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Conditionals/Passive Voice/Reported Speech

I. Put verbs into the correct form (2p)
1. If youa wallet in the street, what
(find, do with it!
". I #ust hurry. $y friend annoyed if.. on ti#e.
(%e, not/%e
&. I didn't reali(e that )ary was in hospital. If I. *e was in
hospital, I to visit hi#. (+now, ,o
-. If the phone., you. it! (rin,, can
.. I can't decide what to do. /hat .. you .. if you. in #y
position! (do, %e
0. If you .enou,h #oney to ,o anywhere in the world,
where you! (have, ,o
1. I'# ,lad we had a #ap. I'# sure we.. if
we..one. (lose, have
2. 3he accident was your fault. If you #ore carefully, it
. .(drive, not/happen
4. If I #y coat fro# ho#e, I..wet now. (ta+e,
15. If he to #e then, I a%out it now. (tell, +now
II. The first sentence is in the ACTIVE VOICE. Choose the most correct way of sayin the
same thin in the PA!!IVE VOICE" (2.# p)
1. They were interviewing her for the job.
She ________________ for the job.
was being interviewed
was interviewed
has been interviewed
2. Tom is writing the letter.
The letter ________________ by Tom.
was written
is being written
has been written
3. Everyone understands English.
English ________________ by everyone.
is understood
has been understood
was understood
4. The employees brought up this issue during the meeting.
This issue ________________ by the employees during the meeting.
has been brought up
is brought up
was brought up
. The professor told him not to talk in class.
!e ________________ by the professor not to tal" in #lass.
has been told
was told
was being told
$. They say that women are smarter than men.
%omen ________________ to be smarter than men.
were being said
were said
are said
&. The fire has destroyed the house.
The house ________________ by the fire.
has been destroyed
was being destroyed
is destroyed
'. She would have told you.
(ou ________________ .
would have been told
would be told
were being told
). She would reject the offer.
The offer ________________ .
will have been reje#ted
would be reje#ted
will be reje#ted
1*. This surprises me.
+ ________________ by this.
would have been surprised
will be surprised
am surprised
III. $ea% the fo&&owin te't an% rewrite it into $eporte% !peech (In%irect !peech)" ((.# p)
6I a# so sorry for you,6 she said, 6%ut #y %rothers are ,oin, %ac+ to 7ton to#orrow, and then,
if you %ehave yourself, no one will annoy you.6
6It is a%surd as+in, #e to %ehave #yself,6 he answered, 68uite a%surd. I #ust rattle #y chains,
and ,roan throu,h +eyholes, and wal+ a%out at ni,ht, if that is what you #ean. It is #y only
reason for e9istin,.6
6It is no reason at all for e9istin,, and you +now you have %een very wic+ed. $rs. :#ney told
us that you had +illed your wife.6
6/ell, I 8uite ad#it it,6 said the )host, 6%ut it was a purely fa#ily #atter.6
6It is very wron, to +ill any one,6 said Vir,inia.
6;h, I hate the cheap severity of a%stract ethics< $y wife was very plain and +new nothin,
a%out coo+ery. *owever, it is no #atter now, for it is all over, and I don6t thin+ it was very
nice of her %rothers to starve #e to death, thou,h I did +ill her.6
=;h, $r. )host, I #ean Sir Si#on, are you hun,ry! I have a sandwich in #y case. /ould
you li+e it!6 as+ed Vir,inia.
6>o, than+ you, I never eat anythin, now? %ut it is very +ind of you and you are #uch nicer
than the rest of your horrid, rude, vul,ar, dishonest fa#ily.6 Sir Si#on said.
IV. In no more than )** wor%s state what chanes wou&% you ma+e to your country if you
were e&ecte% Presi%ent, -ou may inc&u%e topics such as" e%ucation. po&itics. hea&th an% &aw.