Charlton Muriithi Muriuki,
for blatantly disobeying the
courts judgment and order
of March 14, by restraining
duly-licensed PSVs from
ferrying passengers beyond
6pm, said Mr Kinyanjui.
The lawyer said by insisting
that the matatu owners should
obey illegal directives in a
non-existent legal notice 219
of 2013 and the void and un-
enforceable legal notice 23
of 2014, Mr Kamau and the
other officials were violat-
ing the Constitution and the
businessmens rights that had
been upheld by the court.
Suit papers lodged in the
new case state that on the
night of May 20, after some
matatus resumed night travel
on the strength of the court
decree, trac police ocers
on the behest of their boss
stopped and impounded
matatus KBT 368V and KBX
670Z, among others, for defy-
ing the night travel ban.
Minister sued in night
travel ban dispute
LEGAL ACTION | Move taken after vehicles seized
Matatu owners want
Kamau jailed for
defying directive
nullifying restriction
The matatu owners
lawyer, Mr Harrison Kin-
yanjui, said: Instead of
verifying the import of
the said judgment and
implications of non-com-
pliance, the cited parties
have proceeded as if it
was business as usual.
They have acted as though
the court sat in vain when
it declared its decision of
March 14 and April 14.
He said it was necessary
for them to be committed
to civil jail for their disobe-
Ocials faulted
over actions
Tender team approved Tokyo land purchase, court told
Former Foreign Aairs PS
Thuita Mwangi did not sanction
the purchase of the Kenyan Em-
bassy in Tokyo, a Nairobi court
heard yesterday.
Kirinyaga Governor Joseph
Ndathi, who at the time of the
purchase was the director of
administration at the ministry,
testied that Mr Mwangis role
was only to give authority for
completion of the transaction
after recommendations from the
ministerial tender committee.
The PS was only required
to concur with the committees
resolution and sign the tender
documents so as to authorise
the transaction.
Mr Ndathi (left) said that Mr
Mwangi never attended any of
the tender meetings and that the
decision to buy the property was
arrived at independently.
Mr Ndathi said he was in
charge of the tender commit-
tee and that at no time was
he denied access to the file
relating to the purchase of the
land for the construction of the
chancery and the ambassadors
The governor was put to
task by senior counsel Paul
Muite over his statement to
the anti-graft commission
which allegedly implicated Mr
Mwangi, former envoy to Libya
Anthony Muchiri and former
Charge dAairs in Tokyo Allan
Mburu in the scandal.
However, Mr Ndathi denied
lying to the EACC, maintaining
that only some of the negotiations
were done without their involve-
ment. Hearing continues.
HEAR US | Medics concern
The Kenya Medical Practitioners and Pharmacists and
Dentists Union secretary-general, Dr Sultani Maten-
dechero, and a member, Dr Wambui Waithaka, at a
Press conference yesterday. They asked the govern-
ment to tackle insecurity in the country.
Cement rm
says it owns
land seized
by Mungiki
The East African Portland
Cement Company has said the
land in Athi River that is said to
be controlled by members of the
Mungiki sect belongs to it, and is
not on sale.
In an advertisement in a local
daily, the rm said the plots still
belong to it even as it emerged
that some people were collecting
money from the public, promising
to allocate land to them.
Any person entering into or
purporting to enter into any agree-
ments to sell, purchase, transfer,
assign, sub-divide, charge, encum-
ber and in any manner deal with the
parcels of land without the author-
ity of EAPCC does so at his own
risk, reads the public notice.
The National Land Commis-
sion has warned those promising
to allocate land to unsuspecting
buyers that it is illegal. Chairman
Muhamad Swazuri has said the
commission is the only oce that
has the mandate to allocate land
to individuals.
The land is being targeted by
members of the outlawed Mungiki
Any person entering into
or purporting to enter
into any agreements to
sell, purchase, transfer,
assign, sub-divide, charge,
encumber and in any
manner deal with the
parcels of land without the
authority of EAPCC does
so at his own risk
East African Portland Cement
Friday May 23, 2014
National News 9
MP wants mobile ID
registration units
Most residents living along the
county boundaries lack national
identication cards, Turkana
Women Representative has said.
Ms Joyce Emanikor said long dis-
tances to registration centres and
search for pasture and water for
livestock has made it dicult for
the residents to register despite
an aggressive campaign. She
asked the government to set up
mobile registration units to en-
able them residents register.
son of retired president
Moi is entangled in a
row with a cigarette
supplier who claims he used
his fathers inuence to con-
scate their property.
Mr Philip Moi and his com-
pany Cut Tobacco Limited, are
accused of impounding 220
cartons of cigarettes, seven
vehicles and 12 motorcycles
owned by Kenline Agency
Limited after a distribution
deal turned sour.
Mr Moi ... in abuse of his
position as a powerful indi-
vidual, unlawfully took the
vehicles ... and wrongfully
detained them or converted
them to his use or sold them,
Kenline claims.
The cigarette distributors
told the court that the unlaw-
ful actions led to the collapse
of their business. They are de-
manding a return of all the
property or payment.
The company is also claim-
ing damages at the courts
convenient interest rates for
breach of contract in 2001.
Kenline was for two years
the sole distributor of Horse-
man cigarettes produced by
Mr Mois tobacco company.
The company wrote a letter
to President Moi during his
tenure as Head of State asking
him to intervene and secure
the release of the vehicles,
motorbikes and cigarettes.
According to a witness from
the agency, the vehicles were
forcefully taken at Muigais
Juja Farm by plainclothes
policemen who were in the
company of a man of Asian
origin believed to be a Mr
Sevak, the manager of Mr
Mois company.
Mobile phones were also
However Mr Moi has
disputed the claims and
asked whether Kenline had
a reasonable cause of action
against him. Is the plainti
the owner of the motor vehi-
cles? he queried.
The relationship between
Mr Moi and the company
(Kenline) started in 1998
under the distribution
agreement which was later
terminated due to ... default
of payment by the plainti,
Mr Avi Amritlal, manager for
Cut Tobacco, said.
He also refuted claims
that Mr Wilson Ngugi Kigo,
owner of Kenline was killed
by Mr Moi saying that after
the accusations were made,
his boss voluntarily recorded
a statement with the CID but
the ndings did not link him
to the murder
The suit proceeds to hear-
Moi son used status
to grab rms cars
JUSTICE | Accused disputes claims as hearing starts
Philip accused of
abuse of position
to unlawfully take
rms vehicles
1998: Statutory declaration
for agreement signed.
2001: Mr Moi conscates
Kenline vehicles, motor-
bikes and cigarettes
April 2004: Probe into the
death of Mr Kigo
April 2004: Mr Moi
records a statement with
CID and admits impound-
ing Mr Kigos property.
February 2006: Plaint
led at Nairobi
March 7 2008: Judge Ok-
wengu rules case should
proceed to full hearing
May 5, 2014: Hearing date
Seven vehicles
Judge freezes CDF
accounts in case
The High Court yesterday
froze CDF bank accounts for
Ol-Jororok constituency follow-
ing a petition by residents. The
29 residents successfully moved
Judge Roselyne Wendoh(above)
to freeze the accounts bearing
some Sh31 million, paralysing
release of payments for bursary
and projects. In their petition,
the residents say they have never
been consulted over projects to
be funded by the CFD money.
The case that will be heard on
May 28, 2014.
Portland boss summoned in Sh750m land dispute
East African Portland Cement
managing director Kepha Tande
has been summoned in court for
not complying with a court order
on a Sh750 million land deal.
The cement maker is accused of
reneging on a deal to sell 337 acres
to Superior Homes, a property and
development company, for a hous-
ing project in 2005.
Lawyer Philip Nyachoti, for
Supreme Homes, tol d Land
and Environment Judge Pauline
Nyamweya that the cement
maker was reluctant to transfer
the property.
The judge allowed an application
for Mr Tande to appear in court
to explain why EAPC had not
released the requisite documents
for the transaction to be completed
and also explain why he should not
be committed to jail for failing to
comply with the court order.
The court heard that the parties
duly invoked and exercised the op-
tion to buy the property within the
agreed 12 months in strict compliance
with the terms and conditions set out
in the agreement.
But the cement company said the
deal was dependent on the comple-
tion of another one between the two
parties over an adjacent piece of land,
adding that it should also be allowed
to excavate the raw material for mak-
ing cement.
East African Portland Cement
had on various occasions requested
Superior Homes (Kenya) Ltd for an
improved purchase price from the
earlier Sh292,000 per acre set by the
said agreement and Superior Homes
always responded positively, said Mr
The hearing resumes on June 4.
ACCIDENT | Road blocked as wagon derails
A wagon carrying wheat derailed as a goods train from Na-
kuru town approached the Eldoret Railway Station yester-
day. The accident resulted in a blockage of the Eldoret-Iten
road, forcing motorists to use alternative routes.
Kenya to host centre
for drug problems
Kenya has been chosen to host
the Regional Centre of Regula-
tory Excellence in Africa for
Pharmacovigilance to assist the
continent in detecting and as-
sessing drug-related problems.
Pharmacy and Poisons Board
Registrar, Dr Kipkerich Koskei
(above) says Kenya was chosen
by the New Partnership for Afri-
cas Development on May 2 this
Friday May 23, 2014
10 | National News
detective yesterday denied
having anything to do with the
disappearance of Embu County
Assembly Speaker Kariuki Mate.
Mr Nicholas Muriuki Kangangi
was charged with abducting and
conning the Speaker in an unknown
The court released the Pangani
Police Station-based sergeant on a
Sh100,000 bond after rejecting the
request by the prosecution to have
him further held in custody over
incomplete investigations.
Mr Kangangi was told to appear
before investigators for two days after
depositing his bond and return to
court on May 26 for further orders.
What the prosecution has tried
to achieve is reactionary... they have
merely bowed to pressure from the
public and media. There is no shred
of evidence to link him to any abduc-
tion whatsoever. Furthermore there
has been no complaint lodged at any
police station, said his lawyer, Mr
Julius Anyoka.
Mr Anyoka told senior principal
magistrate Peter Ndwiga that Mr
Kangangi was arrested on the
strength of a mere phone call that
was received at the time Mr Mate
They have now charged him and
his plea is that of not guilty. We are
ready for a hearing, he said.
Yesterday, Starehe criminal inves-
tigations chief Ndumba Thangalani,
who is listed as the rst witness in
the case, said police had interrogated
the Speakers driver and personal
assistant but we have not found
any credible information to charge
Mr Thangalani said that depending
on further information gathered in the
case, the two may become prosecu-
tion witnesses.
Mr Mate is still missing. Members
of the Embu County Assembly and
the Speakers wife have asked that
the police to produce him.
Ms Caroline Wangare on Wednes-
day told Mr Justice Weldon Korir that
her husband disappeared at the hands
of a police ocer and demanded his
unconditional release.
The Embu MCAs want Inspec-
tor-General of Police David Kimaiyo
summoned to court to shed light on
where and why Mr Mate was being
Serve police
But the judge declined to grant the
order and instead told them to serve
police before a decision is made.
There is no sucient evidence be-
fore me to issue summons compelling
the police to appear in court to explain
Mr Mates whereabouts, Mr Justice
Korir said on Wednesday.
According to investigators, Mr
Mate allegedly received a phone
call at around 4.30pm from a police
ocer he was scheduled to meet at
an eatery.
A statement by the ocer at the
Kilimani Police Station states that
he made the call but the Speaker did
not answer.
Detectives have been frustrated
in tracking him as the signals of his
phone have been traced back to where
he left it on the day he disappeared.
In Embu, his parents appealed to
the government to step up the search
for their son.
Speaking to the press in their
Kanyuambora home, Mr Bernard
Mate and Mrs Edith Mugo said the
disappearance had caused them ex-
treme agony.
Detective denies abducting Speaker
Detective Nicholas Muriuki Kangangi in a Nairobi court yesterday. He denied ab-
ducting Embu County Speaker Kariuki Mate.
PROBE | Assembly wants Kimaiyo summoned to court to shed light on disappearance
There is no evidence
to link ocer with the
missing Embu county
ocial, says lawyer Mr Kariuki Mates name was un-
familiar to many until Monday
when the soft-spoken Embu
county Speaker went missing.
The teetotaller worked his way to
the corridors of power.
Following his disappearance
on from Utalii Hotel in Nairobi,
speculation is rife.
He is the rst county assembly
Speaker to have chaired two
sessions to impeach a governor
Martin Nyaga Wambora. The
rst resolution was stopped by
the High Court.
He is said to wield considerable
clout mainly due to his State
House connections. During the
TNA nominations, many believed
that it was almost impossible to
win without his blessings.
Some critics turned the heat on
Mr Mate during Mr Wamboras
impeachment debate, accusing
him of engineering his ouster.
This man Mate
Move to avert
fresh varsity
fee protests
No proposal has been approved
to increase fees in public universi-
Education Cabinet Secretary
Jacob Kaimenyi (below) also
claried that there were no plans
to slash student loans, adding they
should instead be increased.
Saying that the recent demon-
strations were based on rumours,
Prof Kaimenyi also raised concerns
with the manner in which the stu-
dents took to the streets alleging
fee increase, a matter he said, is not
even within his mandate.
He also claried that there were
no plans to slash Higher Education
Loans Board allocations to regular
students, noting that the cost of
living would not allow it.
Appearing to avert a second
demo next week as threatened by
the student leaders, the minister
said: Public university students
held demonstrations, never mind
I had issued a statement clarifying
that I had not sanctioned any fee
increase and any fee increment
proposal should come from their
vice-chancellors, not the oce of
the Cabinet Secretary.
He however, said he was aware
VCs had started a process of dier-
entiated unit cost where they would
nd out the exact cost of educating
a student on each degree.
Friday May 23, 2014
National News 11
Property demolitions
a sign of dysfunction
he stalemate over the demolition of a
housing unit in Nairobis South B area this
week demonstrated the chaos that attends to
land ownership in this country.
On paper, the land belongs to the Kenya
Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute (Kevvapi),
but it had apparently been allocated to others who,
in turn, sold the plots to third parties.
For Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix Koskei,
this is an open-and-shut case. The land belonged
to a parastatal in his ministry and the logical
thing was to demolish the structures put up there,
recover the land, and put it into the use for which it
was intended. But that was not to be.
Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko intervened
and invoking his close relationship with President
Kenyatta, had the demolitions stopped.
The whole episode was dramatic but underpinned
all that is wrong with land ownership. Who, in the
rst place, had grabbed the land, parcelled it out,
and sold it to unsuspecting individuals?
Since the land belonged to a State corporation,
how come the Ministry of Lands and the city
authorities accepted rates paid by individuals?
Where was the Ministry of Agriculture when the
land was being grabbed and later sold? And where
was it when the buyers started building?
At another level, questions abound regarding
the way the government handles its operations.
Ordinarily, it should have been expected that Mr
Koskei would consult the Lands ministry and City
Hall, and there would be a consensus that the land
must be recovered through demolitions.
Substantively, the government, in particular the
Ministry of Lands, must clean up the mess over
land ownership and protect citizens from situations
where they are duped into buying public land, only
for their properties to be demolished.
Baringo folks starving
he food shortage already evident in parts
of the Rift Valley, particularly in Baringo
North and adjacent areas, must be addressed
urgently before the situation gets worse.
There is no doubt that people are starving. Some
schools are in danger of closing down as many
families have moved out of their homes and gone in
search of food, water and pasture.
We do not have to wait until citizens start dying
of hunger before taking action. Those government
organs established to secure Kenyans from the
ravages of drought and famine should already be
closely monitoring the situation, and putting in
place the needed interventions.
Too often, the authorities prefer to sit and do
nothing until the situation starts getting out of
hand, and then they act in panic.
Not a single Kenyan should die of hunger when
we have all those government agencies charged
with various responsibilities such as monitoring the
threat of drought and famine, ensuring sucient
reserves, and activating timely distribution of food
to areas under stress.
The situation in Baringo North indicates the need
for urgent intervention now in order to prevent
starvation and death in the coming days and weeks.
LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Ocer
JOSEPH ODINDO: Group Editorial Director
MUTUMA MATHIU: Group Managing Editor
Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at
Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited
POB 49010, Nairobi 00100
Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396
Registered at the GPO as a newspaper
ear Kenyans, today
if you meet a Somali
or a Muslim, say a
cheery habari with a warm
handshake or, indeed a
comradely hug, if you can.
You must do that for two
very important reasons.
First, as a way of saying
sorry for the atrocious way
in which we have behaved
in the face of terrorist
attacks in this country since
September last year.
When Westgate went
down, as they say in the
street, and the grenades
went o, and then there was
all that talk about VBIED
(vehicle borne improvised
explosive device) driving
around the cities with
military grade explosive
capable of attening a block,
I think we all responded
by looking around for the
enemy and going into a
defensive, psychological
In so doing, we have
committed a grave injustice
to innocent Kenyans and
Somalians who are as much
of victims of terrorism as
the rest of us.
Just look at the maths.
There are, at best, 5,000
Al-Shabaab ghters in
Somalia, possibly supported
by around 700 members of
sleeper cells in Kenya. In
total, we are talking about
a terrorist infrastructure
in Kenya and Somalia
numbering about 10,000
bad people.
The population of Somalia
is about 12 million and
millions more in Kenya,
Somalia and Djibouti.
Compared to the universe
of the Somali population,
Al-Shabaab and its
sympathisers are but just a
drop in the ocean.
Chances are that the
next Somali you meet has
absolutely nothing to do
with Al-Shabaab and is as
much in danger of being
blown up in a grenade
attack as you are. Therefore,
if you have proled him
or her, then he or she is a
victim twice over. This is
not only unfair and unjust, it
is also an unhelpful reaction
based on blind fear.
We must also make an
eort to understand the
circumstances of Somali
migrs in our midst. The
bulk of them are running
away from a violent and
dangerous place. They are
seeking a safe haven where
they can do their little
businesses and raise their
children in safety, maybe
until they can go back home.
For Kenyan Somalis, the
migrs are aunties and
uncles and other members
of the extended family. It is
Muranga and Nyeri families
or Uasin Gishu and Trans
Nzoia families or Siaya and
Homa Bay families, but with
an international border,
This is not to say that
immigration law should not
be followed or that people
should help foreigners
fabricate citizenship. The
point is that seeking refuge
is not a crime. It is also a
fact that there are millions
of Kenyans with close
family relations across
borders. The bond that
exists between such families
is normal and should not be
The second reason
we should embrace our
countrymen, the Muslims
and the Somalis included,
is that this is the only
way to beat terrorism.
The diabolical mind that
designed and funded this
terrorism has only but one
purpose: to turn Kenyans
against each other. That
mind knows that a modern
state with a military and
police, such as they are,
cannot be defeated by a
ragtag army of fanatics,
however evil. A country
can only be defeated if it is
turned against itself.
I was horried to learn
that Somalis are now
increasingly afraid for their
safety in some parts of the
country. They fear that if
attacks continue, then other
Kenyans might turn against
them. This is an intolerable
state of aairs and we have
to come to our senses.
We all win when everyone
feels safe with a strong
sense of belonging.
Marginalising and proling
Kenyans is, in the long
run, unjust and counter-
I have taken the trouble
to listen to a lot of angry
people, read, reect and
understand what is going on
about this terrorism thing. I
think you should too; it will
change your views.
I was heartened by the
views expressed by former
Prime Minister Raila Odinga
in an interview we published
recently. Unlike a band of
politicians from his party,
who were shouting that they
are more important than
the country, Mr Odinga was
measured in his comments,
especially on the big issues
facing the country.
It will take the joint
action of leaders and a
coming together of Kenyans
to save our country from
the conagration now
consuming much of Africa.
Were committing
a great injustice to
Kenyans and
Somalians who are as
much terrorism victims
as the rest of us
TERRORISM | Mutuma Mathiu
When you meet the next Somali or
Muslim, hug him; hes also a victim
Friday May 23, 2014
12 | Opinion
he greatest impediment
to the development of
the mining industry is
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala
and lack of a geophysical
When President Uhuru
Kenyatta formed the Jubilee
Government, he reduced the
number of ministries from 42
to 18. But he formed a new
ministry of mining.
The decision to form this
ministry must have been
informed by the economic
potential this sector has, and
was rmed up by expert advice
from geologists and mining
experts who advised him to
give special attention to this
sector. He then appointed Mr
Balala to take charge.
But before Mr Balala had
settled down, he cancelled
almost all the prospecting,
exploration and mining
licences issued by previous
Of course, some needed to
be cancelled as they had been
negotiated and issued in an
opaque manner. However,
his style of cancellation
portrayed Kenya as unsafe for
international investors.
It would have paid a
heavy dividend to form a
commission or committee
to look into the licences that
had been issued and give
their recomendation on the
irregularly issued ones.
The increase in prospecting
and exploration licence fees
was the most imprudent
decision he took. The
explanation that an in-
depth research was carried
out to justify the increment
was betrayed by the simple
expedient of replacing Kenya
shillings with the US dollar
as the unit of charge for each
block licence.
In Other words, the
prospecting licence fee was
increased from Sh250 per
square kilometre to $250 per
square kilometre. The sad
thing about this decision is
that it is not informed by a
basic understanding of the
mining process.
Before any serious mining
takes place, a company
invests heavily in prospecting
and exploration as a means
of identifying the location,
quality and quantity of
minerals. A miner who would
attempt to proceed without
going through this stage would
be like a footballer who plays
the game without knowing the
location of the goal posts.
Many countries that are
rich in minerals invest in
aerial geophysical survey. This
provides a report that assists
prospectors in identifying
areas with greater chances
of containing minerals, thus
narrowing down their search.
Kenya is yet to invest in this
very important exercise that
would benet us in locating
our extractive wealth.
If I were the Cabinet
Secretary, I would have
reduced the licence fees
to attract more investors.
In any case, as long as our
minerals remain under the soil
undetected, they are worthless.
Towards the end of 2013,
Mr Balala was the chief guest
at a convention convened by
the Kenya Chamber of Mines.
This convention had brought
mining giants from all over the
world to Nairobi.
During his keynote address,
Mr Balala literally chased away
the investors. His language
was not only insulting to the
investors, it also lacked any
measure of business acumen.
Half of the investors did not
bother to come back for the
meeting after the lunch break.
We lost business.
The straw that broke the
camels back was delivered by
the Mining Bill. The ministry
had been working on the Bill
for some time, but what was
tabled in Parliament was
nothing worth celebrating.
In the Bill, all the powers,
every decision and every
recourse is vested in the
Cabinet Secretary. He
negotiates the royalties and
decides who mines and for
how long. Nor does it bother
to align formerly issued
licences with the new Act.
This is very important as
some of the licences were
issued during the colonial days
and they needed to be aligned
with the new Act so that the
companies pay adequate
licence fees and royalties.
The Bill envisages that the
government will have 10 per
cent free curry on equity in
every mining company but
it does not address what will
happen to those companies
that are already mining in the
country. Some of them have
reaped great nancial benets
for a long time due to lack of a
proper Bill.
The Bill has the potential
to cause conict as it does
not take care of county and
community interests in the
division of revenue.
If Kenya is to rely on Mr
Balala to midwife the mining
industry, then it will be a
Mr Njomo is the MP for Kiambu
If Balala is the one to midwife Kenyas
mining industry, then we are in trouble
Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala
n the month since the Islamist militia
group Boko Haram kidnapped more
than 200 girls from a secondary
school in the Chibok Local Government
Area of Nigerias Borno State, the
authorities have maintained a stunning
This has inspired distraught Nigerian
citizens to create the Twitter hashtag
#BringBackOurGirls, in the hope that
the simple demand would spur their
government into action. In a country
where citizens have few options to
hold ocials to account, can hashtag
activism make a real dierence?
The Nigerian governments response
has been marked by missteps. First, the
military released a statement that the
girls had been released, then retracted the
statement when it was found to be untrue,
deepening public outrage.
The media narrative quickly spun out of
the authorities control, forcing them to
try to contain the damage as the country
prepared to host the World Economic
Forum on Africa in Abuja.
Though the government has insisted
that it can handle Boko Haram on its
own, it has accepted help from other
governments, most notably the United
States, whose military has already
sent experts to help provide technical
assistance to the Nigerian security forces.
President Goodluck Jonathans wife
declared that she would enter the dreaded
Sambisa Forest herself, while accusing
protesters from the Chibok community of
being aliated with Boko Haram.
And Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-
Iweala initially commiserated with the
abducted girls, before snapping in an
interview that she was tired of answering
questions about the case.
It is important to note that this is
not the rst time that Boko Haram
has abducted young girls or harmed
children. The details of the killings of 43
schoolboys in the Federal Government
College in Buni Yadi, and another 78 at
the College of Agriculture in Gujba, are
available for all to examine.
States responsibility
Moreover, stories of sexual violence
against young girls abound. Even after
the mass abduction, eight more girls were
kidnapped in Borno States Gwoza Local
Government Area, which borders Chibok.
All of these stories elicit horror and
despair from most Nigerians. But there is
precious little that they can do and they
should not have to do anything.
After all, it is the states responsibility
to ensure its citizens security. The fact
that Chibok parents and other vigilantes
felt compelled to enter Sambisa Forest
with sticks and machetes after the
kidnappings can be viewed only as a
failure by the government to meet its
While the 56 million Nigerians on social
media account for less than half the
countrys population, they have managed
to initiate a global conversation and
attract international attention, making it
all but impossible to dismiss them.
The most successful citizen-led eorts
to hold the government accountable have
followed trending conversations by a
critical mass of Nigerians online.
Much more important than merely an
anguished call from a concerned citizenry,
the homegrown social-media campaign
surrounding #BringBackOurGirls is part
of a heightened awareness by Nigerians
of the need to hold their government
As the February 2015 presidential
and parliamentary elections draw near,
the most important questions are what
Nigerians will do with their awakened
political consciousness, and how ready
they are for a new kind of leadership
capable of building the country they want.
Saratu Abiola is a writer and a blogger
based in Abuja, Nigeria. This piece
is courtesy of the African Women
Development Fund, a grantmaking
foundation based in Accra, Ghana
(c): Project Syndicate, 2014.
Hashtag activists the nations conscience
Cabinet Secretary Ngilu at the Ardhi Hiouse registry
STUDENTS WERE WRONG. Given the insecurity
threat hovering over the country, Wambua Musembi
says university students taking to the streets to
protest against plans to increase tuition fees is the
wrong way to go about the problem. He would rather
all the parties involved, engaged in negotiations, as
the bad elements could easily take advantage of
the situation to do harm and innocent people will be
blamed. He says: We love our children and that is
why we take them to school and pay fees and bills for
their upkeep.
E-mail: watchman@ke.nationmedia.com
or write to Watchman,
POB 49010, Nairobi 00100.
Fax 2213946.
THANKS, KIND GENTS. Nairobi motorist Karim
Abbany, whose car broke down on Waiyaki Way on
May 17 at 9pm, says he feared the worst considering
the rampant insecurity, but he was lucky as help
duly arrived in the form of three good men,
who bravely stopped to lend him a hand. But in the
confusion and anxiety, he regrets he was unable to
fully thank them for their assistance to him. Please,
convey my gratitude to them, urges Karim, whose
contact is karimabbany2@gmail.com.
Bank of Africa customer Peter Kamau Mwangis
complaint about his account having been wrongly
debited on April 9 has now been fully resolved, says
group head of marketing Chris Pasha. He adds: We
greatly appreciate feedback from our customers
because it is only through this that we are able to
improve our quality of service. We wish to rearm our
commitment to providing all our customers with the
highest level of banking and customer services.
JOB ONLY HALF-DONE. Though Lands Cabinet
Secretary Charity Ngilus recent intervention to
clean up the registry at the ministrys Ardhi House
headquarters has restored some order and improved
service delivery, Thomas Yebei is convinced that the
job is only half done. According to him, the clerks
and other sta responsible for the million les that had
gone missing are still in employment and could soon
return to their crooked ways, thus negating the gains
made. His contact is tomyebei@yahoo.com.
CHECK THIS POLLUTER. A plastics recycler at
Nairobi South B next to the Winners Chapel has
become a nuisance for burning the stu at night,
with the smelly smoke enveloping the residential area,
says Lucy Kimani. To her credit, Lucy has reported the
pollution to the Nema oces in the neighbourhood
on Popo Road, but help has not been forthcoming.
And not one to give up easily, she also posted her
complaint on Governor Evans Kideros Facebook page,
to no avail. Her contact is utanu2006@yahoo.com.
PUB A NUISANCE. There is a pub at Mikindani,
Mombasa, which is notorious for playing music from
7pm to 3am daily. The pub is near a primary school,
and Peter Muraguri wonders if it was sanctioned
by the local liquor licensing board. Being in the
middle of a residential area, the bar not only causes
sleepless nights for those who do not patronise
it, but also makes it terribly dicult for parents to
ensure their children ignore the obscene songs and
do their homework. For the details, his contact is

Have a responsible day, wont you!
Friday May 23, 2014
Opinion 13
What can the government do to increase tourist arrivals?
government must stop chest thump-
ing and drop its we dont need the
West attitude, show real commit-
ment to improving security and lower
levies on foreigners and tour rms.
ending politics does nothing to better
our status as a tourist destination.
With promotion and better living
standards, local tourism should boost
international tourism. Adverts and
reduced entry charges will help.
quences of going East! Woo Western-
ers, or be doomed with Chinese.
MORLINE OLALA: If the US intelli-
gence knows more than Kenyan intel-
ligence about our security, something
is wrong with our security organs.
Drop the pride and seek help; Kenya
is unable to contain insecurity. When
the grenade attacks stop, tourists will
just come.
MICHAEL MWANGI: Advisories on
Kenyas plans to ensure safety should
be rolled out to foreign missions and
tourist agents.
Are MPs who
want to impeach
Devolution CS
Waiguru justied?
Send your comments to:
ormer Attorney-General
Amos Wako seems to have
no qualms taking responsi-
bility for the Anglo Leasing asco.
In response to his successor
Githu Muigai, he confirms the
statement from the AGs oce
is substantially correct except for
one minor detail: his successor
referred to himself as a mortician,
and to Mr Wako as the surgeon
who attended to the Anglo Leasing
This response makes Mr Wako
the only visible face in the Anglo
Leasing circus. Together with Mr
Musalia Mudavadi who was Trans-
port and Communications minis-
ter and Kisii Senator Chris Obure,
who was Finance minister in July
2002 when the First Mercantile
and Universal Sat Space contracts
were signed, Mr Wako can help il-
luminate the other shadowy gures
behind the Anglo Leasing deals.
Kenyattas directive
This should oer fresh impetus
to President Kenyattas directive
for fresh investigations. Mr Wako
should seek an appointment with
the CID and EACC where he
should be chaueur-driven upon
arrival from Geneva.
The AGs oce is a large law
rm with more than 1,000 sta. Its
exclusive client is the Government
and the public. Mr Wako headed
this rm for 20 years during which
the Goldenberg and Anglo Leasing
scandals were executed.
Mr Wako says his successor
took over immediately he led the
defence on Anglo Leasing cases.
As an attorney of no mean repute
globally, Mr Wako understands
that cases are won or lost at the
pleadings stage. Submissions in-
uence the outcome by just about
30 per cent. He was in oce when
pleadings in the First Mercantile
Securities Corporation case were
entered in a Geneva Court, so he
was responsible for 70 per cent of
the State Law Oce negligence.
The court ruling dismissed all
ve pleadings saying that Kenya
had already ratied the contract
by paying some instalments. Why
didnt he advise against payments
when the scandal was unearthed?
Besides, Mr Wako must explain
why he permitted such ctitious
deals to be signed in the rst place.
The project was irregularly negoti-
ated, procured and contracted by
the PCK parent ministry Trans-
port and Communication under Mr
Mudavadi in 2002. This was at a
time when a parent ministry could
not purport to borrow on behalf of
a State corporation; it could only
guarantee the borrowing.
Many questions demand Mr Wa-
kos answers. If he is the surgeon,
then Prof Muigai can only proceed
to perform funeral rites as a morti-
cian. But Mr Wako must disclose
the anaesthetists and nurses, who
brought the patient to the surgeon,
and the next of kin who sanctioned
the operation.
Secretary-General, TNA
To the editor
The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@
ke.nationmedia.com. You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010,
Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.
Let Wako disclose the Anglo Leasing
kin who sanctioned patients surgery
Attorney-General Githu Muigai on Monday in Nairobi when he referred to him-
self as a mortician, and to Senator Amos Wako as the surgeon who attended
to the Anglo Leasing patient.
Emails from correspondents
Secret voter registration raises queries about IEBC impartiality
Reports that IEBC has been conducting secret
voter registration are shocking and unfortunate. Ex-
cuses being bandied around that the electoral body
lacks nancial wherewithal to carry out public aware-
ness about the exercise are not convincing. That
IEBC has not taken the trouble to even call a press
conference, which costs zilch, paints an institution
that has thrown transparency out of the window.
These revelations are coming at a time when IEBC
and Cord are engaged in bitter counter accusations,
which a casual observer will nd an overwhelming
enterprise nding who is right and who is wrong. The
secret registration now seems to vindicate Cord.
Maybe IEBC has become too partisan to be trusted
with the responsibility of carrying out a credible elec-
tion. Its ocial once said, alluding to the bungled
ODM elections, that someone was not even able to
conduct a simple election in a stadium.
This should not emanate from an ocial in a
neutral entity! Not from an IEBC, whose electronic
registration and voting later opped in 2013, almost
plunging the country into anarchy. What IEBC is also
not telling Kenyans is whether the same BVRs are the
ones being used now in voter registration.
Registration is a key procedure in any election.
Compromised voter registration means compromised
elections. IEBC must put its act together.
Compared to last year, tourist
numbers and revenue have continu-
ally dropped to 15 and 12.3 per cent,
respectively. Our traditional source
markets have warned their citizen
against visiting unsafe Kenya.
Successful tourist destinations
have a strong cushion via domestic
tourism. In Kenya, where 42 per cent
live in abject poverty, the domestic
market has little to oer.
Worse still, KWS has recently in-
creased charges, making our attrac-
tions expensive compared to South
Africa, Tanzania and Botswana.
Again, KTB is allocated an equiva-
lent of 10 per cent of what South
Africa Tourism Board gets. Fact:
If tourism dies, our economy dies.
Lets treat the industry with dignity.
If tourism goes to the
dogs, economy is next
It is a pity that after long consulta-
tions, the teachers unions are again
unable to merge after a ray of hope at
the weekend in Baringo.
The truth is that merging unions
right from ECD all the way to univer-
sity would help reform education in
a big way. Imagine a Kenya where all
teachers speak with one voice!
Its sad Kuppet, again, walked out,
accusing Knut of underhand deals.
When will we ever have a united
country where leaders serve the in-
terests of the people rather than their
selsh interests? Professors sharing
a table with kindergarten teachers
would be the height of selessness.
Unions should merge
for the sake of teachers
Anglo Leasing is now past tense,
and I must thank the government
for achieving what had, for decades,
been postponed. Despite the noises
from all sides, that this was not a
priority. I think its better to end the
matter and focus on development.
However, the government has con-
sistently said it has no money, con-
stantly complaining that it cannot in-
crease even the minimum wage bill.
Where has the money come from?
Could it be that the government
took the loan from the Chinese gov-
ernment to pay o the Anglo Leas-
ing debt? Whatever the case, I sup-
pose that the leaders to be voted into
oce now and in future can breathe
easy, as they will have one less scan-
dal to deal with.
Anglo Leasing is behind
us, but whose cash paid?
Kenya and Nigeria are chasing ter-
rorism the way a boy would chase
an elephant with a match stick.
Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram are
no ostrich games! The two govern-
ments are doing too little too late to
be ahead of terrorist groups. Nigeria
took too long to respond to the 200
girls abduction. The world spoke
out even before our beloved AU. In
Kenya, tourists have gone packing.
Arguing about county commission-
ers having more power at county
level is not important right now!
CALLING KIDERO: Street families
and beggars are back, particularly
in Nairobi. Kidero should urgently
set up a team to solve this matter, as
should other county governments.
Everyday the number of hawkers
also increases. These people scare
away shoppers and tourists and can
be misused by terrorists and crimi-
nals at minimal pay. Centres should
be set up so that whoever is spotted
in the streets is taken there and fed.
Some come from productive areas
and this will remove any motivation
for beggars to live in the streets.
WHOSE DEAR?: The rate at
which women are calling any man
my dear is disturbing. Generally,
women are using the term in refer-
ence to nephews, brothers, fathers,
house helps, cousins, colleagues, jun-
iors, hair dressers, barbers, custom-
ers, students, doctors, mechanics,
teachers, and even total strangers!
Ironically, some of them seldom call
their husbands my dear. Interest-
ingly, this phenomenon doesnt ap-
ply to men. Any man who dares refer
to just any woman as my dear
risks landing in trouble.
yans should not assume that all
attacks carried out here are by the
Al-Shabaab. How come they never
claim responsibility? Rather, the
government should concentrate on
keeping the whole nation secure.
Local criminal gangs could be tak-
ing advantage of our assumptions,
knowing that the government will
automatically lay the blame on Al-
Shabaab. The security agencies
should diversify their eorts in in-
vestigating such acts by casting the
net wide to include criminal gangs
and political or economic rivals who
may wish to eliminate their enemies.
Friday May 23, 2014
14 | Letters
Friday May 23, 2014
Friday May 23, 2014
16 |
magistrate yesterday
advised a Zimbabwean
woman in a child
custody dispute with her
Kenyan ex-lover to negotiate
an agreeable settlement on
the matter.
Nakuru principal magistrate
Mary Moranga said there was
a need for neutral elders to
be involved in the talks with
the two parties to ensure the
best interests of the child are
The magistrate made the
order after the fathers lawyer,
Mr Hari Gakinya, said there
was hope that the matter
would be settled.
He applied for the matter
to be heard in camera, saying
a child was involved and that
his client was unhappy with
comments being posted in the
social media.
Even when you complain,
the media will put a small cor-
rection next to the obituaries.
The Press reports might lead
to unnecessary eventualities
that could be avoided if the
matter was conducted in
camera, he said.
But the mothers lawyer, Ms
Elizabeth Wangare, opposed
the application, saying all re-
ports were factual. She noted
that it was Mr Gakinya who
had successfully applied for
two magistrates to disqualify
themselves, insisting he had
no faith in them.
He has not shown what
prejudice would be suered
if the Press continues doing
their work of reporting mat-
ters as they are. Let it be
public for the world to follow
all the happenings as they
play out in an open court,
she said.
Mrs Moranga downplayed
the issue, saying she would
only consider handling the
matter in camera if provided
with proof that the media had
twisted evidence in favour
of a particular party.
Mr Gakinya said his client
was out of the country and
wished to have the matter
settled out of court.
On the table is an oer by
the man in the case that his ex-
lover returns to South Africa,
where she now lives, without
her baby but will enjoy three
fully-paid-up trips by air to
Kenya and back annually to
be with the child. The woman,
however, did not accept the
Mrs Wangare did not op-
pose negotiations by the
parties, saying they were ready
for the tripartite talks.
Child custody row to
be settled out of court
DISPUTE | Mothers lawyer says they are ready for talks
Neutral elders need
to be involved in
negotiations with
two parties, says
Nakuru magistrate

Let it (case)
be public for
the world to
follow all the
happenings as
they play out in
an open court
Elizabeth Wangare,
mothers lawyer
FLEEING| Irate youths scare students
A student at Garden Estate High School ees through
thorn trees on a path in their school compound yester-
day after youths hired by an alleged land grabber came
to clear the property for sale. All trees on the disputed
plot were cut down.
6,000 rural
schools set
to get power
More than 6,000 primary
schools will be powered in the
coming nancial year, Rural Elec-
trification Authority chairman
Simon Gicharu has said.
Under the plan, schools that will
not be connected to the grid by next
year April, will be powered using
solar panels as an alternative.
This is aimed at ensuring that
incoming Standard One pupils who
are the beneciaries of the laptops
project do not miss out.
Laptops project
We want all schools to be con-
nected to the grid, the laptops
project by the Jubilee government
will succeed if schools are powered
since the gadgets depend on elec-
tricity, Mr Gicharu said.
The National Treasury has al-
ready set aside Sh17.4 billion to
nance the project in the Budget
Estimates unveiled on Wednes-
Besides the laptops, part of the
money will be used to nance dig-
ital content, train teachers and roll
out computer laboratories for Class
Four to Eight pupils in all public
Mr Gicharu said his rural electri-
cation department is an important
link in ensuring that the project
becomes a success.
The Parliamentary Service Commission seeks to recruit an Energetic and Result Oriented professional
in the following Position:
Reporting to the Director General, Parliamentary Joint Services, the jobholder will oversee the Finance and
Accounting functions in Parliament.
The jobholder will also be responsible for:
Overseeing nancial control of the institution of Parliament;
Accounting for the money allocated to Parliament;
Overseeing the procurement of goods and services for Parliament;
Formulation, interpretation and application of accounting and nance policies, procedures, rules and
Authorization of all expenditure for the PSC;
Giving guidance in all nancial matters of Parliament;
Overseeing the preparation of PSCs budget;
Issuance of authority to incur expenditure (AIE) to units under the direction of the Director General;
Planning and monitoring of Parliamentary programmes and projects;
Evaluating nancial implications of major policy changes;
Coordinating donor funding for Parliament; and
Linking with Treasury in areas of procurement guidelines, accounting matters and nancial regulations
as stipulated in relevant legislation.
The successful candidate will have a Bachelors degree in Commerce, Accounting option, or Finance option or
any other relevant qualication and a Masters Degree in a relevant eld. The ideal candidate will also possess
professional accounting, nance, or procurement qualications (e.g. CPA (K) or ACCA) and have at least ten
years experience in accountancy, nancial management or procurement. They must also have experience
working as a Chief Accountant, Chief Finance Ofcer or other equivalent level for at least three years.
Membership in an accounting, nance, procurement or other relevant professional body is a must.
Applications including Curriculum Vitae and Copies of Certicates and Testimonials should be addressed to The
Clerk of the Senate/Secretary, Parliamentary Service Commission, P.O. Box 41842 - 00100,
Nairobi, hand delivered to, the ofce of the Clerk of the Senate on 2
Floor, County Hall, Parliament
Buildings or emailed to applications@parliament.go.ke to be received on or before 6
June, 2014.
Friday May 23, 2014
National News 17
Man charged with
having bows, arrows
A man was yesterday charged
before a Nyahururu court with
possessing 140 arrows and 26
bows. Mr Gabriel Mwangi Kaira
however denied being found with
the weapons on May 20, 2014, at
Pole Pole village in Subukia, Na-
kuru County. He was released on
Sh200,000 bond with a surety of
similar amount. Prosecutor Paul
Omweri claims that Mr Kaira was
arrested while demonstrating to
villagers how the arms are used.
The case will be mentioned on
May 29 and heard on July 10.
They are playing survival games
by organising trips for assembly
members, claim lawmakers. Page 20
n Saturday Night, some
unknown people allegedly
from the government - went
through Executive Housing Com-
pany apartments in Nairobis South
B Estate and marked them X to be
On Sunday, when the guards came
in the morning, they were shocked
to see the marks and alerted their
The houses had X marks and we
sensed danger, said one of the guards
manning the rubble of what just up to
yesterday was on the way to becoming
an architectural masterpiece.
Since it was a Sunday, the guards
said their bosses were not at work
and as such all business was carried
forward to Monday.
As the week started, nobody really
knew what was happening, but the
perimeter wall of Executive Housing
Company Phase II had been marked
for demolition.
On Wednesday, their fears were
conrmed when they saw excava-
tors coming from the most unlikely of
places, the veterinary oces adjacent
to the housing project.
We were shocked because we ex-
pected that they would come from
the main road, but then they just
beat their own path and broke into
the ongoing developments, said a
guard. And that was it.
Guarded by several heavily armed
policemen, two men on the excavators
brought down the houses.
Over 52 houses belonging to Execu-
tive Housing were demolished under
unclear circumstances.
Less than a month ago, on April 29,
the developers went to the National
Lands Commission and explained
their grievances and were awaiting
an answer.
The developers agreed to wait for
the NLC ruling that is to be delivered
The land commission and the de-
velopers expressed their shock over
the demolitions.
The parties testied before the
commission last month. All parties
were to wait for our ruling on the
matter which we will issue today,
said the NLC chairman, Dr Muham-
mad Swazuri.
Dr Swazuri said that he didnt know
which orders were used to carry out
the demolitions, but the developers
said that they were pursuing the case
in court.
We have instructed our lawyers
and we are denitely going to seek
legal redress because this is a cruel
act yet we followed due diligence in
acquiring the land, said one of the
investors who spoke on condition of
The demolitions have instilled fear
on most of the residents in the area
who said that the road to their homes
was blocked and they had to combine
eorts to clear it of stones that had
been piled on their route.
We dont know what this really
means but as you can see, all these
stones were piled on the road. We
are waiting for the worst, said a
man who only identied himself as
Mr Otieno.
However, the government on
Wednesday suspended demolition
of the Executive Housing project
until a viable solution is reached,
including having the developers pay
again for the land.
Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Felix
Koskei said that the State is mulling
over the option of oering the alleg-
edly grabbed land at market prices to
the current owners who say they ac-
quired the government property from
former powerful politicians and the
National Social Security Fund.
NAIROBI | Developers say they presented grievances before lands commission and parties agreed to wait
Ministry accused of demolishing
houses despite deal to await ruling
Investors, lands
commission say
destruction of property
was unexpected
Houses that were under construction at Diamond Park Phase II Estate in South
B, Nairobi, being demolished by the Ministry of Agriculture. The disputed land is
being claimed by the Veterinary Unit while Executive Housing Company say they
acquired the plot legally.
We have instructed our lawyers
and we are denitely going to
seek legal redress because this is
a cruel act yet we followed due
diligence in acquiring the land.
Estate developer
Parties testied before the
commission last month. All
parties were to wait for our ruling
on the matter which we will issue
NLC boss Muhammad Swazuri
Reneged on deal
Sonko phones Uhuru and leaves everyone awed

Many people thought Nairobi
Senator Gideon Mbuvi was pulling
a prank on Wednesday when he
telephoned the President from the
scene of houses being demolished
in Nairobi South B.
But they soon realised it was no
prank when Mr Mbuvi, popularly
known as Sonko, put the presi-
dent on speaker phone to enable
journalists and wananchi hear the
Sonko begged President Kenyatta
to stop the demolition of dozens of
houses said to have been built on
land belonging to the Ministry of
Sonko: Your Excellency Sir, nyumba
zinabomolewa hapa South B pamoja na
kanisa, Winners Chapel iko na wafuasi
karibu 30,000.
President: Na nani?
Sonko: Na Minister wa Agriculture,
Felix Kosgey your Excellency Sir na
nilikuwa nimeongea na yeye akakubali
hatabomoa (I had spoken with him
and he agreed not to).
President: Sawa wacha nisimam-
ishe (okey, let me stop it).
The residents were exhilarated and
many were awed to hear this.
Later, Agriculture cabinet secretary
Felix Kosgey visited the estate and
said he had been asked by the Presi-
dent to suspend the demolitions.
The houses are valued at Sh10 mil-
lion each and were brought down by
earth movers but this was suspended
after Mr Kenyatta spoke.
The Kenya Veterinary Vaccines
Production Institute claims owner-
ship of the land.
However, the owners said they had
genuine documents to show that they
purchased the land legally.
DPP orders probe on
activists comments
The police have been told to
investigate claims that politi-
cal activist Moses Kuria wrote
a Facebook post considered
inciteful.Director of Public Pros-
ecutions (DPP) Keriako Tobiko
yesterday instructed Inspector-
General of Police David Kimaiyo
to look into the claims raised
by the Law Society of Kenya on
Wednesday and forward a report
to him. DPP has today directed
IG [Inspector-General David] Ki-
maiyo to investigate Moses Kuria
over allegations of hate speech,
Mr Tobikos oce tweeted.
County buys sanitary
pads for school girls
The County Government has
set aside Sh10 million for pur-
chase of sanitary towels to be dis-
tributed to school girls this term.
This initiative is meant to enable
the girls continue with learning
even during their menses. Wajir
County governor Ahmed Abdul-
lahi Mohamed yesterday ex-
pressed optimism that the eort
to make the pads available will
ensure that female students were
not disadvantaged. He spoke dur-
ing the annual county education
forum in Wajir.
Ethiopians ned for
illegal stay in country
Some 27 Ethiopians immi-
grants who were arrested last
Friday for being in the country
illegally were yesterday ned
Sh20, 000 each or in default
serve a jail term of six months.
They appeared before Muranga
Senior Principal Magistrate Jesse
Wekesa where the charges were
read out to them in Amharic Lan-
guage through a translator. They
pleaded guilty to the charges but
asked for leniency from the court
claiming they only came to seek
asylum and not for any ill motive.
Friday May 23, 2014
18 |
Ugandans release
shermen, retain sh
Three Kenyan shermen arrested
by Ugandan security ocers in
Lake Victoria early this week
have been released. They were
set free following protests by fel-
low shermen and traders. They
had been picked up near Mugabo
beach in Migori County, while
shing. Their boat was also re-
leased to them, but their nearly
300 kilogrammes of sh valued
at Sh80,000 was retained by the
Lion kills 15 donkeys,
sparks fear in village
The people of Matondoni Vil-
lage are living in fear after a lion
killed 15 donkeys. Yesterday,
some said they could not go to
their farms for fear of being at-
tacked. Children, too, cannot go
to school because of the lurking
danger. Senior Kenya Wildlife
Service County Warden Ibrahim
Osman conrmed the lion was
still at large but said rangers and
policemen had been deployed to
track it down.
Team wants board set
up for sugar sector
A task force set up by Governor
Wyclie Oparanya has proposed
the creation of a County Sugar
Board to promote cane farming.
The team also recommended the
creation of Kakamega Sugarcane
Co-operative Union (KSCU) and
a County Dispute Resolution
Committee to operate under the
regulator. Agriculture executive
Peninah Mukabane said such a
set-up would benet all players in
the countys sugar sector.
UASIN GISHU | New road to ease trac congestion in Eldoret town
Uasin Gishu Governor Jackson Mandago (second left) and county ocials during the commissioning of a bypass at Moi
Girls High School area in Eldoret town yesterday. Mr Mandago said the road would help ease trac congestion in the
Three arrested
for spreading
hate leaets
Police in Embu have arrested
three youths in connection with
the circulation of leaets warning
one tribe to leave a region domi-
nated by another.
The leaflets have called on
Embus to leave regions dominated
by Mbeeres.
Embu County Commissioner
Amos Gathecha said the three
had recorded statements with
the police and provided crucial
Speaking after meeting with
elders from Embu and Mbeere
communities, Mr Gathecha said
the leaflets are politically mo-
People are taking advantage of
the prevailing political situation,
he said.
Lenku warning
Mr Gathecha, however de-
clined to divulge information on
the suspects but a source told the
Nation that the three suspects were
nabbed after the vehicle in which
they were carrying the materials
overturned at Muraru market,
Mbeere South district.
The source said the men were
in their 20s.
He said the elders had proposed
that the county convenes a meet-
ing of all leaders to mend fences
caused by political rivalry.
The leaets have not had any
eects on the people but we are
pursuing the authors. We started
investigations on Wednesday, said
Mr Gathecha.
The row stems from the im-
peachment of Embu Governor
Martin Wambora.
Last weekend, Interior Cabi-
net Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku
warned communities living in
Embu County against fueling
tribal animosity over the ouster
of Mr Wambora.
Court hears
kidnap case
Kidnappers demanded a Sh1
million ransom for a prominent
businessman who was later
found dead, a Kerugoya court
heard yesterday.
Retired teacher Faith Muthoni
told the court that her husband
Cyrus Munene Mwenje was killed
before the family could send all the
money to the kidnappers.
By the time she got the news
of her husbands death, on Octo-
ber 14, 2013, they had only sent
Sh200,000 to the kidnappers.
She was testifying in a case in
which Peter Kariuki, John Mwangi,
Charles Mwangi, Amos Karani,
Lydia Njoki, Bracious Kaburi and
Rachel Wambui have denied vio-
lently robbing Mr Mwenje of his
vehicle, mobile phone and money
before killing him.
MIRACLE BABIES SAGA | Bishop set to be extradited from UK
Deyas wife to serve three
years in jail for baby theft
he wife of controversial Bishop
Gibert Deya will spend the next
three years in jail after the High
Court upheld an earlier ruling.
Mrs Mary Deya was found gulity
of stealing a child in the miracle
baby saga that has also roped in her
husband, who is also wanted over
the same.
They are accused of promising
barren women they could help them
conceive miracle babies but instead
stole the children.
The UK-based Deya is facing
extradition to Kenya over the same
Yesterday, High Court Judge
Mbogholi Msagha upheld Mrs Deyas
three year sentence after nding her
guilty. In 2011, then Chief Magistrate
Grace Nzioka found her guilty of the
same offence. Mr Justice Msagha
agreed with the trial magistrates
ruling and vacated the Sh200,000
bail she had been released on.
She will now serve her sentence,
ruled the judge.
The wife of the UK based televan-
gelist Gilbert Deya had been charged
with stealing a child on September
10, 2005 at the Kenyatta National
She was also accused of giving false
information to a Dr James Kiarie at
KNH that she had given birth to the
child and but the placenta was at the
Nairobi hospital.
Mrs Deya then lodged an appeal in
the High Court claiming that there
was no sucient evidence against
During the trial, a doctor from
KNH told the court that the baby
boy, christened Baby A was only
one -day old when Mrs Deya was
found with him.
Special units
Doctors and investigators who
testied dismissed her claims say-
ing that she was past menopause
and was biologically incapable of
She had constantly defended herself
saying that no parent had laid claim
to the baby hence the theft charge
had been unconstitutional.
This is because there was no com-
plainant. The United Kingdom has
said it will extradite self-proclaimed
miracle evangelist Deya on the condi-
tion that he is held at special units of
Kenyas two maximum prisons.
Court upholds earlier
sentence and cancels
bail, paving the way for
Mary to begin sentence
DNA test: Mrs Deya claims the
baby in question was never sub-
jected to a DNA test to determine
relation to the woman said to be its
Fault doctor: She also faulted
the doctors who have testied say-
ing they gave uncorroborated evi-
dence. She argues that the parents
of the child allegedly stolen are un
- known to date and challenged
the State to produce the complain-
ant saying the oence of stealing
cannot be victimless. Bishop Deya
who has also been tried in London
on charges of rape.
Its victim-less crime,
argued her lawyers
Minister wants disabled to stay longer in school
Children with special needs might
take more years in primary school if
a proposal by the Education Cabinet
secretary is adopted.
Prof Jacob Kaimenyi has proposed
adoption of one of the worlds best
practices, where a child with disabil-
ity takes 10 years in primary school
instead of the normal eight.
Special needs children have a
challenge in quick learning. We can
reform the system to be in tandem
with the worlds best practices so
that the pupils dont take the same
amount of time in school as the other
children. Tanzania has adopted this
practice and it is working out well,
he said.
Special needs students
The minister was addressing a
national conference on special needs
education at the Kenya Institute of
Curriculum Development.
The meeting brought together
county directors of education, spe-
cial needs children, their teachers
and school principals.
Special needs students have been
neglected for long. The Sh200 mil-
lion that is set aside for them is not
adequate, said Prof Kaimenyi.
We are planning to have resource
centres in counties to identify children
with special needs. We will need teach-
ers to help in the task, the Cabinet
secretary added.
Hope for renal patients
as dialysis centre set up
A Sh22 million dialysis centre
has been opened at St Theresas
Kiirua Mission Hospital in Buuri
sub-county, Meru County. The
centre, which has ve machines
complete with a water purica-
tion system, is expected to ease
the agony of kidney patients.
Hospital administrator Mary
Agnes said patients with kidney
failure used to wait for long to get
an appointment at the Kenyatta
National Hospital.
Man seized in police
crackdown on drugs
A man was arrested yesterday
in ongoing crackdown against
drugs at Nyangati in Kirinyaga
County. He was seized when Ad-
ministration Police led by area
chief Immaculate Wanjiru raided
Kiorugari village at dawn. Police
impounded 16 rolls of bhang
during the operation. Im deter-
mined to ensure that this location
is free of drugs which are wasting
away the youths, Ms Wanjiru
Friday May 23, 2014
County News 19
GOVERNANCE | Ward reps arm-twisting county bosses, say MPs
Governors accused
of pampering MCAs
Ps have accused
governors of wasting
time and money to
please Members of County
Assemblies instead of fo-
cusing on development and
service delivery.
County bosses were
playing survival tactics by
organising numerous trips
for MCAs in a bid to avoid
impeachment, according to
ve legislators.
Speaking in Narok County,
MPs Benjamin Langat
(Ainamoi), Joseph Limo
(Kipkelion), Moses Sakuda
(Kajiado West), Stephen
Ngari (Ndia) and Patrick Ntutu
(Narok West) said they would
support a motion seeking to
review laws on impeachment
of governors.
Governors are working
overtime to pamper MCAs
because their jobs depend
on the whims of county as-
sembly members and this has
adversely aected delivery of
services, said Mr Langat.
Mr Limo urged governors to
strictly dispense their mandate
as per their election pledges
without fearing MCAs.
Greedy and selsh leader-
ship contributes to the bulk
of problems facing county
governments. That is what is
suffocating devolution. The
government has nothing to do
with it, noted Mr Sakuda.
Mr Ngari said that devolution
was the panacea to underdevel-
opment that the country had
experienced since independ-
ence and called on Kenyans
to support it.
His call was echoed by Mr
Ntutu who called on the pub-
lic to back the government in
actualising devolution.
Meanwhile, county commis-
sioners have said they will not
interfere with the running of
counties as they move to im-
plement President Kenyattas
directive on delegated powers
to coordinate government re-
Bungoma County Commis-
sioner Mohammed Maalim said
they would be guided by the
Constitution and would partner
with the county governments
in serving the public.
He was addressing deputy
county commissioners and
other county ocials.
They are playing
survival games by
organising trips for
assembly members,
claim lawmakers

