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Complete mod

So there's a beta 0.2 version of the complete mod, called "complete" because it touches all kind
of stuff in the game; gameplay, new maps, new units...far from perfect but it contains stuff you'll
won't find somewhere else.

I tried to maintain the balance between factions but even I doubt that it was done.

How-to install:
Extract part 1, get the files into your Battlestations : Pacific installation folder (take a look at the
files so the structure matches)
Extract part 2, get the files into your Battlestations : Pacific/mpak/scene folder (take a look at the
files so the structure matches)
Go in the mpak/scene/ folder and execute the makemaps.bat (needed for some computers for the
huge maps)

You're done.
Hope you have fun.

On a side note, the second part, the huge 717.6 MB part, only contains map files. So if you want
to test just the gameplay until you have the other file, you can use only the first part, but just
don't launch one of the new maps (I tell that for the small connections).

The huge map mod is not my work.
The new maps mod is my work and is a work in progress.
The data mod is my work and might be a work in progress.

New points sets for Island Capture:
You wanted more? You have really that much fun spamming the planet with ships or what?

Removed target markers on the units, even if they are in your own team.
Also removed the health bar next to all units when you point at them, so now you can't know
what the real situation of the combat is unless checking the map.

Added some AA shell to the Yamato for fun. Needs to be balanced but not really worked on it.
Reduced the speed of the Ohka carrier because it is cool that way.

All kind of datas have been readjusted to a realistic point of view:

- All artillery guns of the game have their damage capacities aligned to the historic caliber of the
gun. The explosive capacity is adjusted on the weight of the historic projectile. Those 2 datas are
random for each bullet. Ammo that doesn't explode or that bounce on the armor is possible.
- Adjusted the horizontal turning speed for all turrets in the game to a realistic ratio.
- Adjusted the range of all artillery and anti aerial gunnery to a realistic data (divided by 10, most
parts of the game would be totally unplayable if not that way sadly)
- The rate of fire of all guns in the game is the real one.
- Reduced the precision of artillery on long range shoots.

Reduced the acceleration speed of all ships other than destroyers

All the armor system of the game have been reworked:
In vanilla game, all battleship units had a lot of HP and a bigger armor and all destroyers had 1/4
of this HP and a 1/3 armor compared to a battleship.
Now the HP difference between all ships has been reduced, with a ratio based on the
displacement of the ship.
And all armor have been recreated to have the exact same value as the real one, with difference
of armors between all parts of the ships: let me show you 2 examples :

Old Yamato data
HP 11000
Belt armor 200
Deck armor 200

New Yamato data
HP 10980
Belt armor 410
Deck armor 223

Old Fletcher data
HP 2500
Belt armor 50
Deck armor 50

New Fletcher data
HP 2800
Belt armor 19
Deck armor 13

This is just some of the data used for the ships; each ship has an armor rate for the structure, the
magazines, the fuel tank, the belt armor, the deck armor, the underwater belt and more for the
aircraft carriers.

Repair system reworked so that some damages are really visible and more balanced:
-An engine room failure can complexly stop a ship for some time before being repaired,
exposing destroyers to heavy fire and stopping battleships in their approach-and-broadside
-The ammunition explosion damage has been reduced
-The list ship can experiment though battle has been augmented and lasts longer.
-Repairing a ship's hull takes much longer. This is mostly to avoid seeing distant ships having the
time to repair them self totally between 2 airstrikes.
-The water damage has been reworked, see the torpedo part


Subs have more HP, but their underwater speed has been reduced.
Needs some balance maybe, wasn't able to really test it properly. The goal was to force
submarines to stay on surface to move and to allow submarines to attempt crash dives when hit
by destroyers.

The Torpedoes capacities have been completely reworked to be more realistic as possible:
-All aircraft torpedoes highest drop distance have been reduced AND a reduced max speed drop
(I.A. up to date). Please note that the air boats (Catalina, Mavis & Emily) receive special torpedo
with higher max speed drop and drop distance.
-A critical-hit probability has been implemented, depending on the different torpedoes type. A
critical torpedo hit will set the target on fire for a long time, likely sinking it if not properly
repaired. Any I.A. ship hit by a critical torpedo just met his end after some time.
-On the same time, the flooding system has been reworked so that flooding itself will cause
minimal damage, but rather the explosion hit of the torpedo will determine it effectiveness. That
means that now you can have dud torpedoes or torpedoes that will only sink your target on the
very long term because of a critical.

Description of the torpedoes:

Aircraft torpedoes:
-The Type 91 mod 3 equips the Japanese aircraft.
Shortest torpedo range, but an effective torpedo with high speed.

-The Mark 13 equips the American aircraft.
Has the longest range for an aircraft torpedo.

