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Rachael M.

168 Sleepy Hollow Dr. Mohrsville, PA 19541 | (610) 301-7812 | Rlats727@live.kutztown.edu
Online Portfolio: www.missrachaellatshaw.weebly.com
Dedicated elementary educator who possesses a solid commitment to the social and academic growth
of every child and seeks employment in an elementary teaching position.
Experience working with elementary age children in the classroom, leading them in tasks and
providing an inviting, innovative and exciting learning environment.
Resourceful and creative in planning and organizing age-appropriate activities utilizing multiple
instructional strategies, technology and thematic units of study.
Clear understanding of developmental goals within elementary education.
B.S.Ed. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA August 2010- May 2014
Major: Elementary Education
Concentration: Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-4)
GPA: 3.6
Deans List Spring 2012- Spring 2014

Student Teaching- Second grade students Spring 2014
Blue Mountain Elementary School
Full group/ small group instruction

Student Teaching- Fourth grade students Spring 2014
Amanda Stout Elementary School, Reading PA
Full group/ small group instruction

Professional Semester- Second grade students Fall 2013
Blue Mountain Elementary School
Taught whole/small group lessons and assisted classroom teacher

Tutor First grade students Fall 2009- Spring 2010
Schuylkill Valley Elementary School, Leesport PA
Worked with small groups to improve reading comprehension and literacy by offering reading
support for struggling students.

Summer Playground Director - Children aged 5-12 years Summer 2012 & 2013
Bernville Borough Playground, Bernville PA
Responsible for developing, promoting, and leading children and aides in various age appropriate
activities that kept children active and helped them to develop skills, teamwork, sportsmanship
and a sense of accomplishment.
Facilitated all creative activities, including play, drama, art, music and craft projects.
Supervised children during all activities, enforcing rules, adhering to strict safety guidelines and
handling problems that arose during activities.

KinderCare -Teachers Aide (Volunteer) 2011-2012
Leesport, PA
Worked with small groups in a Pre-K class to improve math ability.

Tutoring for Pre-School Readiness Summer 2013
Created a fun, warm and exciting atmosphere where the child could play and learn strengthening
skills in all areas.
Actively engaged the child in the learning process by employing kinesthetic, visual and auditory


1.) National Association for Multicultural Education Fall & Spring 2013
2.) Childrens Literature Conference at Kutztown University Spring 2012
WORK EXPERIENCE - Earned over 50% of college expenses through several part-time jobs

Billys Candies Key-holder October 2009- Present
Provide a quality customer experience that requires excellent communication skills both verbal
and written.
Reliable, energetic, hardworking and recognized for handling additional store management
Skilled in order processing and cashier duties.

Red Lobster Hostess August 2011- August- 2012
Ensuring a quality dining experience by receiving and welcoming guests with an enthusiastic and
friendly attitude.