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Programa Intel Educar

Curso Esencial
Plantilla del Plan de Unidad.
Plantilla del Plan de Unidad.
Autor de la unidad
Nombre y apellido Jos ngel Castillo Bonilla
Nombre de la institucin educativa C.E.B.G. Bueno Aires
Ubicacin de la institucin educativa Comarca NgobeBugle
!tros datos de la institucin educativa
Centro Educativo de "unta# con alto nivel de participacin
Descripcin de la unidad
Ttulo de la unidad:
esumen de la unidad
The Unit on Transportation and Communication is addressed to give to the students the opportunity to interact
among them and with the Elder people who still live in the community. The main purpose is to find out information
on the evolution of transportation and communication in the community where they have lived for years. To achieve
these goals, the students are going to organize a set of questions in written ways, and they have to walk around the
community to find the possible answers. Presenting their results in front of the class gives to them the opportunity
to deal with oral communication. From these answers they will start working in the final presentation, under the
guidance of the professor.
Espacio!s curricular!es o asignatura!s
This subect covers English, history, geography.
A"o # ni$el
!econd "rade.
Tiempo necesario apro%imado
Three sessions of #$ minutes per week for three weeks.
&undamentos de la unidad
Concept: Means of Transportation and Communication.

Classifying means of transportation.
y air
y land
y !ater
"# $uestions
Indefinite articles' a(an
T#is is a )icycle.
T#at is an airplane.
Using #is(#er imagination and creati&ity to perform specific tas*s.
'()eti$os del aprendi*a)e
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Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
+ist possi)le old means of transportation and communication t#at allo!ed people to stay in touc#.
Identifies t#e main c#aracteristics from t#ese means of transportation and communication.
Internali,es &oca)ulary and e-pressions t#at are related to communication and transportation.
Classifies !#at means of transportation use !ater, land or air to tra&el.
Applies demonstrati&e ad.ecti&es' t#is(t#at(t#ese(t#ose.
Preguntas orientadoras del plan de unidad:
Pregunta esencial:
+%na pregunta amplia, que puede conectar
varias unidades o asignaturas&
'hat have people done to go or to communicate since old times up to
Preguntas de unidad:
)Preguntas gu*a para su unidad&
,.-ave t*e means o. transportation and communication been
important to *uman /ind0
%.-o1 *ave t*ey c*anged along time0
Preguntas de contenido:
+Preguntas espec*ficas de la asignatura o
de definici+n&
,.2*at is transportation and communication0
%.2*at are some anti3ue means o. transportation and
4. 2*ere do t*ey normally travel0
5.-o1 *ave t*e means o. transportation and communication evolved
.rom t*eir origins up to no10
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Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
Plan de e$aluacin
Cronograma de e$aluaciones
Antes de empe*ar el
tra(a)o del pro#ecto
Durante el desarrollo del
Una $e* completado el
Comments in oral 1ay
1*at communication and
transportation are and *o1
t*ey *ave improved.
6tructure t*e
3uestionnaire t*at is going
to be used to carry t*e
survey in t*e community.
Completing an evaluation c*ec/ list
during t*e classroom development o.
t*e activity on communication and
%sing a Escala Estimativa to
evaluate the structure of the written
questionnaire on transportation and
communication development in the
,pplying the designed rubric for the
oral presentation in group about the
development history of the
communication and the transportation
in the community.

esumen de e$aluaciones
ANTES: To understand what the students know about transportation and communication is important since the
teacher can begin adequating the topic that is going to be taught. -ne good step for this stage is asking and
getting answers from the students on transportation and communication, from where the professor can move
on with the adustments that are needed for.
DURANTE: Evaluating the oral presentation gives the opportunity to identify the quality of the information that
they have gotten and reinforcing those found gaps, almost immediately. These actions can lead to the students
into a better comprehension and application of the content under the guidance of the professor.
DESPUES: ,t this stage, and because the level of the students the evaluation is going to be carried out by the
professor. %sing the done rubric aspects like mastering the information, voice proection, collaborative work,
ust to mention some of them, will be evaluated, giving at the end the needed reinforcement. The final goals
among the students is going to know what is communication and transportation are, how they have evolved
and what they normally use for. ,ll these evidences are going to obtained from the oral presentation at the
end of this period.
Detalles de la unidad
,a(ilidades pre$ias
!ince Elementary students at my school do not have computers, the process is going to be held indirectly from
teacher.s computer. Presenting a related video on the history of the transportation and communication
evolution is the one of the first addressed steps with the specific purpose to arise the level of participation
among the students in the interest of the evolution of both aspects in their community. The capacity to think
in possible ways to organizer the questionnaire about the evolution of the transportation and communication in
their community is going to be one of the first stages from this learning unit. , secondary stage will be the
analysis of the found answers from the applied questionnaire among the elder people at the community.
The students, after participating in the introductory aspects of the class, are going to e/press ideas about how
they could find and present the answers to their concerns on the evolution of transportation and
communication around the community. 0t should give way to start organizing the questionnaire that is going to
be used for and the form that the answers are going to be presented at the end.
DEVELP!ENT: 1esearching around the community and presenting in oral way the information about the
evolving history of the means of transportation and communication with the senior citizens at the community,
is going to be another step in this process. This activity gives to them the opportunity to be themselves by
solving incoming situations, something that helps analytical thinking improvement.
CLSING2 Presenting their findings in oral way in front of the class.
sees a video on the evolution of means of transportation and communication.
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Programa Intel Educar
Curso Esencial
lists the different means of transportation and communication.
prepares collage to present the evolving of transportation and communication in the
Adaptaciones curriculares
Estudiante con

To support low improvement students, adustments to the content will be done with
the specific purpose to reinforce the main core from this content that will be
addressed to understand and identify what means of transportation use the air, the
sea or the land. This will be e/pressed in oral way, using drawings for.
.o /ispano0

For non3native students, the use of illustrations, and the reinforcement will be done
in an e/tra session.
To support this kind of student, e/tra research will be asked in order to deepen the
presented content as searching for means of transportation that are used to travel to
the moon or to orbit around the earth.
1ateriales # recursos necesarios para la unidad
Tecnologa 2 ,ard3are 7e3uipo necesario8
C+mara digital
9eproductor de :;:
Cone<in a (nternet
:isco l+ser
6istema de proyeccin
C+mara de v=deo
E3uipo de v=deo con.erencia
!tros 7spea/ers8
Tecnologa 2 So4t3are 7necesario8
Base de datos>-o?a de c+lculo
:iagramador de publicaciones
"rograma de correo electrnico
Enciclopedia en C:9!@
Editor de im+genes
Buscador 2eb
:esarrollo de p+ginas 1eb
"rocesador de te<to
1ateriales impresos
4opies on 5eans of transportation, and communication historical evolution.
1ealias that can illustrate what are some means of transportation.
ecursos de Internet
http266www.youtube.com6watch(v78%9"e$s:m$ ;-4,9%<,1: -=
5E,=! -F T1,=!P-1T,T0-=
*ttpA>>111.youtube.com>1atc*0vB&GCD,%Eu&lF !E: AN: NE2
@EAN6 !G )9AN6"!9)A)(!N
*ttpA>>111.youtube.com>1atc*0vBU)*-EHee*U' -(6)!9I !G
'tros ecursos
The students, after organizing the questionnaire and out of the normal
!chedule, are going to answer it with the people among the community.
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