-The "FIDO" torpedo.
Longer lifespan than the Japanese torpedo, but has a reduced speed which reduces its

-The Mark 24 equips the British Swordfish.
It has the highest critical chance for an aircraft torpedo.

Submarine torpedoes:
-The Type 95 mod 1 equips the Japanese subs & PT.
Third longest torpedo range (after long lance and Mark 15). Good critical chance.

-The Mark 14 equips the American subs & PT.
Shorter range than the Mark 13 ! Slighly slower than the Type 95 with less power and
low critical chance...This is not the best torpedo of the war...

Ship torpedoes:
-The type 93 mod 1 Long Lance torpedo equips most of the Japanese surface fleet.
Has by far the longest range, the best damage power of the game, a good speed AND the
highest critical chance.

-The Mark 15 equips most of the allied surface fleet.
Good damage, but low critical chance.

As the artillery, airdropped bombs saw their damage output regulated stating the weight.

Any plane crashing now deals damage (mostly destroying small turret(s) on the ship crashing
This "capacity" is enabled for ANY plane in game, US or Jap, and the effect can go from none to
devastating (you clearly won't sink a battleship with a pack of planes using this "tactic", but you
can disable some of it guns, and once again, a crashing Zeke won't destroy your Iowa's main

Modified all air recon system; see below:

Reduced ALL Seaplane price, and made them even more useful by giving them a great vision
range. Recon is now a key in strategies, and shooting enemys recon unit will be a priority.

Battleships have seen their fire range increased but for the longer ranges, they'll not see that far
without using recon units.

A sub underwater won't see very far with only its periscope, it should travel surfacing or helped
with a recon plane, now. (Realism win)

All units radar and sonar distance reworked:

All classes are now divided by tiers, determined by their technological advance, heres how it
works with the example of battleship classes:

Tier 1: No radar or prehistoric radar, counts more on optics. WW1 battleships/battlecruiser

Tier 2: Conventional radars & optics for line battleships of that time. True WWII Battleships.
New York

A special category made for the British battleships because of their very advanced radars.
King George V

Tier 3: Technological marvels ahead of their time, equipped with the most up-to-date computer-
aided technologies, ensuring battle capacities ahead of their time.
South Dakota

Here is the complete list :
NOTE: the numbers (2/3) are for : (2 possible seaplane in air at the same time / 3 total seaplane

Destroyers :
T1 : Clemson, Minekaze (no sonar cone)
T2 : Fubuki, Shimakaze
T3 : All Fletchers, Akizuki (extra sonar range)

Cruiser :
T1 : Kuma(1/1), De Ruyter(1/1), York(1/1), County(1/1)
T2 : Agano(1/2), Takao(2/4), Mogami(2/4), Northampton(2/4), Placeholder Oyodo(1/2)
T2 (with sonar) : Tone(3/12)
T3 : Cleveland(2/4), Atlanta, placeholder Sharnhorst(2/2)

Battleships :
T1 : Ise(6/22), Kongo, Fus(1/3)
T2 : New York, Yamato(2/7), South Dakota(2/3)
T2 british : King George V, Nelson, Renown(1/2)
T4 : Iowa(2/3)

Carriers :
T1 : Shoho, Hermes
T2 : Soryu, Hiryu, Akagi, Kaga, Bogues
T3 : Yorktown, Lexington, Placeholder Graf Zepplin

Modified ALL plane recon value by their type:

-Long air recon range (pilot search for their targets)
-Short ground recon range (not their business)

-Medium air recon range (gunners & observers wath for their tail)
-Medium ground recon range (pilot search for their targets)

Heavy bombers
-Short air recon range (they need extra fighter cover !)
-Long ground recon range (special observers search for their targets)

Monomotor recon planes:
-Long air & ground recon range (it's their job, duh !)
-Sonar range reduced (well, reduced so much that a single reconplane will have hard time to seek
a sub, but that's to balance the fact that a Japanese fleet can vomit whole squads of those)

Japanese heavy seaplanes :
-even greater air & ground recon range !

-simply the best recon plane of the game, because of its onboard radar permitting the best radar
range for a mobile unit.

Units :
If you took a look at the unit previous unit list, you saw that there was some new names, that can
be divided into 2 categories :
Placeholders : No new models, but new textures, new weapon arrangement to create new units,
the problem being that they cannot be spawned on multiplayer maps or the game crashes.

those are:
Oyodo (Agano hull)
Yubari (Akizuki hull)

Sharnhorst (Alaska hull)
Graf Zeppelin (Yorktown hull)
Me 262 A-1a (kikka hull)
Heinkel He 100 (Oscar hull)
Arado Ar 196 (Jake hull)

The Japanese units are only playable on training ground, and the German on training grounds
and the Europe map
Those were the only way to create new unit before appeared

New Units!