Governors are
working overtime
to pamper MCAs
because their jobs
depend on the
whims of assembly
Ainamoi MP Benjamin
NYERI | Health campaign gets boost
Nyeri Governor Nderitu Gachagua rides one of the 100
bicycles he presented to voluntary community health
workers at Nyeri Town Health Centre yesterday. PATH,
an international NGO, donated the bicycles.
jumped the
gun, says DPP
Director of Public Prosecutions
Keriako Tobiko has opposed a
petition by Machakos Senator
Johnstone Muthama seeking to
block his prosecution over the
Sh1 billion Malili ranch deal.
The DPP through senior counsel
Paul Muite led preliminary objec-
tions to the bid, stating that Mr
Muthama had rushed to court even
before a decision had been made
to charge him.
The petition is premature, in-
competent and unsuitable given
that we are still in the process of
reviewing the recommendations
from the Criminal Investigations
Department before we make a
decision on whether he should
be charged, said Muite.
The senator wants to stop his
arrest and prosecution over the
controversial sale of the 5,000
acres Konza City land claiming
that he was being unfairly tar-
Mr Muthama says he only got
involved in the matter in 2009
when he was invited by people
who wanted to stop the burial of
a Mr Josiah Muruka whom they
claimed had sold their land but that
he had no direct involvement in
the land transaction.
Come join us for exciting business opportunities from CHINA
to KENYA, We are experienced International Forwarders and
Professional cargo shipping company from CHINA to KENYA
(Nairobi ),We have over 10 years experience hence we are able to
deliver in time, safely and conveniently.
Air cargo,
FULL CONTAINER, USD 1570/20ft. USD2500/40HQ. sea
freight only from southern China
Garment compressing and warehousing;
Goods collection all over china.
1. We also have special price for goods shipped from YIWU
2. We have a new promotion price for Air Cargo and Sea
3. We have a new office in Kisumu and Mombasa now.
4. We have started same service from China to Uganda from now.
Monica Shen 0738719999/0722580147
Kobe Chen 0712862891
Ann Wambui 0786211048/0722580147
1. CPA(K)/CPS(K)
6. AGE 35-45 YEARS
To: fin.cpadm@gmail.com on or before 3/6/2014
Friday May 23, 2014
20 | County News
Friday May 23, 2014
Telephone: 020-2731531-9 SOCIAL SECURITY HOUSE
0788484840/41 P. O. BOX 30547, 00100 GPO
Fax: 020-2731511 NAIROBI
Basic Salary Scale: Kshs. 120,270 180,660 Per Month (Job Group S)
The role of the manufacturing sector in Vision 2030 is to create employment and wealth. The
sector was expected to increase its contribution to the overall GDP by at least 10% per annum
as envisaged in the Vision 2030. A number of interventions were proposed in the Vision and its
frst Medium Term Plan which will lead Kenya to be globally competitive and prosperous.
A set of key target areas have been identifed and specifc goals and targets set to steer
industrial growth. These include the development of special economic zones, industrial parks,
promotion of small scale frms, development on niche products, research and development,
attraction of strategic investors in Key Agro-processing industries, among others.
The Kenya Vision 2030 Board established nine (9) Vision 2030 Sector Delivery Secretariats
to Institute the monitoring mechanisms for the implementation of Vision 2030 among them
is Manufacturing Sector delivery Secretariat. The Manufacturing Sector Delivery Secretariat
has been constituted with the Principal Secretary Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise
Development as the Convener.
For appointment to the grade of Director manufacturing sector secretariat a candidate must
i. A masters degree in any of the following:- Economics, Strategic Management, Business
or Public Administration or Engineering;
ii. Served for at least ten (10) years in the Manufacturing Sector;
iii. Strong leadership, managerial and skills capability;
iv. The ability to manage the Manufacturing sector;
v. Strong track record of achieving results;
vi. Excellent communication/interpersonal skills;
vii. Skills in policy analysis and change management.
viii. Computer certifcate.
The Director Manufacturing Sector Secretariat will work under the guidance of the
manufacturing sector delivery secretariat and Principal Secretary Ministry of Industrialization
and Enterprise Development.
Duties and Responsibilities will include:-
i. Coordinating Ministries, Departments and Private Sector institutions;
ii. Collaborating in the Implementation of fagship projects in the sector work plans from
existing sector plans;
iii. Coordinating the development of sector work plans from existing sector plans;
iv. Facilitating quarterly meetings to review progress reports from the fagship delivery
v. Undertaking constant monitoring of the work and progress of the fagship project
delivery teams;
vi. Facilitating the manufacturing sector delivery secretariat to:-
a) Prioritize vision 2030 fagship projects in consultation with the vision delivery
b) Identify projects to be implemented under Private - Public Sector Partnership (PPP)
c) Undertake rapid actions necessary to remove implementation bottlenecks
vii. Secretary to the Manufacturing Sector Delivery Secretariat;
viii. Perform any other duties as assigned by the manufacturing sector delivery secretariat
and the Principal Secretary Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development.
Interested and suitably qualifed individuals should forward their applications, enclosing copies
of their academic and professional certifcates. Detailed CV indicating work experience, day
time contacts and addresses of 3 professionally relevant referees to:
The Principal Secretary
Ministry of Industrialization & Enterprise Development
Social Security House
Bishop Road Capital Hill
P. O. Box 30547-00100 GPO
Email address: ps@industrialization.go.ke
To reach him on or before 21
June, 2014
Ofce of the County Executive Committee Member for
Education, Youth, Culture and Social Services
Title of Assignment: conducting a baseline survey on devolved educational
functions within Kisumu County
The County Government of Kisumu envisions a future in which every child is accorded a conducive
learning opportunity where they can fully realize their potential. The County Government seeks to
develop a sustainable, cohesive education system that provides relevant formal and non-formal
education. This vision is very much in tune with the constitutionally devolved county education
functions relating to Early Childhood Development Education, Village polytechnics, Home craft
centres and childcare facilities.
This terms of reference have been prepared to guide the process of conducting a baseline study to
assess the current status of the institutions and resources under devolved education function, and to
propose innovative mechanisms for developing a robust, responsive and relevant (technologically,
socio-economically, and practically) county education system.
Overall purpose of the study
The purpose of the consultancy is to generate comprehensive baseline information on the current
status of the devolved education sector services across Kisumu County. The information will inform
education programming in the county and support the county government and her implementation
partners to understand and monitor the progress and results of their education interventions
The overall objective of the baseline survey is to generate baseline data, both qualitative and
quantitative, as benchmarks for measuring intervention by the county government and provide an
understanding of the present education services provision by Village/Youth polytechnics, Home Craft
centres, Child care centres and ECDs within Kisumu County.
The specic objectives of the consultancy are to:
1. Conduct a detailed baseline study to assess, inventory and document all the devolved aspects of
education within the county (numberonstitutions, location, physical infrastructure, land acreage
and related resources owned by these institutions);
2. Conduct Institutional Audits on existing Youth/Village polytechnics, Home craft centres, and
ECD/Childcare facilities to establish their purpose, document their contributions and propose
strategies to make these institutions relevant and responsive to the current needs to the county
3. Evaluate the existing capacity of these institutions (in terms of man power, student population,
management, skill-sets, and infrastructure) to deliver on their purpose. The baseline data
collected should include but not be limited to access/enrolment rate, quality of education,
relevance of education, internal efciency, equity, status of girls enrolment etc.
4. Establish the socio economic needs of the county residence with regards to the devolved
education. The baseline data collected should include but not be perception of parents and
communities towards these institutions, community contributions, etc.
5. Produce contextually relevant framework and a set of education baseline tools for use by the
County government in measuring progress and impacts of interventions implemented in the
education sector.
Provide a raft of recommendations on policy actions and possible practice interventions by the
County government of Kisumu.
The Full RFP documents including Terms of Reference (ToR) is available at www.kisumucounty.go.ke,or
alternatively hard copies of the same may be obtained at the County Secretarys ofce.
Technical proposal on how the above scope of work will be executed specifying timelines.
Prole of the rm to include company background, CVs of key professionals/experts indicating
educational background and experience in similar assignments.
Company registration certicate, VAT compliance and company PIN.
Demonstration of rms ability to conduct such an assignment.
The assignment may be carried out by one rm or a Consortium (not individual consultant).
A consulting rm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the standard
tender documents for selection of consultants available at www.ppoa.go.ke
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from Monday to Thursday
00800 to 1700 hours and on Friday from 00800 to 1600hrs
Request for proposal (one original plus two copies) must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly
marked Request for proposal for Consultancy Services for CONDUCTING A BASELINE SURVEY ON
tender box located at the prosperity building, 2
oor or delivered to the County Secretarys ofce
on or before 10
June 2014 at 12.00pm, Kenyan time.
Interim County Secretary
County Government of Kisumu,
P. O. Box 2738
Friday May 23, 2014
22 |
Woman stabbed to
death at work site
A woman was stabbed to
death by another woman
at Namilama village. Lydia
Wamalwa is said to have
been attacked as she in-
spected the construction of
a building on a plot owned
by her husband. Bungoma
South police boss Kirunya
Limbitu said the suspect
was in custody and would
be prosecuted after the
completion of investiga-
ore than 10 primary
schools may be closed
for lack of food and
water in drought-ravaged Bar-
ingo North sub-county.
Bartabwa, Saimo-Soi and
Barwessa wards schools had
very few pupils yesterday as
most parents have moved
elsewhere with their children in
search of food aid and water.
Many pupils in Chepkewel,
Moinonin, Loruk, Ngaratuko,
Kosile, Kagir, Yatia and Ka-
menjo schools were absent .
At Kagir Primary School
in Saimo-Soi ward, only 131
pupils were in class, down
from 229.
Some pupils have not re-
ported for class this term.
Headteacher Petro Chirchir
told the Nation that although
the school received meals from
the government, its resources
were overstretched.
Children from neighbouring
villages ock to the school dur-
ing lunch time as they have no
food in their homes, straining
the little we have. We may close
in a week unless we get more
food, said Mr Chirchir.
He added: The only bore-
hole we have is no longer in use
as the solar panels for powering
the pump were stolen by armed
The school was closed
throughout the rst term in
2013 due to insecurity. One
pupil died in an attack by
The bandits also broke into
the school store and staroom
and made away with books and
School fees
The attendance at Tuluk
Boarding Primary School
in Bartabwa ward stands at
Most parents say they can-
not aord school fees.
Many parents have been
requesting that I pay their
childrens fees until the situa-
tion improves. Is it possible to
pay for more than 100 pupils?
asked Mr Zachayo Cherutich,
the headteacher.
Residents of Chemoe in Baringo North eat wild fruits on Tuesday as food shortage bites in the area.
Some pupils in the area have not reported for class this term due to drought.
Ten schools may close
over shortage of food
BARINGO | Region has been hit by prolonged dry spell
Baringo North sub-
county commissioner
Joshua Ogango said his
oce had received 3,000
bags of maize and 1,500
bags of beans which will
be distributed to residents
in the hunger-stricken area.
The relief food may
not be sucient for all
the people, so priority will
be given to the weakest,
including the elderly and
children, said the adminis-
trator. Part of the food will
be distributed to schools
which do not receive free
Villagers set to
receive maize
Attendance declines
after parents move
elsewhere with
their children in
search of water
Ghost attacks
paralyse learning
Learning at Bahari Primary
School was yesterday paralysed
following claims by pupils that
ghosts were attacking them. A
prayer meeting was called by
school management after some
pupils collapsed last week
claiming they were possessed
by demons. Nine preachers
were invited but when the
prayers started three girls col-
lapsed and started talking in a
strange language to the shock
of their parents.
County opts to
pay PTA teachers
Some Sh12 million has been
set aside to pay the salaries of
1,200 primary school teachers
hired by parents associations.
Governor Isaac Ruto said
while it was not the role of his
government to employ teach-
ers, pupils should not be sent
home for lack of Sh20 needed
to pay the teachers. Mr Ruto
said the county would soon
start a Sh30 million fund to
pay fees for students in both
private and public universities.
The County Government of Kiambu hereby invites sealed bids from bidders
for the above tenders Bid. Tender documents may be obtained from the office
of procurement located at the Temporary Offices, Town hall, Kenyatta
Highway, Thika, Ground floor room 15B during normal working hours
upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Kenya Shillings One Thousand
Shillings only (Kshs. 1,000/=) .
Completed bid documents in plain sealed envelopes bearing no indication
of the name of the firm bidding with the contract number and name clearly
marked on top should be deposited in the Tender Box located the first floor,
Town Hall, First Floor, Room 139 or if by post to be addressed to:-
County Secretary
County Government of Kiambu
P.o. Box 2344-00900 Kiambu
So as to reach him not later than 10.30 am on 2
June 2014 at which
time the bid documents will be publicly opened at the chambers in the
presence of bidders who choose to attend.
P. O. Box 931, BUNGOMA TEL: 0202391391,0202125636
E-mail: kibabiidttc.yahoo.com Website: Kibabii.ac.ke
Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of the following goods and services for the period 1
July 2014-30
June 2015.
1. KDTTC/01/014-015 Supply of Human Medicine Open
2. KDTTC/02/014-015 Supply of Fresh Meat , 3 Bundles Preferred
3. KDTTC/03/014-015 Supply of Stationery Reserved
4. KDTTC/04/014-015 Supply of Computer Cartridges Reserved
5. KDTTC/05/014-015 Supply of Text Books Open
6. KDTTC/06/014-015 Supply of Cereals Open
7. KDTTC/07/014-015 Supply of Games Equipment and Students Track Suits Open
8. KDTTC/08/014-015 Supply of workers uniform, 2 Bundles Preferred
9. KDTTC/09/014-015 Supply of Boarding Supplies , 2 Bundles Open
10. KDTTC/10/014-015 Hardware Supplies Open
11. KDTTC/11/014-015 Supply of Electrical Materials Open
12. KDTTC/12/014-015 Supply of Disinfectant & Detergent 2 lots, 5 Bundles Preferred
13. KDTTC/13/014-015 Supply of Fresh Bread, 2 Bundles Open
14. KDTTC/14/014-05 Supply of Firewood , 3 Bundles Open
15. KDTTC/15/014-015 Supply & Repair of Kitchen Equipment Open
16. KDTTC/16/014-015 Supply of Fresh Milk /fruits / vegetables 3 lots , 8 bundles Preferred
17. KDTTC/17/014-015 Supply of Motor Fuel , Lubricants & Oil Open
18. KDTTC/18/014-015 Provision of Printing Works Open
19. KDTTC/19/014-015 Maintenance of fire Fighting Equipment Open
20. KDTTC/20/014-015 Provision of Toilet Emptying Services Open
21. KDTTC/21/014-015 Provision of Fumigation Services Open
22. KDTTC/22/014-015 Repairs and Service of Computers, Printers, & Photocopying Machines 2
23. KDTTC/23/014-015 Repair and Maintenance of College Vehicles Open
24. KDTTC/24/014-015 Provision of Sanitary Units , 2 Bundles Preferred
25. KDTTC/25/014-015 Repairs of Furniture & Related Services Open
26. KDTTC/26/014-015 Repairs & Maintenance of Standby Generator & Water Pump Open
Reserved means only Women, youth and persons with disability registered with Treasury , preferred means women, youth and
Persons with Disability registered with Treasury will be given priority during evaluation. Open means any Bidder may apply.
Eligible candidates may obtain Tender Documents from the Procurement Office during normal working hours from 8.00 am
to 5. 00 pm after payment of non Refundable fee of Ksh. 1000 per document in the Office of the Finance. Completed tender
Documents enclosed bearing Tender Number should be addressed to the undersigned or deposited in a Tender Box outside
the Entrance of the Administration Office so as to reach not later than 13
June, 2014 at 10.00 am. Opening shall be done
immediately after closing in the presence of Bidders or their Representatives in attendance, if they wish to at KIBABII DIPLOMA
TEACHERS TRAINING COLLEGE ASSEMBLY HALL. Kibabii D.T.T.C Reserves the Right to accept or Reject application in
whole or in part and does not bind itself to give reasons.
The Chairman
Tender Committee,
Kibabii Diploma Teachers Training College,
P.O. Box 931-50200 Bungoma.
Friday May 23, 2014
County News 23
Thailands General Prayut seizes
power in coup Page 32
Libya coup
general calls
for council
TRIPOLI, Thursday
Libyas Major General Khalifa
Haftar, whose military actions
have been condemned as a coup
by parliament, urged yesterday the
formation of a presidential council
to take over power before the June
parliamentary elections.
He called in Abyar in eastern
Libya on the countrys top judicial
authorities to form the new presi-
dential council to take over power
until new parliamentary elections
are held.
He said a military campaign
to ght Islamist militants would
The government and parliament
have lost legitimacy because they
were unable to rid the North Af-
rican country of extremists,
Haftar said. He also said that the
Supreme Military Council of the
Libyan Armed Forces will be set
up to secure the political transition
as well as to rebuild the army.
As time went by, Haftar (pic-
tured), who played a key role
in toppling Gadda, has gained
more allies as the biggest party
in parliament.
He also obtained support from
the countrys minister of culture,
the air force chief and Libyan am-
bassador to the United Nations.
Meanwhile, Prime Min-
ister Ahmed Maitiq on
Wednesday called for a national
dialogue to reach a peaceful
solution between the coup
general and all related groups.
Maitiq said that he welcomed all
parties involved to hold a compre-
hensive dialogue. (Xinhua)
BLANTYRE, Thursday
alawis President Joyce
Banda today called for
an immediate manual
audit of this weeks election
results, alleging serious ir-
regularities after the electoral
commission reported its vote
tallying system had collapsed.
It has come to my attention
that there (are) some serious
irregularities in the counting
and announcement of results
in some parts of the country,
she told reporters.
Mrs Banda said unofficial
partial results showed that some
candidates were winning with
numbers of votes that exceeded
the total numbers registered at
the polling centres.
Discarded ballots and those
tampered with had also been
discovered, said Mrs Banda
who is facing her rst electoral
test since taking over the reins
from Bingu wa Mutharika upon
his death two years ago.
She also alleged the com-
munication devices of some
polling monitors were deliber-
ately jammed, thereby limiting
the monitors ability to eectively
carry out their duties.
In light of these concerns
and concerns emerging from
other stakeholders which in-
cludes other political parties, I
call upon the Malawi Electoral
Commission to carry out an
immediate manual audit of the
whole process, she said.
Election ocials announced
earlier that the vote tallying
electronic system had collapsed,
forcing them to resort to fax and
email, and delaying the release
of results. The system is re-
fusing to take the information
from the ground where our data
clerks are stationed to send the
results, chief elections ocer
Willie Kalonga told AFP.
Mrs Banda, 64, began her term
two years ago as a darling of the
West, feted as one of Africas rare
women leaders, but her govern-
ment has since been ensnared in
a $30-million corruption scandal
dubbed Cashgate.
Analysts placed her as the fa-
vourite despite the scandal and
despite competition from her
hardline predecessors brother,
Peter Mutharika.
The 74-year-old Mutharika was
allowed to run in the election de-
spite facing a trial for treason.
He is accused of trying to stage
a constitutional coup by conceal-
ing his brothers death in oce,
and ying his body around Africa
as he plotted ways of prevent-
ing Banda then Vice-President
from being sworn in.
Meanwhile, Bandas request
for an audit was rebued by the
countrys electoral commission
chief, who told AFP that despite
problems with the electronic
counting system, the tally was
continuing manually.
Mr Maxon Mbendera insisted
the election was valid and said
Mrs Bandas claim was caused
by desperation.
The case for recounting is not
made out. Perhaps they should
go to court, he said.
Election observers from the
European Union have described
considerable organisational
shortcomings in the vote and
isolated incidents of unrest.
They have so far not given a
verdict on the fairness of the
poll, but said the election com-
mission had acted impartially
Late today, Mr Mutharika told
local radio station Capital FM his
party had a lead over Mrs Banda
and her Peoples Party (PP).
PP should not feel scared
when I become president. Well
not prosecute them; I dont
have intentions of victimising
He claimed the army and po-
lice had on Wednesday arrived
at his house to conduct a search,
but did not have a warrant.
The sending of the army to
my house is completely uncalled
for because the army is there to
protect the country and not to
intimidate individuals, he told
reporters today. (AFP)
DISMISSED | Request for an audit rebued by the countrys electoral commission chief
Malawi president says election
hit by serious irregularities
The communication devices of some polling monitors were
deliberately jammed, thereby limiting the monitors ability
to eectively carry out their duties, says Joyce Banda
Many seek top post
Twelve candidates are standing in the
presidential race, but pollsters suggest up
to four are frontrunners.
Mrs Banda has earned respect for resusci-
tating a moribund economy and to an
extent restoring the condence of foreign donors. Analysts say
she stands a chance of winning despite sti competition from her
hardline predecessors brother Peter Mutharika (pictured) .
Among Bandas closest rivals is political novice and former cleric
Lazarus Chakwera, 59. His Malawi Congress Party led the country
after independence from Britain for three decades under Hastings
Kamuzu Banda, but Chakwera says it has since been rebranded.
The case for
is not made
out. Perhaps
they should
go to court
The age of incumbent leader
Malawi President Joyce
Banda speaks during
a press conference
dedicated to the
ongoing national
Tripartite Elections
at Kamuzu Palace in
the capital Lilongwe,
yesterday. Mrs Banda
said there had been
serious irregularities
in the conduct of this
weeks election.
US urged to ease rules
on money transfers
Two international aid agencies
on Wednesday called on the U.S.
government to ease restrictions
on money transfers to Somalia.
Adeso, an African charity and
development agency, and Oxfam
International expressed concern
that thousands of families across
the Horn of Africa nation are un-
der threat due to the recently an-
nounced closures of money trans-
fer companies bank accounts in
the United States. (Xinhua)
Friday May 23, 2014
24 |
1 NCG/T/1/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Petrol, Oils and Lubricants All bidders
2 NCG/T/2/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Animal Feeds and Farm Inputs All bidders
3 NCGT/3/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Hardware & Building Materials All bidders
4 NCG/T/4/2014-2015 Supply /Delivery of GI & PVC Pipes and Fittings All bidders
5 NCG/T/5/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Electrical Materials All bidders
6 NCG/T/6/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Natural Construction Materials Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
7 NCG/T/7/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Agro-Chemicals, Veterinary Drugs &
All bidders
8 NCG/T/8/2014-2015 Supply/ Delivery of Office Stationery Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
9 NCG/T/9/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Paints and Painting Materials All bidders
10 NCG/T/10/2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Cleaning Materials Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
11 NCG/T/11/2014-2015 Provision of Tyres, Tubes and Automotive Batteries All bidders
12 NCG/T/12/2014-2015 Provision of Timber and Related Materials All bidders
13 NCG/T/13/2014-2015 Supply/ delivery of airtime calling cards and news
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
14 NCG/T/14//2014-2015 Supply/Delivery of Textiles, Fabrics, Uniforms &
Protective Gears
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
15 NCG/T/15/2014-2015 Provision of Motor Vehicles Spares Parts All bidders
16 NCG/T/16/2014-2015 Provision of Furniture for Offices All bidders
17 NCG/T/17/2014-2015 Provision of Computer, Laptops, UPS, Servers,
Printers, Computer Stationeries and Accessories
All bidders
18 NCG/T/18/2014-2015 Provision of Tree Seedlings, Dry Manure, Red Soil and
Seedling Polythene Bags
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
19 NCG/T/19/2014-2015 Provision of Sports Equipment All bidders
All bidders
20 NCG/T/20/2014-2015 Provision of Repair and maintenance of Computers,
Servers, Printers, Fax Machines, Photocopiers,
Typewriters, Telephones, Cabinets
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
21 NCG/T/21/2014-2015 Provision of Repair and Services of Motor Vehicles,
Motor Cycles, Plants and Equipment
All bidders
22 NCG/T/22/2014-2015 Provision of Security Guarding Services All bidders
23 NCG/T/23/2014-2015 Provision of Fumigation, Pest Control Services and
Sanitary Services
All bidders
24 NCG/T/24/2014-2015 Provision of Internet Services and ICT All bidders
25 NCG/T/25/2014-2015 Provision of Baseline Consultancy and Debt Collection
All bidders
26 NCG/T/26/2014-2015 Provision of Printing, Promotional & Marketing Services Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
27 NCG/T/27/2014-2015 Provision of Catering Services All bidders
28 NCG/T/28/2014-2015 Provision of Asset Valuation Services All bidders
29 NCG/T/29/2014-2015 Provision of Laundry Services All bidders
30 NCG/T/30/2014-2015 Provision of Insurance Services All bidders
31 NCG/T/31/2014-2015 Provision of Air Ticketing & Travel Arrangements All bidders
32 NCG/T/32/2014-2015 Provision of Services on Environmental Audit and
Inspect Assessment
All bidders
33 NCG/T/33/2014-2015 Provision Garbage Collection and Solid Waste Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
34 NCG/T/34/2014-2015 Provision of Advertising Agency and Events
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
35 NCG/T/35/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Bush Clearing &
Culvert Cleaning
All bidders
36 NCG/T/36/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Building Construction
and Associated Works
All bidders
37 NCG/T/37/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Water Works,
Drainage and Sewerage Services
All bidders
38 NCG/T/38/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Construction of
All bidders
39 NCG/T/39/2014-2015 Provision of Plant Maintenance Works All bidders
40 NCG/T/40/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Repair and
Maintenance of Government Residential Houses
All bidders
41 NCG/T/41/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Repair and
Maintenance of Mortuary and Cold Storage System
All bidders
42 NCG/T/42/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Street Lighting,
and maintenance
All bidders
43 NCG/T/43/2014-2015 Provision of ICT Consultancy Services All bidders
44 NCG/T/44/2014-2015 Provision of Installation and support for CCTV Security
System, Digital Billboards, Digital Recording System
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
Nakuru county government invites bidders for the supply and provision of under mentioned goods and services for the financial year 2014-2015.
45 NCG/T/45/2014-2015 Provision of networking services: LAN, WAN for County
Offices and Sub-counties
All bidders
46 NCG/T/46/2014-2015 Provision of Installation of Telephone System, and other
Communication Gadgets.
All bidders
47 NCG/T/47/2014-2015 Provision of Training Services All bidders
48 NCG/T/48/2014-2015 Supply and Delivery of Printed Accountable tamper
proof Security Document
All bidders
49 NCG/T/49/2014-2015 Provision of Photography, Videography, Audi visual,
Production Editing Services, Integrated digital
Communication Services
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
50 NCG/T/50/2014-2015 Provision of Hire for Trucks, Bulldozer, Shovels,
Excavators, graders and Other heavy Equipment
All bidders
51 NCG/T/51/2014-2015 Provision of Indoor Plants and Fresh Cut Flowers
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
52 NCG/T/52/2014-2015 Provision of Land Valuation Services All bidders
53 NCG/T/53/2014-2015 Provision of Land Surveying Services All bidders
54 NCG/T/54/2014-2015 Provision of Physical Planning and Consultancy
All bidders
55 NCG/T/55/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Roads and Civil
All bidders
56 NCG/T/56/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for drilling of boreholes All bidders
57 NCG /T/57/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for construction of
motorable bridges
All bidders
58 NCG /T/58/2014-2015 Prequalification of Contractors for Beautification and
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
All bidders
All bidders
All bidders
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
All bidders
All bidders
12 NCG /MOH/12/2014-2015 SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF MEDICAL GASES All bidders
Reserved for Youth, Women
and people with disabilities
All bidders
All bidders
The tender/pre-qualification documents with detailed specifications are obtained from the respective county satellites
i.e Naivasha, Molo, Bahati and headquarters upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs.1000 per document in form
of cash or bankers cheque to the respective satellites from 8am to 5pm during weekdays. Pre-qualification and tenders
for youth, women and persons with disability may be downloaded from the county website, www.nakuru.go.ke free
of charge or be obtained from the above satellites at a non-refundable fee of kshs.500 from Friday 23
May 2014 to
Thursday 12
June 2014.
Completed tender/pre-qualification documents in plain envelops clearly marked with the tender number should be
deposited in the tender boxes located at the respective satellites or be addressed as below so as to reach him not later
than 10am, Thursday 12
June 2014.
The County Secretary
Nakuru County
PO Box 2870
Prices quoted shall be inclusive of all taxes and applicable duties transport and other incidental expenses. Tenders will
be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend at the
county old town hall.
Friday May 23, 2014
Former deputy
Malawi minister
commits suicide
LOSS | Death after poll defeat
NATION Correspondent
LILONGWE, Thursday
ormer Deputy Minister
of Local Government
Mr Godfrey Kamanya
killed himself in the wee
hours of Thursday follow-
ing disagreements he had
with his colleagues in his
Peoples Party.
Mr Kamanya was a deputy
Minister of Local Government
in Joyce Bandas team until
the dissolution of Cabinet on
May 17, 2014.
Mr Kamanya (pictured)
failed to retain his parlia-
mentary seat in the current
His close friend and former
deputy minister of Agricul-
ture Mr Ulemu Chilapondwa
conrmed the death of his
Reasons are clear
Mr Chilapondwa said the
reasons are clear and that
it has nothing to do with his
losing of the parliamentary
The suicide note Mr Ka-
manya left indicated that the
reasons were political.
Mr Chilapondwa said the
fallen politician left a suicide
note that indicated that his
life was being threatened by
two other politicians that he
has mentioned in the note.
Over 70 per cent of mem-
bers of Joyce Bandas Cabinet
have lost seats in parliament
in a closely contested elec-
tion, whose results are yet
to be ocially released by
Malawi Electoral Commis-
sion (MEC).
Mr Chilapondwa said Mr
Kamanya attended a Peoples
Party meeting on Wednes-
day and in the morning he
recieved a telephone call
from Mr Kamanyas wife at
around 3:00 am that he has
shot himself dead.
Talking to the local media
this morning Mr Chi-
lapondwa indicated that in
the suicide note Mr Kamanya
gave reasons for committing
suicide and also asked Presi-
dent Joyce Banda to take care
of his child.
The death is in relation
with politics. I cannot say
more as police are the ones
to disclose the contents of the
letter after investigations, he
Police are yet conrm the
cause of death.
Malawians on May 20 voted
for the new set of leaders in
the tripartite elections. The
results of the elections are yet
to be ocially announced.
Deceased attended
a party meeting on
Wednesday and at
3 am killed himself
Mandelas Gun now shooting
NATION Correspondent

Prominent South African
screen actors Tumisho Masha,
Jet Novuka and Fezile Mpela
are in Botswana for the
shooting of a tribute film
titled Mandelas Gun after
the late world icon, Nelson
The trio began shooting
in Botswanas small town,
Lobatse, where Mandela was
housed during the liberation
The three play the role of
Fish Keitseng, Mandelas
host in Lobatse, Mandela
and Joe Modise. Mandelas Gun
chronicles the journey of the
former South Africa president
as a guerrilla fighter. It is
shot in mainly three African
countries where he travelled
and sought refuge during the
struggle with the other two
being Ethiopia and Liberia.
According to Mr Masha,
who plays Mandela in the lm,
the production will tell coming
generations an authentic story
about what really happened.
The scenes that are being
shot in Peleng could have
been shot anywhere in South
Africa where we have the same
structures as Keitsengs house
but it would not have been
authentic hence the producers
brought us here, he said.
The lm looks set to put
Botswanas Lobatse on the
world map. Mr Masha added:
The producers wanted to tell a
story of Keitseng and the many
sacrices he made as he fought
for what he believed in.
National Museum chief
curator Mr Philip Segadika
believes the film positions
Botswana and the town of
Lobatse well internationally.
The year Nelson Mandela died
West African MPs to
get governance lessons
NATION Correspondent
DAKAR, Thursday
Dozens of lawmakers in
West Africa are being selected
to undergo a two-day capac-
ity building training session
to enhance accountability in
A statement by the regional
bloc, Ecowas on Wednesday,
justied the two-day session
that ends on June 20 in Abuja,
by the fact that parliamen-
tarians play a pivotal role in
resource allocation.
Between 40 and 60 per
cent of public expenditure
goes to social spending in
Africa and this requires
improved governance and
accountability in social spend-
ing, the statement said.
It further argued that Afri-
can countries need to focus on
results for the money spent
on social services in order to
foster and sustain progress
in human development and
hence the need for the train-
ing. Ecowas is holding the
training in collaboration with
other partners including the
African Development Bank
to ensure that lawmakers
can enhance accountability
particularly in the social
The activity would be the
rst capacity building event
for lawmakers on Value for
Money, Sustainability and Ac-
countability in Social Sectors
in Africa, organisers said.
Between 40 and 60
per cent of public
expenditure goes to
social spending in
Ecowas statement
10 civilians
killed in
S. Sudan
rebel raid
NATION Correspondent
Juba, Thursday
At least ten civilians have
been killed and several others
wounded in a fresh rebel as-
sault in South Sudans oil-rich
Upper Nile State, the military
said today.
Army spokesman Col Philip
Aguer said the deceased - four
children, four women and two
men - met their fate on Wednes-
day when rebels headed by
former Vice President Dr
Riek Machar attacked Barliet
County, south east of the state
capital Malakal.
These were families just at-
tacked and robbed. They knew
they were attacking civilians
and just wanted to robe, Col
Philip Aguer said.
It is the second time in a
week the rebels have been ac-
cused of violating a cessation of
hostilities agreement President
Salva Kiir signed with rebel
chief Dr Riek Machar nearly
two weeks ago.
The army said three days
ago that rebels had attacked
and overran Mathiang, a mil-
litary base in Upper Nile, last
week. The rebels denied attack-
ing army positions but claimed
they went into the town after
the army had withdrawn under
mysterious circumstances.
Col Aguer said the fresh at-
tack on Barliet followed a heavy
shelling on army positions on
Tuesday in Naser County in
the same state.
They used heavy artillery to
shell us in Nasser. We regard
this as a serious violation of
the ceasere. We are bringing
these things to the attention
of the mediators to verify,
he said.
However, the rebels have
denied any engagement with
the army at Barliet and instead
accused the army of provoking
ghting in Nasser.
Nation Correspondent
28 held captive
on China ship
A group of 28 African im-
migrants were held in slavery
on a shing vessel o the
coast of Uruguay, beaten and
forced to work without pay,
attorneys said on Wednesday.
The migrants, 24 of whom
were from Sierra Leone and
the rest from Ghana, said they
had not been paid a penny
since boarding the China-
agged vessel seven months
ago. They were intiially di-
vided up between three sih-
ing boats but, upon Uruguays
territorial waters, they were
transferred to a single vessel,
who name has not been dis-
closed, docked in Montevideo
on Sunday and were taken to
a hotel. (AFP)
1.0 Background
Kenyatta National Hospital has grown over the years to its present capacity of 2,000 beds attending to an
annual average of 80,000 inpatients and 500,000 outpatients.
The Hospital occupies an area of approximately 45 hectares, within a complex of related facilities such
as College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi, Kenya Medical Training Centre and Government
As the Hospital aspires to scale to new heights of development and excellence, it requires developing a Hospital
Master Plan (HMP), in line with Kenyas Vision 2030 and beyond. It is on this basis the Hospital wishes to
engage qualied rms to develop a visionary and sustainable Hospital Master Plan while maintaining its unique
and serene setting.
2.0 Objective of the Consultancy
The objective of this consultancy is to survey all the facilities of Kenyatta National Hospital and its grounds
to locate all existing structures and develop Master Plan for the institution to guide its immediate and future
3.0 Scope of Services
The services shall be in the following distinct stages:
a) Control survey and detailed survey of the entire Hospital premises.
b) Detailed survey of the existing buildings and infrastructure including their serviceability and sustainability.
c) Detailed survey and mapping of all services including electrical, mechanical, Drainage, re-ghting, steam
medical gases and waste management system.
d) Establishment of the hospital needs, in short, medium and long term
e) Master Planning to aid the hospital in achieving vision 2030 aspirations.
4.0 Mandatory requirements
a) Two (2) sets of Request For Proposals (RFP) documents in separate envelopes with technical and nancial
b) PIN certicate
c) Tax compliance certicate
d) A signed joined commitment conrming they are willing and able to carry out the services as a
e) In case of consortium all members of the consortium must meet the mandatory criteria for the statutory
f) Relevant valid professional licenses
g) Registration Certicate/Certicate of Incorporation
h) Audited accounts for the last two nancial years.
A complete set of Tender Document may be inspected and/or obtained from the Supply Chain Management
department room No.6, Administration Block in person or by written application upon payment of a non-refundable
fee of Kshs.1,000.00 in cash, money order or bankers cheque Payable to Kenyatta National Hospital.
Prospective applicants may submit written requests for clarications regarding the information contained in the
tender documents to the address indicated below at least fourteen (14) days before deadline for submission of the
Tenderers shall submit TWO copies of all tender documents marked ORIGINAL and COPY enclosed in a plain
sealed envelope enclosing the technical and nancial bids in separate envelopes clearly marked TECHNICAL BID and
This should be deposited in the Tender box situated at the Kenyatta National Hospital Administration Block, ground
oor entrance lobby and be addressed to:
The Chief Executive Ofcer
Kenyatta National Hospital
P. O. Box 20723-00202
Nairobi, KENYA
So as to reach on or before 28
May 2014 at 10:00am.
Prices quoted should be inclusive of all taxes and costs, and shall remain valid for 120 (one hundred and twenty)
days from the closing date of the tender. Tenders will be opened immediately after tender closing time at the Kenyatta
National Hospital in the presence of candidates or their representatives who choose to attend. Late bids will not be
MAY 2014 TO 6

JUNE 2014.
Friday May 23, 2014
26 | Africa News
Friday May 23, 2014
PROTEST | Call to free girls
Protestors hold placards as hundreds of Soweto residents gather at the
YMCA in Soweto, Johannesbourg, yesterday to demonstrate for the re-
lease of more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist militant group
Boko Haram in Nigeria. The United States has deployed 80 marines to
Chad to help nd the 223 girls who have been missing since their abduc-
tion on April 14, 2014.
HEALTH |Leader says he is t despite rumours he had prostate cancer
Hospital video sparks fresh
Mugabe illness speculation
HARARE, Thursday

video of Zimbabwe Pres-
ident Robert Mugabe
reportedly entering a top
Singapore hospital has sparked
fresh speculation about the 90
year-old leaders health.
President Mugabe left
the country on Wednesday
last week for a routine eye
check-up and had been ex-
pected to spend ve days in
the Far East.
However, on Wednesday this
week he missed the burial of
a top army general who was
declared a national hero and
his Zanu PF party postponed
a meeting of its top decision
making body that he chairs.
Britains Channel 4 posted
on its website the video of
President Mugabe entering
the Gleneagles Parkway Hos-
pital accompanied by his wife
Grace. In the clip, the First
Lady tries to protest against
the filming of her husband
who is seen walking with a
slight limp.
Channel 4 says Gleneagles
Hospital has a renowned cancer
centre and also has a section
that deals with cataracts.
President Mugabe has had
operations to remove cata-
racts on his eyes but he has
dismissed persistent rumours
that he has prostate cancer.
His spokesperson George
Charamba today refused to
comment on the video.
I dont work for Channel 4
and you want me to comment
on that, he told a local daily.
I dont tell you when the
president is coming as it is in
our initial press statement we
issued when he travelled out of
the country last week.
On the eve of his 90th birth-
day in February Mr Mugabe
told state television that he
was very t despite rumours
he had prostate cancer.
President Mugabe has been
in power since 1980.
In February he told his
party to stop discussing his
succession saying it promoted
factionalism. He also warned
those identied as factional
leaders that they risked being
expelled from Zanu PF party.
President has had
eye operations to
remove cataracts
President Robert
Mugabe and his
wife Grace (left)
with their rst-
born child and
only daughter
Bona Mugabe
pose after
convocation at
of Wales gradu-
ation ceremony
in Singapore on
November 16,
The age of veteran leader
Motor Vehicles for Sale
SNV Netherlands Development Organization is inviting bids for the
following duty-free vehicles that are on sale on as-is-basis. Successful
bidders will be expected to pay:
The vehicles bid value;
Import duty, processing and transfer fees in the form of a bankers
cheque to SNV Netherlands Development Organisation to facilitate
the transfer of ownership of the vehicles.
Vehicle Engine
YOM Condition Duty Payable
Toyota Corolla
ZZE Saloon
1794 c.c. 2006 Good 166,675.00 Nairobi
Toyota Land
Cruiser Prado
2986 c.c. 2005 Very Good 282,990.00 Nairobi
Toyota Avanza
1500 c.c. 2008 Very Good 237,422.00 Nairobi
Interested parties can arrange for viewing by calling telephone numbers
020 3873656, 0724463355 or 0735177992.
Sealed bids should be received by Friday 6th June 2014 and be addressed
The Vehicles Sales Committee,
SNV Netherlands Development Organization,
P. O. Box 30776 - 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
Please indicate Motor Vehicle Bid on the envelope. Each vehicle bid must
be accompanied by a bankers cheque of Kshs. 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand
Only) which will also be treated as a deposit from successful bidders
and will be refundable to non-successful bidders. In case the successful
bidders decline the offer, the deposit will be forfeited. SNV Netherlands
Development Organization reserves the right to accept or reject any bid.
Friday May 23, 2014
28 | Africa News
Friday May 23, 2014
BEIJING, Thursday
ttackers killed at least 31
people today when they
ploughed two vehicles into
a market and threw explosives in
the capital of Chinas Xinjiang
region, in what authorities called
the latest severe terrorist inci-
dent to hit the Muslim Uighur
More than 90 people were
also wounded when two o-road
vehicles drove into a crowd in
Urumqi, with one of them explod-
ing, the regional governments
Tianshan web portal said, in
an attack with echoes of a ery
car crash in Tiananmen Square
last year.
China has seen a series of inci-
dents in recent months targeting
civilians, sometimes far from
Xinjiang itself, that authorities
have blamed on separatists from
the region.
Pictures posted on Sina Weibo,
a Chinese equivalent of Twitter,
showed victims lying in a tree-
lined street, as others sat on
imsy stools.
Flames rose in the background,
while other images showed
smoke billowing over market
stalls behind a police roadblock.
None of the photographs could
immediately be veried. Chinese
President Xi Jinping pledged to
severely punish violent terror-
ists, maintain a strike rst
policy and crack down on
them with a heavy st, state
broadcaster CCTV said.
Beijing says it faces terror-
ism from a violent separatist
movement in Xinjiang, driven
by religious extremism and
foreign groups. Critics point
to economic inequality and cul-
tural and religious repression of
Uighurs as drivers of unrest in
the vast and resource-rich far
western region.
Tianshan described the attack
as a severe, violent terrorist in-
Thugs broke through protec-
tive metal barrier by driving two
vehicles, colliding with the crowd
and detonating explosive devices,
causing the deaths of 31 people
and injuring 94, it said. (AFP)
Armed police on patrol on a square in southwest Chinas Chongqing
municipality, as several cities in China launched armed police patrols to
handle violent incidents, after a series of attacks on civilians.
31 dead in China terrorist attack
HIGH TOLL | More than 90 people wounded when two o-road vehicles drove into a crowd
Terror purge: Thursdays
blasts came a day after state
media reported that courts in
Xinjiang jailed 39 people for
up to 15 years for oences
including spreading terrorist
Outrage: The attack sparked
outrage on Sina Weibo in-
ternet network, with many
calling for action against the
Action after long
jail sentences
14 Ukraine soldiers
killed in rebel raid
Ukrainian President Oleksandr
Turchynov said yesterday that
14 troops had been killed in two
overnight attacks by rebel forces
in the separatist east of the coun-
try. Turchynov said 13 people
lost their lives for Ukraine in
the town of Volnovakha in the
Donetsk region. The defence
ministry had earlier conrmed
the death of one soldier in an-
other attack in the neighbouring
region of Lugansk. Meanwhile,
limited Russian troop move-
ments near the border with
Ukraine may suggest prepara-
tions for a withdrawal, NATO
chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen
said on Thursday. (AFP)
Kim plays up safety
after building collapse
North Korean leader Kim Jong-
Un has sought to reassure the
public over construction safety
after the deadly collapse of a
Pyongyang apartment building
sparked a rare apology from the
secretive hardline state. Inspect-
ing a river-side construction site
in Pyongyang where two 46-sto-
rey apartment buildings are being
built by soldiers, he stressed the
need for quality construction in
the aftermath of the May 13 ac-
cident state media blamed on ir-
responsible supervision. (AFP)
(An ISO 9001:2008 Certifed Institution)
Moi University Invites sealed request for proposal (RFP) from eligible candidate for the provision of the following:
No. Request for proposal
Request for
RFP Document
fee Ksh.
Security Bid
As specied in
the Amended
Regulations (41)
Closing &
1 MU/RFP/27/2013-2014 Provision of Student
Information System
1,000.00 2% of RFP value 06.06.2014 11,00 a.m.
2 MU/RFP/28/2013-2014 Provision of Library
Security Control
1,000.00 2% of RFP Value 06.06.2014 11.00 a.m.
Interested Eligible candidates may inspect and buy Request for Proposal documents form Moi University, Procurement
ofce, Main Campus or Moi University Nairobi Campus, Bazaar Building E. Floor during normal working hours upon
payment of the above charges, payment should be made in cash or bankers cheque, payable to the cash ofce or can
be downloaded from the website www.mu.ac.ke bid document downloaded from the website shall not be paid for.
All bids must be accompanied by a bid bond of 2% of the tender sum.
Completed Request for Proposal document should be enclosed in plain, sealed envelope marked RFP Number and
RFP Reference Name and should be deposited in the Tender Box located on the Ground Floor of Administration and
Senate Building, Moi University, Main Campus, Kesses so as to reach on or before Friday 6
June 2014 at 11.00a.m.
or sent to;
P.O. BOX 3900
Tel: 053 43070
RFP will be opened immediately thereafter at 11.00 a.m. in the University Boardroom in the presence of RFP
candidates or their representatives who may choose to attend at the Main Campus, Kesses.
Tel: (053) 431001-8 / (053) 43184
Fax: (053) 43288
P.O. BOX 3900
Eldoret - 30100
Friday May 23, 2014
30 | International News
NB: The Accounts of the Institute for the year ended 31 December 2013 were audited by the Insti-
tute Independent Auditor Mazars Kenya, CPA and approved by the Council on 29th April 2013.
Visit www.icpak.com to access the full agenda for the 36
AGM and 2013 Annual Report and
Financial Statements. A printed copy may be requested from the Institute Legal Manager through the
Institute address below or sally.mukabana@icpak.com
The Institute Council elections are ongoing. To cast your vote, kindly follow the instructions in your
email and the link www.icpak.com/elections. In case you have not received communication on
e -voting, Please send your name, email, Reg. No. to elections@icpak.com.
CPA Centre, Ruaraka, Thika Rd.
P.O. Box 59963 - 00200 Nairobi.
Tel: (020) 2304226/7; 8068570/1 Mobile: 0727531006/ 0733856262
Email: icpak@icpak.com Website: www.icpak.com
Statement of Comprehensive Income for the Period ended 31st December 2013
KShs 000 KShs 000
2013 2012
Income 316,406 280,135
Expenses 333,573 265,098
Operating Surplus (17,167) 15,037
Other Income 21,656 52,113
Gain on sale of current asset held for sale - 254,493
Surplus before other comprehensive Income 4,489 321,643
Revaluation Surplus - 7,334
Total Comprehensive Income for the year 4,489 328,977
Statement of Financial Position
KShs 000 KShs 000
2013 2012
Non Current Assets 501,405 264,818
Current Assets 285,903 450,894
Total Assets 787,308 715,712
Equity & Liabilities
Equity 660,573 656,084
Noncurrent Liabilities 34,421 9,843
Current Liabilities 92,314 49,785
Total Equity & Liabilities 787,308 715,712
DATE: Thursday, 5th June 2014
TIME: 11:30am
VENUE: CPA Centre, Thika Road, Nairobi
NOTICE IS HEREBY given that the 36
Annual General Meeting of the Institute of Certified
Public Accountants of Kenya will be held on Thursday, 5th June 2014 from 11.30 a.m. at the
CPA Centre, Thika Road, Nairobi to transact the following business:
Ordinary Business
1. To note the proxies received and establish a quorum
2. To note Apologies
3. To confirm minutes of the 35
Annual General Meeting and to consider matters arising
there from
4. To receive the Council report for the year 2013
5. To receive, consider and if found appropriate, adopt the Annual Report of the Council
and the Accounts of the Institute for the year ended 31
December 2013 together with
the Auditors Report thereon
6. To appoint the Independent Auditor of the Accounts of the Institute for the year ending
December 2014 and authorize the Council to fix the remuneration of the auditor
7. To witness the presentation of Commendation and Fellowship Certificates, if any
8. To confirm the election of Council Members in accordance with the Institutes election
CPA Edwin N. Makori
Ag. Chief Executive and Secretary
NOTE: The First Schedule to the Accountants Act, No 15, 2008, Section 11, (3 & 4) provides
that a member entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting and who is unable to
attend is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his or her behalf. To be valid, a form
of proxy which is available at ICPAK website must be duly completed by the member and must
be deposited with the Secretary so as to be received not less than forty eight hours before the
Annual General Meeting i.e. not later than 11.30am on Tuesday, 3
June 2014.
In addition to the business above the Institute will be Signing of the Memorandum of
Understanding (MoU) with South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) at the
same venue.
Friday May 23, 2014
Thai army now fully in
charge as US protests
COUP | General says out to end political instability
BANGKOK, Thursday
hailands army chief seized
power in a military coup today,
ordering rival protesters o the
streets and deposing the government
in a bid to end months of political
General Prayut Chan-O-Cha made
the announcement in a televised
address to the nation, saying the
powerful armed forces had to act
to restore stability in the Southeast
Asian nation.
The military declared a nationwide
curfew from 10 pm to 5 am and or-
dered demonstrators on both sides
of the kingdoms political divide to
disperse and go home after nearly
seven months of political rallies in
the capital.
It banned gatherings of more than
ve people, summoned the ousted
cabinet to report to the army and
suspended the constitution ex-
cept for the section related to the
monarchy. Moments before Prayuts
stunning announcement, witnesses
said they saw leaders of Thailands
two main political parties and its rival
protest movements being taken by the
military from a venue where Prayut
had convened talks aimed at resolving
their dierences.
Late today, the military ordered all
television and radio stations to sus-
pend their usual programmes and
show only the armys broadcasts in
the wake of the coup.
The step was taken to ensure the
release of accurate news to the peo-
ple, an army spokesman said in a
televised announcement.
All television channels in the
Southeast Asian kingdom including
foreign broadcasters such as CNN,
BBC, and CNBC ran a constant
military feed featuring a succession
of brief announcements related to the
government takeover.
Between the bulletins, a static
screen was shown depicting the
emblems of the various branches of
Thailands armed forces, as patriotic
Thai songs played.
Meanwhile, it was unclear if the ar-
rested politicians had been formally
detained. The tough-talking Prayut,
60, said he seized power because of
Thai soldiers stand guard after army chief General Prayut
Chan-O-Cha met with anti-government and pro-government
leaders at the Army Club in Bangkok yesterday.
Military directs all TV
and radio stations to
suspend programmes
and bans gatherings
the violence in Bangkok and many
parts of the country that resulted in
loss of innocent lives and property
and was likely to escalate.
Late today, the United States
warned today it was reconsidering
cooperation with Thailand after the
military coup, which Secretary of State
John Kerry denounced as having no
Mr Kerry urged the restoration of a
civilian government, respect for press
freedom and early elections that re-
ect the will of the people.
I am disappointed by the deci-
sion of the Thai military to suspend
the constitution and take control of
the government after a long period
of political turmoil, and there is no
justication for this military coup,
he said.
In London, British Foreign Secre-
tary William Hague called today for a
return to democracy in Thailand and
said he was extremely concerned
after the military seized power in a
coup. Mr Hague said Thai authorities
should set out a quick clear timeta-
ble for elections to help re-establish
democracy. (AFP)
because of
the violence
in Bangkok
and many
parts of the
country that
in loss of
General Prayut
Obama delights tourists
in capital with rare stroll
Sightseers in Washington got more than
they bargained for Wednesday, bumping into
Barack Obama as the worlds most powerful
man decided to take an impromptu stroll in
the US capital city. In a rare foray outside the
armored-plated security of the presidential
motorcade, Obama opted to walk from the
White House to the Department of the In-
terior, a couple of blocks away. The bear is
loose!, quipped President Obama. Its good
to be out. (AFP)
Iran frees Happy video
dancers on bail: reports
Six young Iranians arrested for dancing on
rooftops to US singer Pharrell Williams hit
Happy in a video that went viral on the In-
ternet have been released on bail, reports said
on Wednesday. The reports were conrmed by
Tehran-based fashion photographer Reihane
Taravati, who along with her friends was ar-
rested for what Tehran police chief Hossen
Sajedinia called a vulgar clip which hurt public
chastity. Hi Im back, Taravati said in a post
on the Instagram website. (AFP)
Friday May 23, 2014
32 | International News
Are you considering migrating & working in Australia or New Zealand?
Are you considering sending your children overseas to Study?
We are Australian Registered Migration Agents and New Zealand Licensed Advisers with
offices in New Zealand and Kenya. We provide tailor-made solutions to people seeking
to study, work invest, do business and live in Australia or New Zealand permanently.
We are representatives of various universities both in New Zealand & Australia
We invite you for 2014 Student and Migration Seminars
ELDORET : Saturday 31 May 14 at Sirikwa Hotel from 9.00 5.00 pm.
KISUMU : Monday 2 June 14 at Imperial Hotel from 9.00 5.00 pm.
NYERI : Saturday 7 June 14 at Green Hills Hotel from 9.00 5.00 pm.
NAIROBI : You can visit us in our offices also.
Dont miss this opportunity to meet with Jessy Mathenge, A New Zealand licensed
Adviser 200902116 and Australian Registered Migration Agent 0958045.
Spaces are limited, call us to register for the seminar 0706370851 or 0733950042 or
email us at info@universalemigration.co.ke.
Friday May 23, 2014
Telkom Kenya amends TV ad that
was declared disparaging. Page 36
Kenya to
oat bond
in June,
says PS
Kenya plans to issue its rst
sovereign bond on the Irish Stock
Exchange in early June.
Treasury Principal Secretary
Kamau Thugge told the Public
Accounts Committee that prepa-
rations can now start given that
Sh1.4 billion owed to two Anglo
Leasing-type firms has been
Expected proceeds from the
$1.5 billion bond were factored
into the budget for the current
nancial year. Treasury hopes to
raise Sh130 billion.
This Sh1.4 billion was block-
ing the entire government from
working, he said. The fact that
we have paid does not prevent us
from going after these guys.
When the Treasury realised that
MPs had shot down a move to pay
First Mercantile Securities Cor-
poration and Universal Satspace,
it issued a circular stopping all
procurement in government.
We had to shut down spend-
ing, Dr Thugge said, adding, the
order will now be lifted because
the bond will have hit the inter-
national market.
Mr Ababu Namwamba and Mr
Manson Nyamweya doubted that
the plans would work the way
Treasury hopes.
Were not in an academic class
and what youre giving us is a red
herring, Mr Nyamweya said.
What were now waiting for is
to agree on the roadshow to go and
sell the bond, Dr Thugge said.
This involves marketing the
bond and explaining the state
of the Kenyan economy and why
investors ought to be condent
that the money they lend will be
What were now waiting
for is to agree on the
roadshow to go and sell
the bond
Treasury PS Kamau Thugge
LONG HAUL | Heavy steel cargo destined for Uganda
The rst consignment of heavy steel to be ferried by rail from the APM container terminal to Uganda leaves Mombasa yesterday. Rift Valley Railways (RVR) has
downplayed the impact of the planned Standard Gauge Railway, saying, its completion will not aect its operations.
ommercial banks are
paying lip service to
agricultural nancing,
a meeting has heard.
Speaking in Nairobi yester-
day, Global Strategist, Food
and Agribusiness Finance at
Rabobank in the Netherlands
Justin Sherrard said the insti-
tutions need to review their
risk perception in nancing
millions of rural smallholder
farmers in Africa if they are
to be supported to increase
output and value-addition.
As banks, it is fairly ob-
vious to say that we need
business nancing models
which eectively outweigh
risk. I think that agriculture
nancing models that have
been used before on this
continent and elsewhere
might not be the best models
to use in terms of allocating
risk along the value chain,
said Mr Sherrard.
In Kenya, agriculture con-
tributes to 25 per cent of the
Gross Domestic Product and
over 70 per cent of jobs but
receives less than 2 per cent
share of credit.
A large chunk of lending
goes to those with a payslip
with personal loans getting
over 19 per cent on equal
percentage with trade.
While the personal loans
category was advanced
Sh223 billion in the year to
November 2013, the agri-
culture sector only received
Sh56 billion, most of it going
to big farmers and value-ad-
dition process.
Lack of financing is a
major problem. Without
fertilisers and pesticides,
which many farmers can
access through financing,
average crop yields are low,
Ecobanks head of soft com-
modities research Edward
George noted.
Amajor problem is that
many farmers lack collateral
or credit guarantees to access
nancing, he added.
Although most banks in
Kenya have launched agri-
nancing, little has changed
by way of access to credit by
small scale farmers. Some
200 million hectares in sub-
Sahara Africa alone are in the
hands of smallholder farmers
whom commercial banks have
To lower the risks banks
see in nancing the agricul-
ture sector, they can adopt
innovative methods like
leveraging on technology to
support activities in the sec-
tor, enter into partnerships
with non-governmental
organisations and private
By eectively supporting
the sector to boost production
and engage in value addition
is an eective way of reducing
risk, Mr Sherrard said.
Value addition
The two spoke during the
Standard Bank-sponsored
annual export trade confer-
The meeting, which ends
today, brings together domes-
tic, regional and international
trade leaders to explore the
latest developments, chal-
lenges and key issues facing
the agricultural sector in the
East African region.
Many of the nanciers, who
spoke said the banks can now
focus on empowering farmers
to get involved in value-addi-
tion of their produce to earn
higher income.
Help ll yawning gap in credit
to farming, expert tells banks
models might
not be the best,
says strategist
AGRICULTURE | Ignoring sector not good for development in Africa
Friday May 23, 2014
34 |
Tata opens shop
in Malindi town
Tata Africa Limited has
launched a new showroom and
service centre in Malindi. It is
the rst vehicle dealer to open
shop in Kili County. The dealer
is known as Katsran Limited and
Tata hopes to take advantage
of the growing construction
industry in the county and neigh-
bouring areas. Kili Governor
Amason Kingi ociated at the
launch and said the county was
ripe for vehicle business. He
added that most buyers will be in
the construction industry and in
We have
for the last
Mr Njiraini
he newly introduced iTax
system by the Kenya Rev-
enue Authority has been a
big hit among large and medium
size taxpayers, the commissioner
general said yesterday.
Addressing participants at
the 30th Annual Seminar of the
Institute of Certied Public Ac-
countants of Kenya (ICPAK) at
Whitesands Beach Hotel and Spa
in Mombasa, Mr John Njiraini
said large taxpayers had achieved
93 per cent uptake level while
medium level had achieved 71
per cent.
Number of reforms
He said KRA had introduced
a number of reforms in its tax
collection systems aimed at in-
creasing tax compliance from
the business sector and the
public with more programmes
being implemented to make the
system more user-friendly.
One of KRAs major strategic
areas, said Mr Njiraini, was for
the authority to utilise technol-
ogy to better serve taxpayers and
enhance compliance.
We have for the last decade
prioritised technology invest-
ments with a clear mind to utilise
ICT as a key strategic resource
for organisational improvement,
he said.
Mr Njiraini said currently,
KRA was involved in three key
technology initiatives aimed at
transforming the way it oper-
One of them is the iTax initia-
tive which presently is in roll out
stage, the new Customs Manage-
ment System (iCMS) meant to
replace the Simba 2005 System
which is presently under tender
evaluation and a data warehouse
project meant to achieve cor-
porate level integration of our
technology platforms, he said.
Mr Njiraini said investments in
the three systems would enhance
organisational efficiency and
greatly help addressing integrity
challenges at the authority.
He said iTax project, which
provides a platform for complete
automation of domestic tax op-
erations covering the entire
chain from taxpayer registration,
return ling and tax payment,
may have been wrongly proled
in the media.
Mr Njiraini said the system
will progressively roll out value-
added services that include tax
refund claims and ling account
queries among others.
The commissioner general,
however, admitted that the iTax
System could have been imple-
mented prior to the completion
of critical processes including
system stress testing and the
establishment of an effective
customer back oce support
KRA has acknowledged this
omission and taken steps to ad-
dress the internal inadequacies
that led to this decision. Since
the challenges highlighted arose,
much has been accomplished in
terms of system stress testing,
ne-tuning and infrastructure
sizing, among others, he said.
Kenya Revenue Authority commissioner general John Njiriani (centre)
with ICPAK chairman Benson Okundi and vice chairperson Rosemary
Gituma at the event yesterday.
New tax system a big hit, says KRA
Njirani says both large and medium
size payers have adopted iTax thus
increasing the level of compliance
ICPAK CONFERENCE | Taxman highlights achievements in technology
The percentage uptake by
which large taxpayers had
Uhuru gets feted
for infrastructure
President Uhuru Kenyatta
has been awarded a continental
award for his eort in infra-
structure. The Africa Investor
feted the president with the
international personality award
in infrastructure for displaying
a unique capacity to engage and
ensure the private sector partici-
pates and brings transformative
infrastructure projects to nan-
cial close. This he has done
with a keen eye on environmen-
tal sustainability, said CEO Af-
rica investor Hubert Danso when
he presented the award.
Friday May 23, 2014
Business News 35
AVIATION | New airline lands
Kenya Airports Authority sta and residents board a
SKYAERO airline after it landed at Kisumu International
Airport from Nairobi yesterday. The plane will start fer-
rying passengers to the lake side town from today and
will operate eight ights a week.
Telkom alters
TV advert
Telkom Kenya has amended
a television advertisement that
sparked controversy between the
rm and rival Safaricom.
The alteration follows a rul-
ing by the Advertising Standards
Committee on April 16 that
found the commercial dispar-
aging because it suggested that
Safaricom was the more expen-
sive network.
Telkom Kenya was then or-
dered to either withdraw it from
all media or reword it to make
it clear that it was a peak time
comparison and not a general
Safari coms creati ve and
medi a agency Scanad, had
complained to the advertising
committee seeking to have Tel-
kom Kenya withdraw the ad that
started running in January.
A statement said the company
chose to edit the advert instead
of withdrawing it.
he High Court has stopped
the takeover of Rea Vipingo
plantation pending hearing of
a case led by Centum Investment
The Chris Kirubi majority-owned
investment company moved to court
under a certicate of urgency seek-
ing several orders.
Top on the list being one to
compel Treasury Cabinet Secre-
tary Henry Rotich to appoint three
members to the Capital Markets
The ve-member tribunal cur-
rently has only two members after
the term of the other trio ended.
Mr Rotich is yet to name them as
required by law.
Pending the determination of the
appeal, Centum wants the transfer of
REA Vipingo shares to REA Trading
Limited frozen, said an order issued
by the court yesterday.
The investment rm wants the
Capital Markets Tribunal fully con-
stituted to hear its complaint against
Capital Markets Authority over how
it handled the takeover bid.
In its appeal to the tribunal,
Centum Investment is seeking a
declaration that the oer by Rich-
ard and Jeremy Robinow, owners
of REA Trading limited to buy Rea
Vipingo Holdings violates Kenyas
takeover rules.
Capital Markets Authority
fundamentally erred in law and in
fact in failing to appreciate that a
promise for a future disposition
of the proceeds from the sale of a
companys assets cannot constitute
consideration for a take-over oer
and is in any event void for uncer-
tainty, said Centum in the appeal
to the tribunal.
Court puts on hold
Rea Vipingo takeover
orders for a
tribunal to
be set up
to hear its
against the
JUSTICE | The twists and turns in proposed takeover
This Auction Last Auction Variance
Value Dates 26/05/2014 19/05/2014
Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids (%) 8.885 8.845 0.040
Due Date 25/08/2014
Amount Offered (Kshs. M) 3,000.00
Bids Received (Kshs. M) 2,242.82
Performance Rate (%) 74.76
Number of Bids Received 186
Number of Accepted Bids 186
Amount Accepted (Kshs. M) 2,242.82
Of which : Competitive bids 1,688.99
: Non-Competitive bids 553.83
Purpose / Application of Funds:
Rollover / Redemptions 1,412.84
New Borrowing 829.98
Market Weighted Average Rate 8.885%
Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids 8.885%
Price per Kshs 100 at Weighted Average Rate for accepted bids 97.833
This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 91-day Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs. 3 Billion. The total number of bids
received was 186 amounting to Kshs. 2.24 Billion, representing a subscription of 75%. Total bids accepted amounted to
Kshs. 2.24 Billion. The market weighted average rate was 8.885%, and the weighted average of accepted bids which
will be applied for non-competitive bids was 8.885% up from 8.845% in the previous auction. The other auction statistics
are summarised in the table below.
The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to Treasurys immediate liquidity requirements
for the week. Where several successful bidders quote a common rate, the Central Bank of Kenya reserves the right
to allot bids on a pro-rata basis. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept/reject bids in part or in full without
giving any reason. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs. 100,000.00. Only CDS holders with
updated mandates are eligible.
Bids must be submitted using the specified format and must reach the Central Bank (HQ, Branch or Currency
Centre) by 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday, 28th May, 2014 for 182-day & 364-day and Thursday, 29th May, 2014 91-day
Treasury Bills. Payments above Kshs.1 Million must be made by electronic transfer using RTGS. Payments below
Kshs.1 Million may be made by Cash, Bankers Cheque or RTGS. These payments must reach the Central Bank
not later than Monday, 2nd June 2014, 2.00 p.m. for Cash and Cheques and 3.00 p.m for RTGS electronic fund
transfers. Please provide the following details with each payment: Name, Reference No., the New CDS Portfolio
and the customers Virtual account No.
All documentation required for rollovers should be duly submitted by the Wednesday preceding the value date.
Non-competitive bids are subject to a maximum of Kshs. 20 Million per investor and are issued at the weighted
average of accepted bids.
22 May 2014
C. NEXT WEEKS TREASURY BILLS AUCTIONS: ISSUE NOS. 2058/91, 2039/182 & 1960/364 DATED 02/06/2014
Offer amount (Kshs. M) 3,000.00 3,000.00 3,000.00 9,000.00
AUCTION DATES & BIDS CLOSURE 29/05/2014 28/05/2014 28/05/2014
RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT 30/05/2014 29/05/2014 29/05/2014
Redemptions 7,569.42
New Borrowing 1,430.58
Friday May 23, 2014
36 | Business News
Last 12 Mths Security Prices
High Low Yesterday Previous Shares

57.00 21.00 Eaagads Ord 1.25 30.75 29.50 11,100
123.00 80.00 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 132.00 125.00 300
167.00 110.00 Kapchorua Tea Co Ord 5.00 144.00
625.00 450.00 The Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 670.00
30.00 19.40 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 27.50
19.95 11.25 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 17.10 16.90 11,000
350.00 210.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00 275.00 278.00 2,400
Automobiles & Accessories
50.00 21.00 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 34.25 33.50 3,700
- - CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 13.50
13.50 9.00 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 9.40
7.70 4.50 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00 8.60 8.20 109,700
19.15 15.00 Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 17.00 17.00 575,700
155.00 54.00 CFC Stanbic of Kenya Holdings Ord.5.00 144.00 140.00 25,900
248.00 141.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 235.00 234.00 19,600
42.25 29.50 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 38.75 38.00 17,253,900
42.50 22.00 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 37.75 38.50 35,500
145.00 85.00 I &M Holdings Ltd Ord 1.00 128.00 129.00 1,100
51.00 35.50 KCB Ord 1.00 46.50 46.50 2,428,300
39.25 18.50 NBK Ord 5.00 32.00 32.00 195,800
68.00 48.50 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 59.00 59.00 115,900
340.00 271.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 310.00 312.00 29,600
25.00 14.50 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 22.00 22.25 850,100
Commercial & Services
5.50 3.40 Express Ord 5.00 6.00 5.50 600
- - Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 20.25
14.70 8.30 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 11.85 12.00 294,900
16.50 5.00 Longhorn Kenya Ord 1.00 13.35 13.25 300
400.00 271.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 316.00 311.00 20,500
247.00 44.00 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 48.25 48.00 3,600
39.00 24.50 Standard Group Ord 5.00 33.00 33.75 300
56.50 40.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 40.00 40.50 18,000
24.00 14.00 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00 13.25 13.35 82,900
Construction & Allied
98.50 60.00 ARM Cement Ord 1.00 81.00 81.50 691,200
225.00 170.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 173.00 172.00 434,100
98.00 75.00 Crown Paints Kenya Ord 5.00 93.00 96.50 5,500
18.00 13.80 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 14.60 14.80 23,600
110.00 56.50 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 92.50

