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Peter A.

Attorney and Counselor at Law
49 Starin Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14214
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May 29, 2014

The Honorable Russell P. Buscaglia
Supreme Court Part 14 2nd Floor
25 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, New York 14202

RE: Dan McParlane

Dear Justice Buscaglia:

Dan McParlane and I were allies in the Erie County Democratic Party wars. We spoke
frequently, if not daily, about local and national politics. Though Dan was less than half my age
and we had vastly different personal backgrounds, we enjoyed an astounding consonance of
political philosophy. We both firmly believed that the role of government was to make people's
lives better. We were always astounded and appalled at how far human based systems can get
out of kilter and off mission when left to the vagaries and foibles of mankind. Some people are
unerringly noble and steadfast in their pursuit of the commonweal, while too many seem only
intent on pursuing personal advantage. This translates to a stunning degree of inconsistency
when expressed through the everyday rough and tumble of government and politics.

Dan was clearly the future of the local Democratic Party and I intended to promote him as
County Chairman in 2014. He had a brilliant year in 2013, winning every major battle in which
he engaged. His loss leaves a void which may never be filled during my remaining useful
public life. There are tons of things wrong with the Democratic Party. He instinctively knew
what was wrong, was always concerned about key issues, and was at all times ready to do
something to improve the process. We had some great conversations about how we would fix
things if we were omnipotent; then we tried to see what we could actually accomplish as mere
mortals. We also shared some off color and politically incorrect thoughts together. I loved to
rag on Dan and he frequently told me he could never be sure when I was being serious or not. I
always responded that I wasn't sure either.

I used to assist Dan with tactical and financial support for his local campaigns, as well as trying
to provide what advice I could give him. This often involved litigation to force the party
machine to function according to law and its own rules. Dan never did understand just how
much difficult political litigation cost in time, stress and money. If I ever see him again, I
intend to present him with a staggering bill, just to see the look on his face.

Dan loved politics and worked at it with singular intensity. He was diligent and effective in his
role as West Seneca Democratic Chairman. Everyone liked Dan, even his adversaries. He was
just a nice guy. He was a model for what the Democratic Party needs, and too often lacks, in its
leadership ranks. Dan always had time to talk about what was right and what was wrong, and
what we were doing, and what we should be doing. I think about him all the time when I am
embroiled in day to day of local civics. I often wish that there were cellular telephones or email
in heaven. I need to finish this letter here. Thank you for reading this.

Very truly yours,

Peter A. Reese