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What I learned in STDV B6 Ben Russell

Student development b6 is, as I expected it to be from the first, an informative, interactive course
on a variety of subjects pertaining to the professional, personal and academic career of a college
student. Much time was spent on the ins and outs of survival in academia; large life choices like
careers and the majors pertaining to them were discussed, and students were assigned to create
power point presentations on their career paths and majors of choice. The presentations,
especially, were interesting and useful; it forced students to think about hard data like job
growth and median pay, while giving them the opportunity to tell a little bit of their own personal
story, the sales pitch to their lifes plan. The class also succeeded in making sure that the students
had a good grasp on the small but crucial details, such as catalogue years, different transfer
patterns, and financial aid, the myriad of which can make college even more complicated than it
has to be by its very nature. More general life topics were, in turn, given discussion; the class
learned the difference between the learning styles of humanity, and the importance of
constructing realistic, pragmatic systems of time management and budgeting. Class activities and
animated group discussion gave the course allot of life, keeping the students by involving them
and their input personally, creating a down to earth and practically useful set of principles set to
the light of different peoples opinions and situations. I would say that overall, this class helped
me a great deal personally; It cleared up some problems I had with creating a proper educational
plan and choosing a major, and made me more familiar with the mechanics of what I had to do in
order to reap the benefits of a career with a college degree (in my case, political science, at least
for now) and to be a responsible student until then.