Energy & Petroleum
17.90 10.00 KenGen Ord 2.50 10.90 10.95 181,200
11.80 7.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 9.10 9.15 307,900
20.75 13.50 KP&LC Ord 2.50 14.80 14.85 313,600
- - KP&LC 4% Pref.20.00 8.00
5.50 5.50 KP&LC 7% Pref.20.00 5.50
28.75 12.65 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 26.50 26.25 58,000
13.00 13.00 Umeme Ltd Ord 0.50 13.00
20.00 7.30 British American Investments Co.0.10 17.45 17.40 298,700
12.20 4.20 CIC Insurance Group Ord.1.00 9.95 10.15 1,165,100
334.00 217.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 333.00 333.00 5,700
21.00 13.10 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 19.50 19.60 242,700
23.00 9.20 Liberty Kenya Holdings Ord 1.00 19.90 20.75 81,1400
145.00 51.50 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 124.00 124.00 2,300

41.00 17.05 CentumInvestment Co Ord 0.50 39.50 39.75 33,300
6.00 3.50 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 4.70 4.75 11,000
37.75 20.00 Trans-Century LtdOrd 0.50 24.00 23.50 10,000
Manufacturing & Allied
- A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 11.10
190.00 100.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 141.00 142.00 8,100
635.00 521.00 British American Tobacco Kenya Ord 10.00 600.00 600.00 8,600
67.50 30.50 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 31.00 31.00 42,100
426.00 212.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 286.00 291.00 144,900
4.00 1.90 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 3.65 3.55 11,400
8.60 4.40 Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 8.60
5.05 2.85 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 3.05 3.00 391,400
29.00 14.00 Unga Group Ord 5.00 29.25 29.00 20,200
Telecommunication & Technology
13.40 6.15 SafaricomLtd Ord. 0.05 13.00 13.05 6,087,000
Growth & Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS)
25.00 4.40 Home Afrika Ltd Ord. 1.00 5.15 5.10 158,700
NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Down 0.26points to close at 150.55
NSE 20 Share Index Up 12.44 points to close at 4915.06 EquityTurnover-1,160,791,652 Prv 1,489,667,08

Euro $ C$ SF IR JY ZR
ABC buy 120.13 87.85 148.33 - 98.24 1.50 86.42 8.46
sell 120.27 87.95 148.50 - 98.37 1.50 86.52 8.48
Barclays buy 119.87 87.75 148.10 80.34 98.06 1.49 86.19 8.44
sell 120.34 87.95 148.61 80.67 98.51 1.50 86.56 8.48
Co-op buy 120.23 87.75 147.73 80.41 98.41 1.49 86.71 8.20
sell 120.54 87.95 148.10 80.64 98.68 1.49 86.95 8.55
Equity buy 120.20 87.65 147.43 80.65 98.17 1.50 86.56 8.36
sell 120.69 87.85 147.93 81.03 98.71 1.51 86.91 8.55
NBK buy 120.06 87.80 148.32 80.47 98.21 1.49 86.31 8.42
sell 120.18 87.90 148.45 80.50 98.38 1.49 86.41 8.51
KCB buy 119.60 87.70 147.80 80.30 97.90 1.49 86.20 8.40
sell 120.10 87.90 148.30 80.70 98.40 1.50 86.60 8.60
CBA buy 120.06 87.80 148.07 79.85 98.29 1.50 86.43 8.45
sell 120.44 88.00 148.53 80.36 98.57 1.50 8665 8.48
CFC Stanbic buy 120.18 87.65 147.27 80.77 98.35 1.49 86.50 8.47
sell 120.47 87.85 147.80 80.96 98.57 1.50 86.69 8.57
GulfAfrican buy 119.98 87.75 148.21 80.44 98.17 1.49 86.27 8.42
sell 120.27 87.95 148.57 80.64 98.42 1.50 86.47 8.52
FCB buy 120.40 86.70 146.50 79.00 98.70 1.30 84.50 8.00
sell 121.20 87.20 147.30 79.70 99.40 1.50 85.40 8.60
Prime buy 119.80 87.50 148.00 80.20 98.10 1.49 86.50 8.40
sell 120.30 88.00 148.50 80.60 98.40 1.50 87.00 8.60
Mean Buy Selll
1 US Dollar 87.8319 87.7472 87.9167
1 Sterling Pound 148.3842 148.2283 148.5400
1 Euro 120.0401 119.9102 120.1700
1 South African Rand 8.4148 8.3716 8.4581
Ksh/Ush 28.7709 28.6863 28.8556
1 Ksh/Tsh 18.8770 18.8019 18.9522
1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 7.7307 7.6777 7.7837
1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 17.5949 17.4640 17.7257
1 UAE Dirham 23.9125 23.8891 23.9359
1 Canadian Dollar 80.3883 80.2865 80.4902
1 Swiss Franc 98.2553 98.1345 98.3761
100 Japanese Yen 86.3544 86.2611 86.4478
1 Swedish Kroner 13.4684 13.4541 13.4827
1 Norwegian Kroner 14.7614 14.7444 14.7783
1 Danish Kroner 16.0872 16.0709 16.1034
1 Indian Rupee 1.4979 1.4963 1.4994
1 Hong Kong Dollar 11.3285 11.3175 11.3394
1 Singapore Dollar 70.2094 70.1361 70.2827
1 Saudi Riyal 23.4184 23.3955 23.4413
1 Chinese Yuan 14.0909 14.0767 14.1050
1 Australian Dollar 81.3763 81.2803 81.4724
Money Market Funds Daily Yield Eective Annual Rate
African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 5.59% 5.73%
Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 6.29% 6.48%
British-American Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.37% 9.83%
Stanlib Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 7.50% 7.77%
CBA Market Fund Kenya Shilling 6.03% 6.22%
CIC Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.73% 10.18%
Zimele Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31%
Amana Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 9.73% 9.92%
ICEA Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 8.28% 8.63%
Madison Asset Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.01% 9.39%
GenCap Hela Fund Kenya Shilling 11.09% 11.46%
Fixed Income Funds/Equity Funds/Balanced Funds Buy Sell
African Alliance Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 11.57 11.20
CIC Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 9.18 9.42
Standard Investment Income Fund Kenya Shilling 102.22 102.78
African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 191.18 179.54
ICEA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 138.61 145.91
British-American Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 198.70 205.02
CBA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 155.05 164.60
CIC Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 13.26 13.95
Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 376.13 403.01
Stanlib Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 167.89 167.89
Madison Asset Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 57.70 61.26
GenCap Hisa Fund Kenya Shilling 126.52 122.09
African Alliance Managed Fund Kenya Shilling 22.03 20.75
British-American Managed Retirement Fund Kenya Shilling 133.67 134.81
ICEA Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 139.55 146.90
Amana Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 109.50 109.50
British-American Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 191.06 196.64
CIC Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 13.00 13.61
Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shilling 154.61 164.64
Madison Asset Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 69.70 73.54
Amana Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 109.30 109.30
Zimele Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 5.25 5.41
Stanlib Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 129.36 129.36
GenCap Eneza Fund Kenya Shilling 124.17 119.82
GenCap Iman Fund Kenya Shilling 116.17 110.36
Stanlib Bond Fund B1 Kenya Shilling 105.73 105.730
Stanlib Bond Fund A Kenya Shilling 105.25 105.25
Old Mutual East Africa Fund Kenya Shilling 149.69 158.42
British American Bond Plus Fund Kenya Shilling 145.22 148.18
GenCap Hazina Fund Kenya Shilling 119.04 114.88
ICEA Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 98.80 99.80
Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 102.54 104.97
Algerian Dinar 78.4777
Bahrani Dinar 0.37701
Djibouti Franc 177
Egyptian Pound 7.0049
Jordanian Dinar 0.708
Kuwait Dinar 0.28054
Lebanese Pound 1513
Libyan Dinar 1.2245
Moroccan Dirham 8.1344
Omani Riyal 0.386
Qatar Riyal 3.6403
Saudi Riyal 3.7504
Syrian Pound 148.1
Tunisian Dinar 1.6151
Yemeni Riyal 214.75
UAE Dirham 3.673
Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar
Friday May 23, 2014
Business 37
Friday May 23, 2014
38 |
Office of the County Executive Committee Member for
Education, Youth, Culture and Social Services
Title of Assignment: conducting a situational analysis of street children phenomenon within
Kisumu County
The County Government of Kisumu envisions a situation in which every child attains the right to
survival, protection, development and participation. Towards that end, the County Government
intends to commission a study to inform and influence policy and best practices in addressing the
phenomenon that is street children- and as part of the broader mandate of crafting innovative,
practical and sustainable solutions to education, sports and talent development for children and young
people (CYP) in Kisumu County.
The County Government of Kisumu now invites interested and experienced consultancy firms to
submit their expression of interest for consultancy services to conduct a situational analysis of street
children phenomenon within Kisumu County.
Overall purpose of the study
The overall purpose of the study is to assess the situation and rights of children living and working on
the streets to facilitate the development of a long-term strategy for promoting, protecting and fulfilling
their rights.
Scope of Work
The study will look at the situation of street children in Kisumu County (covering all the sub-counties
and satellite towns) and present an assessment of the problem. It will also analyze the causal factors,
the effects of the problem of street children, the interventions and responses currently being offered
to street children, the gaps in service provision and recommend strategies for intervening in the short,
medium and long-term. The study will use gender lens in all the analysis and recommendations.
The Full RFP documents including Terms of Reference (ToR) is available at www.kisumucounty.go.k
e,or alternatively hard copies of the same may be obtained at the County Secretarys office.
Technical proposal on how the above scope of work will be executed specifying timelines.
Profile of the firm to include company background, CVs of key professionals/experts
indicating educational background and experience in similar assignments.
Company registration certificate, VAT compliance and company PIN.
Demonstration of firms ability to conduct such an assignment.
The assignment may be carried out by one firm or a Consortium (not individual
A consulting firm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the standard
tender documents for selection of consultants available at www.ppoa.go.ke

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below from
Monday to Thursday 00800 to 1700 hours and on Friday from 00800 to 1600hrs
Request for proposal (one original plus two copies) must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly
marked Request for proposal for Consultancy Services for CONDUCTING A SITUATIONAL
deposited in the tender box located at the prosperity building, 2
floor or delivered to the County
Secretarys of on or before 10
June 2014 at 12.00pm, Kenyan time.
Interim County Secretary
County Government of Kisumu,
P O Box 2738, Kisumu
FEMNET is a pan-African regional womens rights network that has been
in existence for 25 years and has been at the forefront championing
gender equality, equity and womens rights through delivery of critical
information, and strengthening linkages and collaboration among
womens organizations.
FEMNET hereby calls for expression of interest from qualified persons for
Review of its Human Resource Policy Guidelines and Procedures. The
firms should be based and /or have offices in Kenya
The Prospective firms or individuals should meet the following
a) Minimum Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and
Development or related studies from a recognized University or
b) Over 5 years proven experience in conducting and facilitating similar
Human Resource Policy reviews for NGOs similar to FEMNET;
c) Good knowledge and experience in Organizational development
and change management;
For more instructions and detailed TORs, please visit the link below:
The hard copy applications should reach FEMNET not later than 10

June, 2014.
Friday May 23, 2014
It is a critical moment when we mark by raising
awareness in the country about these dreadful
condition girls and women are suffering due child
birth injuries that are preventable. Obstetric
stula results from poor access to emergency
obstetric care.
Obstetric stula remains a great challenge in
Kenya, like in many developing countries. Exact
incidence is unknown, but it is estimated that
there are between 1000 to 3000 new cases
every year. This is based on a Needs assessment
on Obstetric Fistula done in 2004 supported by
UNFPA. I am aware of the on-going assessment
which will give us new estimates.
Currently only 44% of women receive skilled
delivery with most of the remaining giving birth
at home. Most of the women who deliver under
unskilled care are young, uneducated and living
in poverty. Therefore, these women are at risk
of birth complications such as obstructed labour
which leads to obstetric stula mainly Vesico-
vaginal stula (VVF) and or Recto-vaginal stula
(RVF). This condition harms women physically,
socially and economically.
To end stula, universal access to reproductive
health services, including maternal health care
and stula treatment must be made available
to every girl or woman. There must be means
to track and follow-up with every woman or girl
who has had an obstetric stula. And importantly
there must be elimination of gender-based
social and economic inequities, discourage early
childbearing, promote education and human
rights, and foster community participation
including the active involvement of men in
nding solutions.
Due to the stigma associated with this condition
these women will suffer the indignity of living
her life with an obstetric stula. Now is the
time to end this severely neglected health and
human rights tragedy. We urge the Civil Society
and other organizations to prioritize advocacy
for maternal and newborn health.
Signicant strides have been made in eliminating
stula globally and more so in Kenya. The
Government of Kenya has put efforts to
accelerate the availability and use of universally
accessible quality health services especially
maternal health services which are critical for
reducing birth complications. By recognizing
maternal mortality as a key indicator of health
system effectiveness, the Ministry of Health
supports The First Ladys Beyond Zero
initiative which aims to mobilize resources and
rally political leadership for improved quality of
care for mothers and children.
Many of our would-be mothers cannot access
maternal health services due to nancial
constraints. I am happy with the His Excellency
The Presidents directive of having free maternal
health services in all public health facilities.
We therefore do call upon partners, health
care workers of all cadres in both the public
and private sectors and communities, must
work together to ensure universal access to
reproductive health services. We are privileged
to have partners like UNFPA, AMREF, FREEDOM
which have supported the national program
including Teaching and Referral hospitals
in the areas of capacity building of health
workers, community mobilization, provision of
hospital equipment, funding stula repair and
rehabilitation of the stula survivors.
The solution is clear, improving access to
reproductive health services is critical. Although
the Campaign to End Fistula has enhanced the
visibility and knowledge of obstetric stula
worldwide, it is still critically under-resourced
and it requires far more nancial and human
resources to achieve its goal of eliminating
stula. My Ministry will continue providing
policies, guidelines and training curriculum
to strengthen local capacity in our health
My fellow citizens, the power to eliminate
obstetric stula is in our hands, we must
continue to build partnerships and mobilize our
health system and communities to garner the
resources and support required Tracking Fistula
and Transforming lives of these women.
Message from Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin,
United Nations Under-Secretary-General and
Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Na-
tions Population Fund
The theme of this years International Day reects an impor-
tant step forward in eradicating this preventable condition,
which affects an estimated two million women and girls in
developing countries.
Obstetric stula highlights persistent global inequalities in
access to health care and basic human rights. Most women
who develop stula remain untreated for their entire lives
and the condition can easily recur in women and girls whose
stula has been surgically treated but who receive little or
no medical follow-up and then become pregnant again.
To treat stula and provide women with follow-up medical
care, we need to know more about how many women and girls are in need
of services and also where they live. In most instances, stigma forces women
living with the condition to remain hidden and isolates them from families
and communities. By systematically registering and tracking each woman and
girl who has or had an obstetric stula, we can make enormous strides in im-
proving their well-being and increasing the chances of their
babies survival in subsequent pregnancies.
Eliminating the health crisis of obstetric stula requires
scaling up countries capacities to provide access to equi-
table, high-quality sexual and reproductive health services,
including family planning and maternity care, especially
comprehensive emergency obstetric care. Tracking and
treating all stula cases is crucial, but it is also necessary
for countries to take steps to prevent stulas by addressing
underlying medical and socio-economic causes, eliminating
gender-based social and economic inequities, preventing
child marriage and early childbearing and promoting edu-
cation, especially for girls.
To address the neglected health and human rights violation
of obstetric stula, UNFPA, the United Nations Population
Fund, together with partners around the world, launched
the global Campaign to End Fistula a decade ago. Much
progress has been made. However, much remains to be done.
We have the resources and know-how. What we need now is the political will
to elevate the status of women and girls so that stula may never again un-
dermine a persons health, well-being, dignity and ability to participate in and
contribute to their communities.
The Flying Doctors Society of Africa was set up in
1971, to positively impact communities by spread-
ing medical outreach across East Africa. This is done
through facilitating specialized Surgical Services to
far ung areas through an outreach programme.
FDSA has been raising funds and creating aware-
ness on Vesico-Vaginal Fistula since 2006. Since
then, it has nanced treatment for over 1,000
women at a cost of over Sh.30m.
This year, the Society also hopes to reach at least
200 women across the country. FDSA has part-
nered with the Rotary Club of Essendon Australia,
Lohana Ladies Circle, East Africa Womens League-
Lavington chapter and Guru Nanak Ramgharia Sikh
Hospital, where free VVF surgeries will be done
throughout the year.
Partners and donors both corporate and individual
can get involved in this process, participate in this
process and initiative by enrolling in the FDSA mem-
bership scheme or/and by donating funds towards
the work that FDSA is doing with women in Africa.
For more information on our cause and activities
please contact us at 0722 205 084/733333004.
Thm: Tracking Fistula, Transforming Livs
Message from the Ministry of Health
do welcome all to this occasion
when we mark the Second
International Day to End Obstetric
Fistula in our Health Calendar;
and also thank the Government of
Machakos County to accept to host
the National event.
Condition a big challenge in Kenya
and many developing countries
Mr. James W. Macharia,
Cabinet Secretary
Ban Ki-Moon
UN Secretary General
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin
An opportunity to
sound the alarm on
this tragedy
Message from the UN
It is an appalling fact that in our world
of modern medical advances, nearly 800
women still die from pregnancy-related
complications each day, and for every
woman who dies, almost 20 more are
injured or disabled with severe or life-
shattering, long-term conditions such as
obstetric stula.
This International Day to End Obstetric
Fistula is an opportunity to sound the
alarm on this tragedy so that we may
galvanize action to end it. Progress is
possible. Over the past dozen years, some
47,000 women and girls have received
surgical treatment supported by the
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Registering and tracking each woman and
girl with stula can help ensure that more
individuals receive treatment, survivors
stay healthy and their future babies thrive.
The Every Woman Every Child initiative
can help advance progress by mobilizing
partners to support all those who need
Addressing obstetric stula is more than
a matter of health; it is a human rights
imperative. This condition is one of
the most devastating consequences of
neglected childbirth and a stark reection
of inequality at its worst. Although stula
is now virtually unheard of in industrialized
countries, it continues to afict the most
impoverished women and adolescent
girls in many developing countries. If
left untreated, it can contribute to social
isolation and depression and lead to
chronic medical problems, even the loss
of the child
Fistula is fully preventable when all women
and girls have access to high-quality,
comprehensive sexual and reproductive
health services, especially family planning,
maternal health care and emergency
obstetric care.
On this International Day, I call on
partners to support the UNFPA-led global
Campaign to End Fistula. Let us join forces
to eliminate this global social injustice.
Important step taken towards the eradication of this preventable condition
because everyone counts
Flying Doctors Society of Africa: Giving dignity to women suffering from stula
Friday May 23, 2014
40 | Advertising Feature
Message from the Governor,
Machakos County
I welcome everyone to the County as we
mark the International Day to end Obstetric
Fistula. This condition is attributed to
neglected obstructed labour. Evidence has
shown that most of those who suffer from
this condition are young vulnerable and poor,
with low education and in the low resource
setting. It is because of these reasons that my
Government has initiated programmes and
other interventions that focus on increasing
access to quality health care.
The global burden of stula is over 2million in
the developing countries and between 1,000
and 3,000 occur in Kenya annually. Due to the
nature of this condition, the local incidence in
Machakos County is unknown, as it is in other
regions within the country.
This makes me delighted to applaud this years
LIVES. Our focus in the County Health sector
includes improving health and making data
facilitate decision-making. It is from such
programme, that we will be able to keep data
about women who suffer stula. I urge those
suffering from this condition to come out and
seek treatment that is now available within
our county. My Government through the
Ministry of Health and Emergency Services
has rolled out a comprehensive healthcare
delivery programme in the county. Also there
is a lot of infrastructural development going
on to upgrade our health facilities to provide
basic and comprehensive emergency obstetric
and newborn care (EmONC).
The key to preventing stula is education.
Unless we act together, there will be more
cases. There is an urgent need to encourage
and support more effective programmes to
reduce the number of stula cases.
The government of Machakos County is glad to
be part of the global campaign to end stula.
Message from the
Representative, United
Nations Population Fund
(UNFPA) Kenya Country
On behalf of United Nations Population
Fund (UNFPA), I would like to thank
the Government of Machakos County
for warmly welcoming us here and for
hosting the International Day to End
Obstetric Fistula 2014. This years theme
is Tracking Fistula, Transforming Lives,
which reects an important step in
eradicating this preventable condition.
Obstetric Fistula, which is a hole in the birth
canal usually caused by prolonged, obstructed labour,
affects an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 women and girls in
Kenya every year. Around the world, this condition affects
an estimated two million women and girls in developing
countries. This is very sad and unfortunate.
The occurrence of obstetric stula in our women and
girls continues to highlight persistent global and national
inequalities in access to healthcare and basic human
rights. Majority of the women and young girls who suffer
from this devastating condition are very poor, vulnerable
and less educated. Most of these women remain untreated
their entire lives. Sadly, the condition can also easily recur
in women and girls who have been surgically treated but
who receive little or no medical follow-up and then become
pregnant again. Many of these women are stigmatized,
divorced and ostracized by their families and communities
and live life in despair. Many are not aware that surgical
repair can immensely transform their lives, and for those
who know, the cost of the surgery is prohibitive.
The Ministry of Health through its health information
system has the capacity to capture data on the extent
of obstetric stula occurrences among Kenyas women
and girls. Presently, this data is at facility level and it
is, therefore, imperative that we conduct a nationwide
mapping in order to provide better medical services. By
systematically registering and tracking each woman
and girl who has or had an obstetric
stula, we can make enormous strides in
improving their well-being and increasing
the chances of their babies survival in
subsequent pregnancies.
Addressing the inequalities in access to
healthcare and improving the capacity of
our health facilities to provide basic and
comprehensive emergency obstetric care
can substantially reduce the incidences
of obstetric stula. I congratulate the
Ministry of Health and the Government of
Kenya for implementing various initiatives
to increase access to quality maternal
health services, including prioritizing
reproductive health in the Constitution;
promoting free maternal healthcare in all
public health facilities; building the capacity
of health facilities to provide emergency obstetric and
newborn care; and addressing the human resource for
heath challenges, among many other initiatives. It is
our responsibility as UNFPA and other development
partners to support the Ministry of Health to support the
achievement of its development goals and of the Kenya
Vision 2030.
By placing the adolescent girl at the centre of health
initiatives, we will be able to reduce incidences of
obstetric stula by eliminating gender-based social and
economic inequities, preventing child marriage and early
childbearing, promoting education and preventing HPV.
The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), together
with partners around the world, launched the global
Campaign to End Fistula a decade ago. Much progress has
been made. In Kenya, over 2,000 women and girls have
benetted from this support. In addition, UNFPA Kenya has
built the capacity of six (6) regional hospitals to conduct
stula repair including expansion of infrastructure and
provision of equipment, the training of two (2) stula
surgeons in Ethiopia, and the procurement of 500 stula
repair kits that were distributed by the Ministry of Health
to various health facilities around the country. UNFPA is
keen to support the Ministry of Health integrate stula
operations in normal surgical procedures as this will,
ultimately, be more cost effective.
Obstetric Fistula is a devastating condition affecting
women and girls in rural African communities.
Fistula occurs as a complication of obstructed
labour, whereby a hole (stula) develops between
either the rectum and the vagina, or the bladder
and the vagina. In most cases, the baby is stillborn,
and the woman faces disorders including chronic
incontinence, severe infections, and nerve damage
in the legs. Sufferers are also subject to severe
social stigma due to odours and perceptions of
Reconstructive surgery can mend stula with a
90% success rate for uncomplicated cases and 60%
success rate for more complicated cases. The cost
of vesico-vaginal stula surgery for a single woman
is on average USD$400 {Kshs. 34,000 only). In East
Africa, about 1,600 operations are performed
annually mainly due to limited surgical services.
It is estimated that there are between 1-2 million
women in need of stula surgery worldwide. In
sub-sahara Africa, it is estimated that 1-2 obstetric
stulas occur per 1000 deliveries and about 4500
- 5500 new obstetric stulae occur in East Africa
annually. The estimate for Kenya is 2,000 new
cases every year.
With these statistics, its clear why Amref Health
Africa in Kenya through the Outreach Programme
launched the Staying
Alive! Restore Womens
Dignity project especially
for women living in
hard to reach areas.
The three-year regional
project is funded by the
Dutch Government and
aims to reach 113,000
women of reproductive
age. A team of surgeons
and behaviour change
c o m m u n i c a t i o n
specialists seek to
identify women with
stulas and to have as
many of them as possible
surgically repaired.
Working with the
Health Management
Teams in the county,
Amref Health Africa in
Kenya will also institute measures to prevent the
occurrence of stulas, including creating demand
for early antenatal care and skilled attendance
at birth, encouraging healthy timing and spacing
of pregnancies, and discouraging early marriage
and female genital
The immediate
underlying cause of
stula is the absence
of relief of obstructed
labour that occurs in
places where skilled
care is not available.
Currently, skilled care is
available in most parts
of Kenya; however,
mothers and caretakers
may be subject to three
kinds of delays. The
rst is the delay in
making the decision to
seek skilled care during
labour which often is
inuenced by lack of
knowledge of potential
complications by the
mother, caretakers and the community; deeply
rooted cultural and tradition beliefs on the benets
of delivering without skilled care; and dependence
on a signicant other such as the spouse or relative.
The second delay is the delay to transfer the mother
to care even when the decision is made. This delay
arises from poverty and physical barriers such as
long distances and lack of means of transport. The
third delay is the delay to receive essential care
even when the mother arrives at a health facility.
This delay is also multi-factorial and occurs when
the care facility is lacking in essential obstetric
supplies, skilled care givers and infrastructure.
In rare cases stulae may also occur following
injuries that arise from rape, female genital
mutilation, violence or unskilled performance of
abortions which involves introduction of objects in
the vagina and uterus.
In 2012, Amref Health Africa in Kenya funded free
reconstructive surgery for women with vesico-
vaginal stula at the Kenyatta National Hospital.
The free clinic received more than 1,000 patients
indicating that there is still a need for access to
treatment for many women.
The truth stula is treatable and preventable
and there is hope for all.
This article is written by Dr Asrat Mengiste, MD,
MPH. Dr Mengiste is a reconstructive surgeon
working with Amref Health Africa in Kenya as the
regional director of medical services and clinical
outreach programme. info@amref.org
Thm: Tracking Fistula, Transforming Livs
Dr. Alfred Mutua
Governor Machakos County
Dr. Asrat Mengiste, Regional Manager of Clinical
Outreach at Amref Health Africa in Kenya with
Irene Chelagat from West Pokot. Irene is a
beneciary of free reconstructive surgery Staying
Alive project
Ms. Naomi Mutie Kamala,
CEC, Health
Mr. Siddharth Chatterjee
Programmes initiated to increase
access to quality health care
The key to improve the
well-being of the affected
Surgeon Restoring Womens Dignity
Amref Health Africa in Kenya Outreach Programme provides reconstructive surgery
because everyone counts
Friday May 23, 2014
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136. Rodgers Kapendui Sandui M 11529275 Fri. 16/06/2014 3:50 P.M
137. Lusweti Khakame M 27100365 Mon. 16/06/2014 9:00 A.M
138. Kennedy Wekesa Wapangala M 23358504 Mon. 16/06/2014 9:20 A.M
139. Mary Wilfrida Awino F 13671839 Mon. 16/06/2014 9:40 A.M
140. Geofrey Wamalwa Barasa M 13438337 Mon. 16/06/2014 10:00 A.M
141. Fredrick Maende Macmbinji M Mon. 16/06/2014 10:20 A.M
142. Hezron Kimutai Korir M 23733278 Mon. 16/06/2014 10:40 A.M
143. Damien Tubman Ochiel M - Mon. 16/06/2014 11:30 A.M
144. Joseph Ngetich M 24204496 Mon. 16/06/2014 11:50 A.M
145. Samwel Echakara Omusungu M 23784424 Mon. 16/06/2014 12:10 A.M
146. Juliet Waithera Wainaina F 23649082 Mon. 16/06/2014 12:30 A.M
147. Patrick Kiptoo Ndiwa M 11757021 Mon. 16/06/2014 12:50 P.M
148. Julius Ongwaye Onyancha M 9972113 Mon. 16/06/2014 2:10 P.M
149. Peter Omwanza Matoke M 21116976 Mon. 16/06/2014 2:30 P.M
150. Nicholas Sitati Masinde M 23839258 Mon. 17/06/2014 2:50 P.M
151. Samwel Simiyu Wafula M 20045682 Mon. 17/06/2014 3:10 P.M
152. Abraham Kipchumba Kirwa M 22998007 Mon. 17/06/2014 3:30 P.M
153. Wilson Kiprotich Kurgat M 10761802 Mon. 17/06/2014 3:50 P.M
154. Emmanuel Shikuku Wabuge M 11221294 Tue. 17/06/2014 9:00 A.M
155. Ngeno Kipkorir Wesley M 22953544 Tue. 17/06/2014 9:20 A.M
156. Joab Samburmo M 11365344 Tue. 17/06/2014 9:40 A.M
157. Amos Nabiswa Barasa M 21674312 Tue. 17/06/2014 10:00 A.M
158. Edwin Evelia Lijodi M 10800986 Tue. 17/06/2014 10:20 A.M
159. Solomon Murefu Musee M 22063523 Tue. 17/06/2014 10:40 A.M
160. Lincolin Ishmael Kagunyi M 14515571 Tue. 17/06/2014 11:30 A.M
161. Violet Kagazi Iminza F 14721695 Tue. 17/06/2014 11:50 A.M
162. Isaac Kiptoo Kiplagat M 24048681 Tue. 17/06/2014 12:10 A.M
163. Robert Kiraini M 11506695 Tue. 17/06/2014 12:30 A.M
164. Wycliff Khamala Ainea M 13661250 Tue. 17/06/2014 12:50 P.M
165. Fredrick Shamola Bulemi M 20866076 Tue. 17/06/2014 2:10 P.M
166. Lucy Kiende Mwithimbu F 10486258 Tue. 17/06/2014 2:30 P.M
All shortlisted candidates are required to bring with them the following documents on the day of
the interview:
i. Original National Identity Card/or Passport
ii. Original Academic and Professional Certificates
iii. Original VALID clearance certificates from: KRA, HELB, EACC, and C.I.D
iv. Any other relevant documents and testimonials.
Interviews will be held at the County Public Service Boards Boardroom situated on the 1st floor at
the Trans Nzoia County Commissioners Building, Kitale.
Public Service Board

P.O BOX 4210 30200 KITALE, Email: cpsbtransnzoia@gmail.com
We refer to the advertisement of the positions of Ward Administrators in the service of the County Government of Trans Nzoia in the print media of 21/02/2014. We are pleased to invite the following
shortlisted candidates for interview on dates and time indicated against their names:
Friday May 23, 2014
42 | Jobs
I am the National Chairperson of the council of AIPCA women, a forum I founded 14 years ago and which
I head until now. I am also a member of the Central Board and a trustee of AIPCA church among other
posts entrusted to me by the people of AIPCA.
The new leadership has brought about big differences in what our faith and constitution upholds and
thereby making it very difficult for the women council and I to achieve our women agenda and watering
down a huge milestone achieved over a long period of time.
There is serious violation of our AIPCA constitution that has created instability in our congregation and
making it harsh for elected leaders to work together for the very good of our faith and church. Mediations
have bore no fruits and leadership gaps are widening in various organs of the church.
As a staunch believer of the rule of law, the AIPCA constitution and the women council and for the
stability of our congregation which has been achieved over a long period of time, I wish to state I will not
be involved and or be part of history that undermined these values and brought turmoil into our peaceful
and God fearing church.
In the light of this, I have tendered my resignation to the Central Board for all the posts I hold in the
leadership of AIPCA church. I, however, remain a strong follower of AIPCA church, member of the AIPCA
Women Council and an advocate of the church constitution. I would like to thank all the AIPCA Women
and the entire congregation for the support and giving me the chance to serve them for that period.
I humbly ask all faithfuls to pray for our congregation. God bless AIPCA.
This position is under the administrative direction of the General Manager and the
Head Golf Professional. The employee is responsible for assisting in the efcient
management and operation of the golf course and the promotion of interest in
the sport and use of the golf course, including providing professional instruction
to golfers.
The work is performed in conformance with Vetlab policies, but independent
judgment and initiative must be exercised in the technical and professional details of
the operation. Reporting to the Club Captain Directly, Golf Pro and indirectly to the
General Manager, the successful candidate key roles will include the following:
I. Provide golf coaching to members, guests, and visitors to the club manually
or through audio-visual aids involving video and computer facilities.
II. Organize and oversee tournaments in the club both internal and external to
include league match and Sponsored tournaments
III. Manage all issues concerning handicapping and other golf related matters as
may be requested by the captain
IV. To implement junior golf programmes and conduct junior golf coaching and
clinics during school holidays and to educate same on golf etiquette at the set
V. To provide technical advice to the course & Match sub-committee in matters
relating to course design, stroke index allocation, course rating e.t.c
The ideal candidate should have the following qualications:
a) Certicate from PGA or other recognized bodies as a golf pro
b) Excellent communication skills
c) Ability to train on golng
d) Minimum of K.C.S E certicate
a) Ability to evaluate market trends in golf related sportswear and equipment
and the trend relation to the courses customers.
b) Ability to give golf instructions to the general public, individuals and groups.
c) Ability to enforce golf course and facilities rules and regulations rmly,
tactfully and impartially.
d) Ability to take oral and written instructions.
e) Ability to give oral and written instructions and to supervise subordinates in
golf course and
f) Knowledge of equipment necessary to maintain and efciently operate a golf
course and related facilities.
g) Knowledge of ofce procedures, methods and equipment with particular
reference to receiving and accounting for the receipt of cash.The starter will
be responsible for making sure golfers tee off when they are supposed to. It is
an important job, especially at busy course like Vetlab, since one late tee-off
can have a cascading effect for the remainder of the day. The Starter will
maintain a tee sheet and call golfers to the tee when they should begin their
The starter will make sure the proper groups are teeing off and that all members of
the group have paid for their round. If there are lone golfers, the starter will also help
place those golfers with a group of golfers to create a foursome.
a) Provide information regarding course, play time and other golf-related issues
b) Act as an information Centre for golf and other course development facts
c) Verify that all revenues have been properly recorded by inspecting receipts for
all players before they depart to course, practice tee or range
d) Dispense range balls in accordance with club policies
e) Determine and track rate of course play
f) Maintain clean and orderly appearance of starters area/booth at all times
g) Arranges players in proper starting order and assign appropriate tees
h) Assign carts
i) Assign caddies
j) Train and instruct caddies in proper duties and etiquette
k) Supply players with score cards, pencils and rules of play
l) Advise players and caddies of golf course conditions
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
I. Good communication skills
II. Good interpersonal skills
III. Organizational skills
IV. Customer service experience
V. Positive attitude and willingness to work in a team
VI. Knowledge of the game of golf
VII. Lead the rst aid team and emergency evacuation situations at the golf
I. Knowledge of golf.
II. Coordination Skills.
III. Demonstrate ability to solve problems.
IV. Required qualication includes a High School certicate. A valid drivers
License. Basic math skills. Prior work with the golf club desirable.
V. Computer skills preferred.
Veterinary Laboratory Sports Club commonly referred to as VetLab and widely revered as a Golf Club is the friendliest Club in the Country. It has a pleasant and a
challenging eighteen-hole golf course. We are looking for highly motivated and smart persons to join our great team.
Note that all candidates will eventually be required to produce Certicates of Good Conduct.
An attractive remuneration package, commensurate with responsibilities of the job will be offered. If your qualications and experience meet the above criteria, please send
an application letter and detailed CV indicating contact telephone number, current remuneration and three referees by 13
. June 2014 to:
Application should be addressed to: General Manager, Vetlab Sports Club,
P. O. Box 29105, 00625, Nairobi-Kenya.
E-mail: adminassist@vetlabsc.com
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Deadline for applications: 13th. June 2014.
Friday May 23, 2014
Job Purpose:
To supervise and inspect general maintenance and repairs of the buildings, ofce modications, to ensure they are
Main Responsibilities
Inspects and identies buildings works and drainages that require maintenance
Prepares building specications for works and services to ensure effective procurement
Supervises and coordinates building works to ensure timely completion of works
Liaises with Procurement department for materials and hardware goods for building works
Veries goods and hardware goods procured to ensure quality and conformance to specications
Prepares daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports on maintenance works
Prepares annual buildings maintenance budget for planning and implementation purposes
Qualications and Experience:
Minimum of 5 years post diploma working experience in building maintenance
Diploma in Building Construction
Computer literacy
Knowledge and application of Engineering software
Job Purpose
To install, maintain and repair water reticulation system, sinks, water closets (WC), sewer pipes and rain water down
pipes within the airport facilities and KAA staff quarters.
Main Responsibilities
Maintenance and repair of water reticulation system, sinks, water closets, cisterns, sewer pipes and rain water
down pipes.
Detects any blockages, leakages, breakages on water reticulation system and carries out the necessary repair
Maintenance of re hydrant systems including pipes and valves
Reading of water meters for billing purposes
Maintain records of defects and repairs for further action
Ensures the maintainance and improvement of KAA QMS
Any other duties as assigned from time to time.
Qualication and experience
O level Grade C or equivalent
Trade Test 1 certicate or craft certicate
Minimum of 3 year experience in plumbing works
Job Purpose:
Maintenance of all civil engineering facilities to ensure they are functional at all times and meet all international
standards such as ICAO requirements
Main Responsibilities:
Carries out daily inspection of the Runway, apron, road network pavements and the airport environment to
ascertain its condition.
Maintains civil engineering facilities including cutting grass and gardening
Supervises Civil Engineerig contractors to ensure timely project completion and quality service
Compiles and submits monthly civil engineering reports to the Airport Engineer
Compiles and submits annual civil engineering budget.
Monitors and controls Civil budget
Monitors service level agreements for Civil Engineering contractors to ensure implementation
Preapares bills of quantities and work estimates for tendering purposes
Ensures the maintainance and improvement of KAA QMS
Qualications and Experience:
O level Grade C or equivalent
Minimum of 4 years post diploma working experience
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Job Purpose:
To maintain, install and service all electrical equipment and lighting systems at the airport.
Main Responsibilities
Inspects all electrical equipment to detect and diagonise faults
Provides guidance on and oversees repairs and replacements of all defective electrical equipments
Ensures that all airport generators (standby) are serviceable
Carries out routine maintenance of facilities such as relamping of Aireld lighting, cable fault repairs and
scheduled/unscheduled replacement of worn out parts on Equipment.
Prepares specications and bills of quantities for procurement of Electrical works / services
Prepares annual Electrical budget for consolidation by the Engineer
Supervises Electrical contractors to ensure quality and timely project completion
Provides leadership to the Electricical Team working under him / her
Prepares reports and maintains records on service status of all Electrical equipment
Ensures the maintenance and improvement of KAA QMS
Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Qualications and Experience:
O level Grade C certication or equivalent
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
A minimum of 3 years of relevant post Diploma working experience
Knowledge and application of engineering software
Computer knowledge
Job Purpose:
To maintain, service and repair all electronic and telecommunication equipment and ensure it is serviceable at all times
Main Responsibilities
Implements the maintenance program for all Electronic equipment at the airport
Inspects, maintains and repairs electronic equipment covering base radios, mobile radios, public address
system, weighing scales, X-ray machines, PABX, Telephone lines, T.V sets and FIDS etc
Installs new electronic equipment when need arises
Servicing of electronic equipment covering cleaning, dusting, tightening of loose parts etc.
Prepares annual Electronics budget for consolodation by the Engineer
Raises requisitions for spares parts, checking and conrming that correct spares are purchased
Prepares bills of quantities for Electronics Works and services
Supervises Electronics works to ensure timely completion
Prepares status reports for all electronic equipment to assist management in decision making
Provides leadership to Electronics staff
Ensures the maintainance and improvement of KAA QMS
Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Qualication and experience
O level Grade C certicate or equivalent
Diploma in Electronics / Electrical
Minimum of 3 years post diploma experience in Electronics / Electrical works
Job Purpose:
To inspect, maintain and repair all airport electro-mechanical equipments to ensure they are operational and
serviceable at all times e.g. boarding bridges, conveyors, lifts, escalators, weighing scales and pumping station.
Main Responsibilities
Carries out routine check up, inspections and testing of the equipment as per manufacturers guidelines
Carry out repairs of the equipments to mainatin continous serviceability
Carries out preventive maintenance on periodical intervals by changing oils, greasing worn-out parts,
changing of seals, etc
Briefs the Electrical Engineer on the condition of facilties on a daily basis, detailing what requires to be
Prepares requisitions for materials and works for the section on demand
Conrms the quality of items procured for the section before tting can be undertaken.
Carries out annual general servicing of all machines such as boarding briges, lifts etc
Supervises and guides Mechanics and Artisans in the section
Provides leadership to mechanics and artisans
Ensures the maintainance and improvement of KAA QMS
Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Qualications and Experience:
O level Grade C certication or equivalent
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Minimum of 3 years post diploma working experience
Job Purpose:
Repair, service and maintenance of mechanical equipments and facilities to ensure they are serviceable all the
Main Responsibilities
Overhauls vehicle engines to ensure replacement of faulty parts
Conducts vehicle and plants troubleshooting upon receipt of request from the users to identify any likely
Prepares service schedules for all vehicles to ensure service dates are adhered to for proper service of the
Prepares list of replacement parts to ensure timely purchase , replacement and serviceability of the vehicle
and its maintenance .
Supervises Artisan , Mechanics and Plant Operators to ensure vehicles and Plants are serviced and
maintained on time.
Allocates duties to mechanics for immediate repair and service of the vehicles
Conducts repais of Fire Tenders to ensure they are serviceable
Liaises with Engineer on section issues for planning
Provides leadership to mechanical staff
Ensures the maintainance and improvement of KAA QMS
Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
Qualications and Experience:
level certicate
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
3 years post diploma working experience
How to apply
Interested candidates are required to submit an application letter, curriculum vitae and copies of certicates and
other testimonials on or before 3
June 2014 to the address below quoting reference on the envelop.
The Managing Director
Kenya Airports Authority
P o Box 19001-00501
KAA does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, ethnicity or disability.
Please note that canvassing will lead to automatic disqualication
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Friday May 23, 2014
44 | Jobs
Network and Systems Manager
Under the supervision of the Director of Technology, this position is responsible
for maintaining the ISK network as a safe and efcient network with minimal
downtime, the effective management and administration of computer systems,
telecommunications systems, as well as management of the IT departments
day-to-day operations.
Required Qualications, Skills and Qualities:
Advanced Diploma or Bachelors degree in computer science/data systems
Industry certication in systems and network administration.
Experience in deploying and maintaining a campus- wide (large-scale) Wi-Fi
A minimum of 10 years experience with management information
Previous experience managing and working with an IT department.
Good analytic and management skills; prociency in latest technology for
IT systems and management.
Prociency in MAC, Windows and Linux operating systems
Willing to work outside school (business) hours
Excellent communications skills in English and Kiswahili
The Prole for the position may be viewed on the ISK Website
Qualied candidates may send their resume, letter of interest, references or
reference contacts to hrmanager@isk.ac.ke by Thursday May 29
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 45
Friday May 23, 2014
46 | Jobs
The Company
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited (KenGen) is the leading power producer generating about 80 per cent of power consumed in Kenya. It is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange and is 70% Government owned.
The Strategy
The Company operates in a liberalized and regulated single-buyer market competing with Independent Power Producers. The forecasted national peak demand to meet Kenya Vision 2030 objectives is 15,000MW by year 2030.
KenGen is going to be the major player in attaining this national target.
In alignment with this national goal, KenGen has set out an ambitious operational and growth strategy, to grow its capacity from the current 1,236MW to 3,000MW by 2018. Launched in 2007 as Good-to-Great (G2G) Transformation
Strategy, the Company has completed the frst horizon (2008-2012) and is now on the second horizon (2013-2018). For more information on KenGen, visit www.kengen.co.ke
In order to meet the planned growth and sustain momentum of the ongoing transformation plan in line with its corporate strategy, the Board wishes to identify and recruit suitable candidates for the following listed executive
The successful candidates will be expected to demonstrate distinguished leadership with a track record of achievements in the public or private sector backed with a minimum Ten (10) years in senior management roles and be a
Transformative and Change leader, keen on detail and strict deadlines with undisputable respect and integrity. He/She will be required to possess strong people management and inter personal skills.
Detailed Job descriptions are posted in our website for reference.
Application complete with detailed resume and testimonials should be addressed to:
The Managing Director & CEO
Kenya Electricity Generating Company Ltd

