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AP US History Reflection

Julian Hernandez
Revolutionary War
Salem Witch Trials
World War II
Vietnam War
Europe ran its economy through a system called mercantilism. With this system in place, colonies in
the United States made money for Great Britain which was their mother country. In order to support
this theory, Great Britain imposed laws that regulated the colonies trade system. These laws included
the Navigation Acts. The British also imposed taxes on the colonies which infuriated the colonists.
Mercantilism is a very important part of history. This theory caused the colonists to start wanting to
separate from their mother country. This had some part to do with the American Revolution. It set the
base as one of the main causes of the Revolution. Its just very interesting how a simple theory can
overturn a government and infuriate people and we can relate this to todays world issues.
American Revolution
The American Revolution symbolized freedom itself. This war was of course between the colonies and
their mother country, Great Britain. The United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776
which led them into the war for independence. George Washington was an important general for the
American army. He led the US to victory in the battles of Trenton and Princeton. In 1783 the peace
treaty with Great Britain was signed bringing the war to an end.
After gaining its freedom, the United States started growing economically and physically. The Gilded
Age brought an age of Industrialization. Its just amazing how the US grew at a rapid rate compared to
other countries. By the early 1900s, the US was a leading superpower.
Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch Trials was an era in Massachusetts where some colonists were accusing each other
of witchcraft. This brought an era of deadly prosecutions where evidence wasnt necessary to be
convicted. The supernatural was considered an evil especially when they thought that Satan roamed
around them. A confession would save the colonists life but sometimes dignity and pride took over.
This is a very controversial topic because of the beliefs that enveloped this whole hysteria. Its
incredible how a religious belief system can cause hangings but we this isnt the only case. Sharia
Law is starting to gain popularity in 3rd world countries. This is all caused because of religion. Religion
isnt bad at all, its just the way people handle it that causes problems. Respecting other peoples
beliefs would make the world a much better place.
World War II
World War II was the deadliest global war in history. It involved over 30 countries and over 50 million
deaths that included both military personnel and civilians. The war started in 1939 when Hitler invaded
Poland and it ended in 1945 when the Allies (Great Britain, United States, and France) defeated
Germany and Japan. This war was fought on two different sides, one in Europe and one in Japan.
Germany was defeated first and then Japan was defeated.
This war is important to US history because with this war we saw just how deadly we were as a unified
country. The use of nuclear warfare concluded the war and its actually very scary. If nuclear warfare
was to happen today, the world would pretty much be wiped out. This is why foreign policy is so
important, especially when other countries are developing nuclear weapons.
Vietnam War
The Vietnam War was fought in Vietnam and it was used to stop the spread of Communism. It was
fought between South Vietnam, with the United States as its ally, and North Vietnam with the Viet
Cong as its ally in the South. It ended in 1973 without a victory for the US. They withdrew with over
58,000 American soldiers dead. Vietnam became a communist nation afterwards.
I chose this topic because of an important factor that played into the war. We had won pretty much
every war before this, but it was won because our country was unified, soldiers and citizens. People
opposed the war on a huge scale. Its hard to win a war when the country is not supporting you.
Thank You