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Subject: I love facebook

I: Its very useful/fun

A: You can find people all over the world.
1: Almost everyone has a facebook account and so can be found.
!: I"ve talked with people from poland to japan on it.
b: its easy to connect with friends.
1: facebooks search en#ine is very robust and you can use all kinds of search
criteria to find people.
!: Almost everyone I know is on facebook and its easier to reach them because
of it.
II: Its a connection to the world.
A: $here is a connection to almost every #roup ideolo#y and hobby ima#inable
1: $he hitherto mentioned search en#ine is just as powerful for findin# the pa#e
of your favorite band or political party or video #ame
!: I keep track of news relevant to #roups I"m part of and causes I"m interested in
on facebook.
%: You can see the awesome flow of differant cultures on it.
1: You can talk to people on said pa#es about whatever idealo#y or interest the
pa#e is about.
!: Its really easy to actuelly talk to someone thats part of somethin# that you
want tp find more about.