Floor, Stima Plaza Phase III
Kolobot Road, Parklands
P O Box 47936 00100
On or before Monday, 9
June, 2014 at 3.00 p.m. Remember to indicate the reference number of the job applied for on the envelope.
NB: KenGen is an equal opportunity employer and interested candidates are advised to apply where they feel they have key strengths.
Canvassing and falsifying of data will lead to automatic disqualification.
(Ref: HR/SUP/1/05/14)
Reporting to the Managing Director & CEO, the person will:
Lead, oversee and manage the supply chain function and actively participate in the development of KenGens
corporate strategy.
Develop accountability structures, oversee periodic reporting and monitor the performance indicators for
Contracts, Procurement and Logistics.
Oversee the development of an annual procurement plan with strong focus on strategic buying and monitoring.
Oversee the maintenance of a good relationship with suppliers, value for money, local and international purchase
and demand recourse from non non-performing suppliers.
Ensure compliance with applicable statutory, legal and regulatory requirements and standards such as Public
Procurement & Disposal Act.
Undergraduate degree in either of the following felds: Commerce, Business Administration, Engineering,
Economics, Purchasing & Logistics or any relevant feld.
A Masters degree in Supply Chain or Business related feld is an added advantage.
Professional qualifcations from C.I.P.S. or related International Supply chain qualifcation.
Member of KISM or any other relevant professional body.
At least Ten (10) years experience at senior management level in managing the supply chain in a large
Ability to interact and manage at Board and high level government and stakeholder relationships; and a
demonstration of strong ability to negotiate with suppliers and contractors is essential.
A good understanding of supply chain Management with bias on the public sector.
(Ref: HR/BD/2/05/14)
Reporting to the Managing Director & CEO, the person will:
Lead and provide thought leadership in the development and implementation of business development strategies
to achieve KenGens strategic objectives.
Develop accountability structures, oversee periodic reporting and projects implementation and monitor the
performance indicators for the Capital Planning and Public Private Partnerships, Projects Execution and New
Business Initiatives within the departments.
Oversee capital planning and to ensure that the supply and demand outlook is constantly updated, that planned
capacity meets forecasted demand requirements and that alternative capital projects options are evaluated to
mitigate against either delays or non-feasibility of main projects.
Ensure that potential capital projects are effectively screened prioritized and contributes to the National Least-Cost
Power Development Plan.
Formulate, Evaluate and ensure the effective execution of all feasibility studies. This involves reviewing the
technical, fnancial, economic and environmental aspects of proposed projects and providing appropriate
Oversee the implementation of Public Private Partnerships by identifying and negotiating new business
partnerships for Business Development.
Implementation of New Business Initiatives in line with the corporate strategy which includes conducting research
and development on various initiatives and providing consultancy services to external parties.
Undergraduate degree in Engineering, Business or any other relevant feld.
Masters degree in Engineering or Business related feld is an added advantage.
Must be a registered engineer with EBK and a member of I.E.K or member of a relevant professional body.
At least Ten (10) years experience at a Senior Management position in Business Development, Managing Projects
of High Value in a large organization.
A proven track record of delivering projects of similar size and complexity, within time and budget.
Comprehensive understanding of Implementing Public Private Partnerships.
Experience in formulation and execution of feasibility studies.
Demonstrate strong negotiation skills and handling of donor funded projects and experience in dealing with
international fnancial institutions and development partners is essential.
(Ref: HR/GD/3/05/14)
Reporting to the Managing Director & CEO, the person will:
Lead, oversee and manage the geothermal resource development and operations function and actively participate
in the development of KenGens corporate strategy.
Develop accountability structures, oversee periodic reporting of drilling and Geothermal projects and monitor the
performance indicators for the Geothermal Development Division.
Manage a large number of staff and cross functional teams in the area including Supply Chain, ICT, Finance,
Human Resources and Administration Services.
Coordinate, monitor and direct management and maintenance of reservoir and steam feld resources.
Oversee power generation in Geothermal operations ensuring timely effective and effcient revenue generating
activities, safety adherence and security of the assets within the plants.
Develop and coordinate the implementation of environmental and social impact assessment frameworks.
Oversee the provision of research and consultancy services, including the hiring of expertise and equipment to
local and international clients.
Coordinate implementation of resettlement action plans for geothermal projects in conjunction with the
Regulatory & Corporate Affairs division.
Manage the relationship between the company and local communities and stakeholders on issues related to the
Geothermal Development.
Be the contact person for all visitors (local & international) to the area and is expected to coordinate all the service
providers including contractors.
Undergraduate degree in Engineering, Earth Sciences, Business or any other relevant feld.
Masters degree in Engineering, Earth Science or Business related feld is an added advantage.
Must be a registered engineer with EBK and a member of I.E.K or member of a relevant professional body.
At least Ten (10) years experience at senior management level in plant operations or geothermal technology
related roles.
(Ref: HR/SBP/4/05/14)
Reporting to the Managing Director & CEO, the person will:
Lead the implementation and institutionalization of an effective accountability system across the Company
through a robust Strategy Execution management process;
Coordinate and drive Strategy Formulation and Review through objective review of the organizations Strategic
and Situational Analysis within external and internal operating environment;
Lead in development of Strategic initiatives by organizing operational and strategy review sessions to identify
activities, timelines and targets while enforcing organizational alignment by ensuring that business and support
functions in the organization are aligned to the strategy;
Establish strategy expenditure budget required to drive implementation of strategic initiatives portfolio and
seamlessly coordinate implementation of the initiatives.
Undergraduate degree in Engineering or a business related feld.
Possession of a Masters degree Engineering or Business related feld is an added advantage.
Membership to relevant Professional Organisations.
A proven track record of leading major corporate strategy formulation projects and effective strategy execution
monitoring and evaluation.
Evidence of the ability to organise and present high impact information for top management and key
A proven track record of leading the development and implementation of innovative initiatives with an aim of
improving the company business spectrum.
Proven experience in engaging top management teams, anticipating, fltering and accelerating issues and problem
resolution across divisions, departments and teams.
Relevant experience in the energy sector and familiarity with key stakeholders.
Coordinate Innovation activities Company-wide with an aim of improving the company business spectrum.
Oversee development of a knowledge harvest & management framework and implementation of knowledge
transfer within the organization.
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 47
Friday May 23, 2014
48 | Jobs
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 49
Vacancy No: 1/2014
Functional Title: Policy & Strategy Adviser
Grade : NOC
Org. Unit : UNAIDS Kenya Office
Reporting to: UNAIDS Country Director
Date of Issue: 16 May 2014
Duty Station: Nairobi, Kenya
Functions / Key Responsibilities
Reporting to the UNAIDS Country Director, the Policy and Strategy Adviser will work in collaboration with national
and county partners to ensure HIV strategies and policies are developed across key sectors. At devolved level, the
adviser will support strategic planning in key counties and the dissemination and implementation of policies and
strategies. In addition, the adviser will provide technical support for leadership in planning, financing and coordination
of the AIDS response within the devolved government primarily through:
Providing technical advice on policy direction to the UNAIDS country office, national and county
Support process to plan, budget, coordinate and build HIV response management and
coordination at the county level;
Provide leadership, strategic policy direction and technical support to processes that will result
in effective implementation of the AIDS response at devolved level.
Detailed functions, key responsibilities and competences can be found at the link below:
Post Requirements
Education: First university degree in public policy, public administration, political science, finance,
accounting, or related fields.
Experience: A minimum of four to five years experience in the development, planning and
programming and monitoring and implementation of technical programmes in
governmental and international institutions. High level expertise in governance,
public administration, policy, and/or planning. Experience and proven ability to
analyze, provide technical advice, transfer knowledge, and provide leadership on
policy development and implementation processes. Demonstrated analytical skills to
synthesize policy document and provide practical recommendations.
Language: Essential: Advanced knowledge of English with knowledge of the local language.
Interested persons are kindly requested to send applications, including a letter of interest, curriculum vitae and
updated P11 form (available at the link provided) to the address below. Please quote vacancy number and position
title on the envelope.
Block M, Middle Level
P.O. Box 30218 00100
Nairobi Kenya
Please note that:
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
Only those candidates that are short-listed for interviews will be notified.
UNAIDS is an equal opportunity employer which strives to achieve overall balance in its staffing patterns.
Closing date for applications is 13 June 2014
AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a global not for profit organization, that provides cutting-edge medicine and
advocacy to more than 300,000 patients in 33 countries and is headquartered out of Los Angeles, California.
Since 1987, AHF has cared for thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As we create and implement
unparalleled programs in new communities globally, we expand delivery of healthcare and influence over policy
with the sole aim of saving more lives. AHF global programs require the expertise of individuals to support delivery
of quality services in clinics across its medical programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Located at the AHF Plaza on plot 123 Parklands Avenue Nairobi Kenya, AHF Global Quality Management office
wishes to recruit a dynamic, skilled, committed, self driven and results oriented individual to fill in the following
Location: Nairobi - Kenya.
Supervisor Title: The Bureau Chief, Africa
Job Summary:
The Chief of Global Quality Management position is a combination of both Leadership and Clinical Management
and will work with Medical Providers in the 4 bureaus of Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe.
He/she is required to be experienced in assessing clinical competence and current best practices that will ensure
quality care is delivered across all sites. The Chief of Global Quality Management is also responsible for oversight
of the Quality of care team support structure across the 4 bureaus.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
a) Leadership Responsibilities:
Lead and ensure establishment of Medical Executive Committees in each bureau and actively
participate in medical leadership activities.
Coordinate treatment and care programs including monitoring of the implementation of medical
programs, client enrollment and utilization of resources with Bureau level teams
Develop standards of performance, evaluate performance, and initiate/make recommendations for
improving performance of medical executive committees and senior medical directors.
Ensure integration of HIV related services with the medical and prevention departments and coordinate
with other departments in a manner that fosters a collaborative environment for teamwork
Collaborates with other executive leaders including bureau chief, global executive committee and senior
management, to strategize and ensure AHFs mission and goals are achieved.
b) Clinical and Quality of care responsibilities.
Maintains clinical activity by full participation in departmental clinical workload
Models and provides leadership for delivery of excellent services and ensures the successful
implementation of effective strategies and approaches that will improve quality of care
Provides service, guidance, and promotion of quality standards through audits, peer review, quality
management, and education initiatives. Responsible for overseeing the quality management and quality
improvement programs for healthcare facilities
Plays a key role in decision-making processes regarding new medical procedures/devices / technologies
being planned by various country programs.
Works with implementing staff to establish procedures, standards, systems aimed at continuously
improving quality of care
Ensures that policies and initiatives are efficient, meet patient expectations and are updated to reflect
patient needs and the organizations goals
Deals with clinical systems problems, identifying cause and developing action plans for effective
resolution of issues
Qualifcations, Education and Experience.
Bachelors degree in human Medicine and Masters Degree in Internal Medicine, MPH or Infectious
At least 10 years post residency (not including fellowship training) clinical experience in internal
medicine or internal medicine subspecialty.
A demonstrated track record of superior performance in physician leadership roles; a background should
have been gained ideally in an health system or major medical group that is recognized for excellence
in clinical care
Clinical leadership skills in quality management, clinical effectiveness and outcomes, clinical staff
development, case management, clinical protocol development.
Demonstrated management, leadership and executive capabilities. Enjoys working as a member of a
cohesive multi-cultural team, and is good at doing so.
Experience working with an International organization dealing with medical service delivery.
Location: Nairobi - Kenya
Supervisor Title: Chief of Global Quality Management
Duties and Responsibilities
Set-up and manage databases of global program data, and work with AHF country program data managers
to ensure high-quality data.
Form and oversee the Global M&E unit which will be responsible for the Provider Productivity Report,
Quarterly Reports, Feedback Reports and various progress monitoring dashboards.
Provide long-term in-country support for coordination and scale-up of data management systems.
Work with global monitoring and evaluation (M&E) including quality teams to develop and implement tools,
systems and processes that will improve data collection, management and analysis
Work with AHFs financial department to compile documents modeling, projecting and monitoring the financial
growth within AHFs global programs including ROI analyses.
Provide training and technical support for global data management and analysis to sites, countries and
Initiate analysis and prepare reports based on changes in data quality and availability and identify reporting
needs within AHF.
As part of the Global Technical Team identify, prepare and disseminate best-practices and successful
program interventions.
Travel to AHF country programs in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and work with local staff.
The position requires up to 40% travel time.
Collaborate with the Global Technical Team, Bureau Chiefs, Country Program Directors / Managers, M&E
Managers and external consultants to monitor and evaluate program efforts.
Required Skills & Qualifcations
Advance Masters degree preferably PHD in Statistics, Behavioral sciences, Health Economics or Social
Sciences field, with 10 years or more of relevant work experience;
Experience in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis and management.
Strong computer skills, including proficiency in statistical software program(s) (i.e. SPSS, R, SAS and
EpiInfo), Patient medical records packages (including OpenMRS, IQCares, SmartCare, SALVAR, Mangua
and Tier.net) and Database Pakages (i.e MySQL, SQL Server, Dbase and Database standards such as SQL,
Experience and ability to work in a multi-cultural international environment including prior experience working
with HIV programs in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and/or Africa.
Proven track-record of relevant publications and conference presentations.
Availability outside of regular office hours for activities and meetings, as needed.
Interested candidates should apply by email to:
The Regional Human Resource Manager, AIDS HealthCare Foundation Africa Bureau Office, Plot 123
3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi Kenya or through email: globalhr.africa@aidshealth.org.
The application must include cover letter of interest, detailed CV, certified copies of Academic qualifications, one
example of written work proving publication track-record, and must be submitted not later than 5:00pm 6
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Friday May 23, 2014
50 | Jobs
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 51
Save the Children has been operational in Kenya since the 1950s, providing support to children through
developmental and humanitarian relief programmes delivered both directly and through local partners.
Current programming focuses on child protection, child rights governance, education, health, HIV/AIDS,
livelihoods, nutrition and WASH. In 2012, as part of a global reorganization process, Save the Children
combined the programmes of SC UK, SC Canada and SC Finland to create a single operation in
Kenya. In Feb 2014, we completed a second transition, which saw us join forces with the British INGO,
Merlin, and merge their health and nutrition programmes with our own. Save the Children now has an
operational presence in Bungoma, Dadaab Refugee Camp, Garissa, Mandera, Turkana and Wajir and
we work through partners in many other parts of the country. We employ more than 300 staff and have
an operating annual budget in 2014 of approximately US$25 million.
Save the Children is launching the development of a signature approach for Pastoralist Education
working in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (National and County level)
and the County Government of Wajir. Save The Children is therefore looking for a consultant to develop
a strong evidence base, through context-analysis, in depth review of current/past related initiatives
from Save the Children and other actors (desk-based) and an in depth analysis and interaction with
the communities. This will inform programming, contribute to knowledge building, and feed into policy
dialogue and advocacy. To access more details on the Terms of Reference (TOR) and how to Express
Interest for the consultancy please visit
Send in your expression of interest following the EOI format ONLY to
The application deadline date for this position is 3rd June 2014
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Save the Children recruitment and selection procedures reflect our commitment to equal employment
opportunities and the protection of children from abuse.
Friday May 23, 2014
52 | Jobs
AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a global not for profit organization, that provides cutting-edge medicine and
advocacy to more than 300,000 patients in 33 countries and is headquartered out of Los Angeles, California.
Since 1987, AHF has cared for thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS worldwide. As we create and implement
unparalleled programs in new communities globally, we expand delivery of healthcare and influence over policy
with the sole aim of saving more lives. AHF global programs require the expertise of individuals to support delivery
of quality services in clinics across its medical programs in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Located at the AHF Plaza on plot 123 Parklands Avenue Nairobi Kenya, AHF Global Quality Management office
wishes to recruit a dynamic, skilled, committed, self driven and results oriented individual to fill in the following
Location: Nairobi - Kenya.
Supervisor Title: The Bureau Chief, Africa
Job Summary:
The Chief of Global Quality Management position is a combination of both Leadership and Clinical Management
and will work with Medical Providers in the 4 bureaus of Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe.
He/she is required to be experienced in assessing clinical competence and current best practices that will ensure
quality care is delivered across all sites. The Chief of Global Quality Management is also responsible for oversight
of the Quality of care team support structure across the 4 bureaus.
Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
a) Leadership Responsibilities:
Lead and ensure establishment of Medical Executive Committees in each bureau and actively
participate in medical leadership activities.
Coordinate treatment and care programs including monitoring of the implementation of medical
programs, client enrollment and utilization of resources with Bureau level teams
Develop standards of performance, evaluate performance, and initiate/make recommendations for
improving performance of medical executive committees and senior medical directors.
Ensure integration of HIV related services with the medical and prevention departments and coordinate
with other departments in a manner that fosters a collaborative environment for teamwork
Collaborates with other executive leaders including bureau chief, global executive committee and senior
management, to strategize and ensure AHFs mission and goals are achieved.
b) Clinical and Quality of care responsibilities.
Maintains clinical activity by full participation in departmental clinical workload
Models and provides leadership for delivery of excellent services and ensures the successful
implementation of effective strategies and approaches that will improve quality of care
Provides service, guidance, and promotion of quality standards through audits, peer review, quality
management, and education initiatives. Responsible for overseeing the quality management and quality
improvement programs for healthcare facilities
Plays a key role in decision-making processes regarding new medical procedures/devices / technologies
being planned by various country programs.
Works with implementing staff to establish procedures, standards, systems aimed at continuously
improving quality of care
Ensures that policies and initiatives are efficient, meet patient expectations and are updated to reflect
patient needs and the organizations goals
Deals with clinical systems problems, identifying cause and developing action plans for effective
resolution of issues
Qualifcations, Education and Experience.
Bachelors degree in human Medicine and Masters Degree in Internal Medicine, MPH or Infectious
At least 10 years post residency (not including fellowship training) clinical experience in internal
medicine or internal medicine subspecialty.
A demonstrated track record of superior performance in physician leadership roles; a background should
have been gained ideally in an health system or major medical group that is recognized for excellence
in clinical care
Clinical leadership skills in quality management, clinical effectiveness and outcomes, clinical staff
development, case management, clinical protocol development.
Demonstrated management, leadership and executive capabilities. Enjoys working as a member of a
cohesive multi-cultural team, and is good at doing so.
Experience working with an International organization dealing with medical service delivery.
Location: Nairobi - Kenya
Supervisor Title: Chief of Global Quality Management
Duties and Responsibilities
Set-up and manage databases of global program data, and work with AHF country program data managers
to ensure high-quality data.
Form and oversee the Global M&E unit which will be responsible for the Provider Productivity Report,
Quarterly Reports, Feedback Reports and various progress monitoring dashboards.
Provide long-term in-country support for coordination and scale-up of data management systems.
Work with global monitoring and evaluation (M&E) including quality teams to develop and implement tools,
systems and processes that will improve data collection, management and analysis
Work with AHFs financial department to compile documents modeling, projecting and monitoring the financial
growth within AHFs global programs including ROI analyses.
Provide training and technical support for global data management and analysis to sites, countries and
Initiate analysis and prepare reports based on changes in data quality and availability and identify reporting
needs within AHF.
As part of the Global Technical Team identify, prepare and disseminate best-practices and successful
program interventions.
Travel to AHF country programs in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America and work with local staff.
The position requires up to 40% travel time.
Collaborate with the Global Technical Team, Bureau Chiefs, Country Program Directors / Managers, M&E
Managers and external consultants to monitor and evaluate program efforts.
Required Skills & Qualifcations
Advance Masters degree preferably PHD in Statistics, Behavioral sciences, Health Economics or Social
Sciences field, with 10 years or more of relevant work experience;
Experience in both qualitative and quantitative data analysis and management.
Strong computer skills, including proficiency in statistical software program(s) (i.e. SPSS, R, SAS and
EpiInfo), Patient medical records packages (including OpenMRS, IQCares, SmartCare, SALVAR, Mangua
and Tier.net) and Database Pakages (i.e MySQL, SQL Server, Dbase and Database standards such as SQL,
Experience and ability to work in a multi-cultural international environment including prior experience working
with HIV programs in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and/or Africa.
Proven track-record of relevant publications and conference presentations.
Availability outside of regular office hours for activities and meetings, as needed.
Interested candidates should apply by email to:
The Regional Human Resource Manager, AIDS HealthCare Foundation Africa Bureau Office, Plot 123
3rd Parklands Avenue, Nairobi Kenya or through email: globalhr.africa@aidshealth.org.
The application must include cover letter of interest, detailed CV, certified copies of Academic qualifications, one
example of written work proving publication track-record, and must be submitted not later than 5:00pm 6
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
The Organization
Finlays is Kenyas largest agricultural export group employing 22,000 people and annually exporting 400 million stems of fowers, 7 million kilos of vegetables,
26 million kilos of black tea and 3 million kilos of tea extract. The organization is geographically located in Nairobi, Naivasha, Kericho, Mt Kenya and Mombasa,
together with 1,200 vegetable out growers throughout the country and 10,000 tea out growers. The group has established itself as a reliable, responsible, innovative
and sustainable producer with a deep knowledge and passion for its products. Finlays, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swire Group, maintains strategic focus to
develop a sustainable business which in turn drives integration, development and growth possibilities within Kenya and internationally.
The Job
We intend to recruit a Packhouse Engineer to join our Engineering Department in Mt. Kenya Region (Near Nanyuki, -Laikipia) and taking responsibility for all the
engineering requirements within a state of the art vegetable packing facility recently constructed in the region.
Key Responsibilities
Responsibility for all the Maintenance tasks and planning for Packhouse and related Equipment.
Facility maintenance and management.
To organize and prioritize day to day engineering tasks.
To ensure maximum output and effciency of all Packhouse Machinery.
Ensure building, equipment and engineering practices comply with international SHE, Food Safety & Quality standards.
Liaison with both internal and external departments with regard to procurement of equipment and spares.
Overall responsibility ensuring that adequate and accurate records are taken to comply with the required internal and external standards.
Responsibility for the running of equipment store and consequent stock maintenance tasks.
General Areas of Responsibility
To provide and organize routine preventative and emergency maintenance cover to ensure production continuation.
Working with the Engineering department and Production Managers to co-ordinate equipment maintenance tasks within the sphere of operational
Ensuring that health and safety is constantly considered.
Identifying training needs of the operators and, where appropriate, delivering the training and coaching in effcient machine operation and setting.
Working with the Engineering department and Production Managers to ensure that longer term skill development and machine modifcations are identifed and
incorporated into the site plans and budget.
Overseeing the weekly maintenance of refrigeration equipment serving the Packhouse.
Overseeing the operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant.
Ensuring that spare parts stocks and re order levels are maintained.
Read and interpret manuals and also use part manuals to requisition for parts and materials when necessary
Ensuring that the Packhouse workshops and stores are kept clean and tools and equipment maintained to the highest standards.
Installation and Commissioning of such equipment and machines as may be procured, and carrying out wiring, or programming to meet requirements.
Diagnose faulty systems, apparatus, and components, utilizing testing equipment and other tools, to diagnose the exact location of a breakdown in electrical
or mechanical components and correct faults when diagnosed.
Disassemble, repair and replace broken or malfunctioning components of machinery and equipment.
The Candidate Profile
Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from a recognized institution.
Three years experience in a commercial packing facility.
Ability to read and interpret wiring diagrams.
Ability to understand and examine equipment and machinery associated with a state of the art packing facility.
Strong attention to detail
Strong organisation skills
Excellent communicator both orally and in writing.
Good working knowledge of computer programs including MS Offce
Competent and licensed driver
Application Procedure:
To apply for this position, register your curriculum vitae, log in and apply using the following link, www.myafricanjobs.com/fnlays
Closing date for applications is 2
June 2014
Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
Finlays Horticulture (K) Limited is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 53
Reports to the Board functionally and to the Chief
Executive Ofcer administratively
Job Description Summary
To ensure compliance with applicable laws and
society policies, ensure that the societys operations
are carried out in an efcient and effective manner
in adherence to internal controls and policies and
advice the board on risk management matters.
Holder of CPA (K) or equivalent qualication
Relevant business related degree preferably
B.Com or Business Admin would be an added
Certied Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
will be added advantage
Membership to relevant professional body (e.g.
Institute of internal Auditors)
Three years experience in Internal Audit in a
co-operative society or related institution
Knowledge on Sacco IMS is a pre requisite e.g.
Job prole
The accounts assistant would be charged with the
following duties amongst others
- Reconciliations in general
- Maintenance of Cash books, nominal and real
ledgers, vouchers preparations etc.
- Any other accounting duties that may be
- Production of basic nancial reports
- Be able to interact with Information
Management Systems in place
- Reporting to the Finance Manager on a daily
- Age between 28-35 years
- KCSE C+ or equivalent
- At least CPA part II professional qualication or
- Knowledge in Excel and other basic MS ofce
- Knowledge in Sacco IMS system (e.g. ASMAS)
an added advantage
- Should have basic knowledge and understanding
of the IAS and relevant commercial law
- Good interpersonal communication skills
- Can work with minimal supervision
- At least one year experience in accounting, a
Sacco environment would be desirable
- Able to meet deadlines in any work
Taraji Sacco Society Ltd is seeking to recruit mature, competent and professionally qualied candidates to
ll the following positions
Interested applicants to send their application letters together with updated CV, copies of certicates
and testimonials so as to reach, The Chief Executive Ofcer Taraji Sacco Society Limited, P. O. Box 605
40600, Siaya by 30
May 14, 2014. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted and canvassing will lead
to automatic disqualication.
NB: Taraji Sacco Society Limited is an equal opportunity employer and people with
disabilities and women are encouraged to apply.
P. O. BOX 605 - 40600, SIAYA
Hemingways Nairobi is recruiting for the
following positions;
Under butlers, Barmen, Bartenders and
Food & Beverage Waiters.
Previous experience in a 5 star establishment is essential.
Applications to be submitted via e-mail by 28th May 2014 to
Applications must include a detailed CV with photo,
current salary & benefits.
Note that if you have not heard from us before
30th May 2014 please consider your application unsuccessful.
Hemingways Collection is an equal
opportunity employer
Sustainable Healthcare Foundation (SHF) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission
is to improve access to essential drugs, basic healthcare, and prevention services for
children and families in Kenya using business models that maintain standards, are
geometrically scalable, and achieve economies of scale. SHF is affiliated with The
HealthStore Foundation and operates the CFW Child and Family Wellness franchise
network in Kenya, which has served over 4 million people since the year 2000.
Job Summary
S/He will play a critical role in providing operational leadership and general management
of all business activities in line with the company mission.
Duties & Responsibilities
Manage the supply chain to ensure adequate and timely supply of approved products
to their shops and clinics in Kenya
Oversee the compliance functions to ensure organizational brand and clinical
standards are maintained by the franchisees; track their performance targets
Complete pilot of clinic management technology and expand the technology
throughout the currently network
Maintain positive relations with both the staff and franchisee
Guide the organizations strategy and business model
Develop high-performing team in line with defined organization culture
Prepare the annual budgets and periodic forecasts for approval
Prepare the monthly financial statements and operating reports for submitting
Ensure high ratings on the annual audits and reviews
Coordinate the organizations efforts to develop new product and service offerings
Oversee all the HR and Administration functionalities in accordance to the
organizations policy and procedures
Develop, maintain and retain high standards of interaction with all the organizations
Oversee the competent and speedy execution of innovations such as clinic
management technology and targeted subsidies
Handle any additional responsibilities as shall be assigned by the board or designee
Masters or degree in a business related field from a reputable institution
Minimum 5 years of work experience of which 2 or more in an operational role
Experience in supply chain management and proven profitability success will be an
added advantage
Strong financial and analytical skills
Demonstrated leadership, negotiation skills with good networking base
An outstanding problem-solver who has a hands-on approach in getting things done
Excellent verbal and written communications skills
Excellent in computer skills and proficiency in all the tools
Passion for improving health for the mothers and children
Very good management and supervisory skills with excellent interpersonal skills
Those interested should send their applications & detailed CVs only to
info@healthstore.org before 31st May 2014.
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation seeks a
inspirational individuals to work with teams of advisors and
clients/partners at SNV Kenya as a Water Sanitation & Hygiene
(WASH) Advisor & Project Assistants within Water Sanitation
and Hygiene (WASH) Sectors projects. SNV works to address
poverty in Kenya by stimulating economic development and
improving basic services. Building on local agendas and best
international practices, we build and connect peoples capacities
so that Kenyans can pursue their own sustainable development.
You will see details of specific job descriptions in the links below.
The successful candidate(s) will be experienced professionals
with excellent capabilities and demonstrated knowledge and
experience in the areas of required expertise. They MUST also
have a business attitude that supports their entrepreneurial
For full details regarding this exciting opportunity, visit:
Position Link
WASH Advisor: MAP http://snv.devhire.devex.com/jobs/329373
Project Assistant: BCC http://snv.devhire.devex.com/jobs/329374
Project Assistant: CLTS http://snv.devhire.devex.com/jobs/329375
Project Assistant:
Sanitation Marketing
Friday May 23, 2014
54 | Jobs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
and International Trade
Common Market for
Eastern and Southern
Africa (COMESA)
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) is a regional grouping of 19 African
States which have agreed to promote regional integration through trade development and transport
facilitation. The following vacancies have fallen vacant and suitably qualified Kenyans are encouraged
to apply:-
1 Senior Investment and Promotions Officer P4 1
2 Telecommunications Officer P3 1
3 Translator English - Arabic P3 1
4 Agriculture Economist P3 1
Applications MUST be submitted through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
Details of the jobs and the prescribed COMESA APPLICATION FORM can be accessed from the
Ministrys website: www.mfa.go.ke
Applications should be addressed to:-
Head of Human Resource Management
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
P.O.Box 30551-00100
Or dropped at room 205 in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Old Treasury
Building, Harambee Avenue, so as to reach the Ministry by 6th June 2014.
The Lutheran World Federation / Department for World Service Kenya / Djibouti Programme is
seeking to recruit a Kenyan national for the following position, to be based at Kakuma refugee camp
in Kenya.
Duties and Responsibilities will include:
Take responsibility on the process of individual client assessment
Provide support counselling and appropriate referral for individuals with psychosocial issues in
the camp
Facilitate the resolution of conflict through the process of arbitration and mediation with the
local and refugee community
Facilitating peace education program in schools and the community
Conduct and facilitate awareness creation on human rights and peace process
Take a lead role in advocacy and community mobilization in upholding individual human rights
Monitor the resolution of cases by the Peace and arbitration committees in the camp.
Identify community Peace education training needs and offer training on the same
Conduct follow-ups in the refugee community on the utilization of peace education skills by the
graduates of the community peace education workshops
Organizing and conducting international days such as the International Day of Peace
Professional Qualification:
Degree in conflict mitigation, social sciences, international relations or other relevant field
Minimum 3 years relevant professional experience implementing conflict management,
case assessments and reconciliation, communities preferably in insecure or transitional
Strong facilitation and consensus-building skills.
Familiarity and experience with International Non Governmental Organizations is preferred.
Must be able to work independently while being a strong team player.
Must have the ability to multi-task, set priorities, and work under tight deadlines within a
complex team.
values and mission of Lutheran World Federation.
Should have initiative and contribute to team efforts, as well as demonstrate an ability to
communicate, assume leadership, and make solid decisions
Attribute Expected to Uphold
High level of integrity, commitment and professional responsibility
A role model across the school in terms of dress, punctuality, attendance and, positive
Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills and be committed to the
LWF/DWS is an equal opportunity employer, irrespective of gender, race or religious affiliation.
Female candidates are encouraged to apply.
Applications and detailed CV must include email address and telephone contacts of 3 referees, one
of whom must be your supervisor in your current/former employment.
They should reach the undersigned by close of business on 30th June, 2014:
Human Resource Officer , P.O. Box 48 Kakuma,
Or e-mailed to: lwfkak@gmail.com
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
Never lie to
Telling a single lie in your job
application is enough to lock you
out of that job you really desire.
Studies indicate that about 93 per
cent of hiring managers avoid a
candidate, however good in other
aspects, who has included a
noticeable lie in their application.
Dishonesty and work dont mix.
instructions to
the latter
Whatever your qualifications,
follow the instructions listed on the
job vacancy notice to the book.
Some employers will not short-list
you if you fail to recognise the
most basic of instructions on the
manner in which they want your
application packaged and sent.
Dont be in a hurry to post the
application before exhaustively
going through the notice.
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 55
Position title: Head of Human Resource
Reporting to: The Head of HR reports to the Chief Executive Ofcer (CEO)
Position Summary
Under the supervision of the CEO, the Head of HR maintains and enhances the organizations human
resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources
policies, programs, and practices.
The Head of HR has overall responsibility for the HR function as it relates to all AGFs team members,
including employee relations, compensation and benets administration, development, implementation
and administration of AGFs human resources programs and employment policies, personnel record-
keeping, staff compensation and team member safety issues, training and workforce development,
and compliance with HR laws and regulations. The Head of HR performs advanced professional
work advising AGF team leaders and team members on the application of employment, benets
and workers compensation laws and regulations and AGFs employment policies in the contexts of
hiring, discipline, employment termination, training, compensation, benets, leave, equal opportunity
and other human resources issues. The Head of HR must be open and available to discuss human
resources matters with the entire staff. The Head of HR works, in relation with the CFO, administers
AGFs benets program, address employee safety issues, and oversee AGFs third party administrator
and outside counsel in the handling of workers compensation matters. The Head of HR supervises the
Organizational Development & Training function. The Head of HR also performs such other functions
as may be assigned by the General CEO.
Major Responsibilities
Under the supervision of the CEO, the Head of HR
Lead and direct the Human Resource team to deliver a comprehensive HR service to the
Employee Relations: Managing absence, disciplinary, grievances, sickness etc. Measure
employee satisfaction and identify areas that require improvement
Performance Management: Coaching managers on performance management issues and
Learning & Development : Providing guidance on development for managers and their teams;
Training Implementing: The training and development agenda; identify areas that need attention
and improvement;
Recruitment & retention: Managing talent and succession planning; taking overall responsibility
for recruitment activity and campaigns;
Reward advise and support employees on company benets;
Policy & procedures: Implementation of new HR policies, procedures and processes;
Ensure all company policies and procedures are up to date in line with current employment law.
Ensure line managers are up to date with changes to any policies;
Working with senior managers, coaching them and advising on all people issues;
Deal with complex disciplinary/grievance and HR issues, using HR and company knowledge
evidencing appropriate decision making skills;
Crafting of business and people solutions;
Managing priorities between casework and projects;
Managing HR budgets.
Desirable skills, knowledge and experiences
Hiring, Human Resources Management, Benets Administration, Performance Management,
Communication Processes, Compensation and Wage Structure, Supports Diversity, Classifying
Employees, Employment Law, Laws Against Sexual Harassment, Organization
Professional skills:
Superb communication skills honed in business partnering/advisory roles;
Examples of adding value as both an individual contributor and active team member;
Experience of dealing with senior and sometimes challenging individuals;
Ability to build rapport quickly with key members of the executive team;
Ability to represent the Human Resource function as part of the bigger business picture;
Condent directing HR and advising managers on all aspects of people management and
Demonstrable experience in managing redundancy or other relevant HR projects;
Strong understanding of employment law;
A professional and commercial approach to HR, with the ability to deliver high employee
satisfaction, appropriate development and reward for individuals.
General competencies:
Demonstrated ability to relate to the eld of responsibility in a strategic and analytic manner and
with a long-term development perspective;
Proved ability to combine strategic thinking with day-to-day operational management;
Cultural sensitivity and proven ability to collaborate closely and respectfully within a culturally
and professionally diverse setting;
Master degree in nance, business administration or related eld;
Strong academic background in labour law;
A minimum of 10 years managerial and leadership experience in Human Resource
Management or advisory;
Fluency in English and a sound working knowledge of French
The position is open only to Kenyan nationals.
Nairobi with possible travels.
Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by sending a cover letter and detailed curriculum vitae
to recruitment@africanguaranteefund.com, quoting the position title.
Provide detailed of your current and expected remuneration.
Application deadline is Tuesday, 3
June, 2014.
Ol Jogi Ltd is looking for a suitable candidate to fill a Senior Supervisory
Under direction, the candidate will be responsible for the daily
husbandry of a diverse collection of birds, herbivores and carnivores
and supervise staff members.
Undertake educational presentations to visiting school groups.
The candidate will display excellent communication and interpersonal
skills, attention to detail and have the ability to make immediate
decisions concerning safety of humans and animals.
Experience is an added advantage and references will be contacted.
Minimum Qualification Required:
Diploma in Biological Sciences or Wildlife Management & Animal
Written applications can be made to:
The Human Resources Manager,
Ol Jogi Ltd,
P.O. Box 259, 10400, NANYUKI.
DAC Aviation (EA) Ltd has been a provider of humanitarian air
charter services for two decades, operating in conflict areas
including Sudan, South Sudan Democratic Republic of the Congo,
Somalia, Cote Devoire, Chad, Mali among other areas throughout
the African continent and beyond.
Today DAC operates a growing fleet of aircraft comprised of de
Havilland DHC-5 Buffalos, Dash 8 series 100, 200 300, Q400,
Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (CRJ 200LR), Cessna Grand Caravans
(EX model), and the Citation CJ4.
DAC Aviation has always tailored all of its operations to meet
the demands of humanitarian and peacekeeping missions and
to ensure that the highest level of safety is consistently upheld.
Having worked with numerous international organizations
expecting the highest level of quality from its flight operator, DAC
has placed much emphasis on providing a value added service
that is both safe and reliable. Our over 400 staff members make up
a team of highly qualified professionals trained to work in the most
challenging environments worldwide.
We have the following vacancies which we would like to fill with
qualified individuals who wish to be part of our professional team.
An airline transport pilot license (ATPL)
Three year experience as pilot-in-command in commercial
air transport operations of large aircraft
Must possess the ability to manage complex tasks
associated with airline operations
A self motivated individual with very good communication
Extensive experience in an airline flight operations
management role
A university degree in management or any other related
Key tasks:
The director of flight operations is responsible for safe and
efficient overall operations of DAC Aviation (EA) Limited
aircraft operating under the Air Operators Certificate issued
by the authority and to promote safely awareness and to
actively encourage open reporting and feedback.
He/she will be responsible for the following main
1. Overall policy relating to the commercial direction, safety
and efficiency of the companys operation, relative to the
requirements of the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and
the relevant legislation currently in force.
2. Defining and maintaining the highest standards of safety
of companys aircraft operations and maintaining the
standard of operational efficiency for staff within the
3. Ensuring that the companys operational policies and safety
standards, as decided, are implemented and administered
and that these policies are kept under review.
4. Liaising with the director general on all matters affecting
the companys AOC and flight operations.
5. Setting safety standards for all flight and cabin crew and
operations staff through their respective managers and
ensuring that the operations of the company are subject
to periodic audits by the director of safety to ensure
compliance with stated company policy, Civil Aviation
Authority (KCAA) requirements and legal requirements in
sates which the airline operates or overflies.
Qualifications and experience
Have category R (comm./nav) and X (electr/compass)
Engineers license minimally
Recent (within 2 years) appropriate training on the aircraft
DAC operates.
At least 5 years practical experience
Be able and willing to obtain category R (pulse
equipment) rating

