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5 February 2010


Fortun Narvasa & Salazar Law Offices
Dear Atty. Fortun
! a" Grace Xaviere E. Escosia, an inco"in# fourt$ year stu%ent fro" t$e Ateneo %e
&anila 'niversity Sc$ool of Law (oc)well *enter &a)ati *ity. !n co"+liance wit$ t$e
inte#ral re,uisite for t$e -uris Doctor De#ree in Ateneo ! res+ectfully "anifest "y
intention to a++ly in your law office as an a++rentice for t$e ne.t two wee)s.
! believe t$at t$e FORTUN, NARVASA & SALAZAR LAW OFFICES will +rovi%e "e t$e
best out/of/t$e/classroo" learnin# e.+erience on t$e +ractical si%e of law. ! $o+e t$at
you will #ive "e t$e c$ance to serve at your office in e.c$an#e of any le#al trainin#
you "ay i"+art to "e. 0$is interns$i+ woul% +rovi%e "e wit$ t$e i%eal o++ortunity to
assist at your law office an% to furt$er i"+rove "y researc$ an% writin# s)ills t$at !
will be able to use in "y +ractice of law later on.
! a" "ost willin# to +rovi%e any furt$er infor"ation at your re,uest. S$oul% "y
a++lication "erit your consi%eration "y contact infor"ation is available t$rou#$ "y
curriculu" vitae.
0$an) you for your ti"e an% consi%eration.
Grace Xaviere E. Escosia
!nco"in# Fourt$ 1ear Stu%ent
Ateneo %e &anila 'niversity Sc$ool of Law