Using a whole new hull and weapon configuration!

For the moment we have :
Ise-class pre 1942
Ise-class post 1942
All credit goes to Vendi_HUN for the HMS county and SwarthyCman who provided the Ise
model and everyone else who worked on it, sorry I don't really know who did what...
Major congratz for Velcor and his tools that works to import in Pacific as well

Please be advised that I'm not a pro modeler and I'm simply alone to do all the work so those
units are quite buggy, with shadow bugs and propellers doing shit sometime. Oh and the Nelson's
AA can only be used by the I.A. (dunno why). Else, those units are behaving fine, except for

Those 4 units are playable on training ground (with strange texture for Nelson) and The Nelson
and the two Ise configurations are also found in the "Battleships" map

Modified the testing grounds maps so the new units can be tested as well as locked units.

Allowed the use of Huge map mods

New maps:
- You'll find them in the Island capture part.
- Maps have 1vs4, 4vs1 and 4vs4 mods, this is to make them playable in versus or against AI.,
because see, there's code to allow this with only one map but it tends to fuck up sometimes and
sometimes not, so it was easier to do this way.
1Jap vs 4Allied = Play Allied solo or in team versus a Jap AI.
1Allied vs 4Jap = Play Jap solo or in team versus an Allied AI.
4Allied vs 4Jap = No AI, play PVP.

So here's the new maps:

Decisive battle:
This is the battle Japanese commanders have always wanted; the destruction of the main allied
battle force in one single decisive engagement..But its also the time for allied command to get
rid of the main Japanese surface force...
There's all kind of units on this map, submarines in hunt positions, carriers, fleets of battleships,
islands to capture...forces should be considered balanced.
No objective, so you'll play in sandbox when the enemy fleet has been annihilated.
Steel monsters:
Recreation of the Battlestations: Midway Steel Monsters map; 2 fleets, and an island in the
But beware; your goal here is to destroy the enemy HQ island, behind his lines, so now the goal
is not only to prevail on the enemy fleet, but also to pass his lines to attack his base. Note that the
middle island is also conquerable!

A sort-of reloaded Steel Monsters where the new units appear, on a bigger map and of course
with meaner fleets opposing. The only air support on this map is the Ise air support capacities.

Europe Test :
Don't play the Europe test in multi, and play only on the Jap side. (Well you can play in multi in
reality, but dont ever spawn a plane or a recon plane...)
This map is here to play with the German placeholders, I made them fight versus a British
Battleforce under a storm.
Note that the island's textures and trees have been modified to fit a more Nordic battleground.
(Well, this still isn't as cool as intended)

Port Moresby:
Basically a true Battlestations Midway multiplayer map based on the Japanese storyline mission;
attack the harbor or defend it...
Pay attention to the harbor shipyards ;The spawned ships waits the previous one spawned to
leave, and you must to a maneuver to leave it with a Catalina and not crash...quite a mess.
You are playing US and you are wondering what the weird recon views on the land are? : Go
send a plane, you'll see that its some land convoys of tanks, jeeps and trucks patrolling. Jap
player can blind you by destroying these, but its difficult.
As the Japanese player, beware of the land fortresses, they are difficult to destroy and can pound
a destroyer or a cruiser if you don't take care.
If you play as Japanese against the AI. If you can control the transports, DON'T CAPTURE THE
BASES WITH AIRFIELDS. You'll make your own carriers bug. You can still conquer the radar

If you are interested in it, I can add that this last Port Moresby map is the future of map creation;
it is the result of multiple testing and will lead to new projects.

Camera mod:
Go to your command options to set buttons to operate the in game cinematic camera.
Warning: using the camera mod can, in rare occasions, crash the game. I don't know what the
odds are or what provokes it. Therefore I suggest restraining its use in your most important


-As said, the camera mode can crash sometimes, deal with it.
-The Japanese storyline's seventh mission, invasion of Midway, crashes upon launch. I don't
know the cause so I made possible to pass it (so if you have to play again the game you won't be
blocked. The map still appears on the lobby because I plan to repair that.
-The "Europe test" will bug if you play it on allied side OR in multiplayer if you launch a plane.

I can't remember anything so contact me if you find something pissing you off.
Full credits:
C06alt for the Huge map mod
EST_PL for helping
Vendi_HUN and SwarthyCman for the models
Velcor for his tools

You want to use parts of this mod in your own ?
- You cannot use parts of this mod to use in your own mod if this one is not private.
- You can ask me to use work from this mod if you want to use it on a mod you plan to upload.
- Of course if your mod stays private, you can do whatever you want.