Qualifications and experience
Have category A and C (gas turbine) Engineers license
Have a minimum of five years experience on Bombardier
Dash 8 series 100 to 300, Q400, CRJ and /or Cessna C208
Caravan, of which at least one year must be as certifying
Have received initial or recurrent type training within the
last two (2) years
Other aircraft type experience would be an added
Must have a valid ATPL
Must have current instrument rating
Must have minimum 4000 hours total time
Must have 750 hours on type (CRJ)
Must be current on type (CRJ)
1500 hours minimum on high performance aircraft ( Turbo
Must have CPL/IR (Commercial Pilots License/Instrument
Must have 2000 hrs total time
Must have 750 hrs total time as PIC
Must have 300 hrs time on type and in similar type of
Must have a valid ATPL
Must have current instrument rating
Must have gas turbine engines experience
Must have 4000 hours total time
Must have 500 hours on type
Must have a valid type rating on the above aircraft type
Total PIC 1500 , PIC On type 350
Must have a valid CPL
Must have 1500 hours total time
Must have 500 hours on type
Must have a valid type rating on the above aircraft type
Must have a valid CPL
Must have atleast 300 hours total time
Must have a valid type rating on the aircraft type above.
Level academic achievements with a mean grade of C+
and above
Minimum height of 5.5 ft and maximum weight of 62 Kgs
(ladies), minimum height of 5.7 and maximum weight of 70
Kgs (gentlemen)
Experience in customer care service is desirable
Must have a high standard of English and fluency in French
; (verbal, written and comprehension)
All applicants must attach recent one passport size and
one full size photograph
Interested candidates who meet the above criteria may send
their applications enclosing a CV, an application letter, copies of
academic testimonials, names of three referees and a daytime
telephone contact. The application should reach us by 6th June
2014 addressed to the address provided below. Only short listed
candidates will be contacted. Please indicate the position youre
applying for on the envelope
The Human Resources Manager,
DAC Aviation (EA) Limited,
P.O Box 44580 00100,
All applicants for the positions of Director Flight Operations, Pilots
and Engineers MUST send a copy of their application to:
The Director General, KCAA, P.O Box 30163, 00100 Nairobi
DAC Aviation (EA) Limited is an equal opportunity employer
Proofread to
eliminate typos
Research elsewhere
shows that about 84
per cent of managers
would eliminate a
job candidate whose
application has just about
two typographical errors.
Always go through your
resume and cover-letter
again before releasing it
for consideration. Ideally,
there should be no
typographical error a
display of your attention
to detail.
Friday May 23, 2014
56 | Jobs
The Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC) is a
premier Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which
was founded in 1991 and registered in Kenya in 1994
with a mandate to entrench human rights and democratic
values in the society. The KHRC envisions a human rights
state and society with a mission to foster human rights,
democratic values, human dignity and social justice. This
vision and mission is driven by the goal and new mandate
of enhancing human rights centred governance at all
KHRC seeks to recruit dynamic, organized, motivated
and results-oriented individuals. The following positions
will be based in Nairobi:
1. Programme Advisor: Labour Rights &
2. Programme Advisor Human Rights
Interested candidates should log on to http:
//www.khrc.or.ke/get-involved/jobs.html to access the
detailed job profiles. If you believe you fit any of the
profiles, submit your application and CV detailing your
suitability for the post and include a daytime telephone
contact and three referees, preferably your current
or previous line managers to vacancies@khrc.or.ke
quoting the title of the position you are applying for in the
subject line. The closing date for this position is on June
06, 2014. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.
Lwala Community Health Centre is pleased to advertise the following
vacant positions needing to be filled by1
July 2014.
Qualifications Needed
Must be registered with the Clinical Officers Council of Kenya
Experience of at least 5 years
Health care management experience
Experience in working in a Patient Support Centre is mandatory
Computer literacy is necessary.
Excellent communication and leadership skills.
Position: NURSE
Qualifications Needed
Must be registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya
Experience of at least 3 years in a busy hospital set up
Experience in HIV care is necessary
Team player with a positive attitude and flexibility to work in a rural
Qualifications Needed
Must have relevant training in counselling and HIV care
Background in nursing is an added advantage
Experience of at least 3 years in HIV care is mandatory
Field experience working with community groups
Excellent communication skills
Deadline for submission of Application is 6
June 2014.
Apply via email admin@lwalacommunityalliance.org or hand
delivery to the Program Director at Lwala Community Alliance.
Qualications and Experience:
KCAA AMEL Categories A and C
Type Ratings:
Boeing 727-200 JTD8
Must be a Kenyan
Have experience as a licensed engineer
of not less than 10 years, and 5 years
on type.
Have a previous supervisory
experience in a general aviation
Approved Maintenance Organization.
Qualications and Experience
Must be a Kenyan
Have a category R (comm./nav) and
X (elect/compass) Engineers licence
Must have appropriate training on
Boeing 727-200 Series
At least ve years practical experience.
Qualications and Experience:
The successful candidate must have:
Must be a Kenyan
Must have a valid ATPL
Must have a current instrument rating
Must have minimum 5000 hours total time
on Jet Aircraft
Must have 2000 hours on type
Must be current on type
Qualications and Experience:
Must be a Kenyan
Must have a valid ATPL
Must have a current instrument rating
Must have 3000 hours total time
Must have 800 total as PIC
Must have 800 hours on type.
Qualications and Experience
Must be Kenyan.
Must have a minimum Experience of 3000
Must have 800 hours on Boeing 727-200
Must have a CPL /Flight Engineer License
from KCAA
All applications attaching copies of CVs and relevant licenses to be sent by 13th June 2014 to:
SAC (K) Ltd, P.O Box 59200-00200, Nairobi, Kenya, Or mailed to:
info@safeaircompany.com.All copies should also to be sent to:The Director General
Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, P. O. Box 30163-00100. Nairobi Kenya
Marketing Offcer
A financial Institution is seeking a Senior Marketing Executive.
This will involve marketing existing services, developing ways to cater for
consumer demand or developing markets for new services.
Good communication skills
Strategic thinker
Result oriented
Degree in Marketing (Masters will add advantage)
All applications should reach us on or before 10th May 2014. To apply
send us your CV and cover letter to Nairobimarketing@gmail.com.
Position Summary:
The MEASURE Evaluation Project in the Carolina Population Center
(www.cpc.unc.edu) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a large
international project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
that focuses on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of population, health and nutrition
programs and improving health sector decision-making. MEASURE Evaluation PIMA
is a 5 year Associate Award by USAID Kenya and is seeking an experienced Deputy
Chief of Party based in the project office in Nairobi, Kenya
The Research Associate, Deputy Chief of Party in Kenya will work with the Chief
of Party to establish and manage the day-to-day operations of the multi-partner
country office in Kenya. In addition, this position will work closely with the Principal
Investigator (who is based in Chapel Hill), the USAID Kenya mission, and the
partner staff located in Kenya. This position will work with all these people to
facilitate communication between headquarters and country staffs, coordinate
communication for project and financial tracking within the UNC Headquarters office,
and to coordinate meeting planning, and reporting for the Kenya Associate Award.
The Deputy Director, will assist the Project Director in the planning, implementing
and managing of the monitoring, evaluation and learning agenda for the MEASURE
Evaluation Phase III Kenya project. The Deputy Director will ideally have a masters
degree in a relevant discipline, at least five years experience working in Kenya or
other developing countries, and demonstrate technical and management experience
in the field of public health and M&E. S/he must also have demonstrated M&E skills
and experience including designing monitoring and evaluation plans, assessing data
needs, and designing and implementing data collection activities. Further the Deputy
Chief of Party (DCOP) will oversee the incorporation of cross-cutting themes of
gender and sustainability across the entire project. This is a full-time position.
Primary Functions:
40% Provide professional guidance, work plan development, and evaluation of work
products, as well as coordination of activity and results reporting for all staff assigned
to the incumbents purview. This work will involve travel to project sites within Kenya.
Coordinate Kenya Associate Award project reporting esp. towards the performance
management plan indicators and M&E Plan; develop reporting guidance documents
and produce project reports. This includes coordinating project data analysis,
aggregation and production for reporting; and producing, coordinating and managing
annual and quarterly reports, portfolio reviews, other headquarter and Sponsor
reports as well as ad hoc requests. This also includes producing other reports and
project publications for targeted audiences as appropriate. This includes liaising with
UNC knowledge management/publications group and other partners to facilitate the
dissemination and use of data from project M&E information systems and ensure
adherence to project branding guidelines.
30% Prepare all communications to the funder (including progress reports and
proposals) working with the PI and other country staff. Serve as liaison to the Chief
of Party, partner organizations, and Headquarters staff. The Deputy Chief of Party
will support the UNC Principal Investigator in three ways: 1) by ensuring continuous
updating the status of achievements and results needed for UNC to complete its
project-level reporting requirements; 2) by assisting the UNC Home Office maintain
responsiveness in financial and administrative representations to the Agreement
Officer Representative for this project and 3) by assisting the COP and the PI to
ensure a high level of coordination and collaboration among the several MEASURE
Evaluation partners contributing to this effort.
30% Contribute to the planning and implementation of the projects technical portfolio
including providing leadership in incorporating crosscutting themes including gender
and sustainability throughout all project activities.
Education Requirements:
Masters Degree in Public Health or related discipline required
Qualification & Experience Requirements:
At least 6-8 years of experience managing large health programs in developing
countries, preferably with significant experience in Kenya.
An advanced degree in health policy, public health, health economics, information
systems or related areas.
At least 6-8 years of progressively responsible experience is required at the
national or international level in the local/regional development / central public
administration preferably in an international organization, national department/
ministry, non-governmental organization, or private sector. Practical experience in
capacity building and technical assistance is desired.
Previous experience working with USAID projects is a very strong advantage.
Strong management, planning (strategic and operational) and human relations
skills are preferred.
Experience with knowledge management for advocacy and information sharing.
Position is located in Kenya; therefore ability to work legally in Kenya is required.
Fluency in English is required.
Salary Range:
USD $70,000-$90,000
Stephanie Watson-Grant, MEASURE Evaluation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
watsongr@email.unc.edu . Deadline for submission 7th June 2014.
(USAID Kenya Associate Award)
Dont upset workmates
The last thing you want to do in the office is to upset colleagues and,
even worse, the boss. Roles in the office are usually interlinked. You
often need the person on the next desk to either add value to your
performance, or to facilitate it. What could happen to the flow of your
work need no explanation if you were to upset that person.
Remember that it is three-times easier to upset someone in the
office than at home or at a social place. Chances are even higher in
a high-paced office environment where tension is commonplace.
Understand your colleagues temperament and avoid upsetting
them. Some people dont take certain jokes at all. You should know
that and keep such jokes to yourself when its only the two of you in
the room.
Be nice to workmates, and always strive to complete your
assignment before the next level manager decides its needed. Your
ambition should be to make friends at the office, and not enemies.
That applies to bosses, too.
Handling the interview silence
Youve just answered a tricky question during a job interview.
Then you are met with silence. The interviewing manager is
just staring at you and saying nothing. What do you do? Most
people will tend to believe that the silence implies they have
goofed, and are being given a chance to correct themselves.
You may be tempted to qualify the response you just gave, and
end up rambling on. Dont do that. If you are confident about
the answer you gave, dont be the one to break the tension. Let
the interviewers do. Some panels deliberately use silence to
test your behaviour while under duress.
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 57
Brings you the best quality Langstroth
beehives. You can make more than
sh100,000 within 2 months with
We help you make your land
productive by installing beehives and
buying honey from you. Beekeeping
is not time consuming and doesnt
take much of your land. You can keep
bees to boost your pending projects.
You can start beekeeping to help you
when you retire from working.
One beehive = 15 kgs to 20 kgs.
We buy 1kg @ sh350.
We help in supplying suitable flowers.
Tel. 0729-336489
Email: Canaanbee72@gmail.com
A.I.P.C.A Central Board wishes to inform its members and
the general public that the person whose photograph appears
above has been excommunicated. He is therefore not authorized
to transact any business on behalf of the church either at the
national level or the diocese level.
H.G Archbishop Amos M. Kabuthu
Tato auto spares is a well established and rapidly growing company based in nairobi
kenya, dealing in motor vehicle spare parts and has a leading presence in other east
african countries.
The company invites applications from suitably qualied and highly motivated
individuals to ll the following positions based in Nairobi.
Interested candidates should submit their applications and curriculum vitae, mentioning
respectively the position applied for to: recruitment.tatoautoke@gmail.com
Applications must be received on or before 1st june 2014. Only shortlisted candidates
will be contacted and must avail themselves for interviews shortly there after.
Procency in both english and swahili
(spoken & written)
Must have excellent communication
Be willing to travel around kenya
Experience in eld sales and
marketing will be an added
Be willing to work odd hours.
Directly responsible for the related
region's sales
Promote and market the brand
Explore the new sales regions and
Assist related departments to
accomplish special tasks.
Conducting market research.
Excellent communication skills
Prociency in both english and
swahili (spoken & written)
Diploma/degree in sales or
marketing will be an added
Good at mathematics
Excellent computer skills and fast in
At least 2 years experience in a sales
or marketing/ customer care position
Ofce computer works
Communicate with customers.
Process the order in the system
according to the customers'
Record the customers' complain and
Prociency in both english and
swahili (spoken & written)
Fast learner
Excellent computer skills
Excellent mathematical and analytical
Keen to detail and excellent in data
Handling computer data input and
Data anaylsis
Handle marketing and promotion.
Market data collection.
Handling product complains
MELADEN - Rebranded
M-PESA Avail. Reservation; 0722 156775 / 0722 623317
Facebook: meladenrest@gmail.com
FRIDAY 23RD MAY 2014 Entry 250/=
(with Adang Joshua) New Discoveries...Bii ine kendi
RHUMBA till Morning with DJ Dea So Pedeshe
SATO 24TH MAY, 2014 Entry Free
Friday May 23, 2014
58 |
SATO 24/5/2014 FROM 6PM-DAWN
Lots of nyama choma, kuku, Fish etc.
Ample & Secure Parking MIKE RUA
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(ENTRY 200/-)
FRIDAY 23/5/2014
Kameme Presenters.
Dj Dollz in the Mix.
Entry 500/=
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DIABETES - Disorders and Pains.
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A230 Health
NATURAL delay power 0717951499
A244 Herbal Medicine
ABBAS Mohamed , services offered
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A265 Medical
A279 Notices
Bids are invited from
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Nairobi CBD
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A974 Birds
KUROILER Chicks 0728343327
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A109 Lost
LOST Title Deed No. 29593 Peter
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We are proud to announce that the
Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN)
has changed its name to Africa Capacity
Alliance (ACA). This has been necessitated
by the organisations expanded mandate
and geographical scope.To reect our new
brand, our web domain has changed to
ACA: Changing lives through better
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restaurants Call 0725136386
B243 Domestic/Casual Jobs
H/Helps wntd best sal+off 0722554435
B250 General
ACCOUNTS Clerk KATC final,
computer literate Tel 0771-146701
ACCOUNTS Job: drop your CV at
Grace Villa - Ngara Nairobi by
Wednesday 28/5/14
GET a job SMS JOBS to 22450
HIGH School CRE/ History teacher
required. To start immediately. Send
CV to researchconsultku@gmail.com
San Valencia limited would like to recruit a
qualified butcher to work in Nairobi.
Worked as a butcher in a busy production
set up for a minimum of 1year.
Ability to use bone saw and other
machinery found in a meat processing
plant will be an added advantage.
Must have attained at least a D+ (Plus) in
KCSE or above.
Those who meet the above qualifications
should send their detailed CV to:
careers@sanvalencia.com or posted to
The HR Manager
P.O Box 6359-00100 NAIROBI.
To reach us on or before 28th May 2014
A logistics and Transport Company
require Prime Mover Drivers with
more than 10yrs experience and
aged between 45-55yrs
Apply and give phone No. to:
The Managing Director
P.O. Box 50063-00200,
JOBS? Send grade & no 0720750440
JORDAN Domestic workers (ladies)
urgently needed 0714151965,
LADIES www.monacokenya.com
NURSES & Patient Attendants
Wanted Call 0722-514379
technologist to work in a medical
centre. Kikuyu town. 0726046005
PHARMTECH Required 2yrs
experience call 0722847521 or
PHARMTECH Send CV residence
to hrphar@gmail.com
Required Urgently: Paste Up Artist
and Production supervisor for a digital
print firm minimum experience 3
years send your curriculum vitaes to
SALES Job. CV Box 55672-00200 NBI
SALES Reps for FMCG required
TEACHER needed CRE Hist , 7 yrs
exp. Call: 0725472890 or 0707868775
TECHNICIAN, welder, fitter, tailor
Send CV Box 55672 - 00200 NBI
TWO High School Teachers Needed
urgently to teach Biology and
Agriculture and French and
Computer, apply
URGENTLY needed: Clerks,
Drivers, nurses, accon, sec, trs, msgrs
etc send your E-mail to 0700103666
URGENTLY required grounds
manager experienced in housekeeping
call 0204400147
URGENT Part-Time Jobs SMS ur No.
& Grades to 0728-674322
VACANCY for Tailor several yrs
exp CV administration@evelyncol.com
Call 0700-356641
VALUATION & Management
Assistant Diploma in real estate send
CV to info@kenstatevaluers.com
To make appropriate enquiries and
take appropriate advice before sending
money, incurring any expense or
entering into binding commitment in
relation to an advertisement.
be liable to any person for loss or
damage incurred or suffered as a
result of his/her accepting of offering
to accept an invitation contained in any
advertisement published in the Nation.
B249 Recuitment Agencies
FREE housekeeping & all category visa
available in Qatar students & business
visa for Malaysia & Australia. Call
0788328478. Visit us at Sonulux Bld
8fl Suite 805 Moi Avenue Nbi
QATAR Jobs for general labourers
send CV to cv.intcareers@gmail.com.
Tel: 0722360976 passport holders
only. To apply office at Hazina
Towers 9th floor
B277 Domestic/Casual Jobs
ABI house girls 0721635103
JOBLESS? Start your business
without capital 0721635103
A private Primary School have
a vacancy for retired Qualified
Nurse. Kindly send your C.V. and
Testimonials to:
P. O. BOX 16309,Nakuru,
so as to reach on or before
May 2014.
Telephone No: 0722642687, 0733670010
@SELDOM Hotel-Muranga rd: For
accommodation single 1000/=. Meetings
Conferences & Satelite TV 0722
820601, 0722511159
@UPRUMYS Hotel Parkroad For
accomm. single 600/= Meetings Confe
rences 0711154488, 0722511159
RABI-HOTEL, Ngara, Limuru rd.For
accom. single 1200/=. Conferences,
meetings. Ample secured parking and
Satelite TV 0721557367,0722511159
B894 Tour Services
MADARAKA Day 3days Masai Mara
offer 12,500 0721362462
TECHNICIAN-1 position
Qualifications: Diploma equivalent in
any Engineering field
Experience: min. 3 year of career
relevant experience
Other requirements: clean driving
license and experience in customer
Ref MCPT20145B
Qualifications: Diploma equivalent in
mech. Or in production Engineering.
Experience: MIN. 3 year of career
relevant in an industrial production.
Other requirements: maintenance
Ref CSLA20145
Qualifications: Diploma equivalent in
Experience: MIN. 3 year of career
relevant experience
Knowledge and experience of
accounting software a must
Other requirements: strong
communication skills in English
NYS trained persons encouraged to
apply for any positions above positions.
Send cv. to recruitstaffadv@gmail.com
by 30th May2014 quoting ref NO.
30 Security Guards needed for 2
Months Training in Thika.Training
cost 20K.Job Guaranteed in Kenya
and Dubai. www.dspi.co.ke.Call:
BAHRAIN Hotel jobs Cashiers
Cooks call 0724312834
DIPLOMA/Cert holder in agriculture
with experience in sales required to
work in a busy agrovet in nyeri.send
CV and application to
EXPERIENCED form 4 leaver
driver to work in nyeri send CV&
application to
EXPERIENCED Sales rep in animal
& agric products to work in
meru,north rift & kiambu regions send
CV & application to
FIELD Officer jobs send CV to
adicke14@gmail.com by 27/05/14
HOSPITAL St Pauls: Laboratory
Tech. Hand deliver and Email
application to
B257 Men
TAXI Drivers rqd 0722893255
0722516342, 0721834778 trained h/g
SHIFT job avail 0707928283
VOLUNTEER Secretary needed in
Nairobi (CBD) 0722657220
B499 Tenders
Vision housing co-operative society invites sealed
tenders from reputable, experienced and eligible
water drilling companies on its land behind St.
Catherine Secondary School in Naivasha.
Sealed tender bids marked water drilling
services accompanied by relevant documents
should reach the society office located at Maombi
apartments 1
floor room a4 behind KCB, Kiambu
on or before 5
June 2014 at 12.00 noon.
Tender opening will take place at the same time
in the societys boardroom and bidders or their
representatives may attend to witness.
A non refundable fee of 5000/= shall be charged
for the bid document.
For more information call us on 0733 530 575
or 0724 416 281
Tender should be addressed to:
P.O. Box 2056-00900, KIAMBU.
Vision Housing Coop Society Ltd reserves the
right to accept or reject any application and does
not bind itself to give reasons for either rejection
or acceptance.
A730 Sanitary Services
Contact us for your pocket friendly
aerobic & anaerobic Bio-Digesters.
No exhausters required as they
never fill up and no smells.
For more details
...your home for biological septic tanks
Call: 0723-778492
0729-398756 or 020-8710122
Visit: www.kenyacastproducts.com
technician. Cv divercvs @yahoo.com
NEW Hotel Cooks Waiters Barmen
Cleaners Cashier 0735705321
PHARMTEC - urgently required
Kitengela 0727560270/ 0722333258
RECEPTIONIST /Front office
wanted urgently in Eldoret & Nairobi.
Interviews on 24/05/2014. Call
A871 Miscellaneous
POLES steel for street lights plus
Nikkon lanterns for sale county gov
approved 0724922099 auxiliary
SERENE Gardened surrounding
luxurious affordable rooms
www.sironahotel.com 0722747158
0704762050 trailer t/boy BCE diver
clner recep worldwide marktng gill hse
AGGRESSIVE marketer needed, net
pay is 15000, Good command of Eng
& Swahili rqd. Send CV & qualification
to job.building2012@gmail.com
CLEANING supervisors required
degree / diploma in hospitality,
housekeeping or institutional
management from a recognized
institution. Work experience required
email barhinga@gmail.com
RESORT is looking for a Manager.
Qualifications: Degree in Hospitality
Management from a recognized
university. Previous experience and
accounts qualifications will be added
advantages. Good interpersonal
communication and presentation
skills. Apply with CVs and expected
remuneration to
markiespub@gmail.com not later than
Must have at least 2 yrs. working
experience in Public Procurement
Must have Professional qualications
in procurement; and a rst degree in
any eld.
Non graduates with 5+ yrs. experience
will also be considered.
Must be free to take up short-term
Human Resources Ofcer
Must have both Professional HR
qualications and Experience in HR
Email-CV, Cover Letter,Testimonials to
jobs@iscs.co.ke or info@iscs.co.ke
as soon as possible
WE are a Christian organization
looking for a person with a
diploma/degree and experience in
hospitality industry plus sales and
marketing skills in new business
start-up to fill a vacancy for a camp
manager for a tented camp located in
Merisho, Matasia, Ngong. Successful
candidate should have ability to learn
and work with minimum supervision,
be computer literate and able to
communicate effectively and
efficiently. Apply to; Care to Learn
International. P.o Box 449-00502,
Karen or to pnjacter@yahoo.com
attaching your cv not later than 6th
June 2014. Only shortlisted candidates
will be contacted.
100% COPPER,
For Discounted prices Visit Us at:
Lusaka Road, Shop No. 29. Opp.
ASL Trading Division 1
Tel: 0770 333034 Industrial Area, Nairobi
JORDAN-Amman: Housekeepers
requried. Ladies, Age, 24-35yrs.
Ticket & visa free. 0702- 980740.
OMAN: 5star Hotel urgently requires
Waitress, interviews on Sat. 24/05
2014 at Nrb. 9am - 1pm 0702-980740
B284 General
WANTED: Godly, Professional, well
experienced housegirls. Living near
Kileleshwa preferred. Job in top
homes in Kenya with good salary
guaranteed. Call Harriet now
0727227861 or 0728406345
Friday May 23, 2014
60 | Classieds
B403 Colleges
ICDL, CCNA DeepAfrica Tech
Eldoret 0712 500500
COUNSELLING Serv 0722215781
DEGREE Dip Cert 0722215781
B383 Education
PHD Mba Proposal Analysis 0701-735366
WOMEN & girls partial scholarships
for Degree, Dip & Cert 0721-479525,
B424 Private Tuition
TUITION for Pri & Sec 0721868070
B177 Motor Cycle for Sale
@ 150,000/-
inclusive of VAT
& Log Book
Carries upto 800Kgs maximum
Reverse Gear
Air Cooler Engine
Tyres are heavy duty
Engine capacity 150cc
1year service
We have genuine spare parts
1 litre goes for 30-35km (Very
P. O. Box 36053 - 00200
B212 Tractors for Sale
JCB Excavator 2004 10.8m ono
JCB Wheel loader 2004 9.8m ono
Volvo Prime mover 2006 3.6m ono
Mobile Compressor 875,000 ono
Contact 0715-647529
B049 Car Hire
EDEN Rent a car, special Rate,
Saloons, 4x4, Prados, Limousines, Pick
-ups, Voxy, 0723719444, 0733758503
0700128555 rav4, Voxy, saloon new,
modern, f/ld, variety from 2500/- p.d
0700210756 NZE NOAH 1K P/DAY
0722218094 NEW CARS @ 2K
CARHIRE from 2,500pd 0728928062
CARS Wanted 40-250k 0722-612220
CARS wanted 50 to 150k 0723541853
CAR TRACK @ 10K 0727246257
LA-NIK hire NZE Fielder 0722959840
ROYAL Africa travels carhire saloons
Noah & 4x4 0721406662 westlands
VICTOR safaris & tours ltd car hire
0720545192, 0722379197
B063 Driving Schools
AT Seniors from Kshs. 6,000/= All
branches. 0707299880, 0729461713
B070 Exhaust Pipes and Silencers
SETLAK Galv 552265, 0722527924
B085 For Sale, Private
ADVANCE selling ur car 0710746831
BMW X5 04/05 0722-228273
BMW X5 2008 4.5M 0722159498
CHEAP cars www.jonizwheelz.com
FIELDER Manual KBK 0721439443
GIGI Motors Matatu KBT 29pax &
KBR 26pax 07250459411, 0723975286
HONDA CRV 06 0725491973
ISUZU FRR 33L School Bus KAV
270E, year 2006, 51 seater, Good
condition. View bus at Maliku Girls
Secondary School Kitui County to
make quotations Call 0722-254362 or
LEXUS RX400H, KBW, 2006, 2.8M
Tel 0720943337
M/Benz 200-124 650K KYX 0722382848
MARK 2 BM @580, 0723256006
MATATU KBT 29pax and KBR
26pax Gigi Motors Call 0725-045941,
MERC E200 00 750K 0701696806
MERC E320 210 auto lthr c/cruise
r/camera cln 96 580K 0722736597
MIT Canter FH/Fighter new & used
deposit from 500K blnc financed in 48
mnths. 0722293903, 0721914458
MIT Pajero petrol 2200cc 1999 750k
MITS Canter KBK 4Ton ksh.1.5m
negotiable. 0720428325
MITS L200 0722396807
@ 2.4M CALL 0721581528
Create a new sms
and send to 20115
SMS TO 20115
Corolla 2003
Kshs 500,000
call 07xxxxxxxx
N/Liberty 7 str KBD 480k 0721616062
N/Vanette dsl man BY 0705865045
N. Adv 06 o/shape 530k 0722883481
NAVARA D/Cab KBM blue 890k
NIS B15 KBE slv 360K 0735793338
Nissan Xtrail KBT 06 900k 0723628404
NISS Xtrail 06 0721946752
PAJEROIO BU 1M 0717898535
PRADO TX 00 a/t 1.38m 0702512660
RANGE Sport Black v/clean 07&06
Trade-In OK 4.3m 0722-797787
S/Impreza 07 GG2 BY, 840K 0720464174
S/FORESTER 590/= 0723923635
T/Fielder KBY 1.1m 0727596051
T/PASSO New KBY 560k 0721382481
T/Premio BP slv 680K 0735793338
T/Probox KBY 08 manual 0721701854
T/SPACIO KBY silver 07 0721701854
T.ALLION 07 KBY 1m 0733739325
T.Field 06 n/shape 1m 0722883481
T. NOAH 03 v/cln 700k 0720142233
T.PREMIO 06 KBW 1m 0733739325
TIIDA 2007 black 740K 0721510176
TOY / 110 KAQ mnl lther/seats n/w
allyrims & whls c/d player accdt free
400k neg v/c 0722541823
TOY Allion 1800cc 03 one lady owner
750k 0726667711
TOY Belta KBV 06 650k 0723628404
TOY Harrier 04 0723217758
TOY IST KBP v/c slv 540k 0722416796
TOYOTA Mark X very clean 2006
KBV 950k Call: 0708029007
MODEL 4M Tel 0720943337
TOY Rav4 KBN 05 1.1m 0723628404
VW Golf 06 KBU 700k 0703888509
VW Jetta blue 07 KBY-T 0722340225
VW Jetta FSi black 07 0722767752
VW Passat 07 KBY-R 0722340225
X-TRAIL 07 KBY 1.5m 0733739325
B103 Lorries for Sale
ISUZ FSR KAU-V owner 0725657009
B148 Tyres, Spares and Accessories
SPEED Governors wanted 0736915073
B740 Land, Plots for Sale
1/8 plots 8km Ruiru bypass (title) free
laptop 450k 0722155873
100x50 Kagio 550k 0731544830
10ACRES highway Mariakani @6.5m
0721299558 0710784444
2.5ACRES Athi River @9m and
8Acrs Nyandarua@300k 0722448088
BYPASS plots titles ready Ruiru
Pamoja Investors. Cash/12mons. Insta
llments 0719-595757, 0735-489037
EASTERN Bypass behind Kamakis
50x100 with ready titles call
0721291995, 0722874208
EMBAKASI Ranch Ruai 1/4, 1/2ac
plots from 750k to 3m 0722346935
EXCELLENT 1 acre plot Ongata
Rongai, developing Estate 5kms from
Africa Nazarene Uni. Contact
HOMEWARD: Commercial plots 40x
80 Kdo rd dep. 100000/= bal 4mths,
titles ready,020-2610923, 0700497890
HOMEWARD: Daystar 50X100
dep. 100,000 bal. 4mths, titles ready,
0202610923,0700509512 viewing free
KAREN 1/2acre 25m 0727136014
HOMEWARD: Joska 50x100 dep.
50,000 bal. 4mths, titles ready, 020
2610923, 0751201267 Viewing free
HOMEWARD: Katani 50X100 dep.
100,000 bal. 4mths, Titles ready, 020
2610923, 0700509512 viewing free
INDUSTRIAL Plot 1/4ac near
Cabanas 2nd row title 0722-596446
JOSKA Kdo Rd 50x100 r/titles
Dolharri enterprises Ltd viewing free
0727-375765, 0721-726701 dep 50k
JUJA Farm 300K 0713967300,
0705203024, Amiga
JUJA Komo 1/8acre Red soil 2km off
Thika Rd 1.3M 2220019, 0722831903
JUJA near Gachororo Primary 50x100
750m from super highway clean titles
each 3M 0721-427884, 0733-300462
KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50,000 bal
4mths. Ready titles. 0202-164920,
0712-013550, 0788-953862 Sideway
Properties Ltd. Vedic Hse 7th Floor
KASARANI Claycity 5br ensuite 1br
3units 23m 0722329180
KASARANI Mwiki 100 acre 6m per
acre 0720756509
KATANI 1.5acres 2 titles call
KIAMBU 1/4acre plots 0727723949
KIBAGARE 1 acre 0722716225
KITENGELA 1/8ac 255k 0727136014
TOY AE91, Subaru 2003, NPR Matatu
KAS 0733553580 / 0723812124
B382 Schools
F1-3 Ruiru Wataalam Girls-Boarding
free uniform - Fees 12k sms0729523117
CAR HIRE 2K/24HR 0736442746
B077 For Sale, Dealers
NIS Datsun 05 KAT 0727383013
CALDINA n/shape BM auto 03
0720327892, 0720908221 vry clean
T/HARRIER KBS 05' kes1.85M
TOY 103 KAZ 450k 0722-856080
TOY - Townace 2006 KBS-Z petrol
auto, v.clean Shs660k, 0728-987833
T Starlet KAK 240k 0712311044
4.75HA Plot Katani near SFS School
serious buyers only 0722769652
JUJA Farm 3.3acr 0735769696
Konza Salama 50x100.................65,000
Kitengela ICT City near KCA 40X80....180,000
Lukenya (Mountain View) 40x80...300,000
Malindi Kaembeni 15km from highway
1/2 acre 95,000.............1 acre 150,000
(Beach Plots also available)
Matuu Town 50X100....................75,000
Sagana 4km 100x100.................180,000
Sagana 6km 50x100.....................85,000
Rumuruti 1/2 acre........................100,000
1 acre............................................200,000
Viewing days Thursdays & Saturdays.
Acres also available; call us on
3rd Flr. 0712306644
0721888258. Thika Call
0724682847 / 0738890000
KISERIAN1/4 850k 0720699937
CARSwanted (PANJE) TEL0722739739
DEMIO07 KBY blu 0715901179
FIELDER KBX blac 0715901179
N/NAVARA 06 2.5L diesel, sunroof,
fully loaded, not-used 0723344388
T/MARKX 06, 2units, bdy kit, alloys,
steering controls KBX 0723344388
T/shark 7L KBY dsl 1.75m 0722616632
T Hilux d/cab BQ 1.6m 0722-409211
T NZE KBN 03 575K 0723249211
TOY 110 98 KAT 430k 0720678203
TOY NZE 03 630k KBM 0720678203
TOY NZE Probox Wish Fielder dip
250K balance 12-36 months
0722113757, 0733417012
TOYOTA Kluger KBL 03 black r/rails
s/roof Ksh 1.28m 0722316122
TOYOTA Premio KBY/Y 07 pearl
r/camera a/rims 1.2m 0722584179
TOY Starlet KAP 270k 0732238870
VW/GOLF 05, 2.0L auto, Silver,
KBS, fogs, alloys, v/clean 0723344388
ISUZU FVR KBJ 2.5M 0700458888
TIPPER MBenz KBM 2.9 0700458888
1/8 behind Kiguaru Inn (Ruaka) 6 million
flat plot 0787-621230
GIGIRI 1/2acre prime 0731-682577
KATANI 1/4 PRIME 0721497525
KENOL Muranga Plots. 4080ft,
550K, 650K, 850K, 900K.ReadyTitles
contact 0724437736
KILIMANI Yaya 1acre 0731-682577
Call; 0722 941 016
0732 316 330
Plant Operator (1 Month)
Plant Maintenance - (2 Months)
Plant mechanic - PLM (Grade iii,ii,i)
Automobile mechanic (Grade iii,ii,i)
Electrical engineering
Welding & fabrication
Plumbing & pipefitting
Bulldozer, Motor grader, Excavator, Roller,
Backhoe loader, Forklift - requirements an
ID,interim or driving licence
Refresher courses available
Plant operator courses in
B227 Containers
CONTAINERS 4 sale 0733311830
0721144998 new cars from 1500/=
NOAHNZE 3-2K 24H 0735768989
PREMIO, NZE and Probox needed 4
long term hire. 0722630527
ISZ NQR KBV+Contract 0731464241
020-22523431, 0720-487311
MERC C200 KBY 07 2.9m fully loaded
0720445569 v/clean new shape
NIS/Terrano KAQ 800k 0721845830
NIS/B 15 vc 355k 0722395870
NIS Xtrail KBL 04 0720723563
T/Premio KAZ @550K 0720611646
T/Vitz 07 all colors 625k 0725-909719
06.KSHS.640K.BX-W tel.
T/SHARK BH 750k 0735684700
1*2 acres land for sale, isinya, by the
roadside next to Kenchic. Call
KIAMUMBI 1/8 & 1/4 Acre 0722441411
0739-373323 wants new cars 4 long
term hire
CAR Hire gud rates 0718301649
MERCEDES S350, KBT, 2006, 4.8M
Tel 0720943337
PROBOX KBS 550k 05 0722312460
T/SHARK KAQ 37OK O721794163
M Demio KBS 05 450k blue0722696841
N/AD KBY n/s 585k 0787933640
N/NOTE BX blk 575 0787933640
N/XTRAIL 07 KBY black sun-roof
a/rims 1.59m 0787933640
T/Vitz clean KBG 435k 0711994043
Blessed tour needs cars 30-150
2007 Japan, 3.0 CC.trade in accepted.
Also available
TOYOTA FIELDER, 2007, 1.2M neg
TOYOTA IST, 2007, 810K neg
BENZ 200E 124 efi accident free 1
owner v/cln 435K neg 0721492222
DAEWOO Espero Sil KAN manual
efi 1500cc ask 235k 0718169114
FORD Escape black KBV 06 1.4M neg
HONDACRV 06 re3 1.8M 0721577945
LEXUS RX300 06 2.5M 0721577945
MARUTI KBJ OMN 0726758189
MERC C200 auto 00 v.clean 1M
MERCIDES 123 serials 102 engine
KXF very clean 195k 0718169114
NISSAN Wingroad KBR Sil auto ask
445k 0718169114
SUZUKI Vitara 06 1.7m 0721577945
T/Premio KBK 02' 695k 0721825673
TOY KAN 647M 380k 0723983798
TOYOTA Platz manual company
main. Silv ask 395k 0718169114
20 Acres Miharati, Kinangop @500K
Call 0725 089 926
JUJA Farm 1/4 acre title ready 450k
call owner on 0711705834
K/Sukari Bungoma rd plots prime 0725
850586, 0722716398
K/Wendani 50x100 9M 0752915456
KASARANI ICIPE 30x80 controlled
dev. Call: 0725850586, 0722716398
KIKUYU/Ndiuni 1/8 25K 0708313106
MIT FH 215 brand new KBY reg. 2014,
very low mileage 4.9M 0722672263
TOY Hiace petrol 2y engine auto KAK
ask 495k 0718169114
T Wish 04 Grey 750K 0723328958
DAGORETI 1/2ac 8m 0722294412
JUJA Farm 3.25ac 5m 50x100 650k
40x80 400k titles 0722294412
KITENGELA1/4a 1.2m 0722294412
TOY 110 AW 99 345K 0720742518
ISUZU Bighorn Diesel Black fully
loaded 850k ono 0720464074
Premio KBL gold clean 0721552313
Toy Caldina 06 Kbu 790k 0720173826
Toy Fieldr 07 Kby 1.150m 0720173826
TOYOTA Vitz RS 1500cc f/loaded
w/alloys 440k ono 0720464074
1/8 Acre 300m to stage Witeithie Thika
@850k call 0722442637
KIWAN Computer College offers all
job oriented computer courses Tel
0722453607 Information Hse 2nd Flr
ISUZU Exhauster. KZS 365. Fully
serviced 0722861370.
MITS Canter D35 BJ 0721233884
Nis Datsun pickup KAK-K 0712678081
T. Felder 07 Wine 1.15k 0722496269
T. Passo BX Blue 530k 0722496269
T. Vitz Red 07 650k 0722496269
ELDORET 1 /4 acre behind
racecourse inn with rental houses
6.2m call 0714028024
I/8 of an acre kinare 5 1/2 acres on
tarmac naivasha 0702197564
KAMULU 5 acres Call: 0723-795495
KATANI 9 acres Call: 0724-019115
KATANI 12 acres Call: 0723795495
Premio BY/BW/BT frm 990k 0722791671
SUZUKI Escudo KBY-V grey 0722791671
VW Polo 1.4 blue KBX 0722791671
0710274642, 0723973677,
PAJERO IO KAY Black 072131517
PROBOX 07 1.5L R/Rak 0723-644846
T/MARK X, 07 KBY 1.35M 0722705175
T/Succeed 08 1.5L 750k 0727944431
Friday May 23, 2014
Classieds 61
KISERIAN Pipeline Rd 300m from
Brackenhurst School 8plots @ 1.3m
per plot. Call 0722874208,
KITENGELA 1/8 ac Past Thorn Gr-
oove 450k 0711-167063, 020-550287
Kitengela 11acres 1.3M 0727136014
KITENGELA 20acres Namanga Rd
front & 500m river border next to
New Light Academy. 200 mil o.n.o.
No subdivisions. Contact 0734613661
KITENGELA acacia 1/4 acre 5km
from namanga road 1.35m
0725821107,pay in 3 instalments
Komarock 0.8ha 2.2m 0727596051
LAND & property investigators
www.esinvestigators.com 0722340597
LEARN Archicad tel: 0722884469
LIMURU Ngeca Prime 1acre 15M
Call: 0722-940185 Judith
LUKENYA Kinanie Rd 50by100 3km
Msa rd @900k 2acres, 10acres be4
Nzoiani 0727375765, 0733606595
MaiMahiu 8.9ac - 2.19m q/s 5ac-4.9m,
plots @350k/390k instal. 0725884003
MAKUYU Muranga plots for sale
with water titles ready, school and
shopping centre, roads are all
weather. Call Megg Properties Co.
owner 0720348327
MARAGUA Samar 44ac 0723488507
MALINDI North, fundisa agriculture
land for sale 41acres price: Total
6.15m contact 0735989998
MILIMANI Nairobi 2.14acres ideal
for a apartments, office block & a
hotel 0728-990415
MSA Rd 10ac 20M p.a 0734266598
NAIVASHA 4acre call 0725524862
NAIVASHA Mwichiringiri 3acres
good lake view 3M 0721536602
NANYUKI 1/8a 150k near Golf course
&Brtish Army 0727755544 Nemuge Ltd
NGONG 1/8, 1/4, 1/2acs 0729038205
NGONG Upper Matasia 1/4ac 2.2M
call 0722310314 owner
O/Rongai 1/8 580k, 370k 0722312536
O/Rongai 5ac 20m/ac neg 0721532242
ORTURUTU 38acs 0722716225
RUAKA 1/8 1/4 3/4 plots 0722806142
FOR SALE (50x100)
3km from Thika-Mangu tarmac road 1st
left turn after Mary hill SCH
Red soil
Ready for immediate development
Controlled development
Members ksh680,000
Non membersksh730,000
Discounted prices for more than an 1/8
(020) 328 8548, 0719 038548
0732 138588, 0719038552
RIMPA 1/4 3.5-4.4m Kahuho 1/4 4.5m
Kiserian 1/8 800-1.7m 1/4 2.2-3.5m
Matasia & Kibiku 1/4 2.2m 0722347033
RONGAI Nkoroi 4 plots 50x100 call
RONGAI Turskeys 1/4 plot 700m call
RUAI 1/8ac KBC, 1km from tarmac
300000/- 0722450218 Nemuge Co. Ltd
RUAI 1/8ac KBC 200,000/= title 0722
986680, 0722450218 Nemuge Co. Ltd.
RUAI 1/8ac KBC 230,000/- title, elec.
0722986680 Nemuge Company Ltd
RUAI 1/8ac KBC dev. area, 250,000/-
0722450218 Nemuge Co. Ltd
RUAI 1/8acre KBC 95,000/- best
special offer 0722450218 Nemuge Co.
Ltd Free Viewing Wed & Sat 9.30am
RUAI at Joska dev. prime 50x100 2km
from rd water & title 600,000/=; 3km
from rd 400,000/=; JOSKA 150,000
(s/offer); ISINYA 50x100 3km from
Pipeline 150,000/=; KISAJU 50x100
4km from road next Jamii Bora.
400,000/=. Truelands, Reli Co-op
Hse, Mfangano st., Rm 404 0720
738141, 0734800400, 0710343334 or
visit www.truelands.co.ke or Email:
RUAI Joska 250K, 300K, 500K devd
0705203024, 0713967300, Amiga
RUAI Joska 2 acres 1.4m p/a 1/2 acre
850k 50x100 250k 0722-245004
RUAI KBC 50x100 135K, KBC bypass
40x80, comm 160K, 40x80 140K,
50x100 200K, Joska 50x100 275K,
600K ready title. Viewing Wed 9am,
Sat 10.30am. Hope Realty Tusker hse
0727867432, 0735696835
RUAI Malaa 1/8acs in a beautiful
homely environment,on a freshly
done all weather roads in a gated
comm set up & titles;Buy 1 plot
@395K, 2 plots @750K, 3 plots
@1.125M,4 plots @1.5M.Very ideal
for immediate occupation &
speculation,free viewing daily & inst
llments Ok. 0724003413 /0721394634
Dolphins Real Estates Ltd
RUIRU bypass 1/8a title 1.5m 0722557356
RUIRU Eastern Bypass 40 x 80 450k,
600k titles ready Broadspect Invest
Ltd 0712 335 837, 0738 505 445.
RUIRU town 50*100ft 3bdrm hse
quick sale title+50*100 plots-Ruai
clean 100*100ft fair cost
SAFARI Park 1ac on sewer 0734266598
SAFARI PARK 1acre 55M 0722870934
SYOKIMAU 5ac 55m 0725270631
THINDIGUA 3/4 acre 0721356111
THINDIGUA 3 /4acre with
5bedroom house 58m 0722874208
Thka - Ngwa- Tola 50x100 0717253153
THOME1 @13.5m call 0722874208
TUALA 14 50by100ft plots, ideal for
Residential homes @ 850K, f/hold
title negotiable call 0722334708
UMOJA innercore 40x80 0789564845
WOTE Makueni comm. plots on
tarmac 0716754635
B761 Premises, Offices for Sale
PARKROAD old comm building
fronting p/road 0719-860884
B768 Premises, Offices to Let
EQUIPED offices 12K-35K view
park. Tel 0202585384
Strategically Located
Along Uhuru
Highway Next To 24 Hour
Nakumatt Mega
GDWN Msa Rd. 10,000sq ft 0721762681
GODOWN Clesoi Rd off lunga
Lunga road 020-2020565
OFFICE Anpemu House Ngara Road
Tel: 020-2020565
SHOP To let v/spacious Kijabe Street
near Globe r/about 0722547422
STALLS Kimathi st nxt Nation Centr
0720305110, 0725083400 no goodwill
B782 Properties for Sale
4BR Maisonette with SQ at complex
view estate Kasarani opposite ICIPE
own compound 18 million negotiable
A Residential plot 25x100 Dagoretti/
Uthiru 0711616122
AWENDO /Migori 3br bungalow
1/8acre 3m 0726317152/0724211204
BTL 6bdrm m/net 9M 0734830430
NGONG 4br houses 0729038205
BURUBUBU ph4 corner hse for
sale 10m no broker 0725203288
KAREN /OLOLUA ridge 1acre
freehold plot, lovely area 35m o.n.o
Tel 254 0721 412612
LAVINGTON block of town houses
4 & 5br dsq, small garden, under
construction 0728-990415
NAIROBI West three bedroomed
hse. Call 0772703302
NAKURU: 200 x 50 Kenlands, next
to Pivot Hotel 25M 0731049075
NGONG 3br apartment m/ensuite in
town 4.8m 0719-860884
PARKLANDS 3bedroom apartment.
Tel. 0725388829, 0737550824
0722 911 947,
0722 544 481
Two Bedroom Apartments.
Kshs. 3.5 Million
Installments accepted.
Gated community
RONGAI 17 new 2br exclusively
finished self contained Apartments,
plus parking slot opp. Nairobi
Womens Hospital 2nd row,@ kshs
3.6m. ono 30% sold Call 0716-648205
RUAKA block of apartment 2&3 brs
with internet, dstv, lift, generator,
borehole offers invited 0728-990415
RUNDA 5br+2Sq neat 0720-724841
S/B Golden gate 3br+sq 13.5M ono
SOUTH-C 4br with SQ 0202252343,
0722-524481, 0720-487311
SOUTH C Akiba 4br maisonete sq
15m 2220019, 0722831903
SOUTH C gardens flats 3br opp
Kenol petrol st. 15m 0725270631
THIKA -Magogoni 1/2acre red soil
plot with 3b/room hse light & water
with free hold title Call 0739409988
B789 Properties to Let
3BDR 18K Tassia 0710692385 owner
3br +sq 30k A/River 0726906623
AT Westlands 1km from Westgate
Peponi rd beautiful 5bedroom
maisonette with Garden, very secure,
150k 0722-852952 Azim
BURU 5, 2b/room ext. 15000+ dep ,
2500 water dep. Tel. 0722563772-
BURUBURU & South C 3br 2br 1br
modern secure apt shop /office space
DonholmPh8 1br 12-13k 0727720945
GITHURAI 44 Makuti Bar & Lodges
near Uncle Sams 0722653939
HOUSE for rent Langata Rd behind
Carnivore, 4bedroom all ensuite sq
massionte near Splash Water World,
three car park, small garden, mobile
0722431641, 0733601746
IMARA Daima 2br 27k 0722716225
0720141500, 0789758485, 0716695444,
0202225039 www.kinyuakoech.co.ke
Kileleshwa 4br apartment -Kshs.
120,000/-, Kileleshwa 4br House
+SQ-Kshs.120,000/-,Nyayo Embakasi
3br Maisonnette- Kshs. 40,000/- ,
Nairobi west 3br Apartment- Kshs.
40,000/-, Buruburu 3br Maisonette -
Kshs. 35,000/-.
LANGATA Dam2 3&4 brm apt
37&42k respectively 0729957520
LAVI Mbaazi 3br @65k 0714-606405
LAVINGTON 4br flat 0722159498
Marurui (Thome) 3br 25k 0722726770
NGONG rd offices 0727723949
SOUTH B Balozi - Apts 2br 26k
1br 18k bedsitter 13k, 0734391542
SOUTH C 4br 45K 0724007237
SOUTH C Ashgate 3br bungalow
ensuite vacant 35k 0725270631
SOUTH C near Next Gen 3br
apartment secure 0720-854389
THREE bedroomed flat sunrise estate
twigacourt, adj to imara daima. call
0722522576or 0733738574
WESTLANDS 2bedroom furnished
apartment 0720716686
B733 Stalls Available
STALL for sale call 0722233411
D531 Hotels
A. Glory Nyali holiday resort 1,500/- pp
+ b/fast & swimming pool 020-
2107105, 0721-895935, 0720- 298208
E263 Women
SECRETARIES required must be
computer literate apply with all
certificates and CV P.O Box 84559
E546 Machinery for Sale
Cummins 250kva & Perkins 100kva
used generators 0722713016
800KVA alternator 0722713016
D557 Apartments Available
PRESTIGE Holiday resort Mtwapa
fully furnished Apartments/Rooms self
catering s/pool AC DSTV WIFI
restaurant 3000/= p/day 0722351275
E789 Properties to Let
KIZINGO 4br newflat 0720925922
0709 900 000
U/HILL 1br8k 0728282530 ownr
NAIVASHA Spacious 2br secure
guesthouse 0722111891
Kiwaja KM plt 1.7m 0722313828
LAVINGTON 1acre redevelopment
properties Tel 0731-682577
MAAIMAHIU Commercial plots on
tarmac ideal for curios, choma-zone,
lodges, shops,carwash 5km from
M-Mahiu- Narok Junc. ksh. 700,000/=
Tel 0714988239, 0734319922 owner
Ngecha Road 2.5acres 0731-682577
NGOIGWA Thk 40x80 0708199784
NGONG 50x100 plot 0731-682577
Nyahururu Pesi Area 36 acres
@200K per acre ono 0787561615
RUNDA Mimosa 1 acre,2acres & 1/2
acre properties 0731-682577
river-front, 800K per acres. 0722
320385. Owner.
TASSIA NSSF 33x66 2.5m0724516954
WESTLANDS 1.2acrs 0731-682577
BARICHO Rd office unit & show
room space, secure, lift 0722742222
MSA RD: Open space with container
opp Ekha Hotel 2,500sqft
0700743299, 0723847301
WAIYAKI Way office units 1500sqft
secure, opp. Lion Place 0722742222
4 b/r+sq Utawala 6m 0722644620
DAGO 3bdrm @5.5m call 0722228117
KAHAWA Sukari v/neat 5br m/nett
must see q/sale offers 0720285110
KILELESHWA 5BR all ensuite Penthse
+dsq, swimming pool 0731-682577
LAVINGTON 2br apt 0731-682577
LAVINGTON 5br hses0731-682577
2br house 10k Umoja 0202478617
2BR RIRUTA SETI 0722387153
K/ROCK ph 5 4br main 0722813866
KISUMUMamboleo 3br mstr ensuite
owner 0727-480202, 0722-818249
KITENGELA Bdsitter 0727921650
L/Kabete & Banana 2&3br 0725817817
LANGATA 3br apt 0722813866
LANGATA rd 1/2br flat 0728519578
Lavington 2br @55k 0723-308663
MADARAKA S/Centre new flats 1br
0722-678051 /0720215610 owner
N/WEST near s/centre 1&2br apt
0722-678051/0720215610 owner
NGONG 3br bungalow 0731-682577
NGONG twn 2brm 12K 0714412764
NYAYO Emba 3br main 0722813866
SOUTH B 3 Bedroom Flat Spacious
Secure 0721569616 No Agents
B817 Wanted to Rent
JOGOO Rd 2br hse stone fenceid
@16000 Tena 2br @12000 good
security 0722643454, 0722482261,
MARIAKANI 12 acres touching the
road ksh. 120M neg. 0721468146
RIRUTA Sat 100x100 0711365983
NEW 3 bed flats redhill rd 2kms from
Nyari UNEP 7M 0722221068
EQUIPED Office space @ Kshs 200
per day with free internet, secretary,
messenger. Telephone and locker
0722657220, 0722138901
GITARU prime plot 1/8 on highway
0722272397 Owner
UMJA 1 flat wit title.8.5m 0722682663
RENT: KSHS. 35,000
CALL: 0727948196
020 2395490
FOREST RD 3bedroom Fully
Furnished Apartment. Secure. Dstv.
0772 913635
KITENGELA 5ac @12m 0722321369
O/Rongai 1/8ac 1.5m 0722321369
RUIRU bypass 50x100 4.2M. Call
SHAMATA 13acs 4.5M. 0737848199
KITENGELA 3bd bungalows gated
estate 6.5M 0722-321369
KAYOLE 2br Ksh7500 1br 6K
KIBERA h/rise 1br 0712116485
E761 Premises,Offices for sale
Tomboya St building 270m 0734790088
MARAGUA Samar plot 0722336271
NYAMBARI CBD plot 0722336271
K/SUKARI - Mwihoko1/4acre 2.7m
neg Tel 0722820404
MWIHOKO - Mahiira 1/8acre - with
title 1.150m neg 0722820404
MUA Hills 5acres @1M per acre call
0721690382 owner
NAIVASHA 5acr @1.7m 0736499175
RUIRU Bypas Corner 1/8ac 80m from
tarmac 3M 0723947156
SAFARI Park Gardens 40x80 contro
lled dev. 0725850586, 0722716398
Thika Maboromoko 1ac 0722512461
HURLINGAM 20-100K 0721577945
STHC 4br mnette 12m 0714-767382
UMOJA 2br+1ext title 0722658917
Matasia 3br secure home 0722710942
MOMBASA Rd opp General Motors,
office/space to let, tel0737563233
MANGU 40x60 500k 0722294412
BURU Phs-3 main 2br 0722322196
LANGATA 1br ext 0722322196
THINDIGUA 1/2acre 0722802783
B747 Parking Space Available
LONGTERM parking in secured
compound Parklands. Reasonable
rate call 0722747158
HOTEL self contained rooms 200sqft
to let as offices in serene gardened
surrounding 0722747158
RUNNING farm 400a for sale 330m
ono frontage Athi River with 12000
fruit trees 0789372433 owner
Syokimau 5acres 60M 0722-699131
4BR Maisonette Membley 60K
0724597566 Owner
H/Rise 2br apartment 30k 0718323208
TENA 2brm Hse 0722623601
E740 Land Plots for Sale
WEMA Centre 1/8 acre 2.2m Call
0721558474 or 0722841399
BURU1br 10k 0720543149 own
NAKURU langa langa 50x120 owner
contact 0737787225
NYANDARUA mawingu near
karunga sec 5.5 acres with title crops
elect @ 570k 0714028024
RUKUBI 1/8 acre 3.9m 0725965405
3BD rm main house River Bank phase
2 South B. Call 0720 044 808
O/RONGAI shop/house 0725576134
YAYA Ctre 4brm apt m/ens 13.5M
neg owner. 0726-698865
COAST (Telephone
Coast Numbers Only)
E243 Domestic
E457 Bar Codes
NGONG 1/8acre owner 0721602133
SOUTH-B 2Bedrooms 0728100001
Friday May 23, 2014
62 | Classieds
It is with ultimate acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the sudden death of our son, brother, friend and
hero Dennis Kelvin Macharia, after a short but brave battle
with Leukaemia. Until his demise, he was a nal year student
in the Dept of Environmental Planning and Management,
and dedicated choir member at Kenyatta University. Son of
Harriet W. Nthiga of SALI, ACK Mbeere Diocese. Brother
of Neema Kainyu (St Peters School-Ishiara) and the late
Phoebe Ngatha. Grandson of Rev. Canon Albert & Mrs.
Lillian Nthiga Kithua of ACK St. Anne-Kinyaga, Mbeere
Diocese. Nephew of Lydia Mwai (Rwika TTI), Judith Otele
(NHIF-KNH), Miriam Munyi (Embu), Sophia Nyaga (NBK
Limuru), Joshua Nthiga (Kenya Prisons), Mugendi G. Moses
(Ardhi Hse HQ), Margaret Nthiga (Limuru), Mwai, Dr. Otele
(K.N.H), Munyi, Nyaga, Ruth and Lucy. Adored cousin of
Victor, JuneNicole, Mark, Ian, Patience-Faith, Teddy, Joy,
Melody, Gloria, Grace, Junior, Blessing, Hope, Precious,
Abigael, Prudence, Gaddiel and Merab. Best friend to Sally,
Gift, Asaph, Maxi, Moses, and Morris. M-Pesa contributions
can be sent to 0727663939 or 0721239927. There will be a
memorial service at KU Funeral Home Chapel this afternoon
between 2 & 4.30pm.The cortege leaves Kenyatta University
Funeral Home on Saturday 24th May 2014 at 7 a.m. for burial
at his grandfathers home in Kinyaga village, Gachoka Division,
Mbeere South District, Embu County.
Dont grieve for me, for now am free; Im following the path God laid for me. I took His
hand when I heard Him call; I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day to
laugh, to love, to work or play.Tasks undone must remain that way. Ive found peace.
Dennis Macharia
Gone Too Soon
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the passing on of Lydia Binsari Mogoba.
Daughter of Daniel Mogoba Onditi and Hellen
Gesare and Pauline Nyamoita which occurred on
14/5/2014 as a result of cardiac arrest. Loving sister
of Risper, Jackline, Isabella, Sarah, Abiud, Martha and
John, Charles, Hellen, Henry, Grace, Jane, Malachi
and Cyrus. Niece of the Onditis and Nyakiambarias.
Cousin of the Nundas and Chweyas, Ogegas,
Ondimus, Bosires among others. Aunt of Dina, Linda,
Vincent, Jonny, Rodney, Harvy and Abigael.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily for funeral
arrangements at their family home in Itierio and
Wakawaka Restaurant opposite Ukwala Supermarket
next to Afya Centre Nairobi.
There will be a fundraising at the Professional Centre
Nairobi on Tuesday 27th May 2014 starting at 5.00 pm
to assist the funeral arrangements. Burial will take
place on 30/5/2014 at the family home Itierio.
Binsari you have fought a good ght and won the race.
In God hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever.
Lydia Binsari
A Time To Rest
Much loved husband of Laelia, Father of Carol, Laelia
Jane & Nicola.
Grandfather of Elke, Kaila, Hannah, Sam & Isobel.
Died Peacefully at home on 14th May 2014.
There will be a service of Thanks giving for his life at All
Saints Cathedral on Monday, 26th May at 2.30pm
ANDERSON Alistair 1923 -2014
Death & Thanksgiving
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the death of Elder Samuel Gathecha Njoroge
of PCEA Githunguri Parish-Rev. Ayub Kinyua Memorial
Church, Githunguri. He hailed from Thakwa village,
Githunguri, Kiambu County. Son of the late Harun Njoroge
Gakami and the late Susan Wanjiru Njoroge. Husband of
Elder Keziah Wangui Gathecha. Father of Lucy Wanjiru
Ngigi (State Law Ofce) and Josphat Ngigi Kihiro, Elder
Zipporah Mwende Gitau and the late Barthlomew Gitau
Ngugi, Priscilla Wanjiku Gathecha (TSC), Harun Njoroge
Gathecha and Nancy Nyandia Njoroge (UK).
Brother of the late Priscilla Wanjiku Njuguna, Elder Ruth
Wambui Wairia, the late John Thuo, Esther Ngonyo Kimani,
Elizabeth Mwihaki Harun and Albert Chege Gakami.
Son-in-law of the late Stephen Mwaura Kiguru, the
late Zipporah Kamwende and the late Peninah Wanjiru
Mwaura. Grandfather of Keziah Wangui Ngigi, Samuel
Gathecha Wanjiku (UAP Insurance), Tabitha Njeri Gitau
(Equity Bank), Samuel Gathecha Njoroge (UK) among
others. Brother-in-law of Karen Mumbi, Florence Mumbi,
Mary Ngure, Naomi Manyara, Henry Kiguru, Joe Mwaura,
Grace Mwaura and Willie Mwaura.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his home Thakwa from 4.00 pm for prayers and funeral
The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Funeral Home on Wednesday, 28th May, 2014 at 8.00am for funeral
service at PCEA Rev. Ayub Kinyua Memorial Church, Githunguri at 10.00 am and thereafter burial at his
home Thakwa village.
Rest in peace.
Elder Samuel
Gathecha Njoroge
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
It is with deep sorrow and humble acceptance
of Gods will that we announce the passing on
of Jane Njoki Gitau, while on a trip to USA.
She was a CWA member, Waithaka Parish.
Wife of Edward Gitau Ngugi of Waithaka,
Dagoretti. Daughter of Hannah Wanjiru and
the late David Wangugi Gitau.
Mother of Wambui, Ciru (USA), Ngina
(Muthama), Terry (Direct Line Assurance,
Nakuru), Joan (Muthama) and Michael
(Qatar). Sister of Joseph Gitau (Nippon
Koei, Nairobi), Kangethe, Muthoni, Nyokabi,
Nganga and Mbiriri. Mother-in law of Mathai,
Simon, Kimathi, Aloice and Vera. Grandmother
of Ngatia, Eddies, Justin, Muthoni, Trevor and
Nathan. Aunt of Cirus, Njoroges, Derrick,
Cynthia and Wangugis.
The cortege leaves PCEA Kikuyu Hospital mortuary on Tuesday, 27th May, 2014
at 9.00am for a requiem mass at Charles Lwanga Catholic Church, Waithaka from
12.00 noon.Thereafter burial at Langata Cemetery at 2.00 pm.
Grant unto her Oh Lord, the eternal rest and let the perpetual light
shine upon her. May her soul rest in peace.Amen.
Jane Njoki Gitau
1959 - 2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
We, the family of Mzee Joseph Onyach announce the
promotion of glory of Engineer George Stephen Omanya
Onyach which occurred at Aga Khan University Hospital,
Nairobi. He was son of late Mzee JosephOnyach and late
Mama Opondo Nyayo. Step son to late Mama Roselida
Obonyo. Son-in-law to late Mama Turphosa Achola.
Brother in law to Henry Jina, Barrack Onono, Phoebe
Okech, Alice, Obado, Prisca Obuya, Beldina Ongus, Alice
Onyach, Late Charles Walala, Alice Opiyo, late Hassan
Odingo among others. Loving husband to Mama Mary
Grace Omanya. Brother to the late Rael Mbuya, late
Albert Obuya, Sophia Oranga, Jason Ongus, Shem
Onyach, late Linet Walala, and Abel Onyach. Father
to Late Pamela and Peter, Robert, Gospel, Mark, Penina,
Ameleah, Eunice, Evalyn. Grandfather to Joe, Stephen,
Doris, Carol, Esther, Pauline, Emmanuel, Jessie, Immanuel,
Gideon, Benjamin, Abu, Jeremy, Tina, Michelle, Kimberly,
Jamie, Faith, Dina, Atoti, Movida, Jayson, Wayne, Peter,
Samuel, Lian, Zaddock, Jeremiah among others. Father in
law to late Penina, Fransisca, Juliet, Kilei, Jared, Juma, Tom
among others. Uncle to Patty, Akoth, Anna, Jane, Nicholas,
Isaiah, Pamela, Kerry, Jimmy, Gordon, Maureen, Lameck, Joyce, Late Were, Kiche, Lazarus, Nyangi, among
others. Cousin to Richard Osoga, late Benard Ochola, and Late Wilson Odhiambo among others. He is
survived by several nephews and nieces - Odoyo, Evans among others.
Friends and Relatives will meet for a Funds drive at Professional Center, Hall CC-2, located off
parliament road, Nairobi from 5.00 pm on the Tuesday 27th May, 2014. Your presence and support is
welcome and appreciated.
Just in case you have prior engagements, kindly send your donations to 0716 555 250 or 0726 931 916.
Eng. George
Stephen Omanya
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we accept the sudden demise of Victor Nyairabu
Omoro former employee of Kenya National Audit
ofce Nairobi. Son of the late Omoro Onuonga
and the late Kemunto Omoro. Husband of Agnes
Obonyo Nyairabu and loving father of Emmah, Emily,
Emmanuel, Aznat of Asoat University of Kenya and
Paul of Ongata Academy. Brother of Mosoti, late
Nyamamba, Ayiera, Ongondi, Mogoko, Orina, George,
Thomas, late Kwamboka, late Kombo, Nyabonyi and
Rebecca. Cousin of Orenge, Nyasinga, Hunderson
Magare, Ntabo, Nyamamba, Okeyo, Obiero, Mokoro,
Ogamba, Ayienga and Peter Mogaka. Brother-in-law
of Ogoti, Makaa, Maengwe, Ondieki, Mokeira, Moraa,
Teresa, Monica, Alice, Bosibori, Thabitha, Anne, Esther,
Kerebi, Kingaya among others. Nephew of Mingate,
late Mogaka, late Ayiecha and late Ombwori. Korera
of Ndubi, Mwangi. Uncle of Elijah Nyamamba (The
National Treasury), Richard Nyamamba (Kefri),
Philip Ongondi, Omoros, Nyaberi, Julius Nyamamba,
Kennedy Nyasinga (KRA), George, Nyaboke, Joshua
Gichana (Immigration), Kennedy Mosoti (NACC)
among others. Father-in-law of Vincent, Morara.
Meetings are being held at Garden Square, Mogumo village and at Nalepo Along Rongai Kiserian
Road. Burial will take place at his home Mogumo village, Bogwendop sublocation, North Kitutu
Location, Manga sub- County, Nyamira County on 2nd June 2014.
Victor Nyairabu
1959 - 22nd May 2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will
that we announce the death of Mrs Milkah
Wangui Ngige of Kibiko A Ngong on the
20th May 2014 a retired lay leader of A.C.K
St. Marys Kiboko Church.
Beloved wife of Fred Ngige of Kibiko A
Ngong. Beloved Mother of Dr. Rahab and
Dr. Edwin Muinga, Nancy W. Bacia, Elizabeth
and Edward Mwangi Wanjihia, Peter and
Immaculate Gitau Ngige, Winnie Wanjiru
Ngige and the late Gideon Njoroge Ngige.
Grandmother and Great Grandmother of
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at
her home and at All Saints Cathedral from 5:30pm for prayers and funeral
The cortege leaves Nairobi Womens Hospital Mortuary Adams Branch on 27th
May 2014 at 8:00am for a funeral service at St. Mary A.C.K Church Kibiko Ngong
and thereafter burial at their farm nearby.
Mum in Gods Hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever
Milkah Wangui
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
It has been 4 years since we last saw you. We all
miss the joy and love you gave us and everyone
around you. Your legacy lives on in all the lives
you touched dear Daddy. Not a day passes by
without us thinking about you because you left
an everlasting footprint in our lives. A lot has
happened that we would love to share with
you, but no worries cause we shall meet again
in paradise.
Your wife, children, sisters, brothers, nephews and
nieces, collegues and friends all miss you.
Family and friends are having a prayer meeting
at his Membley Estate, Ruiru Home on Saturday
24th May 2014 from 2.00pm.
They that love beyond the world cannot be separated
by it.
Death cannot kill what never dies.
In Loving Memory
Prof. John Okoth
1957 - 2010
We the family of David Wakaba Mbugua
sadly announce the sudden parting of
our beloved son and brother which
occurred in Baltimore Maryland on the
4th of May 2014. His body arrives in
Nairobi on 23rd of May.
The funeral shall be held on 31st of
May at his farm in Ol Kalou. Family and
friends are invited to ongoing meetings
at St Andrews Church PCEA Nairobi
for preparations and arrangements of
the funeral.
The meetings shall continue today the
23rd, Tuesday 27th through to Friday
30th beginning from 5.00 pm.
Your prayers, support and love through
this difcult time has warmed our
David rests in peace and remains alive in all of us.
Wakaba Mbugua
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the sudden death of Mrs.
Loise Ngui Munyi which occurred on
Family and friend are meeting at Kiritiri
Mbeere South - Embu County every
evening. Nairobi friends and relatives
will be meeting from Monday 26/5/014
- 28/05/2014 at All Saints Cathedral
Kindergarten Nairobi.
For further details Contact No
0722 488 460 or 0723 538 868
Funeral date will be announce later
Loise Ngui
Death Announcement
Friday May 23, 2014
Transition 63
It is with profound sadness that we announce
the demise of Mr. Samuel K Chepkwony Mutai of
National Bank of Kenya at The Mater Hospital on
Sunday, 18th May 2014. Son of the late Chepkwony
Kimutai arap Milgo and the late Raeli Chelangat Milgo
of Tabesonik village, Buret District. Brother of Joseph
C. Chepkwony Ass. Chief Roysambu Sub. Loc., Alice
Chebet of Keringet, Sally Chepkemoi of S.A (Joburg),
Joel Chepkwony of Keringet, Nancy Chepngeno
Tanui of Korongoi and Glenda Cherotich of Karen.
Brother-in-law of Maryanne Chepkwony and Jane
Chepkwony. Uncle and guardian of Fidel K. Milgo
(K.U) among others.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Garden
Square Restaurant-Nairobi, his home in Saika Estate
and Saika Shopping Center (JBs Place) from 5.00pm.
The cortege will leave the Montezuma Monaliza
funeral home Nairobi on Friday 23/5/2014 at 2pm.
The funeral and burial services will be held at his
home in Keringet Maziwa village on Saturday 24/05/
2014 from 10.00 am.
For contributions M-Pesa cell no: 0723 821153.
Samuel, in Gods hands you rest in our hearts you live forever.
Samuel K.
Chepkwony Mutai
Death and Funeral Announcement
We announce the death of Bernard Njoroge
Macharia who passed away on Sunday 18th May
2014. Son of the late Michael Macharia Kamuhu
and late Jane Wandithia. Husband of the late Virginia
Wanjiku Njoroge and Salome Wangui. Father of
Jane Wandithia Joyce Munyua Lydia Muriithi, Emma
Mbugua, Grace Mumbi, late Peris Mumbi, Margaret
Wambui, Mark Macharia and Diana Nduta. Brother
of Kamau (Joska), Mukami, Mumbi, late Wambui Njeri,
Richard and Munyui. Grandfather of Karori Munyua,
Wanjiku Munyua, Peninah Siamanta Murcus Muriithi,
Martin Njoroge, Leon Muiko,Virginia Wanjiku, Sarah
Mbugua, Kayla Mbugua, Cynthia Wanjiku. Uncle of
many. Family and friends are meeting at Fedha Estate
Nairobi and Matasia Ngong for funeral arrangements
at 4.00pm.
The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on Thursday
29th at 9.00am for a funeral service at St. Barnabas
Catholic Church Matasia at 11.00am and thereafter
proceeds to the grave site at Matasia (Resort).
In Gods Hands you rest. In our hearts you live forever.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Bernard Njoroge
It is with deep sorrow that we announce
the promotion to glory of Maureen Wanj
iru Mungai (Mosh) on the 18/5/2014,
while undergoing treatment at the
Nairobi hospital after a road accident.
Loving wife of Antony Mungai Njogu of
Njeri Lokorito and Mungai advocates,
Nairobi. Doting mother of Samuel Njogu
Mungai and Nancy Timaini Njeri Mungai.
Loving daughter of James and Sophia
Ngatia of Molo Kangawa farm. Loving
sister of Tutayo Saitabao, Esther Ngatia,
Everlyne Ngatia and Harrison Wanyoko
Ngatia. Daughter in law of Samuel and
Nancy Njogu of Highlands bookshop
Molo. Sister in law of Peter Muigai Njogu,
Benjamin Kamau Njogu, Leah Wangari
Njogu and Charles Muthama.
Family and friends are meeting for prayers
and funeral arrangements at garden square
Nairobi from Tuesday 20th May, 2014 5:30pm Kitengela Maasai Discover Hotel
from Wednesday 21st,Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd May 2014 at 6:30pm and at
Molo. The cortege leaves Umash funeral home Nairobi on Saturday 24/05/2014
for burial at Molo Tayari farm on the same day.
In life we loved you, in death we cherish you, in heaven you watch
over us. Forever you reign in our hearts
Rest in peace Mosh
Maureen Wanjiru
Mungai (Mosh)
Sunrise: 3/12/1983
Sunset: 18/05/2014
Promotion to Glory
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the promotion to glory of Rahab
Wanjiku Mukiria on 18th May 2014.
Wife of the late Mukiria Kamaki of Kaharo
village, Mukurweini Division, Nyeri County.
Mother of Wairimu Muraguri, Peter Muraguri,
late James Kanyi,Victor Ndurubu, Nancy Muturi
and Muita Mukiria. Auntie, grandmother and
great great grandmother of many.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Emma-
Accra Hotel from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m for funeral
The cortege leaves Mukurwe-ini District
Hospital on Saturday 24th May 2014 at 10.00am.
The funeral service and burial will be held at
her home in Kaharo Village Ituura ria Kahithe
from 11.00am.
We give God all the Glory for the time
we have been with Maitu.
Promotion to Glory
Rahab Wanjiku
(Mwari Wa Kanyi)
1914 - 2014
It is with deep sorrow that we announced the death
of James Mwangi Kiruthi of Kinyona Village which
occurred on Sunday 18th May 2014 at Kenyatta
Hospital. Husband of Pirisicah Waithira, Father of
Erick Kiruthi, Joseph Chege, Jane Wanjiku, Jamrick
Njiiri & Henry Njuguna. Son of late Kiruthi Njiiri &
Jane Wanjiku Kiruthi. Stepson of Margaret Nyathira
Kiruthi of Kinyona Village. Brother of Jamlick Njiiri
Kiruthi, Peter Njaria Kiruthi, Beth Njeri Mwangi,
Peter Njiiri (Mr. Seed - London), Esther Kamanu
(London), Ann Mwathi (U.S.A), Faith Nduati, Samuel
Mwaura Kiruthi, Paul Thuo Kiruthi, Joseph Gichiri
Kiruthi, Beth Njeri, Nicholas Mwarangu Kiruthi,
Rose Waithera, Richard Ndumbi, Fredrick Rukungu,
Charles Gichiri. Uncle of many.
The cortege will leave Githumu Hospital Mortuary
on Tuesday 27th May 2014 at 9.00 a.m for burial at
Home in Ikohokoho, Mairi Village. Burial arrangements
are taking place at All Saints Cathedral from 5.00p.m
and at his home in Ikohokoho, Mairi Village.
James, in Gods hand you rest, in our hearts you remain forever.Amen
Death and Funeral Announcement
James Mwangi
Hard to believe a year has passed since you left us.
We fondly remember you, our hearts are sore. As
time goes by we miss you more.
Your laughter and jokes, your words of wisdom, your
wishes for best life for us all. No one can ll the gap
you left.Your memory we hold dear, and your love for
us is still our guide.
You gave us life, nurtured us, taught us, fought for
us, inspired us, we bless the hours God gave us to
be with you and know you are in wonderful place
in heaven.
You were loved by all who knew you. God took you
home, it was his will, but in our hearts, you still live.
Dearly missed by your wife Joyce Karuana Karanja,
daughters Mercy Wanderwa, Mercy Nyoro, Isabel
Machangi sons Felix Nyoro, Cephas Machangi,
Timothy Muraguri, sisters & brother, grandchildren
and all.
Rest in Peace!! Loving you always!!
In Gods hand you rest, in our hearts you will
live forever Amen!
Paul Karanja
Nyoro (Munish)
In Loving Memory
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the passing on of Pst. Rodgers
Mwavita Mwambui of Kili Baptist Church which
occurred on Friday 16th May 2014 at Pandya
Husband of Renelice Mwavita. Father of
Mwarumba Mwavita, Njoki Mwarumba, Sophie
Debora Mwavita and James Mae, Dorothy
Pendo Mwavita. Grandfather of Jesse Mwaringa,
Renelice Kadzo, Zenny Mae, Tuzo Mwarumba,
Tuli Mwarumba.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at
1st Baptist Church Mombasa from 5.00pm to
6.30pm for burial arrangements. Cortege leaves
Pandya Hospital mortuary on Friday 23rd May
at 10:30am to his residence at Kili.The Church
service will be held at Kili Baptist Church on
Saturday 24th May 2014 at 9.00am followed by
the burial service at his Roka farm at 1.00pm.
I have fought the good ght, I have nished the race,
I have kept the faith II Tim 4:7
Pst Rodgers
Mwavita Mwambui
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
We regret to announce the death of Christine
Wamboi Mwaura(Mwero). Wife of the Late Henry
Mwaura Thiongo.
Mother of Margaret Wanjiro(Mama Wawero wa
Yamumbi), the late John Thiongo Mwaura, The late
Partrick Njege, the late Joseph Kanyara, Veronica
Njeri(Wa Mwero) and Elizabeth Wangare Ondari
(Teacher at Hill Secondary). Mother-in-Law of P.
K. Wawero, Anastacia Wamaya Thiongo(Nakuru),
Mary Kanya(Dandora), the late Michael Mwaniki
Miano and Francis Ondari. Grandmother of many.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at her
residence at Shauri Yako Estate (Eldoret) at 7.00pm
for Funeral arrangements. The body is lying at Moi
Teaching and Refferal Hospital in Eldoret (MTRH).
The Burial will be on Thursday 29/5/2014 at
Shosho in Gods hands you rest,
in our hearts you remain forever.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Christine Wamboi
Mwaura (Mwero)
Born 1928 - Died 2014
We wish to announce the promotion of M/S
Mercy Wanjiru Mbothe. (Mama Jeff) formerly Embu
prisons. Daughter of the late Geoffrey Mbothe and
Esther Waithira of Gituto Irini Village. Mother of
Jeff Mbothe of Olives Medical Center (Donholm).
Mother-in-law of Mary Njambi (Mama Lucy Hospital-
Nairobi). Sister of the late Arthur Chege, Kennedy
Kaboci, Wilson, Muturu, Late Dan Thuo, late Eunice
Muthoni and Lydia Wanjiru of Langata Prisons. Aunt
of Peter Chege (Scuner Tours), Jeff Mbothe (USA),
Purity Wanjiku (Co-op University) Mbothe Kaboci,
Waithera Muturu, Kelvin Wamunyu of ERAEVA
Caterers) among others.
Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Magomano,
