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Reliance Communications


“We will leverage our strengths to execute complex global-scale projects to facilitate
leading-edge information and communication services affordable to all individual
consumers and businesses in India.
We will offer unparalleled value to create customer delight and enhance business
We will also generate value for our capabilities beyond Indian borders and enable
millions of India's knowledge workers to deliver their services globally.”


The successful rolling out of real broadband services across the nation marks the second
chapter of Reliance Communications’ commitment to usher in a digital revolution in
India. Reliance Communications is setting new standards for the world to follow through
inventive use of cutting-edge technologies in the field of fibre optics, Ethernet,
microwave radios, switching, routing, digital compression and encoding.
The mass roll out of broadband being carried out by Reliance Communications across the
length and breadth of the country, offering speeds of up to 100 Mbps to millions of users,
in itself is a technological marvel.
The uniqueness of Reliance Communications’ broadband initiative lies in the fact that our
entire nationwide network is being conceptualised and built from ground zero. Our
network is designed to deliver affordable quality education, drive governance, transform
healthcare, enhance efficiency in business and, finally, generate new job opportunities for
millions of unemployed Indians.
Reliance Communications’ broadband service is set to revolutionise Indian society by
removing the traditional bottlenecks of development including a lack of capital and a
weak infrastructure, and help tide over the challenges of distribution in a vast country like

Our mission of changing lives across India meant that we needed to have a nationwide
presence — something we achieved in a relatively short span of time. Our dream of
helping people create, transfer and apply knowledge challenged us to bring together
contemporary communication technology from across the world.



 Sustain ITC’s position as one of India’s most valuable corporations through world
class performance
 Creating growing value for the Indian Economy and the company’s stakeholders

 To enhance the wealth generating capability of the enterprise in a globalizing

 Delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value

Hindustan Unilever Limited



Unilever's mission is to add Vitality to life. We meet everyday needs for nutrition,
hygiene, and personal care with brands that help people feel good, look good and get
more out of life.

Tata Steel

Consistent with the vision and values of the founder Jamsetji Tata, Tata Steel strives
to strengthen India s industrial base through the effective utilisation of staff and
materials. The means envisaged to achieve this are high technology and productivity,
consistent with modern management practices.

Tata Steel recognises that while honesty and integrity are the essential ingredients of
a strong and stable enterprise, profitability provides the main spark for economic

Overall, the Company seeks to scale the heights of excellence in all that it does in an
atmosphere free from fear, and thereby reaffirms its faith in democratic values.


Notes on Vision 2007

• To seize the opportunities of tomorrow and create a future that will

make us an EVA positive company: To be on the lookout for and shape the
opportunities to get the first-mover advantage and remain ahead of
competition. The opportunities could exist in emerging technologies, new
business models, value creation, customer service, new products, services or
businesses, financing options etc. To mobilize all resources and efforts
through value based management that will help us earn returns better than
the cost of capital. The equation below shows that the EVA is positive when
the RONA is greater than the cost of the capital invested.

EVA = (RONA – WACC) X Invested Capital

EVA Economic Value Add

RONA Return on Net Assets (= Net Operating Profit After Tax/ Net Assets)

WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital

Our resolve to become EVA positive is significant in the context of industry structure
for steel business worldwide. There are few steel companies that have returned value
consistently. We believe that Tata Steel can do so based on its strengths and new

• To continue to improve the quality of life of our employees and the

communities we serve. Tata Steel will continue to be guided by the TATA
group’s endeavour to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve
(e.g. Customers, customers’ customers, suppliers, governments, shareholders,
local community etc). The company has always tried to maintain a good
quality of life for its employees. The company, ahead of any legislation,
introduced provident fund, maternity leave, eight hour working etc. Similar
spirit will continue to guide our future efforts in improving the quality of life of
our employees.
• Revitalize the core business for a sustainable future: The core business
is sought to be revitalized by a comprehensive set of initiatives under the
ASPIRE program. Aspirational initiatives will be taken in each area of our
enterprise to reduce costs and enhance revenues coupled with finance
prudence to galvanize the core business into an attractive investment option.
By making the core business EVA positive we wish to ensure its long term
• Venture into new businesses that will own a share of our future: By
the year 2007 we expect to enter into at least one major new business that
would have grown comparable in size to the core business. We also expect to
continuously evaluate and expand the new businesses to compliment the
cyclical nature of the steel business.
• Uphold the spirit and values of TATAs towards nation building: Even
as the face of the new business may be fundamentally different from our
existing core businesses what will bind them together will be the spirit and the
values of TATAs. It is our belief that upholding these values will continue to be
the reason for our enduring success and respectability.

DLF Vision
To contribute significantly to building the new India and become the world’s most valuable real estate
DLF Mission
To build world-class real-estate concepts across six business lines with the highest standards of
professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service

To measurably improve clients' business performance by creating, implementing and managing
Information Technology solutions to a consistently high standard such that we increasingly earn
their trust and preference.

IBM Global Services Australia is recognised for the energy and vitality of its people who are
pathfinders in creating opportunities for clients to fully realise their business potential through our
local strength, regional presence and global knowledge of IT services. Mission
To measurably improve clients' business performance by creating, implementing and managing
Information Technology solutions to a consistently high standard such that we increasingly earn
their trust and preference.


Our Vision
To be amongst most trusted power utility company of
the country by providing environment friendly power on
most cost effective basis, ensuring prosperity for its
stakeholders and growth with human face.”

Our Mission
“Perfection in Power”

To ensure most cost effective power for sustained growth of India.

To provide clean and green power for secured future of countrymen.
To retain leadership position of the organisation in Hydro Power
generation, while working with
dedication and innovation in every project we undertake.
To maintain continuous pursuit for cost effectiveness, enhanced
productivity for ensuring financial health
of the organization, to take care of stakeholders’ aspirations
To be a technology driven, transparent organization, ensuring dignity
and respect for its team members.
To inculcate value system all cross the organization for ensuring
trustworthy relationship with its
constitutent associates & stakeholders.
To continuously upgrade & update knowledge & skill set of its human
To be socially responsible through community development by
leveraging resources and knowledge base.
To achieve excellence in every activity we undertake.