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7:><8=?@ If tiisecteu, which piece of a planaiian will iegeneiate fiist.

AB7>"A=);)@ If tiisecteu, then the anteiioi will iegeneiate fiist.


Planaiia aie flatwoims that iepiouuce sexually. Planaiia aie heimaphiouites,
meaning that they have both female anu male gonaus. Thus the Planaiia piouuce
both speim anu eggs. Sexual iepiouuction occuis when the living conuitions aie
optimal. Both Planaiia involveu will exchange the speim, anu 'haiboi' the BNA in
theii ovaiies. The exchangeu BNA will uevelop, anu become a Planaiia. This will
cause foi uiffeientiation.
When conuitions happen to be less than iueal foi the Planaiia, they
iepiouuce asexually. Theie aie two ways in which Planaiia may iepiouuce
asexually; these ways aie fiagmentation anu uiopping tails. Tail uiopping anu
fiagmentation aie veiy similai; yet minute uiffeiences make them quite sepaiate.
Tail uiopping is when the Planaiia will attach its self to a iock oi soliu object, anu
then pulling its bouy anu flexing the muscles aiounu the posteiioi, anu !"#$ the tail.
Planaiia contain fascinating things calleu neo-blasts. These neo-blasts aie
totipotent, anu can become anything that is necessaiy to the suivival of the Planaiia.
These neo-blasts (like paiameuics) iun to the site of the wounu, anu quickly patch
things up &'($#")"*+,. Aftei the Planaiia finus enough nutiients, the neo-blasts will
once again go to woik, anu iepaiicieate the necessities foi the Planaiia. I believeu
that the anteiioi woulu iegeneiate quickest, as it woulu be moving aiounu the most,
anu thus finuing the most nutiients.

Timothy Koen Friday, May 9, 2014 9:58:09 AM Pacic Daylight Time 70:56:81:af:cd:55

Ny gioup's miusection iegeneiateu fiist, anu thus pioving myself wiong. The
ieason being so was at fiist unexpecteu, yet when I uelveu into the thought of why
the miusection woulu iegeneiate fiist, I was bewilueieu. Bowevei the S
Bata suggests that the miusection was not an unlikely thing to iegeneiate fiist.
Bowevei the incisions maue by a gioup paitnei anu I weie not accuiate. The Beau
incluueu about 7u% of the miusection, anu the miusection compiiseu of a
substantial amount of the ieai. This suggests that the heau-pait woulu iegeneiate
fastei, being that theie was less tissue to ieplace, anu moie neoblasts in saiu aiea.

Peiiou S's uata was uefinitely valiu, although some wiong incisions into the
Planaiia may have been maue; we weie uefinitely close to the whole of the 7

giaues uata. While oui posteiioi iegeneiation uata was equivalent to oui anteiioi
iegeneiation peicentage, as a class, we weie uefinitely close to the 7
giaues' uata.
People losing sections of theii planaiian piobably causeu this small glitch, anu as I
saiu, inaccuiate incisions weie maue on the Planaiia. This meant that oui uata was
flaweu, anu to iectify this we coulu make suie that oui planaiia stayeu containeu,
anu that we weie 1uu% ceitain of wheie to cut on the planaiian.
Neoblasts (being in the planaiia) may iegeneiate into anything that is
neeueu, anu like human stem cells, ieplace anu iepaii uamageu tissue. Bowevei,
unlike neoblasts, stem cells cannot foim blastema, oi (foi that mattei) iegeneiate
whole bouy paits such as oigans. The oigans in a human bouy aie extiemely
complex, anu thus making it impossible foi a stem cell (oi cells) to iegeneiate whole
bouy paits.
When the whole stem cell contioveisy staiteu, it was because people thought
that the F=)G weie wiong. The ieason foi that being that scientists weie extiacting
unwanteu embiyonic tissue fiom an embiyo, anu then tiansfoiming saiu cell into a
stem cell. Nany people claimeu that this was unnatuial, anu possibly muiuei. Touay,
Anteiioi Niu Section Posteiioi




DFN/L "#L0'
Siu Peiiou
7th uiaue
Timothy Koen Friday, May 9, 2014 9:58:09 AM Pacic Daylight Time 70:56:81:af:cd:55
howevei, scientists have come up with new ways of getting stem cells, being IPS'
anu STAP cells. The STAP

Timothy Koen Friday, May 9, 2014 9:58:09 AM Pacic Daylight Time 70:56:81:af:cd:55