Hotel and Restaurant and at her home in Embu, and
Muranga from 6.00 p.m
Cortege leaves K.U Funeral home at 9.00 a.m. The
burial will take place at her ancestral home on 27/5/
2014 (Irini, Gituro Village).
Mum, in Gods hand you rest, but in our hearts you live forever
Death and Funeral Announcement
Mercy Wanjiru
Mbothe (Mama Jeff)
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the promotion to glory of our beloved
Franics Mbuthia Waweru formerly of Ministry of
Public works - Embu. Son of the late Peter Waweru
and late Mary Wairimu. Husband of late Alice Njeri.
Father of Elizabeth Wangu Mwaniki (of Mama Lucy
Kibaki Hospital) and Peter Waweru Mbuthia. Brother
of George Nderitu, Njeri wa Mwangi, Joseph Mundia,
Lucy Wanjiru Gitonga, Margaret Nyawira Wanjohi and
late Simon Kanyua. Father in law of Douglas Mwaniki
Mwangi (BBK). Grandfather of Maxwell mwangi and
Melvin Mbuthia. Brother-in-law of Machacha, Maina,
Wandia and Wanjiiru.
Friends and relatives are meeting at Emmacra Hotel
from 6.00 p.m and at his Ruai home for funeral
The cortege will leave Kenyatta University Funeral
Home on Tuesday 27th May 2014 at 7 .00 a.m
for funeral service at our lady of Visitation Kiaigi
Catholic Church, Nyeri at I I.00 a.m
I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live,
even though he dies John 11:25
A Time To Rest
Franics Mbuthia
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the promotion to glory of Rtd. Chief
Robert Mburu Kirera (Robby) of Maragua Ridge on
Beloved son of the late Danson Kirera and Rachael
Wairimu, step-son of Agnes Njoki and Monicah Njoki.
Beloved husband of Lilian Mumbi and Catherine
Wambui. Father of the late Tom Kirera,Antony Kamau,
Rachael Wairimu, Hilda Wairimu, John Muiruri, Danson
Waweru and Stephanie Wairimu. Brother of Rev.
Mrs. Gachucha, Mrs Peris Ngugi, Rosemary Njembi,
Faith Kirera, Millicent W. Ngare, John Muiruri, Gilbert
Kirera, Judy F. Kirera and Mercy Kirera, step-brother
of Washington Mburu, George Murigi, Late Edward
Muchoki, Capt. Newton Kirera, Lucy Njeri, Albert
Njaramba, Gerald Wainaina, Terry Njembi, Margaret
Wamaitha and Esther Wanjiru. Grandfather of Robby
Mburu, Clinton Mburu, Ryan Muiruri, Alvin Mburu
among others.
Family and friends are meeting at City Hall weekdays
only until Monday 26th, May 2014 at 5.30 pm and at his
home in Maragua Ridge. The cortege leaves Muranga
Hospital Mortuary on Tuesday 27/05/2014 at 9.00
a.m. for burial service at his home in Maragua Ridge
Location Turiru village starting at 11.00 a.m.
Promotion to Glory
Rtd. Chief Robert
Mburu Kirera (Robby)
1952 19 May, 2014
Mwingi Mwalimu Sacco Society Ltd
The management and staff of Mwingi
Mwalimu Sacco Society Ltd regret to
announce the passing on of Charles
Kyalo Mwele on 18/5/2014 at Kenyatta
National Hospital after a short illness.
Until his demise he was the CEO of
Mwingi Mwalimu Sacco Society Ltd.
Son of Mr & Mrs John Mwele Mbolo of
Kyome Location, Husband of Marycaster
Nzuna of Kyome Primary School. Father
of John Mwele formely student of
Maseno High School & Briton Mutava of
St. Gabriel Academy - Mwingi, son-in-law
of Mr & Mrs Mutava Masila. Brother-
in-law of Alfred, Nzambu, Muthengi,
Damaris, Mwanziu, Florence, Virginia and
the late Lydiah.
Friends & relatives are meeting daily from
5.30 at Kengeles, Koinange Street - Nairobi and Parkside Hotel, Mwingi. He
will be laid to rest on 31/05/2014 at Mbooni village, Kyome location, Migwani
District, Kitui County.
Charles Kyalo
Death Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce
the death of Nancy Moraa Omenge which occurred
on 19th May, 2014 at Kenyatta National Hospital while
undergoing treatment. Daughter of Aristaricoh Nyangeri
and Priscah Nyangeri daughter inlaw of the late Stephen
Nyandege Omenge and Hellen Kerubo Nyandege, Loving
wife of Omare Nyandege Omenge. Mother of Everline,
Celestine, Jackline, Stephen, Hellen, Esther. Grandmother of
Winnie and James. Sister of Rebecca, Obare, Lucy Mokaya,
Jemimah, John, Julia, Momanyi, Rusaliah, Elizabeth, Late
Andrew, Late Paul, Late Mary, Elijah and Sarah. Sister-in-law
of Andrew, Milkah, Peter, Dr. Lydiah Matoke, Tabitha Omari
Machoka (KRA), Timothy, Late Esther, Enock Nyandege
(NYS), Moses, Moraa, Omenge. Cousin of Mrs. Birir (TSC
Nrb.), Okongo, Douglas,Yabesh, Masi, Bosire (CID), Onchiri,
Nyakundi, Obungu, Omweri, J. Asango. Aunt of Pollycarp,
Mogeni, Rogers, Dalphine, Nelly, Maurine, Marion, Late
Rogers, Eric, Izoh, Machoka, Nyanumba, Jerusa. Daughter
of Ombachi, Ongenye, Nyamagera, Asande, Bwana, Masita.
Mother-in-law of Abel Ratemo, Ekorera of James Nyabero
and Jane Kemunto. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at Garden Square (from 5.30pm) and at their rural
home in Bosiango.There will be main harambee on 28th May, 2014 at same venue. Funeral service and Burial
will take place on Friday 30th May, 2014 at Bosiango Village in Nyamira County.
Nancy Moraa
Death and Funeral Announcement
As we celebrate today, the departure to Glory
of our loved one Charity Ngone a year ago.
We the husband, Richard Ngone Ndegwa and
the children Moses Ngone, Benjamin and Irene
Ngone, John and Brandy Ngone, Enock Ngone,
together with the grandchildren Levi, Malachi and
Mckenzie Ngone are comforted in knowing that
to be absent from the body is to be present
with God and all together the words of the
song God be with you till we meet again keeps
singing in our hearts.
We the family of Bishop Ngone and the New
Life Worship Centre International invite you to
a Special Thanksgiving service in remembrance
of the late Pastor Charity Wangari Ngone to be
held on Sunday, 25th May 2014 in Kangemi, New
Life Worship Church at 10.30a.m
Loved ones never die; they leave behind a
legacy in our hearts that lasts forever.
In Loving Memory
Pastor Charity
Wangari Ngone
1955 - 23rd May 2013
Friday May 23, 2014
64 | Transition
We the family of the late Mrs. Irene Mumbi Waweru Kibe would like to express our most
sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for the love and support received from all our
relatives, friends and well wishers following the passing on of our beloved mother.
We acknowledge with deepest thanks and profound gratitude the kind messages of
sympathy, personal visits, tributes, gracious and generous contributions and spiritual
support, every word of comfort and expression of care and kindness that we received.
We remain touched and comforted by your kind gestures.
We particularly wish to thank The Rt. Rev. Joel Waweru, Bishop ACK Nairobi Diocese,
The Rt. Rev. Rtrd. Bishop Peter Njenga, Canon Jane Mwangangi and the Clergy of St.
Marks Church, Westlands, Canon Elijah Githinji and the Clergy of St. Johns Church,
Pumwani, KAMA, Mothers Union, Ladies Fellowship and other worshippers for sharing
and facilitating our mothers betting send off.
We especially want to thank Dr. Warshow and his team at the Aga Khan Hospital, Dr.
George Jumba at the Aga Khan Hospital, Senior Sister Jane Mugo and her team of nurses
both at home and at the Aga Khan Hospital.
Special appreciation goes to the funeral organizing committee chaired by Mr. James
Wangunyu for their dedication and commitment during that trying time.
Since it is not possible to thank each one of you individually, kindly accept this message as
an expression of our deepest gratitude.
We thank God for the years He granted Maitu to be with us.
In Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you are forever cherished. Amen.
Irene Mumbi Waweru
We can never forget your love and devotion to us all.
We thank God always for the years that He gave us, such a wonderful
son, brother and friend. Your presence and spirit will remain forever
in our hearts.
Dearly missed and loved by your family and friends
In God s hands you rest, in our hearts you will live forever.
In Loving Memory
10th Anniversary
Paul Thiongo Kanyagia
1978 - 23rd May 2004 It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the sudden death of Hon. Joseph Ngugi Nyumu
who, until his promotion to higher glory was the sitting MP for Gatundu South Constituency. Beloved
husband of Elder Joyce Wanjiku and father of Kevin and Samuel.
Son of Simon Nyumu and Ruth Wangari. Brother of Leah Wanjira, Jane Wambui, late Hannah Njoki and late
Jessee Ndirangu. Brother in law of Stephen Kingori, Geoffrey Ndirangu, Joseph Macharia, Esther Wanjiru,
Mary Wanja and Jane Muthoni. Nephew of John Riitho, Samuel Njuguna, late David Kimani and Alice Wambui.
Uncle of many.
Family and friends are meeting daily at his residence on Mimosa Close, Runda; his rural home in Gitare,
Gatundu and at the Gatundu South CDF ofces, starting 6 pm. There will also be meetings at PCEA St.
Andrews hall on Friday, 23rd May and Monday 26th May to Thursday 29th May 2014 starting 5 pm.
The cortege leaves Lee Funeral Home on Friday 30th May 2014 at 8am for a funeral service at Gitare
Primary School grounds in Gatundu and burial at his Gitare farm.
Jossy, in Gods hands you rest, in our hearts you live forever. Amen
Hon. Joseph Ngugi Nyumu Jossy
Death and Funeral Announcement
Friday May 23, 2014
Transition 65
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the death of our beloved mum Jeliah Runji
Jetha Getambu. Daughter of the late Mbutii Mwangai
and the late Nyari Gacura Of Kanja Sub-location,
Kagaari North-East location, Embu East District, Embu
County. Wife of the late Jetha Nthawa Getambu
and co-wife, of Agnes Jetha. She was the mother of
Hesbon and Eunice Njiru, Late Ellah W. Jetha, Jeremy
& Ruth Mungai, Dr. Tony & Dr. Esther Getambu, Nancy
& Charles Nyaga, Newton & Stella Njiru, Edwin & Edith
Mwaniki, Late Peter & Joan Muriithi, Pauline & Matthew
Ndwiga, Ann M. Jetha, Bilha & Mambo Nyaga and
David & Alice Njeru. Grandmother of Dickson & Grace
Muriithi, Carolyn Julie Mungai, Isaac & Evelyne Muriithi
plus 25 others. Great Grandmother of 13 children.
Friends and relatives are meeting for prayers daily at
her home Kanja, Ndamunge village and at All Saints
Cathedral, Kindergarten Room from 5.00 to 8.00p.m.
on Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd May 2014.The cortege
leaves Gakwegori. Funeral Home, Embu on Monday
26th May 2014 at 9.30 a.m. followed by funeral service
and burial at her home Kanja village, Ndamunge.
Mum you have fought the good ght, nished
the race and kept the faith.
May the Lord rest your soul in eternal peace.
Celebration of a Life Well Lived
Jeliah Runji Jetha
1922 - I8th May, 2014
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce
the promotion to glory of Dr. David Kipkoech Siele (Ass.
Director Veterinary Services) which occurred on Thursday
May 15th 2014. Beloved husband of Mrs. Rebecca Chelangat
Siele (Cheptenye Boys). Father of Evans Kiplangat Koech
(KEMU Univ.), Mercy Chepngeno (Kabarak Univ.) and
James Kimutai (Chepkolon Academy). Son of the late Paul
Kipsiele Buses and the late Ruth Taprandich Buses. Brother
of Mr. Wilson Siele (Formerly Telkom), Mr. Samwel Siele
(Teacher), Mrs. Rachael Korir, Mr. Simon Siele (Kenya Police),
Mr. Richard Siele (Formerly Telkom), Mrs. Winrose Sitienei
(Posta) and Julius Siele. Son-in-law of the late Chelogoi Arap
Too and Mrs. Alice Too of Musaria villlage. Brother-in-law
of Mr. Wilson Ngeno (Min. of Agri.), Mrs. Ruth Bartai, Mr.
Sammy Ngeno (Formerly Telkom), Mr. Charles Ngeno
(County Commissioner Ofce), Mrs. Rhoda Rotich (Kericho
District Hospital), Mr. Japhet Ngeno (Kipsamumgut Poly.) and
Elijah Bengat. Friends and relatives are meeting daily at his
home Sasur Sigowet. The cortege leaves Siloam Hospital
on Friday 23rd May 2014 at 10.00am for a service at his
residence at Chepkolon Kericho and thereafter proceed
to his rural home Sasur-Sigowet for an overnight stay.
Burial will take place on Saturday 24th May 2014 at his
home in Sasur Sigowet
County Government Of Kericho
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
Dr. David
Kipkoech Siele
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with deep humility and acceptance of
Gods will that we announce the death of Mama
Cornelia Ajuang Odhiambo on 11th May 2014
after a long illness.
Wife of Arthur Williams Odhiambo, of East
Asembo location, Omia Malo sub-location,
Nguka village, and co-wife of Jane Odhiambo.
Daughter of the late Martin Aura and the late
Mathlida Adipo and daughter in law of the late
Festus Odongo and the late Gaudencia Osiro
Odongo. Sister of Peter Warinda, the late Teresa
Audi and the late Austin Aura. Sister in law of
Margaret Odongo, Francis Omondi, the late
Pamela Oriwo, the late George Odhiambo and
Christine Warinda.
Beloved mother of Dr. Rose Opondo, Beatrice
Ngala, Fredrick Aura, Kevin Ochieng, Lilian
Anyango, Nancy Akoth, Pauline Odhiambo,
Victor Odhiambo, Innocent Odhiambo, Benjamin
Owino, Clifford Omondi, Robert Otieno and
Humphrey Odera. Stepmother of, Josephine
Adhiambo, Brendan Odongo, Esther Dorine,
Liz Agutu and Joyce Bahati. A dear mother in
law to, Apollo Sigar, James Ngala, Cecilia Mwende, Alice Adongo, George Odhiambo, Daniel
Ngigi, Davis Juma, Matilda Nyagudi and Metrine Chiseka. Grandmother of Brian, Michelle,
Eliud, Trevor, Teddy, Cheyenne, Sarah, Hillary, Kingsley, Sharon, Bradley, Tracy, Lexie, Omondi,
Michael, David, Israel,Tyrone, Arthur Williams Jr., Cheyanne and Marsha.
Family and friends are meeting daily at Sirona House, 1st oor, room 212 from 5 pm for burial
arrangements.There will be a major fundraising at All Saints Cathedral on Saturday 24th May
from 1.00pm. Contributions can be sent via mpesa to 0726297461. The cortege will depart
for burial at her home on 30th May, 2014.
There will be a requiem mass at St. Paul Chapel, University way at 12 pm on 29th May 2014.
In Gods hands you rest as we await the promised reunion in heaven.
Rest in Peace our dear Mum.
Mama Cornelia
Ajuang Odhiambo
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the passing on of Moses Kimathi
Gachomba (Moso) on Sunday 18th May 2014 after
a short illness.
Husband of Florence Kimathi (Moso). Father of
Dorcas Kinya (Wangai Sec Sch Thika), Emily Mukiri
(Kenyatta University), Timothy Mwongera (National
Youth Service), Kelvin Gitobu (Abothuguchi Sec
sch.). Son of Mr & Mrs Toma MIkiugu. Son in-law of
Mr & Mrs Joseph Gatabi. Brother of Susan Kathure,
late Zipporah Kinanu, Hellen Nyoroka and Nancy
Gacheri. Uncle of Mugambi, Late Gatwiri, Mwendwa,
Mwirigi, Roy, Muriuki, Irene, Kimathi, Kagendo, Joy,
Wanja, Kaimenyi, Daniel, David and Murithi. Brother
in-law of Gakii, Muriungi, Muthuuri, Paskwalina,
Monicah, Mwenda, Martha, Muriuki, Jane, Gikunda,
Kanyua, Ndereba, Late Mwirigi, Peninah, Mutuma,
Mbaya, Mugambi, Job and Kamwithu.
The cortege leaves Kiirua St. Theresa Mission
Hospital Mortuary on Saturday 24th May 2014
at 10.00am for funeral service at Githongo
Junior Academy and thereafter burial at his home
In Gods hands you rest,
in our hearts you live forever.
Celebration of a Life well Lived
Moses Kimathi
Gachomba (Moso)
Born: 1962
Died: 18th May 2014
It is with deep sorrow that we announce
the death of Mildred Eseri Munyasa,
of Okongo, Wandago and Company
Advocates, which occurred on 13th
May 2014 at the Nairobi Womens
Hospital Adams. Daughter of Festus I.
Munyasa and Josephine A. Munyasa of
Moi University Eldoret. Sister of Nelson
Aseka Munyasa, Erick Munyasa, Jeremiah
Munyasa and Ernest Munyasa. Sister-in-
law of Rosemary K. Aseka. Aunt of Ivy
and Ian.
Niece of the Chunges: Dr. Charles and
Ruth Chunge of CTTM, Nairobi, Jesse,
John, Harrison, Stanley and Merab
Chunge, Silas, Bishop Peter Zedekiah
and Elizabeth Chunge of Chunge and
Company Advocates, Samson and Beris
Chunge, Noel and Collins Wasike, Jennifer
and Dr. Nicholas Keya, Resper, Loice,
Selinah and John Omurundo, Leah and Priscillah.
Cousin of Drs. Lydia and Peter Agwa (Canada), Capt. Hesbon (KQ) and Helen
Wasike, Reuben Kombo, Judith Aseka, Margaret and Peter Sewe, David Aseka,
Susie and Steve Brooks (USA), Judith, Jacqueline, Agnes, Emma, Anyango, James,
Francis Aseka, Suzie Soita, Benson, Jael (Egypt), Brian, Ernest (Australia) and
Musa (UK) among others.
The funeral service will be held at St Francis ACK, at the junction of Ngong
Road & Karen Road on Saturday 24th May starting at 12noon followed by the
burial thereafter in Nairobi.
Mildred (Millie)
Eseri Munyasa
(08/09/1977 to 13/05/2014)
Burial Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that
we announce the sudden death of John Chiugu
Wahome of Utawala Estate Nairobi on the
20th of May 2014 at the Aga Khan University
Hospital, Nairobi.
Son of the Late James Wahome Chiugu,the
Late Michael Karugu Chiugu and Jacinta
Wanjiku Karugu.
He was the Beloved Husband of Regina
Waringa. Father of Ashley Wanjiku, Brian
Chege, Patricia Nyambura and Beatrice
Wangui. Brother of Susan Karugu,James
Karugu,Carol Karugu and Timothy Karugu.
Friends and relatives are meeting at All Saints
Cathedral Nairobi (Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday. Meetings will resume on Monday) and in
His Nairobi home Utawala Estate from 5pm for Prayers, Funeral and Burial
Funeral and burial details will follow later.
John Chiugu
Sunrise: 18/04/1968
Sunset: 20/05/2014
Death Announcement
It is with deep sorrow that we announce the death
of Mrs. Margaret Wanjiku Thindi Kabaya, through
gunshot by thugs which occurred on 19th May, 2014.
Beloved wife of Mr. John Thindi Kabaya, mother of
Cynthia Njeri of Four M Insurance Brokers and Paul
Kabaya of Time Auctioneers. Daughter of Mr&Mrs.
Nathaniel Kariuki Mathu of Kigumo. Sister of Elder
Samuel Mathu (Matuguta), Wairimu,Njeri, Nyambura,
John Macharia (KPLC), and Maria. Daughter In-law of
the late Mr&Mrs Paul Kabaya. Sister in-law of the late
Peter Kabaya,Willie, Ruth, Ngere among others.
Prayers and funeral preparations are taking place daily
from 5:00pm at P.C.E.A, Kiambu Town Church behind,
Kiambu Primary School. Sunday prayers will be held
at 3.00pm at the same venue.
The cortege leaves Kenyatta University Mortuary on
Tuesday 27th May 2014 at 9:00am. Funeral service will
be at PCEA Kiambu Town Church at 11:00am. Burial
will follow at the family farm, Ihiga, next to Githiga
High School, Githunguri, Kiambu County.
Physically gone, but alive in our hearts.
Gone too Soon
Margaret Wanjiku
Thindi Kabaya
We regret to announce the sudden demise
of Patrick Muriithi Njeri (Rosa) of Kiambu
County, Kikuyu, Kerwa location. Son of the
late Mary Njeri and late Antony Mwangi.
Husband of Martha Mugure Muthemba.
Beloved father of Antony Mwangi, Amos
Muthemba, Boniface Wagacha, Rosemary
Njeri, Alex Mwangi and Mary Njeri.
Brother of Boniface Wagacha (Canada)
Sarah Njeri (Real people) Pharis Mwangi,
Julius Kinuthia and Benedetta Wangari.
Brother in-law of John Muthoki (Sky San)
Serah Wanjiru (United Dry Cleaners)
Simon Njuguna, George Home (Barclays).
Uncle of Imani, Ian, Ryan, Alvin, Joy
Margaret, Hope and Vivian. Cousin of
Phyllis, Maish, Rosa, Gathoni among others.
Uncles:- Muthami, Maina,Thuku, Muigai and
late Kiarie. Aunt:- Tata Phyllis.
Funeral arrangement, prayers meeting are
taking place daily 5.00pm at Bee Centre Umoja, MaaiMahiu and Acre 5.
There will be a harambee on Sunday 2.00 p.m. 25/5/2014 at Kamandura (Kwa
lord) towards the medical bills.
Cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on Tuesday 27/5/2014 at 9.30a.m for burial at
Acres 5, Muguga Jet Scheme, Kerwa, Kiambu County.
Cheerful hearts never die, they live in our hearts forever
Patrick Muriithi
Njeri (Rosa)
1978 - 20/05/2014
Death and Funeral Announcement
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we announce the promotion to
glory of Mama Birita Buyeke Marwanga that occurred on 21/05/2014. Wife to
Henry Marwanga Onyancha.
Co- wife of Wilkister Nyanchoka. Daughter of the late Ombati Ogana & Kemunto
Ombati, Sister of Nyabinge (late), Nyakego, Rori, Jemima and others. Mother of
Charles, Reuben, William, Flora, Julia, Evans, Isabella, George and Joshua, Margaret,
Julius, Joyce, Ronald, Josphat, Jefferns, Judith and Keziah.
Mother in law of Pauline, Florence, Saida, Pheny, Millie, Teresa, Fridah, Esther,
Edna, Dr.Momanyi, Motanya, Gichana, Mongare. Sister in law of Nyaundi, Asande,
Kemunto (late), Moige, Paulina, (late) Ogato and (late) Mageka. Aunt of the
Asandes, Mogakas, Nyakundis, Omaribas, Ondiekis, Ogatos, Nyakegos, Roris &
Magekas. She was blessed with many grand and great grandchildren.
The body is at Chiromo funeral home. Family and Friends will be meeting at
Professional Center as from Friday 24th May 2014 at 5pm and Phenom Estate,
near Carnivore (hse no. 77), for prayers and funeral arrangements. Main fundraising
and burial date will be announced later.
Contact numbers, 0722-851-781 and 0720-731-496.
Death Announcement
Mama Birita Buyeke Marwanga
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the sudden death of Julius Ndzai Kombe.
He formerly worked with Minsitry of Agriculture,
Livestock and Fisheries at Marafa Sub County.This
occured on Monday 12th May 2014.
Son of the late Kazungu Kahare and Kadzo Mukoba
Katsari. Brother of Ndzai Kombe (Jongwe).Hon. Katana
Nzai, Clifford Mwarandu (Mzollo),Nyevu,Mwenda,
Sikubali, Sidi, Mungindo. Father of Carolyne, Chrispus,
Matlida, Rebecca and Antony. Uncle of Eric, Edward,
Francis,Victor,Alex, Jeff, Connie, Getrude, Penina, Elina,
Jumwa, Kadzo, Chea. Grandfather: Ian, Jannice, Stacey,
Prince, Ndzai, Nidday, Given, Trevor, Kaylah, Juliet,
Florence Emily, Terry, Shanteel. Brother-in-law, Uncle,
cousin and friend of Many.
Friends and Relatives are meeting Daily at their
Home in Marafa and Marafa Plaza in Malindi.The Body
leaves Star Mortuary on Friday 23rd May for Marafa
home.Burial will be held at Marafa Village,Kili county
on the 24th May 2014 from 1.00pm.
May the Lord rest his soul in peace
Death and Funeral Announcement
Julius Ndzai
County Government of Kili
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
It is with humble acceptance of Gods will that we
announce the death of Sarah Wambuku Karanja of
Magumu. Location, Nyandarua County. Wife of George
Karanja Njwe. Mother of the late John Gaitho Karanja,
Jane Wangari Mugo of Rironi Limuru. Lay Leader Margaret
Wangui Muturi of ACK Limuru Town Parish. Julius Mwangi
of Narok Paul Kahanya of Magumu. Joseph Njenga Karanja
of Diplomatic Police Unit. Step mother of Francis Thiongo
of Paddy Transporters Rev. Eliud Karanja of Airport Police
Unit Rev.Albert Karanja of PCEA Bahati Parish Nairobi
among others. Aunt of Eliud Gakuha of Atlas Copco Sarah
Wambuku Waweru of Kijabe among others. Sister of the
late David Ndungu, Joseph Njenga,Charles Gakuha all of
Ndeiya Ndiuni.Mother in law of Christopher Muturi of
Limuru and Peter Mugo Maina of Rironi grand mother of
Sarah Wambuku, George Karanja, Danson Mugu, Mitchelle
and Brian of Midas Golden Academy and Michael Mbugua of
Rock Preparatory Limuru. In-law of Wilson Kamau Kagunda
of Matches Magumu, late Morris Kihangu of Limuru, late
Paul Kamau Ndahi, Michael Njihia karanja of Mutonyora,
the late Stephen Maina Munyotu and John Mugu Muturi.
Great grandmother of many children. Friends and relatives
are meeting at Salama Hotel Thika Road next to Upways
Hotel at 6pm daily and at home Magumu Fly-Over from 4pm.The cortege leaves Kijabe Mission Hospital on
Tuesday the 27th May 2014 at 8am for burial at his residence in Magumu Fly-over Junction.
You fought a good ght you nished your course and kept the faith Mum you will forever
remain in our hearts may your soul rest in eternal peace
Death and Funeral Announcement
Sarah Wambuku
It is with great sorrow that the Kamoko family announces the untimely
death of Benson Otieno Yotto of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation,
which occurred on 16th May, 2014 in Nairobi. Son of Michael Yotto
Amoko and Mama Grace Akumu Yotto. Husband of Mary Makyotto.
Loving father of Rhoda Akinyi Makyotto and Martin Makyotto, and
grandfather of Moses. Nephew of Agak Pankratus, Johnson Nyakiti,
John Akuno, Simon Gor, Stephen Amoko, Josia Ogol, Jekton Akoko,
Susana Nyakiti, Regina Agak, Leah Akuno, Perez Gor, Mary Obonyo,
Gladys Amoko, Jane Ogol, Mary Akoko, Rusanael Nyakiti, Elsa Nyakiti
Isabella, Lewnora, Penina, Roselinda, Damaris, Elseba, Nora, Helida and
Phoebe. His stepmothers are Beldina Yotto, Lona Yotto, Penina Yotto
and Julia Yotto. Benson was an adored brother of Dr. James Makayotto,
Engineer John Makyotto, Dr. Moses Makayotto (KIRDI), Charles Ayieko,
Caleb Amoko, Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng, Hesbon Omollo,
Samuel Yotto, Peter, Shem, Walter, Nixon, Dennis, George, Kennedy,
Margaret Otega (M.A. Otega & Co. Advocates), Diana Adiedo, Jackline
Owilla, Mary Adoyo, Dolly Akinyi, Tabitha Ochieng, Elizabeth Adhiambo
and Josephine Yotto. Cousin of Nancy, Rael Nyakiti, Engineer Gordon
Nyakiti, Martin Nyaundi among others. Brother in-law of Beatrice,
Mildred, Margaret, Pamela, Edna, Lucy, Mary, John T.Otega, Eric Adiedo
among others.
The cortege leaves Chiromo Mortuary on 29th May, 2014 for burial on 30th May, 2014 at Kamoko Village,
Upper Kakwajuok, Rachuonyo North Sub- County, Homabay County.
Death and Funeral Announcement
Otieno Yotto
Friday May 23, 2014
66 | Transition
With a day to acclimatise,
AK ocial optimistic team
will overcome jet lag to post
good results in Bahamas
Okeyo: Well hit ground running
WORLD RELAYS CHAMPIONSHIPS | Sh120m at stake at weekends inaugural championships
In Nasau, Bahamas
fter a long, 24-hour journey from
Nairobi, Kenyas athletes to the
inaugural IAAF World Relays
Championships were yesterday expected
in Nasau, Bahamas at midnight (Kenyan
The athletes left Nairobi in two groups
on Wednesday night, with one group y-
ing to Nassau via Paris and Miami, USA,
and another to the Bahamas capital
through Amsterdam and Atlanta, also
in the USA.
Athletics Kenya Vice President David
Okeyo and chief executive Isaac Mwangi,
who travelled through Amsterdam with a
group that included Africas fresh 3,000
metres record holder Hellen Obiri and
continental cross-country champion
Mercy Cherono, expressed condence
that the team would hit the ground run-
ning to shake o the jet lag from the
long-haul ights. The journey is long
but athletes are in high spirits and hope
to do very well, said Okeyo as the team
transit through Amsterdams Schipol
The athletes will have just a day to
acclimatise before the championship but
that does not worry the athletes who are
looking forward to doing well. We need
prayers, encouragement and motivation
from Kenyans, Okeyo added.
A total purse of $1.4 million (Sh120
million) will be paid out this weekend,
with the winning teams bagging $50,000
(Sh4.3 million) with the prizes trickling
down to $4,000 (Sh344,000) for eighth
place. The good news for the IAAF is
that their inaugural World Relays will be
watched by a worldwide TV audience and
a sold out stadium.
Live TV coverage will include Pan-Eu-
rope on Eurosport, Pan-Asia on multiple
Fox Sports and Star Sports channels, in
the USA on Universal Sports, in Brazil
on SporTV2, Pan-Middle East on Abu
Dhabi Sports Channel 5, and Pan Sub-
Saharan Africa on Supersport channels,
IAAF said.
Team Kenya is being accommodated
at the Super Club Breezes Hotel with
journalists residing at the Nassau Melia
Beach hotel. US-based sprinter Carvin
Nkanata, who is in the 4x200m relay
team, will link up with the rest of the
squad in Bahamas.
Team Kenya: Mens 4x200m: Steven Baraza, Walter Moenga, Tony
Chirchir, Carvin Nkanata. Mens 4x400m: Mark Mutai, Boniface
Mucheru, Alex Sampao, Alex Sampao, Solomon Bwoga. Womens
4x1,500m: Hellen Obiri, Mercy Cherono, Irene Jelagat, Ann Karindi,
Faith Jepngetich. Mens 4x1500m: Asbel Kiprop, Silas Kiplagat,
Collins Cheboi, Joseph Magut, Nixon Chepseba. Womens 4x800m:
Eunice Sum, Janet Jepkosgei, Sylvia Chesebe, Cherono Koech, Agatha
Jeruto. Mens 4x800m: Alfred Kipketer, Job Kinyor, Fergusson Rotich,
Sammy Kirongo, Nicholas Kiplagat. Teamleader: David Okeyo. Deputy
team leader: Isaac Mwangi. Coaches: Esther Koech, Elkana Nyangau,
Billy Kosgei. Physio: Caroline Kamau, Peter Nduhiu.
The journey is long but
athletes are in high spirits and
hope to do very well
David Okeyo, AK Vice President
Hosts Meru School held champions
Chogoria Boys to 12-12 draw in 15s
rugby as the Northern Region Term
Two A Secondary School games
started yesterday. Merus Ian Ireri
scored a try after three minutes, then
Collins Kiambi scored a penalty before
Derrick Mwiti capitalised on a drop
kick to rake in more points.
Chogoria replied in the second-half
through Kevin Murumbis two tries.
Kangaru School also beat Kan-
yankine 31-0, with George Nyanjui
and captain Theophilos Soo leading
from the front.
Kangaru also beat Mwerungundu
Boys 32-7 to cement their lead in
Group B that also has Kiriani Boys
from Tharaka Nithi County. In hand-
ball, Wamba Boys from Samburu
County beat champions Kathungi
19-17 and Meru School 24-22 to
reach the semi-nals. Nturuba Girls
dismissed Gikumene 17-3 in the girls
Meru hold Chogoria in Northern schools championships
Mercy Cherono (right) competes with
Sheila Chepngeetich and Caroline
Chepkemoi in 4x1500m race at the
Athletics Kenya Sprints and Relay trials
last month at Kaarani.
Cabinet Secretary for Sport Hassan
Wario has asked Kenyan teams to use this
years Africa Youth Games in Botswana to
launch their international careers while also
representing the country well.
Wario (right) told the athletes to de-
sist from using performance-enhancing
drugs but instead work hard and post
good results.
A good sports person is one who stays
away from drugs and doping. Keep clean
and win clean, the Kenyan way, he said
while handing over the national ag to
team captains of the second batch of
Kenyan athletes which leaves the country
today for Botswana.
Kenya has registered for 18 dierent dis-
ciplines, including swimming, volleyball
and tae-kwon-do in the second edition of
the championships.
The rst group arrived in Botswana last
Saturday, while the last group of athletes
which includes runners, judokas, karata-
kas and golfers will leave the country this
morning for the week-long event.
The netball team will play hosts Bot-
swana today in the opening match.
Second batch of athletes leaves for Africa Youth Games
Rama strikes to hand leaders
Gor Mahia crucial points
against Chemelil . P.69
Neil Lennon yesterday
quit as manager of Celtic
after a successful four
years in charge of the
Glasgow giants, his agent
announced. Martin Reilly,
his agent, said: Under
Lennon Celtic have won
the Scottish title for the
past three years.
Denmarks Thomas
Bjorn rolled back the
years with a course
62 to take the early
lead in the European
PGA Championship
at Wentworth yes-
Moyes investigated over assault claims
Former Manchester United manager David Moyes was being
investigated by police yesterday over allegations he assaulted
a man in a wine bar. An incident between Moyes, 51, and a 23-
year-old man is said to have happened in the Lancashire town of
Clitheroe, northwest England, on Wednesday. A police spokes-
man said: Ocers attended the bar at about 10:00 pm yester-
day and it was reported that a 23-year-old local man had been
assaulted by a 51-year old. He didnt require hospital treatment.
Gor Mahias win over
Chemelil in Mumias
Sports Complex in
the KPL yesterday
Alonso fastest in Monacos second practice
Ferraris Fernando Alonso (right) topped the times in
yesterdays rain-restricted second free practice ahead of
Sundays Monaco Grand Prix. The 32-year-old Spaniard
clocked a best lap of one minute and 18.482 seconds
to nish fastest, in a brief urry of 15 minutes late dry
weather action, ahead of championship leader Lewis
Hamilton of Mercedes. But Hamilton was fastest overall for
the day, having clocked a best lap of 1:18.271 in the morning.
Kenyan Premier League sides
Tusker FC and Western Stima will
face o in a potentially-explosive
match in the second round of the
GOtv Shield tournament.
With the exception of AFC Leop-
ards and Gor Mahia, the teams in
the top ight which were given a bye
in the rst round of the tournament
played last month will compete in
next weeks second round.
Chemelil will also battle it out
with Thika United for a chance to
advance to the next round, while
Sony Sugar lock horns with Top
Fry All Stars.
A total of 64 teams, including
those in Division One League,
Provincial and National Super
leagues registered for the knock-
out tournament, 24 of which played
in the rst round last month.
The draw conducted yesterday at
the Nyayo Stadium saw 10 teams,
among them Ulinzi Stars, Shabana
FC, Muhoroni Youth and Finlays,
also get a bye in the second round.
They will join the competition in
the third round alongside Gor and
Leopards who are seeded after
reaching the nal last year.
National Super League sides
Mumbi Nationale who eliminated
Wazee wa Kazi 5-1 in the rst round
will now face Nzoia Sugar in the
second round, while Kakamega
Homeboyz will face Nakurus St
Joseph Academy.
KCB will have to go past NSLs
Ligi Ndogo in order to book a place
in the third round, while Sofapaka
will face o with Coastal side Vim-
bwanga FC.
There is no weak team at this
stage. Being a knockout tourna-
ment, anything can happen so we
cannot despise our opponents.
Every team regardless of the league
they play in must do their best in
90 minutes to proceed, so we have
to take the matches seriously, said
Sofapaka coach Sam Timbe who
was present during the draw.
Tusker, Stima
to lock horns
in GOtv Shield
There is no weak team
at this stage. Being a
knockout tournament,
anything can happen so
we cannot despise our
Sofapaka coach Sam Timbe
Friday May 23, 2014
Vet Lab
Today: My Horn My Life Fundraiser Golf
tournament: First Tee; 8:52 L. Ngugi, M.
Wangutusi, Ano; 9:00 M.Wahome, M.Wahome
(2), P.Wambugu, P.Kamau; 9:08 W.Dikkers,
N.Grioen, R.Kanja; 11:30 Gilbert, M.Nzioka,
F.Koki, P.Nyakiba; 11:38 Rohit Shah, K.Shollei,
K.Bosire, M.Kombo; 11:46 J.Orenge by 4; 11:54
O.Mbatia, T.Njonjo, S.Orenge; 12:02 K.Njenga
by 4; 12:10 W.Glynn, D.Renz, A.Tiany,
N.Imbugwa; 12:18 N.Kimani, D.Kagwe,
B.Kibera, M.Muura; 12:26 F.Maina, J.H.Kimura,
G.Mwenda, M.Karano; 12:34 M.Maingi x 4; 12:
42 C.Gichobi, D.Karuga, A.Muhoro, D.Thiongo;
12:50 A.Kale, M.Kimani, W.Macharia, P.Sinkira;
12:58 M.Mbugua x 4; 1:06 D.Wachira x 4;
1:14 E.Ogonji by 4; 1:22 R.Owiti x 4; 1:30
P.Sinkira by 4; 1:38 B.Kagiri, D.Ooko, Ano;
Tenth Tee; 9:08 Vipul Pate, N.Gichaga,
Ano; 11:30 C.Itangata x 4; 11:38 S.Kamanja,
C.Gachie, C.G.Munyori; 11:46 F.M.Macharia
x 4; 11:54 J.Murigi, L.Njoroge, S.Ngure; 12:
02 G.Mulandi, R.Mugugu, G.K.Kingau; 12:
10 O.F.Kibuna, E.M.Thuiya, P.N.Muiruri; 12:18
H.Mwangi x 4; 12:26 J.Njoroge, Kahuruka,
K.Waweru, M.Githiaka; 12:34 J.G.Njenga x 4;
12:42 C.Karobia x 4; 12:50 D.Wahome x 4;
12:58 M.Karanu x 4; 1:06 F.Kimathi by 4; 1:14
A.Kabaara x 4; 1:22 A.Kale x 4; 1:30 R.Mangat
x 4; M.Kimani x 4. The competition is open to
all and post entries are welcome.
Tomorrow: Key to the Door Golf Day
Sponsored by Ndungu Mwaura (Chairman);
7:00 1st Tee S.Kanyora, I.Wamoro, J.Mwaura,
J.Kanari; 7:08 A.Muhindi, L.Nganga,
John G, L.Gachara ;7.16 N.Ngone, G.Itegi,
J.N.Wanyoike, K.Kimenju ; 7:24 A.Waweru,
P.Rugu, Eng.Mwaniki, Pauline M; 7:32;
J.Wanyaga, C.Kiyukia, P.Mutegi, L.Mwangi; 7:
40 A.K.Ndungu, Jimm K, J.Jenkins, P.Ndikwe;
7:48 S.Waititu, J.Kanari, Dr.Karienye, C.Kiai; 7:
54; G.Muthwale, N.Githae, S.Warui, I.Wamoro;
8:02 J.Muraguri, B.Kanyi, B.Ndungu,
Rev.Karanja; 8:10 D.Marshal, P.Smith ,Col.Matu,
Col.Karani; 8:18 P.Muraguri, Brig.Muhamed,
E.K.Mwaura, S.Gathathi; 8:26C.N.Nduati,
Fr.Mwaura, K.Muchiri, Joel Mburu ; 8:34
J.Boro, M.Kinuthia, M.Waweru, W.Ikinu; 8:42
E.Karanja, D.Mbugua, P.Nguyai, G.Githinji; 8:
50 M. Kamau, C.Kiai, W.Rugu , Dr.Kamau; 8:
58 Kiambu x 4 9:06 F.Njuguna, S.Kanyora,
N.Mwaura, P.Mburu; 9:14P.Ruku, M.Mbugua,
W.Ndururi, S.Patel ; 9:22 Kenya Airforce x 4;
9:30 P.Ngugi, P.Kiarie, E.Karanja, Z.Muigai; 9:
38 S.Kinyanjui, K.Ndungu, S.Ndungi, J Mburu;
9:46 W.Njenga, J.Mwaura, P.Nduati, M.Gitonyi;
10:04 Nyeri x 4; 10:12 Prof.Nganga, W Njenga,
J Gakuya, R Mwaura; 10:20 S.K.Wahome,
F.M.Kaharuka, M.Kamau, K.Chege 10:28
P.Kamau, J.Muratha, P.Kanyina, M.Patel;
10:36 C.Njui, M.N.Kinuthia, Dr.Wangwe,
Eng.Makau 10:44 10th Tee F.Karu, P.Gaitara,
F.Munyua, T.Kinuthia; 10:52 Prof G.Kenji,
D.Njogu, E.Karanja, S.Gwandaru; 11:00
P.Kigwe, Railways, G.Karobia, Railways; 11:08
A.Mwangi, G.Kihiu, L.Kwendo , T.Muchirah;
11:16 Kiambu x 4 ; 11:24 Machakos x 4 ; 11:
32 Kiambu x 4;11:40 L.Njuguna, O.Mutahi,
M.Kairu, J.Waithaka; 11:48 S.Karanja x 4; 11:56
P.Rugu, P.Ngige, Col.Githaiga, Dr. E.Ndungu;
12:04; F.N.Ndegwa, S.Waititu, Dr. A.Nganga,
J.N.Karanja ; 12:08 A.Kioi, A.Mwenja, Nyeri,
E.Tenga; 12:16 Kiambu x 4;12:24; J.Reel, A.Reel,
J.Wanyaga, M.Patel ; 12.32 P.Njoroge, J.Gitau,
K. Kiama, L.Kwendo.
Tomorrow: Netpaq Golf Day: 7.00 L.
Gathungu, C. Ojiambo, G. Githaiga, Ano;
7.08P.E; 7.16P.E;7.24 P.E; 7.48 F. Mwanzi,
D.G Muchungu, N. Abbas; 7.56 P.E; 8.04
J.C Kinyua, F.O.Okaro, Ano; 8.20 A. Kahure,
T. Miano, S. Gatabaki,Ano; 8.28 P.E x 4; 8.36
Netpaq x 4; 8.44 J.W Kungu, Dr. W. Onyino, G.S
Padam, A. Ogola; 8.52 Post Entry;
9.00 P. Kabiaru, F.M Mwanzi, A.No,
Ano;11.00 F.Kamau, A. Miheso, C.
Kibett, Ano; 11.08 S. Kona, D.M
Kahoro, G. Wakaba, P. Muthoni;1 1.16 P.
E;11.24 P.E; 12.32, C.Kositany Ano; 11.40 D.K
Mbuthia, C. Ojiambo, D.K Mbatia, G.K Maina;
11.48 S.K Moore, I.Gichia, V. Mugeni; 12.04 S.
Karemu, T. Osoro, Ano;12.12P. Kombe, F. Makala,
T. Indimuli, S.Ogola; 12.20 Post Entry; 12.28 G.
Kiai, J.K Ngetich, R. Maina, Ano;
12.36 F. Ombura, J.Kaindi , G.K
maina, Ano; 12.44 Netpaq x 4; 12.52
Sponsor x 4; 1.00 J. Mandavia, C.
Maragia, M. Mbugua Ano; 1.08 E.G
Runo, P.J.G Karanja, S. Patel, P. Shah;
1.16, E. Kerich, Dr. Onyango, Dr. P. Ngugi, J.
Tomorrow: Friends of Captain Golf;7:44
M. Gachugi, H. Karuma, F. Gichomo; 7:52 J.
Mukono, J. Njenga, M. Njuguna, J. Muchigi; 8:
00 A.I. Kariuki, B.S. Shah, J.K. Waweru, Ano;
8:08 J. Kibugi, J. Mwangi, J. Kimani, Ano; 8:
16 P.E. x 4; 8:24 E.G. Kuria, C.N. Nduati, W.
Wanyoike; 8:32 F. Nyaga, P.K. Kahuho, J.N.
Mburu, Ano; 8:40 P.E. x 4; 8:48 C. Thube, C.
Kinyanjui, M. Njuguna, G.K. Athiru(l); 8:56
P.E. x 4; 9:04 P.E. x 4. PM: 11:36 S. Karanja,
P. Muigai, M.K. Wandegwa, P. Mworia; 11:44
J. Ndegwa, J. Njoroge, K. Kariuki, Ano; 11:52
B. Wainaina, J. Kariuki, G. Nganga, Ano; 12:
00 P.E. x 4; 12:08 R. Ngatia, S. Rukwaro, K.
Mwaura, Ano; 12:16 P.E. x 4; 2:24 P.E. x 4; 12:
32 P.E. x 4; 12:40 G. Gatimu, J.K. Machua, G.
Kamau, Ano; 12:48 J. Kinuthia, M.G. Karuga,
P. Kaumbutho, Ano; 12:56 W. Kiarie, C.
Njoroge, M. Kanyeria, Ano; 1:04 P.E. x 4; 1:12
P. Waweru, F. Wanjau, M. Karanja, J. Githiri;
1:20 S.N. Mbugua, N. Gichuki, M.K. Wanjohi,
Ano; 1:28 P.E. x4; 1:36 P.E. x 4.Post entries
to the starter.
Tomorrow: Pan Africa Life Cancer Challenge;
7.30 D.Odhiambo (pro), S.Onyango, P.Gondi
(G), A.Okeyo (G); 8.00 P.Mbugua, G.Onyango,
R.Odinga, S.Deya; 9.00 J.Sokhi, D.O.Ajulu,
B.Bhamra, E.Owuor(S); 9.10 S.Owuor,
F.Otieno, B.Odhiambo, E.Akinyi; 9.20
M.Oduor, B.V.Patel, D.M.Patel, W.Nyambogo;
10.00 G.Rono, B.Dawa, F.Okaro, P.Owino;
10.10 J.Gichanga (S), F.Ogwel (S), G.Obuon,
J.Obiero; 10.30 R.Bhamra, B.Sokhi, H.S.Sokhi,
D.Sate; 10.40 S.Somaia, F.Pesce, B.Bisonga,
E.Giordano; 10.50 D.Karia, L.Nyambogo,
C.Aburi, G.Adongo; 11.00 P.Otieno, C.Mwallo,
J.Momanyi, K.Amalemba; 12.00 H.Osodo,
J.Lasker, T.S.Gabri, M.Otieno; 1.20 H.Rajput,
T.See, S.R.Patel, S .Kotecha; 1.30 B.M.Shah,
D.Sohanlal, E.Ochuodho, S.Rana; 1.40
J.Pabari, R.Karia, J.Ajulu, D.Katibi; 2.00
R.Bhayani, S.De la Rey, J.Atito, N.Winja.
Today: St. Annes Lioki Charity Golf; 8.30Dr
H M Irimu x4; 8:40 S Njinu, Fr. J. Kirimi, M
Wandegwa,E Karanja;9.00 S.Isaboke x4;
9.08 MIH (EA) Ltd x4;9:16N Gachichio x 4
9:24 C. Karanja x 4;9:32 G Wamburi x 2, B N
Kangethe, Dr Mararo;9:40 Njaaga N, S Wangai,
E Karanja, M Wandegwa;10.00 Ben Gaithuma
x4;10:08 J Gachomba, A Kioi, J Ngugi, M C
Nyambura;10:16 P Wainaina, M Gitonyi, Hon A
G Monyo, J K Mbugua;10:24 G. I. Githuku, Eng
Kiarie ;10.32 P Miriti, Dr Manguyu, L Nganga,
C NJoroge;10:40Zack, N Njoroge, J.Thiga, Eng
Chege;10:48 W Ngugi, S G Njuguna, Dr E N
Ndungu, Dr Waihenya;10:52 D T Mathenge,
B Mutua, Col Nganga J M Kinga;11.00 Dr G
Kamau , S Warui, Kihara x2; 11:08 E Njoroge, S
Gwandaru, E Kuria, N Mwangi;11:16 N Mbugiti,
S Njayakio, Kiai x2;11.24 J T Maina x4; 11:32
N. Nderitu, J Waweru, G Kuria, R Ngaruiya; 11:
40 J. Njenga x4;11:48 W K Njenga, N Kimani,
P Githuku, K Wanyoike;11:52 Dr P Karanja,
Z Kariuki, N Wamburu, N Kabundi;12.00
W.Wainaina x4; 12:10 S. N. Gwandaru x 4
12:20 N Gachichio x 4; 12.30 GAD Munyaka
x4; 12.45 P Nduati x4; 12:52 Kingarax4;1.00
S Waruhiu x4; 1.10 S Mugwe, B Mutuemeri,
Dr. J Njoroge, Eng Njoroge R N; 13.15 Njogu
Njorogex4;1.30 A Kabuga x4;1:38 N Kithae,
A Gathigi, K Wamburu, Eng. J Wakimani;1:40
Eng D G Kariuki, K Gatonye, Prof S P Nganga,
N. Njau; 1:48P Mburugu, S Macharia, S G K
Njunu, B Ibutiti ;1:56 P Gituku,K Wanyoike, N
Kabundi, S Kamau,F N Thuo;2:08 G Hiuhu, F
Wangombe, P Mungai, E Gitau; 2:16 B Mahui,
M Kubai, N Mbugiti, S Njayakio; Tomorrow;
Kenya Forest Service Golf Day; 7:12 P Karare,
J Shah, R Shah, Col J M Nganga; 7:20 Njunu
SGK, T Ochieng, B Omondi, J Waithaka;7:28
J Gachomba, J Kibe, J M Kanyi, D Matano;7:
36 S P Gachanja, G M Gachanja, W Murwayi;
7:44 P K Waweru, S K Ndungi, S Ndungu,
K Nderitu;7:52M Waweru, J N Waweru, A
Murray, P Kigwe;8:00 P Karani, M Njuguna,
G Ngamau, F.Githiori; 8:08 M Kariuki, A
Karimi, R Kigwe, R Ikenye; 8:16M Kubai, S G
Njuguna, M Ruo, J D H Meru;8:24 Eng Chege,
D N Mukubwa, Joe Kigwe G I Githuku; 8:32 E
Muthemba, A Kuria, J Waihenya, C Thuo;8:40
A Muraya, C Muriuki, R Nyasimi, A Waweru;
8:48 B Wangaruwa, W K Kariuki, L Ngamau,
Dr Charagu;8:56 A Wachira, A Muasya, K
Kiarie J, K Maigua;9:12 A M Gakere, Eng M
Kamunge, A F Gichomo, Ano;9:20 S Mwangi,
S Ngugi, A Ngunu, C Mwenda;9:28 M Gatonye
, P Mukuria, D Mwangi, S Kinuthia;9:36 N
Maadili, S Chege, S Ndungu, L Kinyua ; 9:40
R Mwaura, D K Mbugua, C Kiai, R Kiai; 9:48
J Muratha, J Muraguri, S Kihanya, B Morjaria
; 9:56 KFSx4; 10:08 S Kinyanjui, J Karue, W
Ngugi,W Njenga;10:16 S Ndungu, N Thuku, D
K Mwangi, Dr W Kimani; 10:32 J M Karanja,
G N Kimani, S G Maitho, P M Ndungu; 10:40
J.M.Karanja, A Karimi, W Muturi, M Kamau;10:
48 S K Njuguna, J Mwendia , J.M.Thairoh, B
Kangethe; 11:08 O F Kibuna, E Maina, Bob
Ngunyu, F Wangila;11:16 S N Gitau, C Nguraini,
P Gaitara, N Kithae;11:24 J Kamau, P Nganga,
Dr E N Ndungu, A Muchoki;11:32 J G Njenga,
G Kamau, E M Thuiya, J Kariuki;11:48 W
Burugu, C Kinuthia, C G Munyori, T Burugu;12:
08 P Gachoka, P K Waweru, A Kabucho, Dr.
P Murumba;12:16 W Mugho, G M Matu, M
A Mohammed, R Githuka ; 12:32 N Njau, H
S Rayat, J Suri, J Kamau;12:40 W Mwangi,
Eng K Njoroge, C Ngunjiri ; 12:48 W Burugu,
T Burugu, A Wachira, P N Gaitara;13:08 S
Mukiri, N Nganga, D Kigomo, J Wahome;13:
16 C Njui, D M Karuma, Eng J M Wakimani, P
Gakuo;13:24 B Mutua, A Mukiri, M Wainaina,
E Mwangi;13: 32 P Wainaina, J K Mbugua, J
M Ndungu, M Gitonyi;13:40 Prof A Karugu,
L Gachire, F Wangombe, G M Hiuhu;13:48 S
Shah, K Shah, Sudhir Shah, M Shah;2:08 E N
Chege, M Kamau, A Ngunjiri, S K Mwaura;2:
16H Kurji, I Irungu, W Irungu, W Cook.
Tomorrow: Great Rift Valley Golng Society
sponsored by Safarcom; 8:00 V.Chadha,
A.Omollo, F.Tirop, G. Rutto; 8:10j.Chadha,
M.Marusoi, Ms. A Koech, A.F Koskey ; 8:20
B.Ngeny, R.L Vaja, S. Kirui, E.Langat; 8:30
G.Rugut, L. Kirui, L. Kiptalam, E. Masiga; 8:
40 P.Langat, G. Masese, A.Ngeny, S. Mukora;8:
50 D.Sate, E. Chebelyon, N. Tonui, P. Serem;
9:00 C. Kipngok, S. Chepkwony, Amb. J.
Kandie, H. Kitur;9:10 M.B Awan, R.F Rotich,
H. Kirui, W.Ayienda;9:20 K.A Soi, J.F Koech,
L. Kipngok, R C, Awan;9:30 E. Karuga, B.
Chesaina, E. Bii, C. Langat; 9:40 R.Ronoh, E.
Orina, T.Tuge, D. Kirui;9:50 D. Komen, O.M
Mokaya, A.K. Cheruiyot, G. E Koech;10:00 R.
Nyanchoga, R. Keter, A. Chelogoi, C. Machani;
10:10 W.Odera, M. Njue, M. Tonui, J. Kogo;10:20
R. Osumba, I. Chemtai, A. Mitei, J. B Onyambu;
10:30 Dr. M. Kipingor, N. Otuke, G. Ronoh, G.
Kibowen;10:40 C. Birech, C. Williams, A. Birir,
G. Mainye;10:50 Nk x2, Nd x2; 12:30;12:40 Gen.
Sasia, W. Owino, C. Kebenei, B.Dsouza;12:50
D. Muraya, D. Munguri, N. Netto, W. Kirui;1:
00 T. Murungi, R. Kiptalam, G. Cheruiyot, C.
Birgen; 1:10 M. Bhachu, P. Hunjan, Dr. Korir, C.
Siele. Post Entry Accepted.
Tomorrow: Chris Wamalwa Golf Day:
8.30 C. Yano, G.B. Rutto, N. Iyadi; 8.40 S.
Malakwen,P.K. Koech, J. Masis; 8.50 M. Arusei,
E. Weche, Z. Rutto; 9.00 J.B. Chemogos, E.
Mwei, Dr. N.K. Tum; 9.10 Dr. R. Kiptum, F.
Shiyuka, E. Tum; 9.20 J. Rutto, J. Cheruiyot, S.
Shah; 9.30 B. Cheruiyot, F. Gitau, H. Wachira;
9.40 D. Saisi, S. Kotecha, C. Chesire; 9.50 K.
Kariuki, M. Kimutai, R. Simiyu; 10.00 A. Saif,
M. Kiplimo, R. Kae;10.10 G.K. Cheruiyot , P.
Shah, P. Kae.
Today: Club Matchplay Championship
(Sponsored by Travel Start Co). First Tee am;
8.00 Shiv Shah v J Ondigo; 8.05 W Kangangi
v K Kagwe; 8.10 N Chandaria v A Mohindra;
8.15 Rushabh Shah v M KAnjejo; 8.20 E
Hussein v A Ngunjiri; 8.25 A G Vaiani v E
Kabera; 8.30 P Kungu v Ajay Matharu; 8.35 M
Kibugu v Bo Ciera; 8.40 A S Virdi v D Kagwe;
10th tee am 8.00 D Murigi v V K Radia; 8.05
A Mbugua v D Ombisi;8.10 K Mutai v A Ladha;
8.15 A Gitari v A Ngeera; 8.20 M Castegnaro
v I Otieno; 8.25 K Njoroge v J Saldanha; 8.30
S Kamatu v D Some; 8.35 E Adul v S Karo;
8.40 G Wainaina v S Mbori;8.50 J Hindocha v
J Karuri; 8.55 Y Nandha v S Sarbana; 8.50 A
Shro v V Maina; 1st tee pm 12.00 J Gitonga
v Winner 8.00; 12.05 J Mugo v Winner 8.05;
12.10 P N Wambugu v Winner 8.10; 12.15 E
Vitisia v Winner 8.15; 12.20 B Chandaria v
Winner 8.20; 12.25 A Wairi v Winner 8.25;
12.30 Winner 8.30 v Winner 8.35; 12.35 R S
Bhabra v Winner 8.40; 12.40 S N Mwaura v
Winner 8.00; 12.45 Winner 8.05 v Winner 8.10;
12.50 D Owino v Winner 8.15; 12.55 A Gachaga
v Winner 8.20; 1.00 N Shah v Winner 8.25;
1.05 M Irungu v Winner 8.30; 1.10 H Chandaria
v Winner 8.35; 1.15 S Nganga v Winner 8.40;
P P Nathwani Bye; 1.20 M Nganga v Winner
8.40; 1.25 David Murigi v Winner 8.45; 1.30 Ajit
Shah v Winner 8.50; 1.35 A Pandit v J Njer;
1.40 D Bid v M Dirks; 1.45 K S Matharu v J P
Nathwani; 1.50 R Rahman v Chandu Shah.
Today: K L G U AACT Charity Golf
Fundraiser: First Tee am; 8.30 L
Wainaina, M Waiganjo, I Kobayashi ,
Ano; 8.38 Maureen W, M Njoki, Rita
S, Shobhna P; 8.46 Salina S, T Williams,
Archana P, D K Lana; 8.54 P Kimbo,
R Kigwe, R Ikenye. Ano; 9.02 P kigwe,
I Wmoro, W Rugu, M Waweru;9.10
J Nzibo , G. Brackenridge, K. Blades,
Ano; 9.18 P. E; 9.26 Tenth Tee am
8.30 Nelly A, R Wainaina, Ano, Ano,
Ano; 8.38A Nyaga, C Waiganjo, P
Subhanavich, Ano; 8.46T Maina, M
Omondi, F Barasa, L Zurovac; 8.54 R M
Jacobs, J Vohora, S Roundturner, J
Parmley; 9.02 L Armitage, C Njoroge, A.
N. O; 9.10 A Hern, M Healy,
Jitsukawa T, Ano; 9.18 P. E; 9.26 P. E,
First Tee pm 12.00 N kamatu, S Kanyi,
M Mugo, P Mburu; 12.08 Crown Paints
x 4; 12.16 M Vincent, G Wachira, Ano,
Ano; 12.24 J Wafula x 4; 12.32 A
venter, D Jacobs, M int, Osvaldo
J;12.40 D Mukuriax4; 12.48 D Mbalanya,
S hoare x 2, E Mpenda; 12.56 S Hawkings,
Bo Bergien, P Ross, Ano; 1.04N
Verjee x4; 1.12 P. Raval, Deep s x
2, Ano; 1.20 P Mbugua x 4; 1.28 M
Wambugu x 4; 1.36 D Kihara x 4; 1.44
J.K. Muthundo, N Mondo, E.M.Wangai,
Ano; 1.52 P. E; 2.00 P. E;Tenth
tee- pm; 12.00 Tononoka Steelx 4;
12.08 Travel aairs x 4; 12.16 I Kassam,
M Perry, S Hurst, R Pilkington;
12.24 N kurji, J Rose, F Boettcher,
Ano; 12.32 W Brown, C. Brown, G
Ndirangu, Rajesh s; 12.40 L. Mbuthia
x 4; 12.48 N Gidoomal x 4; 12.56 A
sodha x 4; 1.04 G Mugunyu x 3, J
Githinji; 1.12 D Karanja x 4; 1.20N stock,
D mcmaster, M. Samji x 2; 1.28 T
macharia x 4; 1.36 O Chemicals x 4; 1.44;
P. E;1.52 P. E; 2.00 P. E.Tomorrow
;Hathee investment Golf day; First Tee
AM; 8.00 Shari M, Kalpesh P, S
Kobayashi, Syan S; 8.08 Samji M, Sahen S,
Sanger A, Savani P; 8.16 Anand C,
Ashok C, Baiju S, J Dhanani; 8.24 M N
Njoroge, Kanja S, Choda K, Njau J;
8.32 Ghai R, Sahni T, Viresh M, D
Mediratta; Tenth Tee AM 8.00 A Popat,
Nitin A S, Rimal S; 8.08 Aruna D S,
Dhruv S, Savani D; 8.16 Sodha S, Syan
Dev, Nganga J, K Rach; 8.24 Ajay P,
Brig P, P Acharya, Kiran P; 8.32 Kiran
x 4;First Tee P M;12.16 Bhimjiani P,
Naeem N, Kerubo C, Dhanjal M; 12.24
Sarju S, Haria M, Haq S, Nagib P; 12.32
Vijay(g), Bhudev(g), Kishan(g),
Chandarana(g); 12.40 Sayyam S, Desouza I,
Savla N, Jitu S; 12.48 Y K Nagda,
Savla R, Hursh S, Virdii H S; 12.56
Tushar P, K Hirji, A D Shah, R Galib;
1.04 Chawla V, Mehta P, Raval R,
Sodi; 1.12 Bhupi P(g), Dr Badhani(g),
D Rai(g), Dipak P(g); 1.20 Nishith P,
Nitin J S, Verjee N, Merali W; 1.28
Gohil B(g), Jethwa J(g), Rakesh P(g),
Chawda P(g); 1.36 Dhanani P, Njoroge
B M, Mugo D, Kiguru P; 1.44 D Dsouza ,
K G Shah, Kirit P, Ano; Tenth Tee P M
12.16 Arvind P, Muranga D, Mukherjee
C, Mburu S;12.24 Sehmi K, Channa T S,
Mwaura K, Wachira A;12.32 Vipin (g),
Rajani(g), Rakesh(g), Lakhani (g);
12.40 Ashit S, Navin S, Nagi R, Ongubo
J; 12.48 Jitesh S, Sanghani A, Sachdeva
A, Bhayani D;12.56 R K Shah, Bhachu
P, Virdii D S , Ravi S; 1.04 G G Nganga,
Kiguru P, Wangunyu S, Kibuku
P;1.12 Dr R C Patel(g), Satish P(g),
C D Shah(g), S D Shah(g)1.20 H
Chudasama(g), Milan S(g), Akilan A(g),
M Amin(g); 1.28 Mukesh S, Vimal S,
Vinay S, Rajesh S; 1.36 Sodha A, Bhakai
R, P A Shah, Tejal S; 1.44 Pradip H
S, Naveed N, Dinesh P, Bhavnik P.
Tomorrow: UAP Golf Day; First Tee; 7.12
J Karume, N Mungai, G Barua, W Thuku;
7.20 I Thande, O Bwomote, G Munyaka, S.
Ndungu; 7.28 A Njenga, M. Kariuki, B Rono,
J Odhiambo; 7.36 B Muah, R Gikuru, D Ooko,
M Cheke (G); 7.44 M Sumar, T. A.Taib, L Shani,
B Ligale; 7.52 M Kiruti, W Gitonga, E Sifuma,
JK Muchai; 8.00 Jb Wanjui(S), A Kinyanjui, K
Kimani, J Kihanya; 8.08 D. Mbiyu, M Mwangi,
C Castelino, B Theuri;8.16 Abiraman VK,
D Mwangi, H Njenga, K Kimani; 8.24 VG
Gitonga, R Wainaina, JK Waweru, P Munyi;
8.32 L Hurst, K. Kimani, L Gibson, A Kiragu;
8.40 J Gachanja, N Mukora, T Kiburi, G Wafari;
8.48 B Koyier, C Makau, G Oito, J. Kiilu;8.56
J Kirui, K Macharia, K Ndede, C Osabwa;
Tenth Tee; 7.12 J Kashangaki, J Karanja, S
Muita, R Gatu; 7.20 G Mungai, D Onyonka, S
Kimondo , M Munavu; 7.28 Charles Gichobi, R.
Onyango, H.Mwangi, P.Kariuki;7.36 O.Mukuria,
P Kangangi(G), P Kiplagat, S Ndarwa; 7.44 K.
Mwangi (G), Dr. M.Okemwa, Dr. W Kaisha,
M Kinuthia; 7.52 JK Muchai, J Muchigi (G), M
Muhoro (G), T Kinandu (G); 8.00 N Macharia
(G), M Nderitu(G), J Mathenge, J. Njeru; 8.08
P Kimaru, CN Ngatho, C. Muchani, S Lokonyo;
8.16 M Murimi, M Kairu, P Musymi, M Nderi;8.24
Dr M Michele, M Kinuthia, K Chivadze, H.
Kimani; 8.32 F Maina(S), C Njui, D Thiongo,
M. Nganga; 8.40 Dr. Joe Wangwe, E Madhani,
E. Rugo, E Waithaka; 8.48 G Wairire, R Gitau,
E Mujera, K Chivadze; 8.56 H Mediratta,
Janmohamud, D Chaggar, J Saidana; First
Tee; 11.30 J Waweru, RM Mbithi, A Muhindi,
J Kamande; 11.38 JM Mwaura, S Gathigia,
M Wangai, J Kimani; 11.46 V Wangombe,
K Nzioki, D Chebitwey, N. Njoroge; 11.54 G
Maara, HN Njoroge, KM Gakuru, J Karanja;
12.02 B. Njoroge, J. Ngonga, S. Okello, K.
Njoroge; 12.10 C Kamau, R Gichuki, Gathu J, M
Gakuo; 12.18 J Karichu, GN Nganga, D Ndungu,
K Mukuria; 12.26 J Paul, J Kagiri, Sm Karioki, D
Mwindi; 12.34 Y Awale, J Mburu, F Gitau,M
Nzioka; 12.42 Joe Carvallo, H Parker, P Hurst,
Jq Nganga; 12.50 E. Njenga, P Mungai, Jn
Mwangi, Ken Mambo;12.58 G Gichuki, S Irimu,
D Irimu, E Gitau; 1.06 TS Sagoo, JW Mwangi,
P Nganga, K.Kihara; 1.14 K. Kuria, E Nyagah
(S), E Madhani(S), RI Njenga;1.22 T Simba,
K Gituma, D Gakuru, P Mburu; 1.30 Noni
Muhire, M Muhire, W Musyoki (G), M Bashir;
1.38 A Wanjiru (L), S. Itemere, Dr Kiruthu, C
Kihara; 1.46 C Kamari, M Karubia, K Mariga,
J Rwambo; First Tee; 11.30 J Ndiho, J Ngugi,
K Ndiho, M Karanu; 11.38 M Chris, D Suryo, G
Kimeria, JN Kimeria;11.46 J Mwaura, R Muriuki,
D Mugo, S Wangunyu; 11.54 C Muchiru, G Kuria
(S), E Kingori, P Ndirango (S); 12.02 E Githere,
K Githunguri, T Maukonen, W Wanjui; 12.10
A.Gichuki, S Kariuki, G Nganga, J Macharia;
12.18 P Giathi, Z Wachira, M Wairimu, D
Owino; 12.26 B Mbai, JK Mbatia, S Ndungu,
GN Kahira; 12.34 A Gatimu, A Wangari, V
Gichuru, JN Njenga; 12.42 EG Mbugua, GG
Kamau, G Ruto, K Ngengi; 12.50 K Mutero,
P Mwaura, N Nyoike, J Wangai; 12.58 Edwin
Kigochi, P Kinyanjui, A Wachira, E Wakae;
1.06 Rhoda Mwebesa, N Mwebesa, K Mwaura,
C Kinuthia; 1.14 E Rabongo(S), L Githuki (G),
J Mbugua(G), B Mutunga (G); 1.22 A Sheikh,
A Sheikh(Jnr), A Ismael, H Sheikh; 1.30 J
Paurana, G Singh, Mn Nyakango, D Nyakanyo;
1.38 Fred Ikana, R Kamande, J Gitau, Maina
Nyakango;1.48 Nick Wambugu(G), F Kimani,
N Gitau, N Nganga.
Tomorrow: Nakuru Governors Shield Golf
Tournament: First tee 8.00 N Kimemia, S Kirui,
Fr. Ithari; 8.10 N Muhia, G Karuga, Fr. Miringu;
8.20 W Kimani, M Cheptumo, D Ngotho ; 8.30
M David, B Birgen, W. Ali; 9.00 D Kiragu, P
Muhia, B M Waikwa; 9.10 K Muraya, G Kimani,
J Muchemi; 9.20 P Macharia, J Murage, K
Wambugu; 9.30 S Singh, M Kandie, S Mwangi;
9.40 E Kibocha, J Manyara, J K Ruttoh; 9.50
Dr. Gatuma, P Matindi, S Ngugi; 10.00 S K
Macharia, Z Ireri, D Charono; 10.30 W.Kiragu,
D Maingi, C Muli; 10.40 H J Kuria, S N Wachira,
S Njihia; 10.50 A Waititu, N Gacheru, K
Kosgey; 11.00 S Kihumba, R Komen, Ano;
11.10 S Mugunyu, C Angwenyi, L Obat; 11.20
R Gibendi, S K Njoroge, M Okello; 11.30 W
Kariuki, C Mecha, W Wanjohi; 11.40 K Kosgey,
J G Mokaya, P Kuria; 11.50 I Ngethe, J Githui, D
Sharma; 12.00 K Gachohi, A Patel, P K Mwai;
12.10 O Robert, S Ndungu, K Kahuthu; 12.20 T
Chege, M N Githiru, J Nderitu; 12.30 M Kiragu,
Ali Wazir, R M Thakkar, J Kinuthia; 12.40 R D
Khagram, N Nduati, K Sisenda, A Nandwa;
tenth tee 8.00 I Singh, J Yego, K Karanja;
8.10 S Gichuki, R Kimani, J M Kigundu; 9.00
E Muya, R Nderitu, J Storry; 9.10 F Nganga, M
Karuga, M Kipchirchir; 9.20 J Thuku, J Kibore,
D Muli; 9.30 B Kandie, F Mwangi, W Kimotho;
9.40 P M Mugo, W Kihumba, Ano; Post
Entries accepted.
Pan Africa
series moves
to Kisumu
The 2014 Pan Africa Life
Golf series moves to the
Lakeside city of Kisumu this
weekend for the second leg at
the par-70 Nyanza Golf Club
Coming exactly a month
after the rst leg held at Nyeri
Golf Club, this weekends tour-
nament has however attracted
a small field of 64 players,
mainly from the hosting club
This is because clubs like
Kakamega and Kericho are
also hosting other events. But
Nyanza captain Jazz Sokhi, a
handicap 11 golfer and one of
the top contenders himself,
says post entries are most
welcome particularly from
clubs like Kisii Sports Club
who had not listed their names
at the time the draw was being
Organisation of event
This years series being held
in conjunction with the Africa
Cancer Foundation and Philips
East Africa.
But Africa Cancer Foun-
dation Managing Director
Dorothy Nyongo and her team
are likely to have a big crowd
at the Jomo Kenyatta grounds
where they will be conducting
a free public cancer screening
from 9am to 4pm today.
The screening is part of this
years Pan Africa Life Golf se-
ries dubbed Tee up against
Cancer- Golf with a Heart.
During the Nyeri event over
500 turned up for the screen-
ing of Cervical, prostate and
breast cancer.
We are happy to partner
Pan Africa Life Assurance on
this years golf series aimed
at creating cancer awareness
and providing cancer screening
services in six counties, said
Nyongo during the launch of
the series.
Were happy to
partner Pan Africa Life
Assurance on this years
series aimed at creating
cancer awareness...
Dorothy Nyongo, Africa
Cancer Foundation MD
Friday May 23, 2014
68 | Sport
KENYAN PREMIER LEAGUE | Well ght to the end, says coach Williamson after Mumias victory
Gor beat Chemelil to extend lead
hampions Gor Mahia beat
Chelemili Sugar 1-0 in a
tough Kenyan Premier
League match at the Mumias
Sports Complex yesterday.
Rama Salim rose high in the
box to head home past Chemelil
goalkeeper Jairus Adira following
a cross from Godfrey Walusimbi
in the 56th minute.
The win puts Gor Mahia ve
points clear at the top of the table
with 29 points ahead Tusker
who are on 24. Yesterdays win
also ends Chemelils 12-match
unbeaten run.
The victory was good news
for Gor who on Tuesday re-
ceived a new kit from Nairobi
Governor Evans Kidero valued
at Sh500,000.
Both teams missed several
scoring chances in both halves
of the encounter that attracted a
huge crowd of vuvuzela-blowing
KOgalo fans.
Made rst attempt
It was Gor Mahia who made
the rst real attempt at scoring
after two minutes when Dan
Sserenkuma dribbled past the
Chemelil defence only to shoot
straight to Adira.
The sugar millers then re-
sorted to long balls which could
have yielded fruits after Smith
Ouko rounded up Haron Shakava
but saw his shot cleared by Wilily
Ouma in the 30th minute.
The match ociated by Yala-
based Referee Moses Osano saw
the KPL champions dominate
the mideld, with Georey Kiz-
ito and David Calabar Owino
calling the shots. Owino hit
the crossbar on the stroke of
half time.
After the breather, Chemelil
under coach Mike Mururi, came
back rejuvenated and troubled
Gors defenders, with Hillary
Echesa coming close in the
60th minute but his shot was
easily dealt with by Gor Mahia
goalkeeper Fredrick Onyango.
The second-half was marred
by rains. Chemelis Gerison
Likono and Smith Ouko were
booked in the 80th and 83rd
minutes respectively for rough
play on Gors Erick Ochieng and
Anthony Akumu.
It was a tough match but we
gave a good account of ourselves.
We will maintain the ghting
spirit in all matches, said Gor
coach Bobby Williamson after
the victory.
Ramas 58th minute
strike ends the sugar
millers 12-match
unbeaten run
Gor captain Fredrick
Onyango (left), Nai-
robi Governor Evans
Kidero (right) and
club secretary-gen-
eral Chrispine Omondi
display the clubs new
kit on Tuesday. Kidero
donated the kit worth
Gor Mahia defender Solomon
Nasio yesterday congratulated
his teammates from his hospital
bed on their 1-0 league win over
Chemelil Sugar. The 28-year-old
underwent surgery to repair a bro-
ken nose on Wednesday, and is ex-
pected to be discharged today. I
woke up at 8pm (on Wednesday)...
they have inserted a pipe in my
nose. The doctor will examine me
tomorrow and I expect to be dis-
charged thereafter, he said. Fans
contributed funds for the surgery.
Nasio congratulates
KOgalo on victory
It was a tough match but
we gave a good account
of ourselves. Well keep
up the ghting spirit in
all matches
Gor coach Bobby Williamson
AFC face Rwanda
opponents in Cup
AFC Leopards coach Hendrik Pi-
eter de Jong will take charge of his
rst match at the club against Rwanda
side Enticelles at the inaugural Cecafa
Nile Basin tournament in Sudan.
De Jong is expected to unleash a
new-look strike partnership of Aus-
tine Ikenna and Noah Wafula in the
match tomorrow.
The two teams will lock horns in
the group B clash at the competition
at Merreikh Stadium. The match will
be preceded by another one in the
same group involving Tanzanian
club Mbeya and Burundis Acad-
emie Tchite.
Best option
Nigerian Ikenna and Kenya inter-
national Wafula are statistically the
most reliable option in attack for the
Dutch trainer.
However, the two have experienced
lack of play time at Leopards this
term owing to injury and are yet
to score. The duo replaces Allan
Wanga and Jacob Keli who were left
behind alongside Wyclie Kasaya to
feature for the national team in the
ongoing 2015 Africa Cup of Nations
preliminary matches.
I am using this (Cecafa) com-
petition to try and understand my
players and implement my philosophy
as well. Each player will get a chance
(to play), de Jong said at his unveil-
ing in Nairobi on Monday, just hours
before the team left for Sudan.
Mike Khamati and Paul Were
have been de Jongs other options
in attack.
Friday May 23, 2014
Sport 69
England players wrap
up, take sweat tests
Englands World Cup squad
have been training in multiple
layers and having sweat tests to
prepare for the heat and humid-
ity of Brazil this summer. Its
about learning to be comfortable
being uncomfortable, said Eng-
land boss Roy Hodgson. Experts
from Loughborough University
are helping monitor players dur-
ing training in Portugal. We
tested how much they sweat, how
they will be able to recover and
what can be done to help, added
Hodgson. England face Italy in
their World Cup Group D opener
in the jungle city of Manaus.
Croatia donate WC
cash to ood victims
Croatias football squad have
donated a quarter of their money
earned for reaching the World
Cup nals to victims of deadly
oods that have devastated the
Members of Bosnia-Hercegovi-
nas World Cup squad, led by star
striker Edin Dzeko, have also ap-
pealed for help for their stricken
compatriots as they participate in
a training camp near the disaster
zone. Croatia will take centre
stage when they face hosts Brazil
in the opening game of this years
World Cup in Sao Paulo on June
12. But almost 50 people have
Can European sides
break America jinx?
In seven attempts, no Euro-
pean country has ever won a
World Cup in the Americas, but
that statistic will come under se-
rious threat at this years tourna-
ment in Brazil. While teams have
traditionally struggled in tourna-
ments on foreign continents, the
sports increasing globalisation
and advances in technology mean
that playing at home is no longer
the advantage it once was. From
a purely sporting perspective, the
13 teams from the Uefa confed-
eration who head to Brazil will
do so at a time of clear European
dominance. Three of the four
semi-nalists at the 2010 World
Cup were European and six of the
last seven Club World Cups were
won by European teams.
Mexico coach urges
his players to avoid sex
Mexico manager Miguel Her-
rera wants his players to avoid
sex during the World Cup in Bra-
zil. The ery coach said he would
not ban his 23 men from any
hanky panky but that he would
prefer they practice abstinence
during the month-long tourna-
ment that kicks o on June 12.
I am not thinking about pro-
hibiting sex nor that they would
have it, Herrera told a news con-
ference yesterday. I am thinking
about football and I hope that the
boys are thinking about football
because nobody has died from
practicing abstinence for 40
days, he said.
Road to Brazil 20 Days to G -AL!
Rio de Janeiro
s teammates they brought
home the 1994 World Cup
for Brazil, but as politicians
Romario and Bebeto have become
bitter rivals over the hosting of this
years tournament.
Romario de Souza Faria better
known as simply Romario was the
wild child of the pair, known for all-
night parties and a hot temper.
As a congressman for Rio de Janeiro,
the 48-year-old Romario has turned
that explosive personality against the
World Cup, backing the protesters who
say the $11 billion (about Sh979 bil-
lion)-plus budget would have been
better spent on education, health
and transport.
Fifa, footballs world governing
body, have been the target of some
of his ercest criticism.
In March he called their secretary
general Jerome Valcke a blackmailer
and their president Sepp Blatter a
corrupt thief and other unprint-
able words.
Last year, when violent protests
overshadowed the Confederations
Cup, a rehearsal for the World Cup,
Romario voiced sympathy for the
movement and accused Fifa of set-
ting up a circus, not spending a cent
and then pocketing everything.
He has also criticised Brazils
chronically delayed preparations,
saying the country will not be 100-
percent ready for the World Cup when
it starts on June 12.
Love of luxury cars
Bebeto real name Jose Roberto
Gama de Oliveira is now a Rio
state legislator, ghting in the op-
posite corner.
The sweet-smiled evangelical Chris-
tian is known for his visits to schools
and social programmes but also for
his love of luxury cars and designer
An ambassador for the World Cup
in Brazil, he has shrugged o criticism
of the event.
We have struggled hard to get
where we are. And where we are is
the result of the struggle and eorts
of all Brazilians, the 50-year-old said
in December.
FRIENDS TURNED FOES | World Cup-winning teammates, now one supports the tournament
No love lost between
the two former stars
who scored 94 times
for their dear country
Their shared story began in the late
1980s, two young forwards in a team
that became national heroes as they
went unbeaten for 27 matches.
Their rst taste of defeat came at
the 1990 World Cup, when arch-rivals
Argentina sent them packing in the
round of 16.
They made up for it four years later
when, at their peak as players, they
won Brazils fourth World Cup.
Romario scored ve times in the
tournament, including the goal against
Sweden which put Brazil into the nal.
He was awarded the World Cup Golden
Ball and named Fifa World Player of
the Year.
Bebeto scored three World Cup
goals, including in Brazils 1-0 win
over the United States in the round
of 16.
I love you! he shouted to Romario,
who provided the assist.
In the following match against the
Netherlands, he scored again and
melted hearts worldwide with his
famous baby cradle celebration for
his newborn son Matheus today a
player for Brazilian club Flamengo.
The pair rank among the top ve
goal-scorers in the history of the Bra-
zilian side, Romario at number three
with 55 goals, Bebeto at number ve
with 39.
World Cup rift
After retiring they both turned to
politics and both won election and
took their respective seats in 2011
Romario for the leftwing PSB,
Bebeto for the centre-left PDT.
Now, two decades after sharing the
football summit at the World Cup, the
tournament is tearing them apart.
Their public rift began in April last
year, at a Brazilian legends match to
inaugurate Rios revamped Maracana
Romario, Bebeto ght to score on
Suarez knee injury rocks Uruguay camp
Uruguay striker Luis Suarez (left) is
set to undergo surgery on an injured
knee yesterday just 21 days before the
start of the World Cup, Uruguayan
reports said.
Liverpools Premier League Player
of the Year injured his knee in training
on Wednesday giving his side a major
World Cup scare, the report said.
The Uruguayan team and federation
made no immediate comment.
Suarez, top scorer in the English
league this season with 31 goals, felt
pain in training and an MRI scan de-
tected a meniscus problem, a leading
television reporter Martin Charquero
posted on Twitter. Charquero said that
Suarezs brother Paolo Suarez had
conrmed the injury to him.
Despite the proximity of the World
Cup in Brazil, the reports said there is
still hope the 27-year-old could play
a role in the tournament. Uruguays
hopes will depend on the severity of
the damage found by surgery.
Experts said it normally takes
four to six weeks to recover from
the operation.
Suarez only arrived in the Uru-
guayan capital on Tuesday, but
insisted he was anxious to start
training with his teammates.
He enjoyed a stunning comeback in
the 2013/14 Premier League campaign
after his reputation plummeted for
racially abusing Manchester Unit-
eds Patrice Evra and then biting
Chelseas Branislav Ivanovic. His
brilliant sharp-shooting inspired
Liverpool into second behind cham-
pions Manchester City.
Uruguay are in Group D with Eng-
land, Costa Rica and Italy. (AFP)
Minimum weeks Luis Sarez is expected
to stay before fully recovering from his
knee surgery
The 57,000-capacity Estadio Mineirao will host six World Cup matches.
Budget that the Brazilian gov-
ernment set for the 2014 World
We have struggled hard
to get where we are.
And where we are is the
result of the struggle and
eorts of all Brazilians
Bebeto, 1994 World Cup
Friday May 23, 2014
70 | Sport
Road to Brazil 20 Days to G -AL!
Bebeto announced Romario would
participate. Romario conrmed, but
then failed to show up.
Soon after, he lashed out at the Ma-
racana renovations, saying planners
had totally disgured the legendary
By the time the Confederations Cup
arrived that June, he was lashing out
at Fifa and encouraging the protests
that disrupted the tournament.
Hes as opportunistic in politics
as he was on the pitch, commented
well-known journalist Juca Kfouri.
Bebeto joined Rios World Cup
organising committee and has been
a reliable cheerleader for the event,
alongside fellow Brazilian legend
Either Ronaldo and Bebeto arent
aware of what is going on, or they are
pretending they arent aware of what
is going on. Either way, it is ignorant,
Romario told the New York Times in
Bebeto responded in his own
My relationship with Romario is
that hell be my friend for life, forever.
Its just that he has his ideas, and I
have mine, he said.
The winner of this showdown will
be decided o the eld at the World
Cup. (AFP)
dierent goals
while the other leads protests against it
NATION Correspondent,
ameroons Indomitable Lions say they
will begin a strike today if the countrys
football ocials disrespect them with
meagre bonuses.
The players made known their intention at a
meeting with ocials on Wednesday in Kurfstein,
Austria at the start of preparations for their
seventh World Cup appearance in Brazil next
month, mboafootball.com which writes on
Cameroon football reports.
A delegation of nine players, headed
by team captain Samuel Etoo and
his deputies Nicolas Nkoulou and
Enoh Eyong Tarkang, accused pro-
visional Cameroon FA boss Joseph
Owona of wanting to impose pre-
miums without consulting them,
the report claimed.
The Indomitable Lions are
quoted to have said they would
not train today and would, fur-
ther, not take part in a warm-up
game on June 1 against Ger-
many in Monchengladbach if
a solution is not found.
This does not bode well for
a nation that has placed bets
on renewed unity within a hitherto
strife-torn team to boost their chances at world
footballs biggest stage.
Record seven times
Cameroon have qualied for the Fifa World Cup
seven times, a record among African nations, and
boast four Africa Cup of Nations titles. They lifted
their last major trophy 13 years ago in Mali when
they won their fourth African title.
In recent years Indomitable Lions have failed
to live up to the expectations that country greats
like Roger Milla, Thomas Nkono and Franois
Omam Biyik set in the 1980s and 1990s.
They failed to qualify for the Africa Cup of
Nations in 2012 and 2013. Cameroon was the
rst country to be knocked out of the 2010
World Cup in South Africa; crashing out of
the competition without a single point.
The teams recent poor show has been
blamed on lack of cohesion. A resounding
4-1 win over Tunisia in Yaound on No-
vember 17 last year gave Cameroon a fresh
boost and a ticket for the Brazil tourney.
But a 5-1 thrashing by Portugal in March
in their rst warm-up for the tournament
dampened hopes. Franois Omam Biyik, a star
of the 1990 Cameroon side, said the team will not
go beyond the rst round in Brazil. (AFP)
Hungry Indomitable Lions threaten
strike action over meagre bonuses
Cameroon cap-
tain Samuel Etoo.
He has lead play-
ers in threatening
to strike over
Friday May 23, 2014
Sport 71
hirty eight parastatals
have been merged
as the government
steps up eorts to reduce
its wage bill.
The 38 have now been
consolidated to 14 new
agencies, a statement
from State House said
Consequently, the total
number of State Corpora-
tions have been reduced
from 262 to 187.
The new revitalised
corporations are expected
to focus on making prot
to boost government rev-
It was unclear which par-
astatals have been merged
or those scrapped follow-
ing the implementation
of a report by taskforce on
parastatal reforms.
Yesterday, President Ken-
yatta said that parastatals
should be able to perform
their duties just like private
companies once the reforms
are complete.
Speaking during a
session on parastatal re-
forms, President Kenyatta
said there is no reason why
the public should continue
pumping funds into in-
stitutions which are not
The aim of reforming
parastatals is to ensure in-
centives are aligned to the
performance of those work-
ing in public organisations,
he added.
Head of Public Service
Joseph Kinyua, who is lead-
ing the implementation of
reforms in parastatals,
lauded the progress made
since the team consolidat-
ing the entities nished its
work several months ago.
Two Bills, the Govern-
ment Owned Entities Bill
2014 and the National
Sovereign Wealth Fund
Bill, 2014 have been sub-
mitted to the Commission
on Implementation of the
Constitution, said Mr
If the Bills are passed,
parastatals will be referred
to as State Owned Enti-
Mr Kinyua said that a
draft code of governance
has been developed to man-
age the sector and guide
parastatal executives.
Uhuru says State
needs protable
entities which are
run like companies
38 agencies merged
in cost-cutting plan
REFORMS | Consolidation creates 14 new parastatals

