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This is an exclusive torrent of a rare movie.

Please do not share it anywhere wi

thout the permission of ilikenwf.
Bought, captured, enhanced, encoded, and uploaded by ilikenwf
Made with pride on Linux! http://archlinux.org
Title: " - " / "Deuraegon Bol - Ssawora Son o gong, Igyeora Son o gong" -
Fights, Goku Wins!)
Year: 1990/1991
Running Time: 1:45
Director: Shim Hyung Rae
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
More info: http://dragonball.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Ball_%281990_Korean_Film%29
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1608208/
Programs used: mencoder (capture and encode), audacity (audio cleanup), Kdenlive
(editing), DeVeDe (DVD iso authoring)
I would love it if you could subtitle this movie! I have the raw mpeg if you nee
d it, and would be happy to reauthor the DVD if you
manage to write some subtitles!
If you'd like to donate to help me recoup the time and work involved with this p
roject (many hours and ~$180 US), please contact me via PM.
Here's all of the steps I took to restore as best I could and encode this wonder
ful rare movie:
1. Found after a long period of time the VHS tapes of this movie for sale, both
2. Found a Korean proxy shipper, who I ended up paying ~$60USD total to get the
tapes and ship to me
3. Bought an expensive VCR to get the best quality
4. Captured the video (took 5-6 tries to get all the settings right).
5. Take the time to find the right software for the job (I use linux, and used K
6. I spliced both halves together, and extracted the audio
7. I cleaned the audio up in that I removed a large amount of the background hum
and hiss
8. I added the cleaned audio back to the video project
9. I cut the previews out, and faded in at the beginning and out at the end, and
also fade the audio out and in at the point of splicing the two halves so that
any irregularities are avoided.
10. I rendered the video, a process that took ~5-6 hours (computer does this par
t) ... I encoded it at 6000Kbit, to maintain quality
11. I created two DVD case jackets, so that people can choose between using the
image for the first or second half
12. I created a rudimentary DVD menu background
11. I used DeVeDe to compress the video to fit on a standard DVD5 4.7 gb disc