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Profitability, Equity and Cash flow analysis 2008 2013

It can be seen Sales figure has been increasing continuously every year and if we compare the
sales figure from 2008 to 2013 there is an increase of 1.7 times. !i"ewise# if we tal" about the
profitability of the company# company$s profits have also been increasing from the year 2008 to
2013# e%cept the dip in 200 there has been an increase in the profitability as well continuously.
&roperty# plant ' e(uipment amount has increased as well annually# which means more money
is being invested to increase the productivity of the company.
)he company$s reserves have increased over the years and 2008 to 2013 comparison show an
increase of 1.*7 times during these years.
+nnual cash flows show increase in operating# investing and financing activities every year
which eventually show that cash and cash e(uivalents have been increasing over the past
)he e(uity section# Sales# &rofit along with +ssets have been increasing which not only e%plains
the growth and e%pansion of the company but also guarantees +,! ma"ing profit and surviving
in the coming future.