Two Bills... have

been submitted
to the CIC,
Chief of Sta
Joseph Kinyua
We will hit the Bahamas
ground running, says team
leader David Okeyo. P.67
Cruising champions Gor Mahia pip
tough Chemelil in Mumias to extend
their lead on the league table. P.69
ACCIDENT | Passengers hurt in bus incident
Some passengers were seriously injured when this Citi Hoppa
bus rammed a Nairobi Shuttle bus on Valley Road, Nairobi
Friday May 23, 2014
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Friday, May 23, 2014
Daily Kenya Living
ZUQKA> Meet Fernando Anuanga, the African dance sensation
INSIDE> In these harsh times, who has right formula for minimum wage?
The war in Juba
South Sudan is a highly militarised
society that thinks nothing of
reaching for a bazooka at the slightest
provocation. Give its warlords a
microphone and war beckons
ubas warring chiefs met in
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia last
month to sign a ceasere deal
that many hoped would give
South Sudan a new lease of life. After
weeks of bloodletting, the international
community was quickly running out of
patience with President Salva Kiir and
his nemesis and former Vice-President
Riek Machar, and so when they put ink
to paper in the Ethiopian capital, there
was a feeling that things would calm
down in Africas newest nation.
But it was not to be as, as soon as
Kiir landed back in Juba, he told his
supporters that he had appended his
signature to the ceasere agreement
under duress, implying that he thought
little of the negotiated deal to end the
atrocities back home. Predictably,
South Sudan tensed up again, its hopes
of a peaceful co-existence dashed by
its presidents claims.
And now, as the world grapples with
how to save this nation that sits atop
billions of litres of oil from sliding
into anarchy and full-scale genocide,
President Kiir has muddied the eld
even further by introducing into the
bloody conflict with Dr Machar a
dimension that has hitherto been
conned to the rumour mills.
The president claims that some
countries that helped South Sudan
win its independence are unhappy
that they have not been rewarded
with a portion of the oil and mineral
largesse buried inside the bosom of
the nation, and that, in turn, they have
upturned their noses against Juba and
are fuelling the conict there.
It is not clear whether Kiir is
speaking in his personal capacity or
as head of state which would make
his assertions the ocial government
position regarding the source of the
conict but what many agree with
is that such claims oer the world
an opportunity to explore Kiirs
psyche and debate the political and
diplomatic future of Juba.
The accusations, however, were
always coming as some major
international players have shown little
enthusiasm in buying Kiirs claims
that Machar tried to overthrow his
government in December last year,
and that pessimism has made Kiir
even more angry at the same people
who danced alongside him on the
march to independence just a few
months earlier.
Various discussions on the causes
of the conict in Juba have oscillated
around the view that Western
countries are not happy that they lost
lucrative oil and mineral contracts to
coverstory coverstory
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Dennis Makori REPORTER: Joy Wanja COVER GRAPHIC AND CONCEPT: Hassan Ibrahim Mwera
In South Sudan, a clash of egos is
leaving a trail of death, destruction
A Sudan Peoples Liberation
Army (SPLA) soldier waves
his AK-47 as soldiers celebrate
alongside Internally Displaced
People (IDPs) outside the
United Nations Mission in
the Republic of South Sudan
(UNMISS) base in Malakal
after the SPLA claimed it had
recaptured the town from
rebels on March 19, 2014. The
northeastern town of Malakal,
capital of oil-producing Upper
Nile state, has been one of the
hardest fought battlegrounds
in the conict, in which
thousands have been killed.
South Sudans government has
been at war with rebel groups
since December 15, when a
clash between troops loyal to
President Salva Kiir and those
loyal to sacked vice president
Riek Machar snowballed into
full-scale ghting across the
worlds newest nation.
minister for
Makuei, who
is also the
that Juba is
being seen
as pro-China
and, in his
words, that
is why there
is a struggle
to remove a
that has
refused to
listen and
install one
that can.
China. The minister for Information
and Broadcasting, Michael Makuei,
who is also the government
spokesman and the deputy leader
of the government negotiating team
in Addis Ababa, has conrmed that
Juba is being seen as pro-China and,
in his words, that is why there is a
struggle to remove a government that
has refused to listen and install one
that can listen.
Makuei explains that oil in South
Sudan is being managed by Chinese
businessmen because they inherited
the contracts that had been signed
by Khartoum before independence
in 2011, and that his government
did not want to interfere with the
arrangements because it would have
complicated the situation.
Still, it is generally acknowledged
that without the pressure of the West
the United States, the United
Kingdom, Norway and, later, Italy
South Sudan may not have achieved
its independence in July 2011.
In the run-up to the referendum in
January the same year, the US, the
UK, Norway and Italy had put a lot of
pressure on President Omar Bashir of
Sudan to allow the southerners to vote
peacefully for self-determination.
But Bashir held the view that an
independent South could lead to
inter-ethnic conict that would aect
the economy of the upper Sudan. He
seems to have been vindicated.
On a visit to Juba recently, I talked
to various people in and outside
government, and the general thread
I got from these conversations was
that the conict in South Sudan is
a culmination of simmering issues
that were ignored by the international
community at the time of carving out
the new nation.
Arms in wrong hands
They include an interim constitution
that grants President Kiir immense
powers, and a dominant Sudanese
Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM)
party that is yet to embrace democracy
and respect party structures since it
is mostly managed through military
Others are: a highly militarised
society that is yet to embrace
democratic institutions of governance;
lots of arms in the wrong hands and a
tendency to use them at the slightest
provocation to achieve political ends;
and the indiscipline of the Sudanese
Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA),
which is a former guerrilla outfit
that is yet to transform itself into a
conventional army.
Also, there is an unwritten power-
sharing arrangement that has since
only favoured big ethnic groups.
May 23, 2014
coverstory coverstory coverstory coverstory
According to Jervasio Okot, a political
analyst, Juba nds itself in this messy
situation because, despite consistent
warnings from various quarters,
including civic groups, that there were
major socio-economic and security
schisms here that had the potential
of leading to chaos, the international
community remained preoccupied with
the perception that Khartoum and not
Juba itself was the biggest enemy to
the new nation.
It turns out the SPLM would be the
catalyst that would hasten the implosion
of the new state. Party agents have
been agitating for a change of party
structures that would create a level
playing eld for all ethnic groups, but
this push for democratic space has now
been overshadowed by the complaints
by rebels that the party is losing the
ideals for which the people of South
Sudan fought.
Another issue is the interim
constitution, which came into force after
the election of President Salva Kiir in
2011, but which was to last for only four
years before being replaced by a more
representative law that would guide the
country to elections in 2015.
The interim constitution that governed
the South as a semi-autonomous entity
makes the president of South Sudan
one of the most powerful in Africa; he
cannot be impeached by parliament and
has the power to prorogue the legislative
assemblies of any of the 10 states, sack
governors and call for elections within
three months.
Using these powers, President Kiir
went ahead to sack governors of some
states such as Lakes and Unity, and
retire war veterans and over 30 generals
from the army. These two issues also
contributed to the build-up of tension
before the conict erupted in December
last year.
Yet, as Bishop Gabriel Roric, a
member of the Technical Constitutional
Review Committee, argues, as a young
nation, South Sudan needed a strong
executive to oversee the maturation of
the 10 states and bring about national
Another major challenge after South
Sudans independence in July 2011 was
the need to reward and accommodate all
shades of the South Sudanese society,
which has resulted into a situation where
people are appointed into positions even
without experience and the educational
capacity to handle the jobs.
In the absence of major investments,
the government remains the biggest
employer and everybody is scrambling
for a piece of the pie that is the countrys
civil service; or, as some have put it,
agitating for the spoils of war.
President Kiirs policy of oering
amnesty to former armed militias that
were not necessarily ghting alongside
SPLA and incorporating them into the
army has also turned into a double-
edged sword. Most of the militia leaders,
even after being accommodated, went
back to the bush to attract more money
from government and bigger positions
in the military.
Marginalise non-Dinkas
While there has been some grumbling
over Dinka hegemony, things came to a
head in 2013 when President Kiir sacked
over 30 generals who were war veterans,
following it up with the sacking of the
governors of Lakes and Unity states,
and nally in July when he sacked the
entire Cabinet, including his deputy, Dr
Machar. These controversial decisions
were interpreted as an ocial attempt
to marginalise non-Dinkas.
As a result, three governors from
Central, Eastern and Western Equatorial
states have called for a quota system
in which people are recruited into the
army and security organs from all
regions to discourage future ethnic
coups, mutinies or rebellions, as well
as denouncing the use of tribal loyalties
to achieve or maintain political power.
An attempt to sanitise the SPLA,
the armed group that fought for
independence from the north, and
which became the ocial national force
later, has also been a source of conict,
with many opinion shapers feeling it
should change its name to South Sudan
Post-independence South Sudan has produced
three types of people who are supposed to
work together in the civil service, but who
are competing with each other owing to their
backgrounds. This situation sometimes becomes
an impediment to foreign investors and visitors
seeking services.
First, there are those who previously remained
in Khartoum-controlled areas in major urban
centres such as Juba, Malakal and Wau. Even
though they might be Christians, they have
internalised the Arab culture in terms of their
clothing, language, culinary habits and their
They believe they deserve a bigger share in
the government because they were the ones who
were brave enough to remain while others ran
away. Some of them studied in Arabic and cannot
communicate in English, the ocial language.
In the second group are those who came
from the bush, the ghter in the Sudan Peoples
Liberation Army (SPLA). Some of them were
trained earlier, became soldiers and were
rendered redundant after 21 years of war. They
have developed a military culture, with neither
diplomacy nor skills in modern management
styles. When given positions, they act with
militancy and impunity, and often abuse their
oces. Yet they feel that they deserve more
because of the risks they took.
Most of them are ill-educated demobilised
soldiers who mainly work in the police force,
prison or wildlife service. Some of them are old
and live with injuries incurred from the war, but
have been rewarded with civil service jobs for
their service to the society.
Then there are those who came from the
diaspora. This category attained some good
education during their time in exile, but also
acquired dierent cultures whether from Kenya,
Uganda, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia or
Besides their varying outside inuences that
are often in conict with each other; they come
with dierent attitudes and technology that
cannot be replicated in that environment. Often,
they nd themselves frustrated and out of place.
However, the majority of them head
departments due to their education. But
sometimes their instructions are never followed
because those responsible for implementation
below them are either out of touch with what
they are saying or are outright opposed.
This handout
picture taken
on April 15,
2014 and
released on
April 23 by
the the United
Mission in
South Sudan
shows debris
outside the
Mosque in
the oil town
of Bentiu,
Unity State,
on April 15,
2014. More
than 200
civilians were
killed and
over 400
the UN
mission in the
country said,
adding there
were also
at a church,
hospital and
an abandoned
UN World
South Sudans
army has
been ghting
rebels loyal
to sacked
vice president
Riek Machar,
who launched
a renewed
this month
targeting key
oil elds.
National Armed Forces so as to include
those who fought for freedom but were
not necessarily SPLA members.
However, the outt is yet to fully
carry out the prerequisite DDR
(Disarmament, Demobilisation and
Rehabilitation) process due to lack
of funds as monies have mainly been
consumed by heavy investments in
national security. This has led to a
situation where leading politicians
continue to maintain militia groups
outside the formal armed forces as a
means of political survival.
Most of the militias were integrated
into the army but former ghters still
remain loyal to their leaders and
can be mobilised at short notice.
As a result, politicians in the South
have the tendency of taking military
reactions while addressing their
political dierences.
With political solutions for the
conict still far o, chances of the
country holding elections in May
2015 as scheduled appear very slim.
Prior to the elections, the country was
to hold a census for the delineation of
constituencies and proper allocation
of resources as well as review the
transitional constitution.
These have now been overshadowed
by the urgent need for a permanent
ceasefire; an all-inclusive national
dialogue and reconciliation process;
and the reformation of the SPLM
structure and management style.
As the conict goes on, countries
in the region such as Uganda, Kenya,
Ethiopia and Sudan continue to
experience the negative impact of
the war in the form of refugees,
loss of business and employment
opportunities for their citizens, as
well as proliferation of small and light
South Sudans application to be a
member of the East African Community
that could have further increased
cross-border trade in the region is
now likely to take longer in the face of
the conict.
The EAC Treaty sets out conditions
for membership, including adherence
to universally acceptable principles
of good governance, democracy, rule
of law, observance of human rights
and social justice. Yet a conict-torn
South Sudan is far from achieving
these principles.
Three types of people, one state
Below, Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan, gives a speech
after signing the Cessation of Hostilities treaty over the war
in South Sudan on May 9, 2014 in Addis Ababa.
Dr Riek Machar,
the South
Sudanese rebel
leader, at a press
conference on
May 12, 2014 in
Addis Ababa,
May 23, 2014
casual worker in a factory in the
industrial area, Nairobi, earns any
amount between Sh250 and Sh300
a day. A worker at a construction site gets
about Sh500, and a farm hand upcountry
Sh200 for a days job.
These are among the least paid workers in
the country, and they would want more for
their daily sweat. So would everyone else.
The issue of wages is an emotive one
anywhere. In Kenya, it is also political.
Almost every year, the president or his
labour minister announces a minimum
wage increase by some percentage, making
it a Labour Day ritual.
Last year, the government announced a 14
per cent minimum wage increment, and the
crowd cheered. This year, the president was
not present at the celebrations. The labour
cabinet secretary, bearing no good news to
expectant workers, found it necessary to
plead with them to understand that this
time round, there wasnt going to be any
minimum wage increment.
For the workers who are always looking
forward to those magical words that shift the
pay up a little, this years celebrations must
have been a non-event.
But across the spectrum are the employers
who were relieved. To them, the ritualistic
minimum wage increments must come to
an end. They have decried this tradition,
saying it aects relations with employees
and returns for business.
During its 55th National Annual General
Meeting last Thursday, the Federation of
Kenyan Employers (FKE) vowed to ght
the ceremonial increments in the minimum
We should push to have all key aspects
that aect enterprise performance, including
wages, economy and productivity considered
so that we bring to an end this culture of
wage increments without proper basis, said
the outgoing chairman of FKE, Eng Erastus
Mwongera, at the event.
He termed it as unfortunate for key
players in the labour sector, especially the
government and unions, to selectively choose
sections of the wage guidelines to chase
demands and awards of wage increments
on the cost of living indices alone.
According to law, the Wages Councils are
responsible for investigating remuneration
and terms and conditions of employment in
various sectors. They report their ndings
and recommendations to the Cabinet
Secretary for Labour.
After considering the recommendations,
the minister is empowered to make a Wage
Order setting the minimum wage and other
conditions of employment for employees in
any sector and area of the country.
However, the Labour Institutions Act
2007 does not provide for the frequency of
updating the minimum wage.
For a long time, the government has
awarded double digit increments against
single digit growth and ination rates. This
is a culture that poses a serious threat to
economic and enterprise growth because
compared to emerging economies, Kenyas
labour costs and other costs associated with
doing business are too high, complained
Eng Mwongera, stressing that inflation
affected employers too, and therefore it
was a delusion that only workers neeeded
to be cushioned.
Eng Mwonderas arguments echoed those
of Ms Zipporah Maina, the head of nance
at Kenya Association of Manufacturers
(KAM). Just before Labour Day, Ms Maina
sent out a statement arguing that ceremonial
wage increments always dealt a heavy blow
on the protability and existence of some
Wage increments that were not based
on productivity, she wrote, would have
negative eects on the productive sector
and consequently affect the countrys
competitiveness on the international
According to her, while some companies
might be able to sustain such increments, it
was disastrous to infant businesses.
There is need to cushion the general
populace from rising cost of goods, but
ceremonial wage increments are just as
good as shooting ourselves in the foot, she
To her, the ritualistic minimum wage
increments can make manufactured products
more expensive and kick o a vicious cycle
that forces up wages, which in turn fuels
Dr Jacob Omolo, a labour economics
don at the University of Nairobi, says wage
adjustments should be based on a combination
of the erosion of workers purchasing power
and to some extent, productivity.
We cannot focus on productivity alone,
he argues. While is it true that productivity
is the one that enables us to generate wealth
and hence our ability to pay, the problem is
Lack of proper communication is listed as
one of the stress factors in organisations.
It is good practice to provide eective
communication tools such as email, intra-
net, extension lines and the like. This
reduces the response time and paperwork,
particularly where quick action is needed.
Getting ahead in todays job market
WORKERS PAY | Employers vow to end political and ceremonial increments
We should push for all key aspects
of enterprise performance to be
considered, including economy
and productivity, so that we bring
to an end this culture of wage
increments without proper basis
FKE chairman, Eng Erastus Mwongera
Whats the right formula
for setting lowest wage?
Should minimum salary be
pegged on productivity or
ination, or both? Experts
debate this emotive issue
Cotu secretary-general Francis Atwoli charts with Cabinet Secretary for Labour Kazungu Kambi
(right) during Labour Day celebrations. To the left is FKE executive director Jacqueline Mugo.
The hullaballoo that Kenyans have been treated to
lately about wage increments and wage cuts deserve
serious attention. Wages are a very important aspect
in developing economies such as Kenya. They can
induce development or lead to ination, depending
on how they are handled. The big question here is;
how are they determined?
There are several theories of wage determination.
They include subsistence theory; wage fund theory;
residual claimant; marginal productivity; and
modern theory.
In the subsistence theory, workers are supposed
to be paid wages that can make them live. It is for
them to full basic necessities only. This varies
according to the cost of living.
In the wage fund theory, a certain amount of
money is kept aside to pay wages. If you increase
the number of workers, the wages will decrease
and vice-versa. In the residual claimant, workers
are compensated after all the other factors of
production have been catered for.
Under the marginal productivity theory, workers
are paid according to their output, such that the
higher their productivity, the higher the wages. With
performance management having come into play, we
are headed to this kind of wage determination.
The main concern in Kenya is the public wage
sector, where it is said there has been a runaway
wage bill, hence the suggestion of pay cuts.
Wage determination is a sensitive matter and
must not be handled casually. Several factors
must be considered, among them wage guidelines,
minimum wages, performance of the economy, cost
of living, productivity of employees, market wages,
ability to pay, wage dierentials, eect of wage
increments, and so on.
For a long time, the minimum wages policy had
been turned into a public relations tool on Labour
Day. The so-called annual increment has been a
big joke. The aected workers hardly took home
an annual increment of Sh1000.
This time round, the government insisted the
economy was not doing well enough to support
an increase in minimum wages.
The main concern really is wage dierentials
the paying of dierent wages for the work of
equal value. Wages dier in dierent occupations,
industries and localities, and also between persons
in the same employment or grade.
Wage dierentials can be caused by imperfection
in the employment market, social values and
prejudices, and occupational dierences.
A recent revelation of the dierence between the
highest and the lowest paid Kenyans in the public
sector painted the senior ocers as a greedy lot.
It should be recognised that the implementation
of work is done at the lower levels. Apart from
responsibility, which draws an allowance anyway,
there is not much that is done at the top.
The dragon known as wage dierential has eaten
into the economy as the haves are less than the
have-nots, creating a decit in demand.
If income (read wages) is evenly distributed, then
demand for goods and services will increase, which
will in turn increase employment and wages.
But what is the eect of a runaway wage to the
economy? It can be looked at from two angles.
Higher wages can lead to growth of an economy as
Salary increase?
Pay cut? Heres the
economics of it all
Friday May 23, 2014
1 | Jobs
that we still have very low productivity rates in
Kenya as compared to ination. This means that
the purchasing power of the wages gets eroded
much more than would be compensated for by
Prof Omolo contends that the countrys economy
does not allow us yet to base minimum wage on
productivity alone because the levels are generally
still low.
To him, labour productivity is a complex
inference. We have yet to establish a clear
measure of productivity or a clear framework of
compensating workers based on it, he says.
But thats why Mwongera insists there is pressing
need for the strengthening and operationalizing the
Productivity Centre of Kenya, which will help to
develop a more scientic and economic approach
to dealing with labour issues.
Even then, Dr Omolo says the centre was
established in 2001, but is yet to show any clear
productivity measurement parameters or indices. He
thinks the centres establishment was illusionary.
These pronouncements have elicited a scathing
attack from Cotu secretary-general, Mr Francis
Atwoli, who says: Such pronouncements are an
abuse to the people who help companies to earn
the millions and billions of shillings they announce
every year in prots. Workers sweat so much to
make them rich. We dont want a nation of workers
enslaved by employers and the government.
Atwoli warns that the precarious status of
relations between employers and employees
would not dissipate because the living standards
of employees do not match that of the wealth they
are creating for their employers.
According to him, productivity would work in
determination of minimum wage only if there were
policies in place for such a mechanism.
Whos right on how
to set lowest wages?
this would create eective demand for
goods and services. A higher demand
for goods and services would lead to
increased production. To produce more,
you will need more workers, hence a
rise in employment.
In the process, employers will earn
more prots, which should translate to
higher wages. This may not be the case
in the Kenyan economy because most
employers do not appreciate the eort
of their workers.
On the other hand, if increased wages
do not correspond with increased
productivity, they can cause ination
in the sense that there would be too
much money chasing a few goods.
This suggests that wages should be
based on productivity for the country to
advance. Why then are we talking about
wage cuts and a runaway wage bill?
We should not blame the wages. They
consume an insignicant percentage of
the recurrent expenditure. The main
problem in the public sector is the
blatant wastages of funds.
Many public servants do not care
about their salary as it contributes
minimally to their earnings. Some
resist transfers because of what they
get at their current stations in the
form of kickbacks. Others decline
promotions because of the presumed
loss of a customer.
I believe a pay rise is necessary, and
not a pay cut, but only after sealing all
the loopholes of wastage.
The writer holds a PhD in labour eco-
nomics and is a lecturer at Mount Kenya
University, Kisii University and Kenya
Institute of Management
Economics of
wages setting
Do you sometimes feel like
despite your best intentions, you
are misunderstood and you cant
just get your point across?
I have been there many times, but
through the numerous mistakes I
have made, I am nally learning that
communication is the responsibility
of the communicator. If you dont
understand me, its not really
your fault. It is because I have not
expressed myself clearly.
Very rarely are we taught to
accept responsibility for our
communication. Yet how far you rise
in your career depends, to a great
extent, on how you communicate.
It must pay, therefore, to avoid the
following mistakes in your formal
Mistake 1: Too busy to listen
Ever been around someone who
looks over your shoulder as you
speak and appears absorbed in other
thoughts, or even worse, interrupts
you before you nish? I bet someone
comes to mind quickly. You certainly
dont want to be remembered in
those terms, right?
The key to being a great
communicator is becoming a good
listener. When someone speaks to
you next time, clear your mind
and give it your 100 per cent
Mistake 2: Listening to respond
rather than to understand
There is a big dierence between
listening to respond and listening to
understand. The truth is that most
times, people arent looking for a
solution from you because they
already know the answer. What
they are really seeking is your
A great way to understand what
you are being told is to repeat back.
You do it for two reasons: to make
sure you have really understood the
message, and most importantly, to
give the other person the condence
that they have been understood.
Mistake 3: Not paying attention
to non-verbal communication
Words make up only seven per
cent of your communication. Body
language makes up 63 per cent, and
the remaining 30 per cent is your
tone and voice.
Pay attention to messages that
come through non-verbal actions.
Are you making eye contact and
leaning in to show your interest,
or are you using defensive body
language and sitting back with
your arms crossed? Are you clear
and condent about what you are
saying or are you stammering out
of fear? Your non-verbal message
will be remembered long after your
words are forgotten.
Mistake 4: Saying the rst thing
that comes to mind
Its great to think on your feet, but
only if it comes out the right way
when you say it aloud. As strong as
the urge may be to blurt out your
brilliant idea, take a moment to play
back the tape in your head. Pay close
attention to what you say and how
you say it. Not only will you come
across as being very intelligent and
eloquent, but you will also avoid
possible misunderstandings.
Mistake 5: Being totally unaware
of the other persons emotions
Remember Professor Henry
Higgins in the movie, My fair
lady? In spite of his intellectual
achievements, Professor Higgins is
totally oblivious of others feelings as
he speaks. Henrys score on empathy
is probably in the negatives.
Just so you arent remembered in
the same fashion, you might want to
consider how your message will be
received by the other person. Think
of the emotional eect of what you
are saying and communicate within
the norms of behaviour that is
acceptable to the other person.
Thats what empathy is all about
trying to see things from other
persons view.
Mistake 6: Assumptions
Until you have proof of your
psychic abilities, it is safe not to
make any assumptions when you
are talking with someone. Ask
for clarications where you dont
Mistake 7: Being very generous
with your complaints
If you are the boss, your team
will not be drawn to you like
bees to nectar with your constant
complaining. Complain when it is
absolutely necessary or when you
risk not being taken seriously. If you
must complain, do so calmly, and
try to nd some positive aspects of
the situation.
The writer is a management con-
sultant and corporate trainer. She
is the founder Celebrus Business
Strategies Ltd
MANAGEMENT 101 | Communication mistakes to avoid at the workplace
How not to talk yourself out of a promotion
arshall Goldsmith wrote
an excellent book with
an excellent title: What
Got You Here Wont Get You
How true this is. The dynamics
that work for a certain stage of
your life will not necessarily work
for another stage.
Think of life in school and it
will help you in your approach. No
matter how well you did in school,
you did not stay in one class. In
fact, before moving from one class
to another, you had to pass a test
at the end of the year.
Tests come to signify the end
of one era and time to move to
another. Success in the test is
proof that it is time to move on.
It is never a sign that you need
to stay put in that class.
Whatever success you are
experiencing in any area today
is a sign that its time to move to
greater heights. Think bigger.
In his book, Business @ the
Speed of Thought, Bill Gates
writes: In three years, every
product my company makes will
be obsolete. The only question
is whether we will make them
obsolete or somebody else will
One day somebody will catch
us napping. One day, an eager
upstart will put Microsoft out of
business. I just hope it is 50 years
from now, not two or ve.
One thing I do regularly is look
at my businesses from dierent
I look at it from the eye of the
customer and ask how I would
feel if I were the customer, and
what I would expect in order to
enhance my experience.
I look at it through the eyes
of the competition and ask what
I would have done if I were the
competitor, to make the business
irrelevant today.
I do this exercise with my team
and it produces great results. It
shows us the loopholes in our
system and helps us to respond
before the attack comes.
Remember that relevance is
not a birth right. The force of
irrelevance is real, always pushing
and pressing against us, luring
us with the deception of comfort.
Those who fall for the bait become
the case studies of how not to
do things.
The 18th President of the
United States of America and
Commander of the Union Army
during the American civil war,
Ulysses Grant, was a military
General and a graduate of the
West Point military academy.
West Point is a respected
military school worldwide. It has
produced two presidents, over 70
medals of honour recipients, and
numerous famous Generals.
Grant said concerning war:
Some of our Generals failed
because they worked out
everything by rule. They knew
what Frederick did at one place
and Napoleon at another. They
were always thinking about
what Napoleon would do I
dont underrate the value of
military knowledge, but if men
make war in slavish observance
to rules, they will fail.War is
It is tempting to look back at
precedents to determine actions
that will aect the future. Unless
we expect the future to be a replica
of the past, experience must not
be given the centre stage in our
decision making. It is easier and
it does have its place, but we must
never become slaves to it.
Many people draw comfort
from the known and steer clear
of the unknown. Innovation will
never happen in such places.
Innovation happens when
ordinary people dare to free
themselves from the shackles of
past logic. They adventure to a
realm of discovery that becomes
the logic for the future.
Everything that has become
our logic today was discovered
by illogical people who dared
to challenge the logic of their
CHANGE TALKS | Too much focus on experience kills initiative
To plan future from past logic? Not me
Everything that has
become our logic
today was discovered
by illogical people
who dared to
challenge the logic of
their time
Friday May 23, 2014
Jobs 2
2. To look down on with
8. Formally neat
9. The most common of all
10. To defer or withhold
11. Curves
13. More than enough
14. Drops of water that
collect on cool surfaces in
the morning
17. Prescribed form of
religious or other religious
or other solemn ceremony
18. An infectious disease
marked by recurring
attacks of fever caused
the bite
of Anopheles mosquito
20. The smallest particle of
an element
21. An anti-aircraft re
22. Exposes or nds out
something concealed
1. A small herring-like sh
2. A place where people dance
to recorded music
3. Large ightless ostrich-like
4. Tube or reed producing
musical sound as a ute or
5. Wrath
6. Poem of 14 lines arranged
in a rhyme scheme on a single
7. The nale
12. To revolve
14. Faces of clocks or watches
15. Periods of time each seven
16. Reputation
17. Split, cleft
18. Out of good mental health
19. Fortune, fate
Each number in our Codeword grid represents a dierent letter of the alphabet. For example,
today 12 represents Q so ll in Q every time the gure 12 appears. You have two letters in the
control grid to start you o. Enter them in the appropriate squares in the main grid, then use
your knowledge of words to work out which letters should go in the missing squares. As you get
the letters, ll in other squares with the same number in the main grid and control grid. Check
o the list of alphabetical letters as you identify them.
Two winners win a Free Meal
with Steers daily on 20567!
Fill in the 3 shaded digits and send the
values ABC to 20567 for your chance
to win a Free Meal with Steers. Start the
SMS with the word Sudoku e.g Sudoku
1,2,3 Check your Wednesday paper to
see if you are a winner. Winners will be
contacted directly by Steers within 2
weeks to receive their prize . SMS cost:
SUDOKU with Steers
1. Premiere
7. Din
8. Alb
10. Stern
12. Tea
13. Tuna
14. Sect
15. GOC
16. Once
18. Abel
21. Via
22. Crude
23. And
24. Act
25. Geometry
1. Post
2. Eden
3. Mirage
4. Inn
5. Rate
6. Elected
9. Bat
11. Turning
14. Scarce
16. Ova
17. Cade
19. Butt
20. Levy
22. Cam
1 Procurement
9 Allowance
10 Tibia
11 Lapels
12 Stallion
13 Tattoo
15 Prompter
18 Cul de sac
19 Ostend
21 Inscribe
23 Reuben
26 Kiosk
27 Rain guage
28 Slave trader
1 Playlet
2 Oxlip
3 Unwelcome
4 Erne
5 Electors
6 Total
7 Trainer
8 Absinthe
14 Talk shop
16 Messenger
17 Canberra
18 Chicken
20 Danseur
22 Rakes
24 Bound
25 Rite
1 Follow a daughter during
demonstration (6)
5 Charge made by model after
I married (6)
10 Unsuitable home, small
apartment (5)
11 Mad place for colours? (2,3,4)
12 Touch of sickness
developed, so got into bed (7)
13 Extremist spoke about
onset of change (7)
14 Lethargy caused by us?
Details confused (9)
17 Church always provides
festive food and drink (5)
18 Spree, for example, writer
recalled (5)
19 Awkward choice ahead of
important game (3,6)
21 Summon worker to leave
spectacular ceremony (7)
23 Various sources used to
nd wealthy king (7)
25 Pop art genius giving
autograph (9)
26 Early invaders particular way
of approaching a problem (5)
27 Female wearing round cap
is grief-stricken (6)
28 Rather small-minded?
Thats about right (6)
2 Dicult getting round in
store (5)
3 Coppers awed, having little
time for female (9)
4 Hurt where one has twisted (5)
5 Mediate in tribunal, initially
decree dierently (9)
6 Quietly go ahead and appeal (5)
7 Random inspection carried
out by acne suerer? (4,5)
8 Book young woman, a
learner driver (6)
9 The person to give one a
hand? (6)
15 Pronounced wickedness,
curious in religious building (9)
16 Form of investment that
may give one condence (4,5)
17 Food available in bars? (9)
18 Ignore alternative route (6)
20 Poodles son brought into
country (3-3)
22 Stagger out of a jungle (5)
23 Mean man conserving
energy (5)
24 Spot spot in speech (5)
May 23, 2014
11AM, 1.45PM, 6.55PM
(3D) (P.G)
11AM, 1.45PM, 6.40PM, 9.15PM
RIO 2 (2D)
12.40PM, 2.40PM, 4.40PM
SOLDIER (2D) (U16)
10.30AM, 9.40PM
11AM, 1.40PM, 4.20PM, 7PM, 9.40PM
10AM, 12.10PM, 2.30PM, 5PM,
7.20PM, 9.40PM
4.20PM, 7PM, 9.40PM
2.30PM, 4.40PM, 6.40PM, 8.40PM
3 50PM
11AM, 6.30PM
1.20PM, 8.50PM
To receive NATIONmobile horoscopes on your mobile, SMS the Star
you want, eg LEO to 20667 at 10/- above normal rates.
AAnything that happens quite
unexpectedly should be viewed with a
good deal of suspicion. If you allow yourself
to become excited, you will only be
buttered by the winds of fate.

PISCES | FEB 20 - MAR 20
The planets are placing the emphasis
on the need to get closer to those who
really count in your life. Furthermore,
you may temporary take on some of the
characteristics of this sign,
ARIES | MAR 21 - APR 20
You will need to consider the needs and
desires of other people rather than putting
yourself rst. Provided that you can do
this you will be storing up a lot of good
will for the future, when you will perhaps
need it most
TAURUS | APR 21 - MAY 20
Quite why, you should be expected to step
in and bale others out-whether with regard
to their practical or emotional values - is
not entirely clear.But you will, no doubt do
all you can to smooth the bumpy path.
No one could blame you for being
attracted to the ner things in life, but you
might need to make short term sacrices to
achieve long term aims.A little showing o
wouldnt go a miss.
You will feel like speaking your mind when
it comes to cash matters but be wary of
leaning to conclusions or going o at a
tangent.Luckily the stars today will buck
your imagination.

LEO| JULY 23 - AUG 22
Although it seems that the validity of a
close relationship is in question, you must
realize how important it is not to sever ties
altogether.With the current planetary setup
you should be inspired to dig deep to the
root of the problem.
VIRGO| AUG 23 - SEP 23
The stars will be ooding you with solar
power, condence and a general feeling
of wellbeing. Its an ideal day for tackling
anything important in any area that you
choose, so dont hold back.
LIBRA | SEP 24 - OCT 23
All the criticism in the world couldnt stop
you from pursuing your chosen ambition.
And any day now you should see proof of
how well your ideas have been accepted.
You will also have the right to say I told
you so,
You would be feeling a little bit cranky,
or perhaps be acting completely out of
character. Spontaneity seems to be the
word that is important to you during this
particular day.
All the eort you have put into one or two
major events recently made you unable
to be an attentive and caring friend. Make
amends before it is too late.Fight o a
desire to keep yourself to yourself.
Despite being hard pushed to complete
certain tasks with a tight deadline, you are
still expected to take on more. At times like
this you must nd the courage to point out
that you are really overstretched.
6:00 Power Breakfast 9:00
Afrosinema/Naswa 12.00
Gabriela 1:00 Live at 1
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4:00 Citizen Alasiri
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8:15 Wild At Heart 9:00
Citizen Weekend 10:00 The
Tempest 11.00 Action Time
5:30 Command Your
Morning 6:00 Morning
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10:00 My Eternal 11:00
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Screen 4:00 Mbiu ya KTN
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CCTV 12.00 Club 1/BBC
5:30 Matters and Beyonds
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8:00 Ayna 9:00 Africa This
Morning 2:00 Ebru News
2:15: Fifth Dimension
Mariquita receives connection and suspects is Beatrice.
Beatriz decides to go with Lenita and Tavinho for
Sunower in search of Mariquita. Estela Solano always
involved with her look and Mariquita Solano asks that
respects your home, because she is the widow of his
father and the boy is committed to Manuela.
5:00am: Password Repeat
6:00am:AM Live
9:00am:Irrational Heart
10.00am Maid In Manhattan
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12:00pm: Rhythm City
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The Score
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Longa Longa
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Gozomo 6:00 Beba
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10:00 Rumba
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01:30 AL- Jazeera
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Ali Baba Kilingo
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Obinna Ike Igwee
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4.00 Nation Drive Yvonne Mumbi Seraki
& Tonee Ndungu
6.00 The Six (news bulletin)
6.15 Nation Drive (Cont.)
8.00 Nation Late Night Ciru Muriuki
May 23, 2014
These ve medicine men
predicted that some strange
people would come to conquer the
land. These people, the story goes,
would be pale in colour and would
possess very powerful weapons.
But it would be a mistake to ght
them, for their weapons would be
able to kill from afar and the people
would lose any battle fought with
Of course/you know the rst
part of the prophecy came true.
The white people indeed came and
colonise the country.
These medicine men also
predicted that a child would be
born on that same stone where
Obondo Mumbo was seated at the
time he was found on the shore of
the lake. This child would grow up
to have the powers to drive the
invaders away. He would simply
wave a ywhisk at them and these
conquerors would listen to him.
Now, when Opondo Nyar
Mogolo was in labour with our
hero, Oginga, the medicine men
came for her at night because
they wanted to give her special
herbs to help her in childbirth. They
took her to the lake and set her on
that special stone where Obondo
Mumbo had been sitting. Then
they gave her the herbs to assist
in speeding up the delivery of the
baby. Ajuma Oginga wuod Odinga
was then born on the special stone,
and, as had been predicted, there
was no blood spilt on the stone.
So, my child, that is the story
about the birth of our hero, Oginga
wuod Odinga, as I have heard it told
many times. Yes, this baby did grow
up into a leader who had the power
to drive away those pale intruders!
So you will not be surprised when
we get to the part of our story
where Oginga did, indeed, drive
away powerful invaders by waving
his ywhisk at them!
As a boy, Oginga grew up like
any other boy in the village, playing
and swimming in the river. When he
came of age he helped his parents
on the farm with the animals and
the crops. You know, his family
was poor, like most other families
As a child, Oginga was taught
the wisdom of our people. He
was taught the importance of
honesty, fair play and respect for
others. Later I will tell you how he
opposed those who were unfair
and dishonest. My granddaughter,
the lessons of ones childhood
often inuence ones behaviour in
later life.
) The symbols , , ,
should appear only once in
each row and in each column.
) Each symbol , , ,
should appear only once
within each 2x2 square
childrens corner
Fill in all the squares in the grid so
that each row, column and each of
the four 2x2 squares contain the
symbols , , ,

AUTHOR: Ezekiel Alembi
AUTHOR: Longhorn Publishers
May 23, 2014
P.3 << 21QUESTIONS Delia Ipupa has no regrets
Be Famous. zuqka.com
has been nine years of
blood, sweat and tears
for die-hard Arsenal
The premier fashion
event of the the region
is back and will feature
the top designers from
Kenya and beyond
Find out in Technobyte
with Kiumbuku
He started o by
dancing in the
seminal dance
crew Rare Watts
and is now a
choreographer of
ninth season of
the thrilling drama
24 is causing
ripples across
the global TV
BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
he problem with my com-
rades is that they are ob-
sessed with fame. Now,
while I have no problem with
people seeking to become fa-
mous by making a noticeable
contribution to society, it really irritates
me when comrades pursue ckle attention
in amoral ways.
Have you been to Instagram and Fa-
cebook lately? The kind of pictures my
comrades upload for likes would make
your head spin. It is nudity reloaded.
That is the price young girls are paying
in exchange for attention nowadays. And
if they have any clothes on, it would be
safe to assume that all youths shop at the
childrens section of fashion stores. I have
seen people dress more decently at pool
parties than in some of the photos posted
on social media.
The way the photos themselves are taken
leaves a lot to be desired. Photography has
now been converted into geometry, with
pictures shot with the aim of displaying
fundamentals from an angle of eleva-
tion. It is a carnivore freak show,
I tell you.
In Grandpa Richards days,
photos were taken only by cam-
eramen who had been accredited
by the entire village. And you
only got one shot a year; on
Christmas Day, and with all your
clothes on.
Fast forward to modern times
when every Akinyi, Wanjiru, and
Nekesa with a smartphone turns
herself into a model and you will
agree with me that the picture (par-
don the pun) is not pretty. To make
matters worse, some of these comrades,
who post indecent photos just for the sake
of getting fame, have looks that are more
likely to break mirrors than warm hearts.
Saying oensive and demeaning stu
The situation gets worse when you go
through tweets by attention-seekers. In
fewer than 140 characters, comrades will
say extremely demeaning and oensive
stu, just to create trending topics.
I introduced Grandpa Richard to Twit-
ter on Mothers Day and the pensioner
threw his phone out of the window after
reading tweets by young people making
awful jokes about their mothers. Some of
the tweets were downright obscene crap
that can send a conservative like me into
a month-long coma. How did stu only
meant for a gynaecologists ears end up on
social media?
Call me a homo erectus if you will, but
when exactly did being famous become a
career, in the rst place? Some of my com-
rades are even shoving their aspirations
aside in pursuit of fame. The problem is,
they strive to be famous with absolutely
no talent at all. Tell a comrade to sip
Countryman to get attention and he will
gladly do it. The pinnacle of their lives is to
participate in a twerk video that goes viral
on WhatsApp.
In the halcyon days, you had to ght
for uhuru, produce a benga hit, or get
assassinated to be famous. You had to
earn to your stripes, reminisces Grandpa
It is high time my comrades strove for
obscurity and redirected their energies to
getting rid of their own limitations. Life
does not depend on the number of likes
and retweets one gathers.

The team
ZuQka is published every week by Nation Media Group Limited. It is distributed free with every Fridays Daily
Nation. Unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, transparencies are submitted at the senders risk. While every care will
be taken on receipt of such material, the Nation Media Group Limited cannot accept responsibility for accidental
loss or damage. Nation Media Group Limited, 2014. All rights reserved.
Group Editorial Director: Joseph Odindo Group Managing Editor: Mutuma Mathiu
Features Editor: Bernard Mwinzi Stand-in-Editor: Njeri Muchai
Revise Editor: Mary Wasike Sub-Editor: Naliaka Wafula
Photographic Editor: Joan Pereruan Chief Graphic Designer: Roger Mogusu
Senior Graphic Designer: Michael Mosota Graphic Designer: Linus Ombette
Contributors: Phillip Mwaniki, Ciku Kimani, Frank Midega, Sam Kiranga,
Thomas Rajula, Maureen Orwa, Charles Kamau, Issa Khalid
Cikus Beefs
Take 14
with Nadia
and the
Braille phone
Alliance Franaise in Nairobi will
next Tuesday, May 27, host Ricky
na Maraki Afro Jazz Legends.
It will feature veteran Francis
Njoroge and Suzanne Gachukia.
The show will start at 6p.m. and
end at 9 p.m.
The Florida 2000 Night Club
on Moi Avenue in Nairobi will,
next Friday, May 30, host the
F2 Rhumba extended featuring
the best of rumba music. It will
feature guest DJ Babz Ogutu of
KTNs Rasha Rasha show. Resident
DJs Hash, Suley, Sweet Dennis,
Double J, Kevo and Dev D will also
be there. Plus Afrique Cabaret and
Lingala shows.
Free entry before 9 p.m. Extended
happy hour Beer, Sh200 all night.
The talented Italian String Quartet,
LO Russo, alongside the Kenyan
Moipei Quartet next Sunday, May
25, at the Karen Country Club,
and on May 29 (7 p.m.)
perform at the Gilgil Country Club
(.30 pm). On Tuesday, May 27
(6.30pm) at the Karen Country
Club, and on May 29 (7pm) at the
Michael Joseph Centre, Westlands.
The concerts are in hosts Eazy
Fridei with DJ Tibz in aid of the
Little Prince School in Kibera.
Bookings through Edita Camm on
Signature Club on Oloo Street in
Eldoret Town tonight hostsEazy
Frideiwith DJ Tibz. Also lined
up is Saturday Express with
DJ Gordo of MOB. Weekend
climaxes with Dancehall Reggae
Sunday, with Supremacy Sounds.
On Tuesdays its Karaoke night
with DJ Blaze, Campus night on
Wednesdays with DJ Tibz, and
Rumba night on Thursday with
DJ Marto Sibuor. Birthday specials
for campus revellers every
Wednesday and Friday.
The third edition of the
Lusophone Film Fest will be
held next Sunday, May 25, at
the Goethe-Institute in Nairobi.
It is a showcase of the diversity
of lm production in the eight
Portuguese-speaking countries
spread across four continents.
Event starts at 8:30 p.m.

CrossCulture XC presents
Theatre Series tomorrow at the
Brookhouse International School,
Langata, in Nairobi. It features the
National Theatre Live broadcast of
Frankenstein. Event starts at 2pm.
Entry is Sh2,500.
WEEK AT iClub.
Its super entertainment all week
at iClub on Kimathi Street. Dub
station reggae Monday with DJ
Goldnger Chachan, Natty Bwoy
and DJ Brownskin. Wednesday
night, Fred Omondi of Churchill
Live and hosts of comedians
entertain, plus a ladies dancing
competition. On Friday, Mombasa
based DJ Xsotic and hype Masta
MC Jose with the best old music.
The Seven Lounge & Grill in Gigiri,
Nairobi, presents happy hour
Thursdays with resident DJ. Friday
night is live at the lounge. Also,
live bands, and Saturday Night,
Disco Fever, with special oers
on drinks.
Club Lambada International in
Mtwapa tomorrow evening hosts
Miss World 2014 auditions. Similar
auditions will be held at the Steers
Hotel in Meru, Keiko Hotel in Kisii
and the Piper Hotel in Nakuru. On
Sundays, the club hosts a family
fun-day featuring comedians,
dancers, acrobats and others
activities from 2 p.m.
Benga songbird Linet Aluoch
Pamba will tonight and tomorrow
night perform at the Travellers
Dream Club in Kisumu. She will
be backed by her group, Karapul
Jazz Band. On Wednesdays she
performs at the Vunduba Bar, also
in Kisumu.
The Herisquare Lounge in Ruaka
in Nairobi hosts Rumba Nite every
Thursday with the Sound Afrique
Band. Tonight and tomorrow, its
Disco Night with DJ Mawe. Plenty
of nyama choma and conference
facilities and drinks available. On
Tuesdays, the same spot hosts
Divas Night.
At the Eclipse International Club
on Kanu Street, Nakuru, resident
DJs Steve and Erico will be on the
decks for soul and reggae lovers
tomorrow. Drinks and food at
reduced prices. Show runs from 7
p.m. till dawn.
The Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant
in Gigiri, Nairobi, will on Sunday,
May 25, host an Ethiopian Cultural
evening. Come enjoy the best of
art, music and food of Ethiopia.
Ethiopian products like Meskel
Abeba, Rosa Abyssinica, Enzi
Footwear and Ellilta Scarves will
be on sale. Event starts at 5p.m.,
The Courtyard Club located in
Nakurus CBD will host House
party today to feature Benga
and Rhumba music, on Saturday
is Soul Mix, while on Sunday
is Children Funday, plenty of
Nyama and Kuku Choma and hot
takeaway snacks. Entry is free.
Patricia Kihoro and The Gladwell
Theatre Company presents the
play, Life in the Single Lane from
today to Sunday, May 25, at the
Shifteye Gallery, Nairobi. It is an
intriguing musical narrative with
the talented Jason Runo and
Toby Tinashe Koech. The show
promises insight into the life of
an upcoming musician. Entry is
It is Latino Night every
Wednesday at the Ebony Lounge
in Nairobi. DJ Marco treats
revellers to the best of salsa,
bachata, cumbia, merengue and
In this age of social media,
we try so hard to be noticed
that we end up losing focus
of whats important, writes
Rumba fans in Nairobi can
team up tonight through
Sunday at the Dream Village
Restaurant in Nairobis South
B for music by Bilenge
Musica, featuring Darzee
Kalend. Introducing new
Bilenge stage shows from
9pm. There will also be a
rumba dancing contest for
couples and prizes to be
daily NATION May 23, 2014

the goss!
This years FAFA is geared towards promoting
peace here in Kenya and South Sudan which has had
its share of armed conict over the past decade.
Brace yourselves for an amazing night at the fth
edition of the FAFA Fashion for Peace gala set for 31
May, 2014 at The Oval, Ring Road, Parklands, Nairobi.
This years sponsors of FAFA include Jameson, Safari-
com, Foodplus, Sarova Stanley, and CBA.
Eighteen local designers will showcase their designs as
will two designers from Botswana and a fashion collec-
tive from South Sudan.
This years focus will be promoting peace in Kenya and
neighbouring South Sudan. FAFA will also partner with
Seed of Hope, a local initiative that works to equip and
empower disadvantaged teenagers by providing voca-
tional and business training and life skills.
The designers
Expect stunning creations from Deepa Dosaja, Niku
Singh, Anna Adero, Aryam, Ankar Vintage, Kikoti, Shenu
Hooda, KikoRomeo, Muna Yemane, Wambui Kibue, Jamil
Walji, Azra Walji, Waithira Kibuchi, Riri Jewellery, Le Col-
lane Debeta, Ami Doshi, and Manciny Migwi.
Who will be there?
Expect to see some of Kenyas CEOs and athletes grac-
ing the catwalk alongside models from Ajuma Nasen-
yanas City Models Africa. The event MCs will be the
gregarious Maqbul Mohamed and the ever stylish Grace
Msalame. DJ Zelalem will be on the decks to keep the
tempo and live music by Idd Aziz and Charles Wakake
will keep the crowd entertained. An after-party on the
rooftop terrace sponsored by Heineken will give guests a
chance to mingle and rub shoulders with the whos who
of fashion.
Gold ticktes: Sh8,000 (Sh7,500 advance until one week
before the event) will get you a dedicated lift, red carpet
entrance, front row seats, souvenir programme book,
drinks at the VIP lounge, Sarova Stanley buet meal, ac-
cess to the Jameson Lounge, gift bags, and after-party
Silver Tickets: Sh,6,000 (advance Sh5,500 until one
week before the event) will get you a red carpet wel-
come, Jameson drinks on the terrace, Sarova Stanely
buet meal, third row seats, and access to the after-
After-party tickets: Sh1,500 will enable you to watch the
screened show on the rooftop terrace, red carpet wel-
come, as well as access to the exclusive after-party.
Security will be provided by Securex.
elia Ipupa simply
stands out. She has
a unique and capti-
vating look that is a
blend of classic and
youthful energy. She
has this beautiful and enquiring
mind that magnies her physical
beauty. Deliah took time out during
her shoot in Nigeria to bring Zuqka
up to speed on her whirlwind month
of fashion and winning the Face of
Nivea Competition. She shares her
thoughts on motherhood, family,
and what keeps her grounded.
You are arguably the most proled
model in Kenya. How does that
make you feel?
I feel honoured, blessed, proud,
excited, happy, and privileged.
There is a whole bunch of positive
mixed feelings owing in me right
about now.
Your name Ipupa is from Congo, are
you by any chance Congolese?
I have relations and a great
connection with both Kenya and
What was life like, growing up?
My family, like most middle-
class families, was loving and
supportive. We fought sometimes,
but that is normal. At the end of
the day, family is family. Grow-
ing up was great. In life, nothing
came easy, I have had to work for
everything I have, which made
me the strong and condent indi-
vidual that I am today.
When did you discover that you
wanted to be a model and how old
were you?
Growing up, I never really
wanted to be a model, the way
many young girls today do. For
me, it was something someone
saw in me and encouraged me
to try. I gave it a shot and here I
am today. I must have been in my
very early twenties.
Who inspired you?
There are many people who
inspire me for dierent reasons,
from Sir Richard Branson to An-
gelina Jolie for her humanitarian
work. At the end of the day, as
long as someone is doing some-
thing positive and it inuences or
motivates another person to do
something with their lives that
will improve it, that is a person
who inspires me.
What was the rst big designer
item you bought with your
own money?
I would have to say my
Gucci bag, but that was
years ago, before the
market got ooded with
Speaking of money,
how much was your
rst paycheque?
I earned money
for the rst time
when I was
very young. I
was working
at my aunts
kiosk and it
was around
Sh10. That
was my rst
Do you think you can earn
a living as a model or must
one have a side hustle?
Yes, you can earn a living
just by modelling, but it
depends on who you are
and the kind of jobs you
get. If you are booked for
both regional and inter-
national jobs, why not?
You sport short hair;
when did you decide to
go with this look?
My short hair look
started very early in my career. I
nd that short hair enhances my
strong features, plus I just love
the natural look. And to top it all,
it is easier to maintain.
Do you have any regrets about join-
ing the modelling industry?
I have no regrets whatsoever
because I believe that everything
happens for a reason and that
everything has its time. I have
always respected myself, doing
things that even 10 years from
now I can hold my head high
and my daughter can be proud of
me. We all make mistakes but the
most important thing is to learn
from them.
What is your most memorable
shoot and why?
To be honest I cannot pinpoint
one. Every shoot is special for
dierent reasons, since it de-
pends on the location, maybe
the country I am doing it in, the
kind of connection I have with
it. However, I always enjoy do-
ing what I do, so I always learn
something from the experience.
Now, you have graced so many
magazine covers, which is your
best to date?
It is hard to answer this ques-
tion, but what I can say is that it
has been a great privilege to grace
a number of regional and interna-
tional covers of magazines such as
African Woman, Healthy Woman,
the 540 Airline in-ight magazine,
and Couture Africa. However, until
I appear on the cover of the big
dog magazines such as Vogue or
Elle, I will not be able to tell you
my favourite.
You are the ocial cover model
for Nivea. What was going through
your mind when you came second
as the closing date neared?
I was lagging behind during the
early stages of the competition,
but those were the early days. I
just had to remain calm and fo-
cused. I slowly worked my way up
and was pretty much ahead in the
last week and the days near the
end. It was all about strategising
and doing things smart.
What was your winning strategy?
Great team work. I had a dedi-
cated team that worked tirelessly,
helping me get those votes. Shout
out to every one of them, Team
WhatsApp and group FB, they
know themselves. Not forgetting
my second-to-none management
team, HourGlass254.
Tell us abotu being a model
I was a scout for a short time
and it was a really great experi-
ence, thanks to City Models. It is
very challenging. There is a lot of
beauty in this country, not just in
Delia: I have no regrets
As the
cover model
for Nivea,
mother and
full time
model Delia
has her
hands full
but she still
has time to
sit down for
a chat
21QUESTIONS with Maureen Orwa
BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
peed governors are nasty
little things. They beep
annoyingly when you
exceed the speed limit.
Eventually, we arrived in
Nakuru in one piece.
As far as crowds go, Naks Vegas
takes the crown as Kenyas party
capital. Thousands of fans showed
up to cheer the gospel greats. Noth-
ing could cool down the hyped
crowd; come rain or sunshine, they
kept the party going. The concert
was televised live on NTV, but the
view from the front row seat was
simply unmatched.
Even the Deputy Governor,
Joseph Ruto, came to pay homage to
the gospel stars. He said: We must
support young people, they are our
future. We have set up a studio for
them because we want Nakuru su-
perstars to shine.
By Boniface Nyaga
After nine long years, Arse-
nal has nally lifted a trophy. I
must say I liked it much better
when our captains had back pain
from lifting them. I am not wait-
ing nine years for the next one.
You hear me, Wenger? To my
long-suffering fellow gunners,
here is an A-Z insight into your
personality. Arsenal fans are:
A barrel of laughs. I guess
we needed a sense of humour
to take us through those hard
Badass. This reects in eve-
rything we do. We are tough,
aggressive, and formidable. We
strive for excellence.
Calendrical. We will tell you,
to the millisecond, the last time
we won a trophy (In case you
are wondering, it has been ve
Daydreamers. We always
think that one day, Wenger will
actually spend serious money
on players.
Ebullient. We have undying
spirit. We never jump ship.
Gunners remind me of some-
thing Bob Marley once said:
Eventually, everyone will hurt
you. You just have to gure out
the one worth suering for.
Forward. New motto. The
old Latin still survives (see V)
printed inside of the shirt.
Gamblers. I won Sh5,000 on
last weeks game. Can you im-
agine what was going through
my mind after Hull Citys sec-
ond goal, eight minutes into the
Hecklers. We are super an-
noying when we win. Alas, here
is an entire article about how
great we are. Ha! Ha!
Idealist. Yes, we want to win,
but we must win playing beauti-
fully. A child asked his father:
What is boring football? His
father answered: We will never
know. We are gunners!
Je ne sais quoi. This is French
for a quality that cannot be de-
scribed or named easily.
Kenyan! Arsenal.com is
ranked as the 47th most visited
site in Kenya, with the nearest
other club, manutd.com coming
in a distant 75th.
Labyrinthian. From many
years of watching our players
insist on walking the ball into
the goal.
Magnanimous. We will give
Liverpool and Man City, etc.
a pat on the back when they
win. The only teams we really
hate are Tottenham and Man
Narcissistic. Our players are
hawwwwwwt! You are welcome,
female goons.
Opinionated. Radull, why not
run for chair of KFF?
Patient. Do you know how
much happens in nine years?
Nine dierent managers have
been in charge of Chelsea. We
have had two Popes almost
three, because Pope John Paul
II died the month before we
lifted the FA cup. I have been in
four dierent jobs since 2005.
Nine years is an eternity. So ya,
we are very patient.
Questioning. In Wenger We
Trust has turned into a fero-
cious Wenger Out over the
years. When greats like Ian
Wright turn on you, even an
FA cup will not be enough to
redeem you in the eyes of fans.
Resilient. I can think of very
little that has caused me as
much pain as Arsenal over the
past nine years.
Superstitious. How many of
you drink in the exact same
place, wearing your lucky shirt
and not deviating from what
you believe is a winning pat-
Thierry. Greatest. Player.
Unassailable. I once equated
loving this club to being in an
abusive relationship that you
cannot get out of because the,
eh, strokes were too damn
Victoria Concordia Crescit.
Latin for Victory Through Har-
Xanadu. This word is used to
convey an impression of a place
that is almost unattainably
YOLO. You only live once,
believe in something.
Arsenal fans can end this al-
phabetical list with ZERO. The
number of years since our last
Despite the downpour Nakuru resi-
dents turned up in droves to enjoy
the show.
We are
mous and
will give
and Man
City, etc. a
pat on the
back when
they win.
The only
teams we
hate are
and Man
And once again we have Gospel artiste
Size 8 perfecting her karate kick and
wowing the crowd as she performed her
hit song Mateke.
Gospel artist Emmy
Kosgey performing
during the Groove
Awards Tour at
Afraha Stadium in
Nakuru on May 18,
Several award
winning artist per-
formed despite the

FRANKFOOT By Frank Midega
Thank heavens
they did not bottle it!
The world would have
been ungovernable, the
Internet would have bro-
ken, and we would have
got a statement from
both 1400 Pennsylvania
and Number 10. And
there is that small matter
of football management
and astute punditry by
hashtag. I wonder who
would have been the
face of #WengerOut?
The saddest thing is that
it would have gained
more traction than
But they nearly lost
it. And the nearly does
not count. At 2-0 down
within the rst 10 min-
utes, Wengers chargs
literally had to drag
themselves from the pits
of the underworld. Trust
Arsenal to send their
supporters through 120
minutes of aneurysm-
inducing, nail-chewing,
madness. Ah, the frenzy
that is a cup nal, even
if it is with Yaya Sanogo
It was not only tting,
but poignant as well, for
Aaron Ramsey to step
up with the winner in ex-
tra time. Arsenals player
of the season, recovering
both form and con-
dence after that horric
broken leg that almost
ended his career, has
been their one shining
light in a season domi-
nated by the cruelty of
leading the log for 128
days, and like the bubble
in a spirit level, surely
and steadily nding their
way to fourth.
Fair play to the Ar-
senal, and not to sound
patronising, my hearty
congratulations are
in order. Taming that
trophyless ghost after
nine years of exorcisms
is, indeed, a feat. The
moniker of specialist
in failure does not now
belong with AW, but
with the Special One
who bestowed upon him
that dubious epaulette
of an epithet.
Meanwhile, in Spain,
Atletico became the La
Liga champions. Like
Arsenal, had to contrive
to do it in the most
painful manner; a visit to
the Nou Camp that was
full of hostile fans team
who, if they lost, would
walk with their hoity-
toity smugness to the
title. Despite seeing out
two key players in Diego
Costa and Arda Turan,
the job was, neverthe-
less, well delivered.
They also have the
scariest manager in Di-
ego Simeone.
His glare worked, with
Godins header ending
an 18-year wait for the
title and bringing the
semblance of a smile on
el Cholos face. Oh, and
it also broke the stran-
glehold that Real Madrid
and Barcelona have had
on La Liga.
Someone remarked
how classy it was that
the Barcelona fans gave
a standing ovation to
Atletico Madrid for win-
ning the title. Well, after
restricting the visitors
allocation to a mere
447 seats of the 98,000
capacity Nou Camp in
such a brazen feat of in-
timidation that Vladimir
Putin would have taken
lessons from, it is the
very least that the We
are better than you, and
well make you know it
Ms que un club could
do. But it is Barcelona,
and murky runs in their
blood. If they are not
giving title opponents
the fewest seats in the
highest stands next to
the pearly gates, they
are wrapping up trans-
fers that cut more tax
evasion corners than
your average Colombian
kingpin, and of course
the triviality of irregular
transfer of minors (a re-
ally ne line from child
daily NATION May 23, 2014
Friends. The people you hang
out with. The people who lend
you money (certainly this does
not include banks). The people
who tell you when your partner is
cheating on you. The people who
make you laugh. However, all this
is just synthetic as real friendship
goes way deeper than that. There
are people you do not like, but
nd their humour up there with
the clouds. People who tell you
that your partner is cheating on
you are not necessarily friends;
they might be telling you just to
get a kick from your reaction be-
cause they have always wanted to
see you knocked out of breadth.
The long and short of it is
that no man is an island. We all
need people to complement our
personalities, to put a dierent
point of view to our often selsh
and vain opinions. Having said
that, not anyone will do; we need
reliable people, people we can be
an open book with, people we do
not have to worry about keep-
ing up appearances with. Real
Numero uno point to consider:
Are you compatible? Compat-
ibility mainly refers to those
moments of being totally at ease
around each other. You know,
people you are happy to be
around whether you are having
a heated discussion or are com-
pletely mute, people with whom
you share common interests
because you will at some point
wish to go out together. You can-
not have a friend who sneers at
the thought of entering a pub be-
cause they prefer to go camping
in the wild, while you think that
camping is for weirdos.
Have you ever noticed how
fast people who hang around you
disappear when you are going
through something dicult? It is
safe to say that the only time you
can know who your real friends
are is when you hit rock bottom,
for instance nancial or marital
rock bottom, because only people
who genuinely love you will stick
around. With everyone else, the
calls go unanswered. Needless to
say, they no longer call to check
up on you. That cold shoulder
treatment makes you feel six
inches tall, totally humiliated. As
for the people who stick around,
they perhaps cannot aord to get
you out of your nancial trouble,
most likely they cannot sort out
your marital troubles either, but
they know a shoulder to cry on is
more valuable
than any nan-
cial help anyone
could offer. They
ride the storm with you
till the waters are calm.
What do you do when a friend,
who has been unnecessarily
nasty to someone who did not
deserve it expects your support?
If you are a real friend, you will
risk their anger by telling them
that although they might have
had a point, they could have
relayed their message in a more
civilised manner. Yes, they might
be angry at you, but when they
are calm, they will appreciate
you enough to know that you
care enough to tell them when
they are making a total idiot of
themselves. Next time, they will
think twice before doing or say-
ing something, meaning that you
have made them better people.
Never ever, take a friend for
granted. Do you have a friend
who never says thank you for the
favours you do them? That is a
friend who takes you for granted.
You have been good to them for
so long, they start imagining that
it is their right that you be good
to them. Dump such friends.
If you imagine yourself to be a
good friend, do not discuss your
friends in their absence unless it
is a constructive discussion. In
short, never say anything you
cannot repeat in their presence.
Appreciate a real friend this

