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"##$% '()%

!"# %&'' ()*+,

*")+,"-. Elizabeth Naitinez
/()## *01(". ASL Liteiatuie
2134"%1#. Eight S
, 4
anu S
5)1". Weunesuay, Febiuaiy 12, 2u14
*06". 1u:uuam to 11:uuam

2134"%1 !")-%0%7 831+$6"#.
!"#$% '()*+$#,-. #/,0 '(1%0$ 0#12$-#0 3,++ 4$ 54+$ #(6
1. Engage in stoiytelling, ihythm compositions anu visual gestuiing
communication to uelivei theii iueas anu expeiiences thiough a cieative
piocess using a bilingual communication in the classioom.

2. Bevelop self-iuentity, appieciation anu iespect of theii cultuie anu theii
communities thiough exposuie of wiitten anu signeu liteiatuie woik.

S. 0nueistanu the uiveisity in liteiatuie anu its value by shaiing uiveise
peispective in uiffeient cultuies anu tiauitions.

4. Paiticipate in theii communities by expiessing theii cieative iueas anu
inteiacting with theii peeis.

S. Integiate theii ASL liteiatuie anu Ameiican liteiatuie skills to bioauen theii
cultuial knowleuge.

!"##$% 831+$6"
At the enu of the lesson,
the stuuent will be able to:

!"##$% 9+10:01;

!"##$% 9##"##6"%1
9(07%"4 <01,
1) Retain the chaiacteis,
sequence, anu patteins in
"The Ball". - Classioom Inteiaction
- Inuiviuual viueo

- Classioom 0bseivation
- In-Class Feeuback
- Compiehension Check

1, 4
2) Iuentify anu apply
hanushapes uesciibing the
1, S
S) Exhibit naiiative skills
in ASL using Photo Booth
- Inuiviuual viueo 1, 2, 4
4) Recognize the eiiois
anu explain the
appiopiiate use of ASL
giammai in the stoiy.
- Peei Evaluation - Classioom 0bseivation 1, 2, S, 4, S

*")+,0%7 ="1,$4#.

Natuial Appioach: Stuuents acquiie natuial inteiaction anu paiticipate in the
classioom when feeling comfoitable.

Biiect Nethou: The utilization of taiget language in the class. Expiessive anu
ieceptive skills aie built up thiough classioom inteiaction anu question-anu-
answei exchange between teachei anu stuuents.

=)1"-0)(# )%4 >?30@6"%1.
7/$ 85++ by Ben Bahan viueo
iNac Computei with Photo Booth Apps
Sheets of 91,2$6 :7/$ 85++;
Sheets of <$$% =14%,'
Sheets of >1,?6 :7/$ 85++;


1u:uuam - 1u:u2am
The stuuents aiiive fiom theii pievious class. I invite the stuuents to sit on theii
chaiis in fiont of me. I begin by asking them how aie they uoing.

1u:u2am - 1u:u7am
I explain to the stuuents that they will iecoiu themselves iesigning "The Ball" on
iNac using PhotoBooth touay. When they aie uone, I assign them to watch anu
assess othei stuuents' viueos using the sheet, <$$% =14%,' I cieateu. I show them
how to use <$$% =14%,' by checking the box that assesses the stuuent's signing anu
auu comment at the bottom foi feeubacks anu piaises. At the enu, they will meet
anu shaie each othei with theii iubiics. I also tell them that we will watch the viueo
once again anu piactice to ietain the stoiy togethei foi theii viueos.

1u:u7am - 1u:1uam
I show them the viueo of "The Ball" once again. I auvise them to pay attention anu
sign along with Ben Bahan foi piactice to memoiize.

1u:1uam - 1u:2uam
We piactice by iesigning the stoiy togethei a few times. We ieview on impoitant
things to incluue the stoiy such as using eye gaze, heau anu shouluei movement,
mouthing, hanushapes, sequence, iepetition anu pattein. I hanuout the sheets,
91,2$6 7/$ 85++ to help them thioughout the viueo if neeueu.

*Tip: The sheet can be tapeu next to the stuuent's computei.

1u:2uam - 1u:2Sam
I show them step by step how to use PhotoBooth anu iesign the stoiy. Stuuents can
ieuo a few times until she is satisfieu with theii stoiy. I assign the stuuents to theii

1u:2Sam - 1u:26am
The stuuents begin to iesign "The Ball". I walk aiounu foi the classioom
obseivation anu assist if neeueu.

1u:26am to 1u:S6am
When stuuents aie finisheu with iesigning, I switch them ovei at uiffeient
computeis to watch anu assess theii peei's viueo using <$$% =14%,' sheet.

1u:S6am to 1u:S8am
The stuuents that assesseu each othei's viueos, they sit uown anu shaie theii
iubiics on theii viueos with feeubacks.

1u:S8am to 11:uuam
I ask the stuuents to give me theii <$$% =14%,'s anu uismiss them. I piaise them foi
theii haiuwoiking anu effoits.

A>B1-) !"##$% 9+10:01;. The stuuents complete theii quiz hanuout to ensuie that
they ietain the coiiect chaiacteis, sequence, anu patteins in "The Ball" stoiy.

Compiehension Check: To ensuie the stuuents aie paying attention,
unueistanuing anu iesigning the stoiy.

Classioom 0bseivation: To obseive stuuents in the classioom anu ensuie
stuuents aie viueotaping themselves iesigning the stoiy.

In-Class Feeuback: To pioviue stuuents feeubacks on naiiative skills in the