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Minutes of the meeting 23 April 2014 Committee Room 2 Civic Centre

Present: - Mrs P Winston-Chairman an !"#roo$ Cemeter"
Mr % &agg- Cr"ol Roa Mr ! 'hru#sole- Repton Manor
Mr ( !utton- !ul$ !u"ing Manager Ms C (reen-)en*oo
Mr M Chanler- !urton &iel Ms ' )aste- Musgrove &arm
Ms ( Puc$ett- Pu#licit" +fficer Mr ' )eathfiel- (ashouse &iels
Mr R %a"lor-+rion Wa"
Ms , -a*son- Christchurch. /emmett. William Roa. Musgrove ne*
Carol Riings- 'ecretar"
/ulie Rogers 0nvironmental an Customer 'ervice Manager1 A!C
0ileen -a* 1Allotment +fficer
2 tenants
12 Apologies
Ms ! Raggett
22 Chairmans Opening Remarks
3Welcome to this spring meeting an espite m" concerns a#out challenging times since
/anuar" a lot of *elcome progress continues to #e mae2 'everal meetings *ere hel in
/anuar" #et*een m"self. (ila an %on" at various times involving Anne 4avies 5A!C6.
0ileen 5A!C6. /ulie Rogers 5A!C6 an 4ean 'purrell 5A!C62 %hese have culminate in ver"
helpful an positive lin$s #et*een us. as a committee. an the team at A!C to promote our
societ"2 /ulie is ne* in post an is $een to ensure her epartment *hich inclues allotments is
#oth effective an responsive2 0ileen. no* responsi#le for all allotment sites. *ill manage all
a" to a" amin for allotments an tenants *hich *ill reall" help to ensure a consistent an
timel" approach2
We have #een *or$ing har together to create a via#le an realistic action programme *hich
lin$s from the Council3s *e# site to ours 5e7cellent an informative *e#site6 5than$s
again to (ila for its maintenance6
!etter an consistent approach to uncultivate plots2 0ileen has visite sites an *ith
site reps has a list of poorl"8 uncultivate plots to sen out letters to tenants
more up to ate information on the *aiting list
improve ialogue #et*een reps- so please tell 0ileen a#out tenants *ho even
recentl" have #een allocate a plot #ut o not appear to #e cultivating it
improve8 ne* notice #oars *hich at least are #eing refitte so that all notices an
information can #e clearl" ispla"e *ithout amage from *eather. *in8 rain
(reater use of emails #et*een A!C. the societ" an tenants
(reater interest 8sales at the traing store2 As (eoff *ill verif" in his report *e have
#een ver" #us" this "ear. an hope the increase a*areness continues2
%here have also #een a meeting #et*een us an our area rep 'teve Clements *ho
gave us man" ieas to #ecome more relevant. efficient an a representative societ" to
#enefit all allotmenteers in an" future evelopments2
'o overall man" positive initiatives an much to loo$ for*ar to incluing
3 August- Pilgrims hospice fete
23 August- 'ummer sho*
'eptem#er- a trip to Wisle"- 'tage Coach costs 9 :4200 per person plus entr"
/uging *ill ta$e place *8# 22 /une an ; *ill hope that 0ileen an each site rep *ill #e
availa#le to help an ensure current plot holers are a*are certificates- an (ila *ill ta$e
photos of each site3s #est an overall *inner for the *e# site2
We have also mae lin$s *ith !oughton Aluph allotment societ" *hich ma" lea to future
#enefits for us #oth32

! Min"#es
$! %"lk %"&ing Managers Repor#
%he see she has #een ver" #us"2
!et*een 'eptem#er 2012 an August 2013 sales *ere aroun :3.000. !et*een 'eptem#er
2013 an April 2014 sales have alrea" passe that figure2 %here is :2.400 #alance in the
#an$. an pa"ments to #usiness have #een 9:20002
More volunteers are re<uire for the see she2
%he she nees some repairs follo*ing on from an earlier #rea$ in2 &ran$ volunteere to have
a loo$ at the amage to assess the *or$2
Ms Puc$ett has a num#er of people *ho have volunteere to help at the she2
'! Treas"rers Repor#
%here is still no %reasurer. although Martin Marsh *ho *as present at the meeting ma"#e
(! Sho) Se*re#aries Repor#
%han$s to Ms Puc$ett for organising the pri=es for the sho*2 %he 'ho* *ill #e on 23 August
at the !aptist Church )all. )"the Roa. Willes#orough2 %he scheule has alrea" gone out. it
is also on the *e# site an there *ill #e copies at the 'ee she2 Mr &agg *ill nee help on
the a"2