When all
is said
and done,
a good
friend will
have your
back and,
thick and
thin, you
will also
have theirs
Never ever, take a friend for granted. Do you have
a friend who never says thank you for the favours
you do them? That is a friend who takes you for
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BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
rom stage to screen,
Fernando Anuangas
unique choreographic
style has touched danc-
ers and audiences across
the globe. This is because
he truly loves his craft. The beautiful
drama that unfolds on stage when he
begins to work his magic through
his body and that of his dancers is
so powerful and intense, it is almost
You see, Anuanga is tall and lean,
which makes his every move look
meticulous and easy. However, he
admits that it takes time and passion
to learn the moves. I dont think the
body type is really an issue when it
comes to dance. Any body type can
move and everybody expresses them-
selves dierently. Being thin does not
make you move well, he says.
Anuanga is part of a new gen-
eration of contemporary Kenyan
choreographers on a mission to
revive interest in African dance and
culture. He combines traditional
dance moves with contemporary and
modern styles, which often results in
breathtaking performances.
Growing up in Mombasa,
Kitengela, and Nairobi, Fernando
admits that he never had formal
training in dance. I realised that I
was in love with dancing when the
breakdance craze rst came to Kenya
around the early 1980s. I was only 10
years old but that breakdance period
changed me forever.
When the breakdance craze
begun to fade in the early
1990s, Anuanga and two of his
friends decided to form a group.
Little did they know that the group
Rare Watts would end up being
a household name and revolutionise
the Kenyan dance scene.
Anuanga recalls his memorable
performance as if it happened just
yesterday. It was in a competition at
City Hall, the Win-a-car competition,
and the year was 1990. We did our
performance, which literally brought
the house down. The standing ova-
tion from the crowd did motivate us
to go further with our dance. It was
such a memorable occasion for us,
denitely for me, he recalls.
Dancing in pictures
So what exactly does Anuanga
As a dancer I am the one who
executes the picture depicted by the
choreographer or myself. I am self-
taught. The choreographer is the
eye of the dancer, so the two need
to always be in harmony with each
other to have a beautiful show. The
dancer needs the choreographer and
the choreographer needs the dancer,
he explains.
His style of dressing is quite dif-
ferent from what we are used to
among choreographers and danc-
ers. For Anuanga, stepping out on
the stage dressed in only a loincloth
or shorts is what makes his image
complete when he embarks on an
elaborate dance, often alone on a
theatre stage.
He borrows heavily from the Maa-
sai in terms of dressing and music,
which he arms while working with
musicians. In most cases I gure
out my music by working with mu-
sicians and create tunes specic to
the show.
He has choreographed in several
parts of the continent, including
in the Fete Afrik festival in Sey-
chelles, Algeria, and in South Africa.
Anuanga is a perfectionist. This is
evident when he does his solos. He
does not approve of poor perform-
He started o dancing with
the famous Rare Watts and is
now a renowned contemporary
dance choreographer. Meet
Fernando Anuanga. By
Singer and dancer Ciara and her ance, Atlanta rapper Fu-
ture, welcomed a baby boy on Monday, May 19. They named
him Future Zahir Wilburn. Future Senior has three other
children from previous relationships.
Anuanga per-
forms a Maasai
inspired dance
during a show
in Germany.
daily NATION May 23, 2014
ance. He says, Sometimes I see
some performances that are not well
rehearsed and choreographed and
I think this is because guys dont
take time to research and make their
story. Dance performance is about
displaying a painted picture in the
mind of the audience. In every art
there should be a message.
His dance prowess has seen him
perform with celebrated artistes.
I have worked with famous Af-
rican singers like Youssou NDour
and Cesria vora during the Pan
African Festival, he says.
Malian singer and songwriter, Ro-
kia Traor, contracted him to dance
and choreograph a video. In Europe,
Anuanga has worked with Danish
singer and composer, Hanne Boel,
and Jean-Franois Zygel, a classical
pianist and composer, during a night
of improvisation in Paris, France.
When it comes to dance, I really
admire Wayne McGregor and Bill T.
Jones, who are British and American
For those who
want to take up the
craft, Anuanga advises
that it is best to start early.
I believe you need to start
young as thats the time you have
time to practise, learn, and open up
your body and mind. Think of it as
less distraction.
Anuanga is currently showcasing
his new project, Romo, which means
the meeting of traditional music
from nyatiti and played by popu-
lar Afro-centric artiste, Makadem.
Romo will also feature in this years
International Festival Vaison Danses
in France in July.
He believes that the Kenyan dance
scene has great potential for growth.
Look at the Maasai with their
jumps and unique attire, the Kenyan
Indo-Asians with their festivals. I
mean, we have 42 tribes and they
all come with their own traditional
dance which is unique in its own
way, he says.
Anuanga believes that combining
all these genres and supplementing
them with new-age contemporary
dance styles will create something
beautiful, something that can gain
recognition from the world.
We need to have a strong network
of dancers, both professional and
amateurs, coming together for work-
shops, he says.
TAKE CARE Rapper and singer Drake recently instagrammed
pictures of himslef with a new lady Brandy Prince, daughter of
Rap-A-Lot record labels CEO James Prince . This followed his most
recent breakup from singer Rihanna with whom he had been linked
earlier this year.
ear sons of Adam,
this is urgent,
we need to meet
and regroup. The
womenfolk have
unleashed a new
one on us and if this goes on, we
will soon be posting apologies on
billboards and even handing out
iers in public.
One Francis Onyiso, former
Harambee Stars goalkeeper did
the unthinkable that set us back
to wait, I cant remember a time
where men posted apologies in
the newspaper, so he has opened
a new frontier.
He did something that really
angered his wife that it warranted
a major apology. When I say an-
gered, I am of course being tepid,
he was in something deep and that
something rhymes with hit.
I can go all Jeff Koinange
and use every synonym there
is for the anger. Onyisos wife
was enraged, incensed, in-
flamed, infuriated, outraged,
rankled ok you get the point.
The last time someone was this
pissed o, the devil was kicked
out of heaven. Whatever the goal-
keeper did, he clearly couldnt use
his football skills and handle it
and so he did something that had
every man, single or not scared.
He bought and ad space in a
newspaper to apologise to his wife
and this is how I knew our goose
was cooked, most ladies found it
hilarious. Of course we all want
to know what he did and there
are many stories out there but the
men had an uneasy laugh while
women were cracking ribs from
Nyamakima to Amukura.
Women are from mars
The species from Mars has
been, for a long time, been looking
for something to use against us
and now they had it. Before Mon-
day, all they did was changed their
Relationship Status on Facebook
from In a Relationship with to
In a complicated relationship.
Many went further and un-
followed you on Twitter and
Facebook. I know a friend who
was blocked and his account re-
ported as Spam just so it can be
suspended or even deleted, the
So Onyiso did apologise and
hopefully the wife decided to
stay but he set something so
dangerous in motion, we will need
Rambo, Godzilla, Men In Black,
Spiderman, Superman and even
the Gargoyles to stop it.
Got to give it to his wife though.
At what point during the argu-
ment did she yell; You have to
put your apology on a newspaper
or you and me are done, nished,
What was his reaction when he
rst heard it? I bet you he cracked
a smile thinking it was a joke until
she threatened to leave and prob-
ably started packing. Did he shed
a tear when he nally agreed to it?
Did his knees wobble and mouth
run dry? I want answers people,
this is a matter of national im-
What did he do?
Deep down, I do wish she in-
sisted he say what he did on the
advert but then again I remember
this might be the trend moving
forward so I say a prayer and van-
ish the thought.
But what if, and this is a tearful
moment, it was Onyisos idea to
post the apology in a newspaper?
Can we summon him and take
back his man card?
Anytime now, I expect to see
a billboard on Thika Road where
some poor chap is apologising to
the wife for being caught pants
down at some random one-
roomed shack in Juja. It is four
days later so you know the women
have come up with new and im-
proved ideas on how to make sure
they get the best apology there is.
And knowing the descendants
of Eve, they will try to outdo each
other on whose husband had the
best, most expensive apology.
Keep laughing, wait until they
ask you to go to Safaricom and
ask them to send your apology
to all their subscribers then, to
quote one of the scariest threats
in Kenya; Utajua malenge ni
So dear ladies, the world is hard
as it is so please do not make it
harder, let Onyiso not be an exam-
ple and let your men go back to
buying owers and taking you to a
fancy restaurant like the good old
days. Is that too much to ask?
Anuanga leaps
high as he
performs in a
daily NATION May 23, 2014
ance. He says, Sometimes I see
some performances that are not well
rehearsed and choreographed and
I think this is because guys dont
take time to research and make their
story. Dance performance is about
displaying a painted picture in the
mind of the audience. In every art
there should be a message.
His dance prowess has seen him
perform with celebrated artistes.
I have worked with famous Af-
rican singers like Youssou NDour
and Cesria vora during the Pan
African Festival, he says.
Malian singer and songwriter, Ro-
kia Traor, contracted him to dance
and choreograph a video. In Europe,
Anuanga has worked with Danish
singer and composer, Hanne Boel,
and Jean-Franois Zygel, a classical
pianist and composer, during a night
of improvisation in Paris, France.
When it comes to dance, I really
admire Wayne McGregor and Bill T.
Jones, who are British and American
For those who
want to take up the
craft, Anuanga advises
that it is best to start early.
I believe you need to start
young as thats the time you have
time to practise, learn, and open up
your body and mind. Think of it as
less distraction.
Anuanga is currently showcasing
his new project, Romo, which means
the meeting of traditional music
from nyatiti and played by popu-
lar Afro-centric artiste, Makadem.
Romo will also feature in this years
International Festival Vaison Danses
in France in July.
He believes that the Kenyan dance
scene has great potential for growth.
Look at the Maasai with their
jumps and unique attire, the Kenyan
Indo-Asians with their festivals. I
mean, we have 42 tribes and they
all come with their own traditional
dance which is unique in its own
way, he says.
Anuanga believes that combining
all these genres and supplementing
them with new-age contemporary
dance styles will create something
beautiful, something that can gain
recognition from the world.
We need to have a strong network
of dancers, both professional and
amateurs, coming together for work-
shops, he says.
TAKE CARE Rapper and singer Drake recently instagrammed
pictures of himslef with a new lady Brandy Prince, daughter of
Rap-A-Lot record labels CEO James Prince . This followed his most
recent breakup from singer Rihanna with whom he had been linked
earlier this year.
ear sons of Adam,
this is urgent,
we need to meet
and regroup. The
womenfolk have
unleashed a new
one on us and if this goes on, we
will soon be posting apologies on
billboards and even handing out
iers in public.
One Francis Onyiso, former
Harambee Stars goalkeeper did
the unthinkable that set us back
to wait, I cant remember a time
where men posted apologies in
the newspaper, so he has opened
a new frontier.
He did something that really
angered his wife that it warranted
a major apology. When I say an-
gered, I am of course being tepid,
he was in something deep and that
something rhymes with hit.
I can go all Jeff Koinange
and use every synonym there
is for the anger. Onyisos wife
was enraged, incensed, in-
flamed, infuriated, outraged,
rankled ok you get the point.
The last time someone was this
pissed o, the devil was kicked
out of heaven. Whatever the goal-
keeper did, he clearly couldnt use
his football skills and handle it
and so he did something that had
every man, single or not scared.
He bought and ad space in a
newspaper to apologise to his wife
and this is how I knew our goose
was cooked, most ladies found it
hilarious. Of course we all want
to know what he did and there
are many stories out there but the
men had an uneasy laugh while
women were cracking ribs from
Nyamakima to Amukura.
Women are from mars
The species from Mars has
been, for a long time, been looking
for something to use against us
and now they had it. Before Mon-
day, all they did was changed their
Relationship Status on Facebook
from In a Relationship with to
In a complicated relationship.
Many went further and un-
followed you on Twitter and
Facebook. I know a friend who
was blocked and his account re-
ported as Spam just so it can be
suspended or even deleted, the
So Onyiso did apologise and
hopefully the wife decided to
stay but he set something so
dangerous in motion, we will need
Rambo, Godzilla, Men In Black,
Spiderman, Superman and even
the Gargoyles to stop it.
Got to give it to his wife though.
At what point during the argu-
ment did she yell; You have to
put your apology on a newspaper
or you and me are done, nished,
What was his reaction when he
rst heard it? I bet you he cracked
a smile thinking it was a joke until
she threatened to leave and prob-
ably started packing. Did he shed
a tear when he nally agreed to it?
Did his knees wobble and mouth
run dry? I want answers people,
this is a matter of national im-
What did he do?
Deep down, I do wish she in-
sisted he say what he did on the
advert but then again I remember
this might be the trend moving
forward so I say a prayer and van-
ish the thought.
But what if, and this is a tearful
moment, it was Onyisos idea to
post the apology in a newspaper?
Can we summon him and take
back his man card?
Anytime now, I expect to see
a billboard on Thika Road where
some poor chap is apologising to
the wife for being caught pants
down at some random one-
roomed shack in Juja. It is four
days later so you know the women
have come up with new and im-
proved ideas on how to make sure
they get the best apology there is.
And knowing the descendants
of Eve, they will try to outdo each
other on whose husband had the
best, most expensive apology.
Keep laughing, wait until they
ask you to go to Safaricom and
ask them to send your apology
to all their subscribers then, to
quote one of the scariest threats
in Kenya; Utajua malenge ni
So dear ladies, the world is hard
as it is so please do not make it
harder, let Onyiso not be an exam-
ple and let your men go back to
buying owers and taking you to a
fancy restaurant like the good old
days. Is that too much to ask?
Anuanga leaps
high as he
performs in a
BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
THEATRE with ciku kimani
OSCAR WINNING ACTRESS HALLE BERRY decided to go all TMI on her past
pregnancy saying: They call it a geriatric pregnancy, before adding: I
was, you know, on my waythis is probably way TMI, but I was really, you
know,kinda premenopausal so to have this happen was a huge shock.
Dear Cindy,
I was brought up by a kind woman after
my father died and my mother could not
take care of me. Now that I have com-
pleted Form Four and have some free time,
I would like to look for my mother as we
lost touch at some point. Unfortunately, my
foster mother does not want to me to look
for my family. How do I do this because she
has threatened not to pay my college fees
if I look for my mother?
That is rather unfortunate. Have you tried to
ask her exactly why she does not want you
to nd your mother? Was there a misunder-
standing? Perhaps she is afraid of losing her
place in your heart if you nd your mother.
What you need to do is get a third party,
somebody you are both comfortable with,
to explain to your adoptive mother your
reasons for wanting to nd your family, that
nding your mother will make you a better
person emotionally, that you are not trying
to trash what she has done for you. Just
reassure her. If she is still unhappy, perhaps
you could do it undercover. She does not
have to nd out yet, but you also need to
be ready for the consequences in case she
nds out. All the best.
Dear Cindy,
I am 16 years old and well brought up. Un-
fortunately, when my mother allowed me
to attend a friends birthday party, I drank
alcohol and ended up having sex with one
of the boys. I am so scared right now that I
might be pregnant or suering from a sex-
ually transmitted infection. Please help me.
I can imagine what you are going through,
feeling guilty that you have disappointed
your mother and yourself and afraid of the
consequences. The rst thing to do, right
now, is to go to a voluntary counselling
and testing (VCT) centre and have yourself
checked for an STI. They are private and
free, and they will oer you free advice as
well. Then you must do a pregnancy test. I
hope you have not contacted anything and
that you are not pregnant. However, you
must take this as a lesson to be more care-
ful in the future. It is a good thing that you
realise the mistake you made. Keep away
from alcohol; it impairs your reasoning. If all
the tests are negative, you do not have to
tell your mother, but take it as a life lesson.
In case you are pregnant or have contracted
something (I hope it is not HIV), you must
seek treatment immediately. Should you
be pregnant, you must come clean to your
mother. She will be disappointed, but it is
better than keeping it a secret and ending
up making more mistakes. All the best.

I try very hard to make rock
music visible in Kenya. Two
years ago, I felt as if I was
walking down an empty hall-
way with this column, writing
about something that many
people still thought was non-
existent. However, thanks to
the amazing Kenyan bands
that have moved heaven and
earth to make their music ac-
cessible and put themselves
out there, I no longer sound
like a deranged bozo.
Still, I knew it wouldnt
hurt to have a dierent voice
somewhere out there that
could echo what I was saying.
And soon it started happen-
ing. More people were writ-
ing about rock, talking about
rock, and interviewing rock
When The Guardians con-
tributor, Edward Banchs, ew
all the way from Pittsburgh,
UK, to interview Kenyan rock
bands, I knew that the trem-
ors on our scene were being
felt outside Africa as well.
Of course, our undiscrimi-
nating friend, the Internet,
also helped. And now more
people are starting blogs and
magazines online to record
the progress of this strange
music we make.
Rock Kenya
It took me a while to nd
this one on Google, but after
digging through my Facebook
messages, I found a link to
rockkenya.co.ke, the new-
est Kenyan rock blog on the
Internet. With such a direct
title, you would think that it
would be rst thing to pop up
when you search for Kenyan
rock but no, it is a bunch of
rock-climbing pages that pop
up instead.
Rock Kenya is the initiative
of one Chris Kisilu, a rocker
and friend whom I have
identied as a true lover of
the music. The blog started
this year with what I could
describe as a big bang. In no
time, it was covering more
stu than I had ears to hear
first about, from the PLG
vocalist change to March
from the Underground (Okay,
thats a lie; I knew about both
these things). But clearly, this
was a serious blog committed
to keeping rockers updated.
It is more news-oriented
than opinionated. Sadly, I
have not heard much from the
blog since April. With such an
awesome website design and
a nice picture of Mortal Soul
in the background (yes, that
really stands out), I would be
dismayed if it did not revive
the momentum it started
Rock Society of Kenya
It is a .org website, so I
would not be quick to call it
a blog, although it has all the
features of one. Rock Society
of Kenya covers rock news,
posts videos, news on bands
and their proles as well as
advertising upcoming events.
There is obviously a bigger
focus on spreading the music
than talking about it, given
that the news page has only
one item while the one on
music is a full house of tracks
from dierent artistes. So, if
you want the nest selection
of rock music, you know
where to go now.
The Rumble
The origins of The Rum-
bles online magazine are
very interesting. The site
suddenly sprung up right
about the time when last
years Nairobi Rockfest was
about to happen. It seemed to
me like a promotional move,
but one that was denitely
needed. At that time there
were not many serious eorts
towards covering upcoming
rock events. The magazine
had stories from both the
local and international rock
scenes, so I could respect the
extra eort it made to appeal
to a wider audience.
Kenyan Rockerz
Kenyan Rockerz is possibly
the freshest of the new rock
blogs I have seen. It has three
contributors Ngugi Kioi,
Blaze Rocker, and Sammy
Kikwai. Their discussion
ranges from issues like band
names (in rock it is denitely
an issue) and they actually
do band interviews. The
blog started two months ago
and has been regular with its
Looking back at the past
10 years, we have come from
a simple Facebook group to a
whole network of rock-related
blogs. Now we even have a
small WhatsApp rock group.
Clearly, the discussion on
rock music by Kenyans is not
about to zzle out.
Theatre Personality of the Week Evans
Q. Jiko Productions is the new kid on the
block, how long have you been producing
A. We are a year old.
Q. Any plans for the silver screen?
A. Hopefully, soon, but we have been con-
centrating more on stage and we have pro-
duced a movie.
Q. Being new on the market, what chal-
lenges are you meeting?
A. Production costs are very high and,
unfortunately, the corporate world has not
embraced theatre sponsorship yet. Then,
marketing is also expensive. As the producer
I have sleepless nights over these issues.
Q. Do you act as well?
A. I do, but right now I am concentrating on
getting the production house o the ground.
Q. What changes do you wish to see in
theatre in the next ve years?
A. Sponsors supporting us because it is a
real business. I would like to see fair audi-
tions for real talent, with those from theatre
getting roles in big movies.
Q. What do you wish the government could
A. Perhaps oer grants and loans to produc-
ers. That wayn we would have fewer things
to worry about.
You can watch Evans Mutumas next
production, BETRAYED LOVE, at the
Kenya National Theatre on May 23
at 6 p.m., May 24 at 3 p.m., 6 p.m.
and 8 p.m., and May 25
at 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Advance tickets at
Sh300 and Sh500 at
the door. For tickets,
call 0724018997
daily NATION May 23, 2014
ran into a former classmate
while at college the other
day. We had both come to
begin the process of clear-
ing with the administration
and tying up any loose ends
before saying our sayonaras to
the place. As one might expect,
given that we had not seen each
other for some time, we began
one of those light-hearted, catch-
ing-up talks that usually start
with something along the lines
of, So, what have you been up
to? when in your mind you are
thinking that if you end up look-
ing like a fool or, worse, a failure,
you are going to want to crawl
into a hole and die.
Always the good sport, my pal
launched right into it. In the ve
months or so since we had last
spoken, he had been on a typical
post-college rollercoaster ride.
The gist of it was this: He got
an internship a few days after we
completed exams and stuck with
it for a month, until things went
sour and he unceremoniously
found himself out. Now here
is where the tale took a darkly
comical turn (at least for me).
While my friend was down in
the dumps feeling sorry for him-
self, he one day ipped open a
Friday paper, went to Zuqka, saw
my column, and felt even worse.
Peer envy
Look at Nadia, writing a col-
umn! he thought. As for me,
Ive just lost my internship! What
the hell am I doing?
As he confessed this, I felt
something bubbling within
me. Flattery? Sure, there was
some of that, but what it really
amounted to was hysteria. The
truth is that I could not believe
that he had seen me as the one to
top because I am pretty sure that
while he was going through this,
I was lying in my bed having my
own pity party.
Feeling sorry for myself. For-
getting that I had this forum
to vent, forgetting that I have a
blog that attracts a small audi-
ence, even forgetting about all
the little messages readers send
me, telling me that my column
had touched them in some way.
Instead, I was thinking: I bet
so-and-so already has an in-
ternship. As though we were
For the rst time ever, I was
confronted by one of lifes fa-
vourite ironies. My friend and
I had both found ourselves on
opposite sides of a fence, each of
us imagining that the grass was
greener on the other side. None
of us stopped to think that there
would be weeds as well.
Perhaps if I had, it would have
prevented me from rushing into
things like applying for intern-
ship positions almost blindly,
only to go for interviews and
feel a well of dread rise up in me,
suocating me, telling me that
maybe I was doing the wrong
thing. Yet I stubbornly carried
on, just to prove a point, namely,
that I would not be the girl who
fell short of expectations. It was
demoralising and exhausting.
Thankfully I came to my
senses, pulled on the emergency
brakes, and stopped. You know
where I am today? Precisely
where I began: Me, my ambition,
my column, and my people.
Stop comparing
I now see that these rushed de-
cisions, thwarted comparisons,
and the need to rise above other
peoples expectations are not as
great as they are hyped to be. We
all want to succeed and for some
reason, we all put senseless time
limits for this to happen, limits
probably dened by records set
by other people.
Few stop to remind us that
sometimes it is okay to sit down
and breathe, even if it means hav-
ing to postpone your success.
In the end, my friend got an-
other internship and I ended up
taking it easy. In a way, though,
both of us are taking it easy.
Going with the ow, waiting for
our turn to step in and reign. At
this point, the concept of time
as a noose around our necks is
irrelevant. The way I see it, we
have all the time in the world. It
is endless.

Singer Toni Braxton is revealing a lot more than she is
used to in her new book Un-Breaking My Heart. She talks
about a past abortion, her nose job, feeling guilty about
leaving her sisters behind among other things.
Its easy to
think your
life is over
before it
has even
begun, but
the reality
is that it is
never too
late, writes
BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
There are many people who
would rather put Xiaomis devices behind
them, specially the MiPhone. The Mi-
Phones release was a brazen statement
from the Chinese that they were willing
to go farther to replicate any new tech-
nology by American companies, a talent
they have proven repeatedly.
With Android in the picture, the rep-
lication game was simplied. Hardware
has never been the problem, except for
quality challenges, but software has
always been, and nding a suitable alter-
native to iOS was a huge challenge until
Android came along and changed that.
So, now the Chinese have everything
they need to make all sorts of new
stu. This makes the Mi Pad an interest-
ing revelation, a true expression of the
willingness of the Chinese to escalate
competition by any means necessary.
The appearance of the Mi Pad, Xiaomis
rst attempt at making tablets, has long
been rumoured, and is nally upon us. It is,
indeed, being touted as an iPad killer. The
7.9 inch tablet is a curious device, looks
like an iPad any way you look at it, and
comes in an interesting array of colours. To
spare you any embarrassment from being
spotted with a tablet that looks like chew-
ing gum, you want the white or blue one,
and no, currently is no black one because,
well, in the world of replication, black is
too common. But then again, the future
could change all that. There is a 2048 x
1536 display from Sharp and Youda, which
is very crisp. If you want to watch a movie
or play a game, the visual experience will
be genuinely delightful and memorable.
Underneath the faade, you get a 2.2
GHz Tegra K1 processor, making this tablet
a collectors item. This is the rst tablet
to run on a Nvidia processor, so you re-
ally want to get your hands on one if you
are more than an enthusiast. Sometime in
the future, it will be noted for this single
feature, unless the Tegra processor lets
the device down, and that is always a pos-
A WiFi only tablet
Add 2GB of RAM, which barely gets
there, 16GB of on-board storage expanda-
ble to 128GB via microSD, and voil! an en-
try-level iPad killer. Then there is the 8 MP
camera at the back, which is not half bad,
as is the 5MP front-facing sele camera.
You get everything else, from Bluetooth
to a very impressive accelerometer/
gyroscope combo with superb responsive-
ness. Bizarrely, this is a WiFi-only tablet.
Other specs like battery life are not yet
publicly available, and neither is availabil-
ity, but there is what we have played with.
For one, there is no standard Home but-
ton, as is available on every other Android
device. That is actually refreshing.
However, unlocking the device is not
easy either, with a rather awkward side
button which then forces you to unlock via
password, swipe, or whatever fancy app
you might have to lock your tablet. That
cumbersome process is its main Achilles
heel. Beyond that, the user experience is
Xiaomi have pushed the 2GB to really
go the extra mile as well as the Tegra K1
processor and it is working. It tilts and re-
volves naturally, giving this one of the best
experiences available on an Android and, I
dare say, far better than the iPad.
However, it will always be painful not
to have 3G with you and while you can
store a lot more than other devices, it will
be noticeable not to have more choices
of connectivity. The only possible saving
grace for this tablet would be if it has ex-
cellent battery life to compensate for poor
It has a prescribed retail price that is
jaw-breaking at Sh21,000 for the WiFi-
only 16GB version, going up to Sh25,000
for the 64GB version. Still, that is miles
away from iPad prices. As an entry-level
facilities-on tablet, this is a ground-
breaking device. This is more than perfect,
but outdoors, itwill be limited.
If you are a die-hard Android fan, this
is perfect if you always have WiFi around
you. As a collectors item, this ts the nov-
elty, but as a daily user device for remote
access, forget it. Expect it around late
whats up?
Tablet photos: The Olloclip is set to change the way
phots are taken using tablets. The 4-in-1 extension
features two macro lenses, one for 10x and the other
for 15x magnication, a sheye lens for tight shots,
and a wide-angle lens.
This has been long overdue and nally, Own-
Fone has launched the worlds rst Braille phone.
The London-based company employed 3D print-
ing techniques to design the customisable phone.
Both sides of the phone have a Braille keypad with
between two and four buttons that are prepro-
grammed to call specic individuals. For those not
able to read Braille, the company can print raised
text on the keypads which, through tactile feedback,
can allow the user to interact with the device. The
phone is set to cost around Sh8,800 and is currently
available only in London, but is expected to go glo-
bal by 2015.
HTC, running on the M8, has launched a more
compact Mini 2, designated as the most grippable
Android phone ever made. The compact phone is
an LTE, powered by Quad-core 1.2 GHz Snapgragon
400 processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of stor-
age, expandable to 128GB via microSD. It has a 4.5
inch HD display and to add to the visuals, a 13MP
one. The phone will be available in the same three
colours as the M8 and is expected to arrive in June
2014. Be ready to pay Sh67,000.
The music platform battle is on and Apple has
taken the lead with its acquisition of Beats, but
the battle is taking an interesting turn as artistes
launch their own music platforms and drive their
own subscriptions. The unending battle between
artistes, distribution platforms, and labels has always
seen artistes end up with less than their fair share
of the royalties. Until now, with Deadmau5 owning
his own platform to distribute his own music. If this
model proves to be successful, it could mean that
artistes can begin foregoing well-known distribution
platforms to go it alone, a development that could
change media distribution.
Since it is now socially acceptable, although still
ridiculous, to take photos using tablets at events, a
lens to enhance the pictures only seems appropri-
ate. While there are many lenses available, the Ol-
loclip is the one to have. Olloclip have spent time
designing it to make sure it lines up perfectly with
your tablets lens. The 4-in-1 extension features two
macro lenses, one for 10x and the other for 15x mag-
nication, a sheye lens for tight shots, and a wide-
angle lens. To prevent the lens from scratching the
tablets fragile cover, the lenses are in metal but on a
plastic frame. Expect to pay Sh6,100 for the lens set
and carrying bag.
daily NATION May 23, 2014
RATING: 8/10
Kanjii Mbugua is making a
musical comback. He is back with
a vengeance and having released
his latest album, Rauka, a fort-
night ago, this is the rst video
o the record called Mfalme
There is a lot to learn from
someone who has been in the
game for a long time and Kanjiis
music seems to have reached a
plateau and crystallised into a
moniker. Vocally, Mfalme Mkuu
is a very good and congratula-
tions to Enid Moraa too for a job
well done. The video is lled with
many positives and has some ne acting. It is not dicult to under-
stand the positive message of
God restoring a broken couples
faith and love.
The video is also a ne case
of premium camera quality, with
every single shot oozing class.
Nothing was left to chance, from
the editing to the structuring of
the video. The song makes for
an extra-special worship song,
especially if we were to place em-
phasis on the brilliant panorama
where the song was shot.
This is the rst of many videos
coming from Kanjii o his new
album, Rauka, and if it is anything
to go by, the Kenyan gospel min-
istry is in for a splendid treat from
one of its greatest stars.
By: Issa Khalid
Braille Phone : For the visually impared,
the recently launched braille phone will
make it possible to send and recieve text
messages using a braille keypad.
Category: Suspense thriller
Main actors:
Jack Bauer as Kiefer Sutherland
James Heller as William Devane
Trevor Davies as Stephen Fry
Kate Morgan as Yvonne Stahovsky
Chloe OBrian as Mary Lynn Ra-
Adrian Cross as MichaelWincott)
Mark Boudreau as Tate Donovan)
Margot Al-Harazi as Michelle Fair-
The unexpected ninth season
of the action-packed series, 24, is
already here with us. In what the
shows director, Jon Casar, dubbed
a special series event, 24: Live
Another Day, has already done two
episodes during its premire on
Fox TV. This time the series is shot
entirely on location in England. Jack
Bauer has been a fugitive for the
past four years in Eastern Europe.
He resurfaces in London, where
the US president, James Heller, is
scheduled to meet with the British
Prime Minister, Trevor Davies, to
make a deal to set up a base for US
Forces in the UK. Bauer is taken into
custody by CIAs Erik Ritter, who has
just been transferred to London to
replace another agent, Kate Morgan.
Agent Morgans husband was
convicted of selling American intel-
ligence to Chinese elements, hence
her demotion. The CIA is led to
believe that Bauer might be plotting
to assassinate the president. Cor-
rect, except Bauer is not behind the
attempt and, therefore, breaks out
of prison to stop the perpetrators
before they can carry out their plot.
He solicits the help of Chloe
OBrian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who is
now with a group of dissenters who
believe in the freedom of informa-
tion to the public about what their
governments are doing. The group
is led by a charismatic, almost
prophetic leader, Adrian Cross
(MichaelWincott), who takes on a
bunch of mists in society (com-
puter virtuosos) to run his hacking
Meanwhile, the presidents chief
of sta, Mark Boudreau (Tate Dono-
van) is also the presidents son-in-
law and feels threatened by Bauers
The head of the CIA station in
the UK, Steve Navarro (Benjamin
Bratt), tries to read Bauers position
in this play and unocially assigns
Kate, who seems to have a better
understanding of Bauers motives,
the case.
The clock is ticking and Bauer
has to stop the main protagonist,
Margot Al-Harazi (Michelle Fairley),
and her blindly devoted daughter,
Simone (Emily Berrinton), before
they cause war by assassinating a
US president on foreign soil. He also
has to stay ahead of the CIA and
the chief of stas hooks in order to
be successful.
Unlike previous seasons, this will
only have 12-episodes and uncan-
nily resembles the reghting
the US engaged in in the wake of
Wikileaks: The drone spies and at-
tacks, Internet info collection on
citizens, state agents selling infor-
mation the works. For action junk-
ies, it is also more action and high
tech weaponry, including corner
shooting guns and others with cam-
eras mounted on them for real-time
viewing by mission supervisors.
By Thomas Rajula
Title: About Last Night
Rating: 7/10
Category: Comedy
Release Date: February 14,
Length: 1 hour 40 minutes
Director: Steve Pink
Main Actors:
Kevin Hart as Bernie
Michael Ealy as Danny
Joy Bryant as Debbie
Regina Hall as Joan
If you have watched Think
Like a Man, then you will know
what to expect in About Last
Night. The movie is exactly what
its title suggests: A one-night
Somehow, all modern roman-
tic comedies have converged on
this single talking point in rela-
tionships and About Last Night
continues to carry the mantle.
In the movie, two couples try to
work things out between them
after they sleep together on
their rst dates. The rst couple,
Bernie and Joan, is a duo of
goons who thrive on upsetting
each other. The other couple,
Danny and Debbie, have a much
more normal relationship that
even borders on boring.
Just like Think Like a Man,
About Last Night explores the
complications that come with
modern relationships the fact
that they are geared towards
having love after sex instead of
sex after love. The only dier-
ence between the two movies
is that they stripped down the
story in About Last Night to
exclude three of the couples in
Think Like a Man, then repro-
duced Michael Ealy and Kevin
Harts roles.
In About Last Night, Kevin
Hart is still an attention-seeking,
loose-mouthed buoon with
weird fetishes. This was the same
character he played in Think Like
a Man.
The same applies to Michael
Ealy, who played Dominic, the
underachieving dreamer in Think
Like a Man. He is still an undera-
chieving salesman in About Last
Night. Despite the obvious copy-
pasting, the movie is still thor-
oughly entertaining and Harts
performance, as always, makes it
a rib-cracking comedy.
By Sam Kiranga
RATING: 8/10
This is a time-honoured shooter.
You play as American war hero,
Captain B.J. Blazkowicz, in 1946
as the World War rages on the
European frontier. Your mission is
to launch a painstaking retaliatory
counter-strike against the mon-
strous Nazi forces and bring their
troops to their knees. Already, just
from the simple introduction, you
know this was always going to be
a good video game.
This game holds on to the
basics of a good shooter: High-
octane action and a heart-pacing
storyline. It is a fantastic synthetic
story of a war veterans actions
during the worlds most danger-
ous period, with only a handful
of men.
The graphics are spot-on, some
of the best cinematic display
we have seen in a while. The cut
scenes are amusing, germane to
the narrative and buttress the plot
exceptionally well.
You cannot help but feel eerie
as you meander through frighten-
ing ghost towns and precariously
deep trenches. This game has eve-
rything good but fails in one lsmall
area: It is a rst person shooter.
Those never look or feel as good
to play. It has its moments of
aloofness and would have been
much better from a third-person
By: Issa Khalid
BE FAMOUS. daily NATION May 23, 2014
Ruiru-Juja Water & Sewerage Company invites applications for prequalification from eligible bidders for supply of Goods and Services
for the Financial year 2013-2014 and 2014-2015.
RUJWASCO/01/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of General Office Stationery (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/02/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Building & Hardware materials
RUJWASCO/03/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of detergents (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/04/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Electrical items, equipments and Fittings
RUJWASCO/05/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Uniforms and Protective Clothing (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/06/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Computers, Computer accessories and consumables
RUJWASCO/07/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Laboratory Equipment and laboratory consumables
RUJWASCO/08/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Water Chemicals & Filter media
RUJWASCO/09/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of branded items and promotional materials (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/10/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Pipes and Pipes Fittings
RUJWASCO/11/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Water Meters
RUJWASCO/12/2013/14-15 Supply of Fuel, oils and lubricants.
RUJWASCO/13/2013/14-15 Supply and delivery of Office Furniture
RUJWASCO/14/2013/14-15 Electrical maintenance services
RUJWASCO/15/2013/14-15 Maintenance of computers & office equipments (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/16/2013/14-15 Repair and servicing of motor vehicles and motorcycles
RUJWASCO/17/2013/14-15 Civil works and engineering services
RUJWASCO/18/2013/14-15 Sanitary services (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/19/2013/14-15 Repair and services of water pumps and other water machineries
RUJWASCO/20/2013/14-15 Fumigation and pest control services (women, Youth and PWD)
RUJWASCO/21/2013/14-15 Printing services
RUJWASCO/22/2013/14-15 Tender for provision of Security services
RUJWASCO/23/2013/14-15 Tender for provision of Staff Medical Insurance services
RUJWASCO/24/2013/14-15 Tender for provision of General Insurance services

NB: Special groups who include the youth, women and persons with disabilities must attach proof of registration.
Prequalification documents for Tender No. 22, 23 & 24 may be obtained from the Company Office upon payment of non-refundable fee
of KSh. 1000.00 per set of Document payable for in Cash or Bankers Cheque. Completed prequalification documents in plain sealed
envelopes clearly marked: TENDER NO.and Description of the Categorybe addressed and posted to:
P.O BOX 1165-00232, RUIRU
Or be deposited in the Tender Box at the reception of RUJWASCO office located adjacent to Kenyatta University Ruiru Campus,
opposite Kenya Power Ruiru Office NOT LATER THAN 6
June 2014 at 11.00 am.
Prequalification documents will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of Bidders or their representatives who wish to
attend. Late bids will be rejected.
Egerton University Retirement Benefits Scheme invites sealed tenders from eligible Insurance Firms for the
Provision of Insurance & Administrative Services to the Scheme.
Tender No. Description Tender Security Closing Date
EURBS/001/2014-2015 Provision of Insurance Services: KES. 100,000.00 11
June, 2014
(a) Group Life & Group Personal Accident
(b) Terrorism & Sabotage for Unga House
Westlands Nairobi-Kenya
EURBS/002/2014-2015 (a ) Provision of fund Administrative services KES. 100,000.00 11
June, 2014
Bidding will be conducted through the procedures specified in the Public Procurement and Disposal Act, 2005 and
Public Procurement and Disposal Regulations 2006 as revised and is open to all bidders
Interested and eligible candidates may inspect and obtain Tender Document from Pensions & Insurance Office at
Egerton University Njoro Campus upon payment of a Non-Refundable fee of KES. 1,000.00 payable to Egerton
University Retirement Benefit Scheme KCB A/c No. 1101909943 and receipted at the Pensions & Insurance
Completed documents one in original and a copy in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked on top with the Tender
Number and description and accompanied by a Bid Security of KES. 100,000.00 should be addressed to:-
The Trust Secretary
Egerton University Retirement Benefits Scheme
P.O Box 536 - 20115
or placed in the Tender Box at the Pensions & Insurance Office, Njoro Campus not later than Wednesday 11

June, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Bids will be opened thereafter at the Pensions & Insurance Boardroom, Njoro Campus
in the presence of bidders/their representatives who wish to attend. Egerton University Retirement Benefits
Scheme reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids without incurring liability to the affected
TEL.: (051) 2217929
FAX: (051) 2217827
P.O. BOX 536, 20115
TENDER NO. EURBS/001/2014-2015:
Friday May 23, 2014
Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company would like to notify its esteemed customers
the following are the only authorized pay points and any other forms of payment are
deemed illegal.
NCWSC Regional Offces & Banking hall
CBD Banking Hall: Cameo Building 1st floor, Kenyatta Avenue
Westlands Banking Hall: The Mall, Lower Ground Floor, Westlands
Headquarter Offices, Kampala Road, Industrial Area
Northern: Showbe Plaza; Pangani
Eastern : Pinnacle House, Spine Road; Kayole
North Eastern: Eastleigh Section III, 18th Street;
Western : Parklands Plaza, Chiromo Lane;
Southern : Woodely, Off Joseph Kangethe Road
Central : Enterprise plaza, Enterprise Road, Industrial Area
Kasarani : Kasarani/Mwiki Rd, Opposite Kasarani
Police Station
Partner Banks
The Cooperative Bank of Kenya
K- Rep Bank
Citi- Bank
Barclays Bank of Kenya Ltd
Equity Bank Ltd
Housing Finance of Kenya
Postal Corporation of Kenya
Service Providers
Nakumatt supermarket outlets
MPESA Business No. 444400
Airtel Money
Pay- Net
Jambo Pay
Kindly note, all payments to NAIROBI CITY WATER
& SEWERAGE COMPANY must be made at the above
mentioned AUTHORIZED PAY POINTS and an official
receipt issued.
Friday May 23, 2014
II |
Friday May 23, 2014
Friday May 23, 2014
IV |
Friday May 23, 2014
Friday May 23, 2014
VI |
Nation Media Group is the largest independent media house in East and
Central Africa with operations in print, broadcast and digital media. It
attracts and serves unparalleled audiences in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
and Rwanda. We are seeking to recruit highly motivated individuals for the
following positions:
Job Ref: HR-PO-05-2014
Reporting to the Procurement Manager and working closely with other teams
within the organization, the key result areas for this position will include:
Key responsibilities:
Effective sourcing of goods and services, both locally and internationally,
as per laid down procedures for company use and eventually selling/
disposing to customers;
Managing supplier/ customers relations;
Monitoring market trends;
Ensuring timely supply of quality goods and services.
Qualications, experience and skills:
Bachelors degree in business management;
Diploma in CIPS or other relevant professional certications;
At least 3 years work experience in a similar role in a reputable
Excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills;
High degree of integrity and honesty;
Ability and readiness to work long hours;
Result driven and a team player;
Willingness to learn and use SAP Materials Management module.
Job Ref: HR-TE-05-2014
The Transmission Engineer will report to the Technical Manager and will be
responsible for ensuring quality transmission and reception of Nation Media
Groups radio and television stations.
Key responsibilities:
Plan preventive maintenance for approval and implement the approved
Carry out corrective maintenance on the transmission equipment during
breakdown ensuring that all broadcast stations are on air for 24/7/
Recommend ways and means of improving efciency (improvement
maintenance) of utilisation of existing transmitter equipment at all the
Coordinate new projects in transmitter stations. This includes
coordination and management of contractors;
Continuously monitor the radio and television signals with a view to
resolving any transmission problems arising thereof;
Predict and ensure proper stock level of spares required;
Be available 24/7 to attend to emergencies;
Working independently with little or no supervision to achieve the set
targets for maximum turn around for resolution of complaints & faults.
Qualications, experience and skills
Bachelors degree in telecommunications/electronics + IT or diploma
from a Communication Institute/Electronics + IT;
At least 3 years technical experience preferably in broadcasting;
Knowledge of both Radio & TV Transmitter systems;
Knowledge of satellite (SCPC & VSAT) systems;
Must have excellent analytical, inter-personal and communication
These positions offer excellent career growth opportunity and a competitive
remuneration package. If you meet the above criteria, apply online at
http://careers.nationmedia.com before 29
May 2014.
Only shortlisted applicants shall be contacted.
Friday May 23, 2014
NOTE (i)
NOTE (ii)
Note (iii)
a b c d e=b+c+d
301 BARINGO 2,666,664,803.00 858,200,061.70 9,928,763.75 342,229,358.45 1,210,358,183.90
302 BOMET 3,090,868,017.00 441,480,683.55 91,873,468.45 6,224,475.35 539,578,627.35
303 BUNGOMA 4,938,972,131.00 1,533,084,065.55 567,691,264.20 13,317,018.00 2,114,092,347.75
304 BUSIA 2,766,937,159.00 551,401,691.20 87,211,343.60 395,561,150.25 1,034,174,185.05
305 ELGEYO MARAKWET 1,964,087,429.00 668,348,008.00 90,325,787.80 235,847,946.60 994,521,742.40
306 EMBU 2,092,970,075.00 80,015,120.00 616,879,802.45 363,952,000.00 1,060,846,922.45
307 GARISSA 3,735,245,855.00 1,746,925,116.00 148,952,254.75 356,542,281.30 2,252,419,652.05
308 HOMA BAY 3,416,190,223.00 794,938,162.00 81,476,022.75 140,723,402.95 1,017,137,587.70
309 ISIOLO 1,782,721,029.00 646,787,302.75 45,021,558.25 33,903,668.75 725,712,529.75
310 KAJIADO 2,724,230,822.00 968,926,756.00 344,708,454.50 221,336,360.25 1,534,971,570.75
311 KAKAMEGA 5,743,459,662.00 1,247,181,094.55 152,677,596.70 212,668,355.55 1,612,527,046.80
312 KERICHO 2,633,107,619.20 482,822,338.50 289,639,437.90 130,932,369.00 903,394,145.40
313 KIAMBU 4,841,299,934.40 1,059,200,028.60 7,813,535.00 504,683,252.95 1,571,696,816.55
314 KILIFI 4,746,559,363.00 1,160,110,297.00 780,650,097.85 818,027,271.30 2,758,787,666.15
315 KIRINYAGA 1,912,571,224.15 427,618,165.95 208,862,912.30 293,135,876.80 929,616,955.05
316 KISII 4,580,912,976.00 1,036,455,412.40 167,832,738.25 149,138,111.55 1,353,426,262.20
317 KISUMU 3,514,035,217.45 533,897,954.60 213,861,911.80 665,444,744.00 1,413,204,610.40
318 KITUI 4,611,290,155.00 1,784,871,340.20 561,209,655.35 210,144,742.45 2,556,225,738.00
319 KWALE 3,237,878,288.00 945,357,148.20 320,137,934.20 391,641,832.00 1,657,136,914.40
320 LAIKIPIA 1,805,428,000.00 188,397,964.80 117,800,970.70 424,335,683.00 730,534,618.50
321 LAMU 1,265,643,772.00 471,265,312.00 204,149,506.25 195,592,500.00 871,007,318.25
THE RELEASE OF THE 7, 8, 9, & 10
The constitution under Article 201 (a) requires that there shall be openness in public financial matters Further, section 46(2) of the Public Finance Management Act,
2012 requires the Cabinet Secretary to the National Treasury to publish in the Kenya Gazette revenue collections and exchequer issues by the National Treasury.
In this regard and pursuant to the County Allocation of Revenue Act, 2013, and in consultation with the Controller of Budget, the National Treasury has released the
7, 8, 9 & 10
Tranche of the Equitable Share of Revenue to County Governments. This is based on the Cash disbursement schedule approved by the Senate. In this
respect, here below is a status report of disbursements and balances held in various bank accounts of County Governments at the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK):-
Friday May 23, 2014
322 MACHAKOS 4,084,656,723.00 345,708,509.75 28,227,613.65 34,029,251.80 407,965,375.20
323 MAKUENI 3,462,587,768.00 1,064,301,350.45 196,381,321.95 708,020,278.00 1,968,702,950.40
324 MANDERA 5,906,648,293.00 3,869,756,127.65 83,524,554.00 225,780,589.40 4,179,061,271.05
325 MARSABIT 3,411,473,343.00 1,296,838,235.90 41,879,407.00 766,563,851.00 2,105,281,493.90
326 MERU 3,907,282,999.00 1,847,021,244.20 260,914,774.35 230,294.80 2,108,166,313.35
327 MIGORI 3,677,959,032.00 875,980,322.00 215,308,942.70 194,621,915.00 1,285,911,179.70
328 MOMBASA 3,050,888,236.00 811,959,707.55 326,026.80 189,684,840.00 1,001,970,574.35
329 MURANGA 3,124,423,321.00 588,806,820.00 29,065,338.55 75,536,945.90 693,409,104.45
330 NAIROBI 6,783,082,563.00 83,746,466.90 27,011,606.85 201,614.35 110,959,688.10
331 NAKURU 4,574,401,133.00 353,079,809.15 26,018,999.10 482,658,739.00 861,757,547.25
332 NANDI 2,762,852,256.00 899,237,545.65 105,731,342.80 181,636,183.45 1,186,605,071.90
333 NAROK 3,337,843,737.00 1,243,408,888.20 19,370,261.70 543,460,016.15 1,806,239,166.05
334 NYAMIRA 2,720,690,521.00 1,019,050,335.00 79,169,541.80 39,833,057.50 1,138,052,934.30
335 NYANDARUA 2,477,884,698.00 779,976,706.00 56,495,153.00 25,071,566.00 861,543,425.00
336 NYERI 2,399,960,625.00 55,603,470.75 463,299,838.75 121,177,109.65 640,080,419.15
337 SAMBURU 2,272,295,431.00 592,610,701.85 314,464,946.50 152,106,275.30 1,059,181,923.65
338 SIAYA 2,965,230,907.00 958,513,535.25 315,099,106.95 505,151,818.20 1,778,764,460.40
339 TAITA TAVETA 1,953,396,739.80 457,481,692.55 168,772,874.90 132,862,388.70 759,116,956.15
340 TANA RIVER 2,542,229,294.00 1,238,504,867.45 17,164,509.70 387,616,741.00 1,643,286,118.15
341 THARAKA NITHI 1,737,965,650.00 231,589,025.05 259,014,015.80 135,549,718.05 626,152,758.90
342 TRANS NZOIA 3,290,519,769.00 842,728,855.10 41,286,510.90 120,069,329.45 1,004,084,695.45
343 TURKANA 6,868,190,990.00 2,651,703,039.05 242,394,948.15 956,477,071.90 3,850,575,059.10
344 UASIN GISHU 3,169,131,294.00 1,116,706,518.95 97,932,115.45 390,002,581.15 1,606,598,410.55
345 VIHIGA 2,403,924,632.00 837,791,116.90 220,249,161.70 92,026,656.95 1,150,066,935.55
346 WAJIR 4,798,359,183.00 1,843,227,677.70 247,473,573.55 414,843,968.60 2,505,545,219.85
347 WEST POKOT 2,841,903,776.00 933,542,228.10 382,136,576.45 137,751,248.30 1,453,430,052.85
TOTAL 158,596,856,668.00 44,466,158,820.65 9,047,418,079.85 13,118,346,450.10 66,633,880,545.60
(i) The bank balances in the recurrent accounts include salary reimbursements due to the National Government for those counties that
have not reimbursed.
(ii) As indicated in the schedule, the county Government have been facilitated with development funds.
(iii) The bank balances include the equitable share of the revenue raised Nationally and County Governments own revenues collected
and banked in the County Governments bank accounts maintained at the CBK.
Dr. Kamau Thugge
Principal Secretary/National Treasury
For: Cabinet Secretary/National Treasury
Dated: 21
May, 2014
Friday May 23, 2014
Prof. Geoffrey Muluvi
Prof. Louis M. Mumera
Mrs. Veronica Maina
Ms. Risper Kandie
Mrs. Margaret Muiru
Mr. Bartholomew Lumbasi Prof. Kamuti Kiteme
Dr. Issa Athumani Kipera
Mr. Martin Kinoti
Prof. Mary W. Mburu
Registrar (AHRM)
Dr. Joseph K. Metet
Registrar (FP)
Mr. Lawrence M. Bokoro
Finance Officer
Dr. John F. Koga
Registrar (ASA)
Prof. Reuben Muasya
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (FPD)
Prof. Geoffrey Muluvi
Prof. Dickson Nyariki
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AHRM)
Prof. Zipporah Ng'ang'a
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ARSA)
Prof. Geoffrey Muluvi
Prof. Louis M. Mumera
Mrs. Veronica Maina
Ms. Risper Kandie
Mrs. Margaret Muiru
Mr. Bartholomew Lumbasi Prof. Kamuti Kiteme
Dr. Issa Athumani Kipera
Mr. Martin Kinoti
Prof. Mary W. Mburu
Registrar (AHRM)
Dr. Joseph K. Metet
Registrar (FP)
Mr. Lawrence M. Bokoro
Finance Officer
Dr. John F. Koga
Registrar (ASA)
Prof. Reuben Muasya
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (FPD)
Prof. Geoffrey Muluvi
Prof. Dickson Nyariki
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (AHRM)
Prof. Zipporah Ng'ang'a
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ARSA)
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Friday May 23, 2014
X | Advertising Feature
Prof. Dorothy N. Mutisya
Director, Nairobi Campus
Dr. Patrick Kisangau
Director, Wote Campus
Dr. Matheaus Kauti
Director, Mtito-Andei
Dr. Jonathan Mwania
Director, Kitui Town
Dr. Redempta Maithya
Tala Centre
Ms. Florence N. Kioko
Mwingi Centre
Dr. Elliud M. Muli
Dean, of Students
Prof. Nashon Musimba
Dean, Sch. of Agri. &
Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Charles Ombuki
Dean, Sch. of Business
Dr. James M. Muola
Dean, Sch. of Education
Dr. Anthony O. Ogutu
Dean, Sch. of Humanities &
Social Science
Dr. Johnson U. Kitheka
Dean, Sch. of Water Re-
Mr. Casper Shikali
Director, PC & QMS
Prof. Cornelius Wanjala
Director, Post Graduate
Dr. Onesmus Maweu
Director, Research Innova-
tion and Technology
Prof. Thomas Akuja
Director, Linkages and
International Programmes
Ms. Nduku Kilei
Mr. Obwaya Mogire
Director, ICT
Prof. Eliud Mathu
Director, Institute of Mining
and Mineral Processing
Ms. Carolyne Onkangi
Dean, Sch. of ICT
Dr. Jacinta Kimiti
Dean, Sch. of Env. And Natural
Resources Management
Prof. Augustus Wali
Dean, Sch. of Pure & Ap-
plied Science
For application and more details visit our website www.seku.ac.ke
6 BSc.(Actuarial Science) 17 BSc.(Chemistry) 28 BSc.(Physics)
7 BSc.(Electronics) 18 BSc.(Biology) 29 BSc. (Dryland Animal Science)
8 Bachelor of Information Technology 19 BSc. (Computer Science) 30 Bachelor of Commerce
9 Bachelor of Economics 20 Bachelor of Economics and Statis-
31 BSc. (Horticulture)
10 BSc. (Environmental Manage-
21 Bachelor of Arts in Social Work 32 Bachelor of Education (Arts)
11 Bachelor of Education (Science) 22 BSc. (Land Resource Management)
1 Diploma in Information Technology 8 Diploma in Early Childhood Education 15 Diploma in Range Management
2 Diploma in Forestry 9 Diploma in Crop Protection 16 Diploma in Animal Health
and Production
3 Diploma in Human Resource
10 Diploma in Environmental Manage-
17 Certificate in Purchasing
and Supplies Management
4 Diploma in Sales and Marketing 11 Diploma in Apiculture 18 Certificate in Sales and
5 Diploma in Public Relations 12 Diploma in Social Work and Social
19 Certificate in Animal
Health Husbandry
6 Diploma in Business Management 13 Certificate in Information Technol-
20 Certificate Environmental
Impact Assessment
7 Diploma in Food Technology 14 Certificate in Computer Application
1 Doctor of Philosophy
(Environmental Management
8 Master of Science in Public Health 15 Master of Education
2 Doctor of Philosophy (Educational
Administration and Planning)
9 Master of Science in Physics 16 Master of Science in Agricul-
tural Resource Management
3 Doctor of Philosophy in Dryland
Resource Management
10 Master of Science in Agronomy 17 Master of Science in Com-
parative Mammalian Physiol-
4 Master of Science in Reproductive
11 Master of Science in Integrated
Water Resources and Watershed
18 Master of Science in Bio-
5 Master of Science in Environmental
12 Master of Science in Biodiversity
Conservation and Management
19 Master of Business Admini-
stration (MBA)
6 Master of Science in Biotechnology 13 Master of Science in Infectious
Disease Diagnosis
20 Master of Science in Live-
stock Production Systems
7 Master of Science in Epidemiology 14 Master of Science in International Health
21 Master of Education (Early
Childhood Education)
1 BSc. (Environmental Conserv &
Natural Res Mgt
12 BSc. (Forestry) 23 BSc. (Management of Agro
Ecosystems & Environment)
2 Bachelor of Arts in Gender and
Development Studies.
13 Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood
24 BSc. (Hydrology & Water
Resource Management)
3 BSc. (Fisheries Management &
Aquaculture Technology)
14 BSc.(Biochemistry and Molecular
25 Bachelor of Procurement and
Supply Chain Management
4 BSc. (Agriculture) 15 BSc.(Dryland Agriculture) 26 BSc. (Food Nutrition and
5 BSc. (Range Management) 16 BSc. (Meteorology) 27 BSc.(Geology)
Ms. Regina Wambua
Director, Machakos Town
Dr. Patricia Mwendo
Director, CAS
Prof. Dorothy N. Mutisya
Director, Nairobi Campus
Dr. Patrick Kisangau
Director, Wote Campus
Dr. Matheaus Kauti
Director, Mtito-Andei
Dr. Jonathan Mwania
Director, Kitui Town
Dr. Redempta Maithya
Tala Centre
Ms. Florence N. Kioko
Mwingi Centre
Dr. Elliud M. Muli
Dean, of Students
Prof. Nashon Musimba
Dean, Sch. of Agri. &
Veterinary Sciences
Dr. Charles Ombuki
Dean, Sch. of Business
Dr. James M. Muola
Dean, Sch. of Education
Dr. Anthony O. Ogutu
Dean, Sch. of Humanities &
Social Science
Dr. Johnson U. Kitheka
Dean, Sch. of Water Re-
Mr. Casper Shikali
Director, PC & QMS
Prof. Cornelius Wanjala
Director, Post Graduate
Dr. Onesmus Maweu
Director, Research Innova-
tion and Technology
Prof. Thomas Akuja
Director, Linkages and
International Programmes
Ms. Nduku Kilei
Mr. Obwaya Mogire
Director, ICT
Prof. Eliud Mathu
Director, Institute of Mining
and Mineral Processing
Ms. Carolyne Onkangi
Dean, Sch. of ICT
Dr. Jacinta Kimiti
Dean, Sch. of Env. And Natural
Resources Management
Prof. Augustus Wali
Dean, Sch. of Pure & Ap-
plied Science
For application and more details visit our website www.seku.ac.ke
6 BSc.(Actuarial Science) 17 BSc.(Chemistry) 28 BSc.(Physics)
7 BSc.(Electronics) 18 BSc.(Biology) 29 BSc. (Dryland Animal Science)
8 Bachelor of Information Technology 19 BSc. (Computer Science) 30 Bachelor of Commerce
9 Bachelor of Economics 20 Bachelor of Economics and Statis-
31 BSc. (Horticulture)
10 BSc. (Environmental Manage-
21 Bachelor of Arts in Social Work 32 Bachelor of Education (Arts)
11 Bachelor of Education (Science) 22 BSc. (Land Resource Management)
1 Diploma in Information Technology 8 Diploma in Early Childhood Education 15 Diploma in Range Management
2 Diploma in Forestry 9 Diploma in Crop Protection 16 Diploma in Animal Health
and Production
3 Diploma in Human Resource
10 Diploma in Environmental Manage-
17 Certificate in Purchasing
and Supplies Management
4 Diploma in Sales and Marketing 11 Diploma in Apiculture 18 Certificate in Sales and
5 Diploma in Public Relations 12 Diploma in Social Work and Social
19 Certificate in Animal
Health Husbandry
6 Diploma in Business Management 13 Certificate in Information Technol-
20 Certificate Environmental
Impact Assessment
7 Diploma in Food Technology 14 Certificate in Computer Application
1 Doctor of Philosophy
(Environmental Management
8 Master of Science in Public Health 15 Master of Education
2 Doctor of Philosophy (Educational
Administration and Planning)
9 Master of Science in Physics 16 Master of Science in Agricul-
tural Resource Management
3 Doctor of Philosophy in Dryland
Resource Management
10 Master of Science in Agronomy 17 Master of Science in Com-
parative Mammalian Physiol-
4 Master of Science in Reproductive
11 Master of Science in Integrated
Water Resources and Watershed
18 Master of Science in Bio-
5 Master of Science in Environmental
12 Master of Science in Biodiversity
Conservation and Management
19 Master of Business Admini-
stration (MBA)
6 Master of Science in Biotechnology 13 Master of Science in Infectious
Disease Diagnosis
20 Master of Science in Live-
stock Production Systems
7 Master of Science in Epidemiology 14 Master of Science in International Health
21 Master of Education (Early
Childhood Education)
1 BSc. (Environmental Conserv &
Natural Res Mgt
12 BSc. (Forestry) 23 BSc. (Management of Agro
Ecosystems & Environment)
2 Bachelor of Arts in Gender and
Development Studies.
13 Bachelor of Arts (Early Childhood
24 BSc. (Hydrology & Water
Resource Management)
3 BSc. (Fisheries Management &
Aquaculture Technology)
14 BSc.(Biochemistry and Molecular
25 Bachelor of Procurement and
Supply Chain Management
4 BSc. (Agriculture) 15 BSc.(Dryland Agriculture) 26 BSc. (Food Nutrition and
5 BSc. (Range Management) 16 BSc. (Meteorology) 27 BSc.(Geology)
Ms. Regina Wambua
Director, Machakos Town
Dr. Patricia Mwendo
Director, CAS
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Friday May 23, 2014
Advertising Feature XI
Friday May 23, 2014