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Appendix One Lesson Plan to co-construct the Key Competency layer of the matrix

Session one Session Two Session Three Session Four

Co-constructing the Novice
I am identifying behaviours that are
ok and not ok
Who are heroes in our lives?
What do they do to be heroes?
Explore with students the idea
they can research on a search
engine; look at the fact that they
may have to be careful what
comes up
Each student to choose and
research a hero online that they
Parents are then asked to put
their heroes forward and why
they chose that person; other
students in the school are
surveyed about their heroes
Class compares the differences
between parents, other students
and their own choices

Why do people choose their heroes?
Ideas are recorded e.g. post-it
notes, photos etc

Write up as novice criteria reiterate
that heroes are special people to us /
people that we may look up to

Co-constructing the Apprentice
I can adapt my ideas and thinking based
on feedback and experiences.

Students email a photo of their own
hero to the teacher with a statement
about why they think their own hero is
a hero
Teacher shows each photo in a
slideshow so all get to look and
discuss who their heroes are and if
they agree they are heroes too
Discuss the criteria that the different
groups used to choose heroes-
similarities/ differences
Rove listen to the talk freeze when
you hear children generating ideas
(explain to the children the thinking
they are doing)
Use camera to take photos and
record snippets of their conversation
Use computer programs (e.g.photo
booth) to record ideas.

What changes (adaptations) might you
like to make based on others choices and
I think a hero is . because .

Co-constructing the Practitioner
I/We can question our own and others
ideas in order to moderate our behaviours
to be online heroes.
In pairs the students work to decide on the
4 best qualities a hero must have to be a
Together they work to create a digital
poster to share what they think
The class will work with the teacher to
put these qualities into a Wordle to
see what the most common qualities
chosen are
Decide together how these qualities
could be transferred and used to
create an online hero. This heroes
mission is to help students be safe
online always by helping them to think
critically before they click.

As you think through your own and others
ideas, what do you now think a hero is?
Have you made changes to how you
were thinking about heroes?
If so, why?
How can we help others ensure they are
being influenced safely?

Critical thinkers generate ideas,
use perspective and make

Co-constructing the Expert
We can clearly critique our own and
others behaviours in order to ensure that
our behaviour is appropriate and safe

The class view the video In my
neighbourhood from the Cybersmart
website to help them think about
issues that people can come across
Students work cooperatively to create
a hero of the future that will be able
to help ensure all students are safer
Students create an, iMovie or Movie
Maker movie, or Powerpoint to
introduce their hero to the school
As you critique (compare and contrast
and make judgements) your beliefs about
heroes and create your movie; which
ideas will support keeping others online
behaviour safe and appropriate
Answers could be like:
This will work best because
This wont work because
Which aspects of your movies worked the
best? What would you change? Why?