+! ,"-li*i#& O..i*ers Repor#
%here has #een a tentative offer to provie posters for the sho* from >ent Woolgro*ers or
alternativel" William 'inclair2 At present there are a#out :400 of pri=es though more are
Ms Puc$ett avise mem#ers to loo$ at the *e#site *hich also has local lin$s2
Appro7 ? plot holers are on e mail. this has #orne results for notif"ing people a#out clearing
sites of ru##ish. an letting people $no* a#out she #rea$ ins2
%here is also a face #oo$ group though this is not as successful as the *e# site2
%here nees to #e a small amount of e7penses for the sho* to provie rosettes or posters if the
sponsorship is not forthcoming2 Possi#ilit" of a @um#le8 #ring an #u" sale at the see she in
/une *ith all monies going to the sho*2 'houl this #e open to the general pu#lic or @ust plot
%he Chairman thought that this *as a goo iea #ut it shoul onl" relate to garening goos2
Ms Puc$ett propose that a #ring an #u" sale go ahea
Mr &agg secone the motion
B in favour. 1 a#stention
Mr )eathfiel *as concerne *hether there *oul #e enough goos to sell2
%he Chairman felt that it shoul give it a go an see if it is successful2 A ate *ill #e ecie
#" people *ho help out at the traing store2
Photos of the #est plots- Mr &agg volunteere his aughter to ta$e these2 Mr &agg also felt
that the @uging of plots shoul not #e #" onl" one person2
%he Chairman e7plaine that the site rep shoul also #e there an Ms )aste has volunteere
to help an possi#l" 0ileen2 ;t ta$es a#out a a" to complete the tas$ an it *ill #e uring the
*ee$ #eginning 22 /une2
Mr )eathfiel as$e *hether site reps shoul prouce a short list of sa" 3 plots for the
@uging. this *oul save time2
Mr &agg sai that this coul cause pro#lems for plot holers *hose plots are not put for*ar2
Ms -a*son felt that #eing a ne* rep. she oes not feel e7perience in choosing the #est plots2
Ms Puc$ett felt that the process nees to #e transparent
%he Chairman confirme that *hen unerta$ing the @uging she *al$s roun all the sites so
all plots are vie*e2
/! Si#e Represen#a#i0es Repor#
Christchurch etc- %he plots are loo$ing goo2 A rainage itch is ue to #e ug through the
allotments an it *as *onere *hen this *as happening2 0ileen e7plaine that plot holers
*ho *ill #e affecte ha #een *ritten to. 5+ne tenant has to move a pol"tunnel6. #ut as "et
there is no ate as the groun is still too *et. it nees to r" out2
%here has #een a recent #rea$ in of shesC a rotavator an la*n mo*er *ere lifte over the
gate of the William Roa allotment2 %here is concern over the height of the gate an as it is #"
a footpath the site is in pu#lic vie*2 %he gate nees to #e higher an stronger2 /ulie an 0ileen
*ill go an visit the site2
(as )ouse &iels- %here has #een amage to a fence that nees fi7ingC this fence has onl"
recentl" #een repaire2 %here is a lac$ of cultivation of some plots. an some tenants nee to
#e evicte2
Repton Manor- Pro#lem of 2 trees in the rear garen of a propert" in Chart Roa2 %his is a
Council house an the tenant has @ust move out2 0ileen *ill chec$ *ith the )ousing
4epartment2 %here nees to #e a non cultivation letter for 1 plot2
Cr"ol Roa- 1 plot nees a non cultivation letter2 %he lea$ in the *ater pipe *as mene #" 1
of the plot holers2
Musgrove &arm- A ru##ish pro#lem has #een resolve2 3 vacant plots an 4 uner cultivate
plots2 %here is a pro#lem *ith people igging into the paths ma$ing them too narro*2 ;t *as
confirme that there is no minimal *ith for a path2 A poster *ill #e prouce for the notice
#oars a#out this issue an there *ill #e a comment put on the *e# site to remin plot
!urton &arm-0ver"thing is o$2 2 plots are suffering from poor cultivation2
Westrees- 4 #rea$ ins so far this "ear. people are coming through the cut fence that has
alrea" #een mene2 3 plots have not #een cultivate for over a "ear2 Woul it #e possi#le
for the Council to strim non cultivate plots in orer to provie *ee control an improve the
appearance of the siteA
!"#roo$ 1'till improving. the heges an grass have #een cut2 %here is a securit" issue *ith
the fence an 1 plot has #een repossesse2
+rion Wa"- 'o far this "ear a num#er of people have not one much *or$ on their plots2
Ms Puc$ett sai that site reps shoul let 0ileen $no* *hich plot num#ers are causing issues
an ho* long the" have #een uncultivate2
0ileen as$e that reps hol fire until after she has carrie out an inspection of the sites. there
then ma" first #e a ialogue *ith tenants2 ;t *as e7plaine that 0ileen no* oes all the *or$
rather than having 3 people loo$ing after a num#er of sites2
Mr )eathfiel felt that the eviction programme is too long *ine an months roll #"2 %he
polic" nees changingC a more reasona#le time frame is neee2
Ms Puc$ett felt that sometimes tenants give e7cuses to the Council *ho accept them. #ut there
shoul #e more of a ialogue *ith site reps *ho ma" have a ifferent picture2
1 Allo#men#s O..i*ers Repor#
%here are currentl" 2D2 people on the *aiting list2
Current vacancies
2 vacant !eaver &iel- 1 uner offer
4 vacant (as )ouse &iels
4 vacant Musgrove
2 vacant Christchurch
1 vacant W"e
;n total E are uner offer an 1B vacant2
12! AO%
%he Wisle" trip ma"#e the 3
'una" in 'eptem#er
4A%0 +& %)0 F0G% M00%;F(- H230 W04F0'4AI 24 '0P%0M!0R
Commi##ee Room 1