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Woodcock Johnson III -Test of Achievement Template

Standardized Assessment
Woodcock Johnson III -Test of Achievement

___________________________was assessed by _______________________, RSP or
NS-SDC Teacher on _________ for _____ hours.

(describe students behavior during testing and the testing environment)

Summary of Results of WJ III-Tests of Achievement
Norms Based on age _____

Standard Score Range WJII Classification
131 and above Very Superior
121 to 130 Superior
111 to 120 High Average
90 to 110 Average
80 to 89 Low Average
70 to 79 Low
69 and below Very Low

Cluster Standard Score (current) (Previous WJIII) date
Broad Reading
Broad Math
Broad Written Language
Total Achievement

Subtest Scores
Letter-Word ID
Reading Fluency
Passage Comprehension

Math Fluency
Applied Problems

Writing Fluency
Writing Samples

Broad Reading
Broad Reading is a comprehensive measure of a persons reading achievement. Broad
Reading encompasses decoding, comprehension, and reading speed. Broad Reading is a
combination of Letter-Word Identification, Reading Fluency, and Passage
Comprehension. _______s Broad Reading Score is within the _______ range. ______s
scores showed strengths in _______________ and weaknesses in ______________..

Broad Math
Broad Math is a comprehensive measure of math achievement. Broad Math includes
Calculation, Math Fluency, and Applied Problems. _____s Broad Math Score is within
the _____________ range. _____s scores showed strengths in _____________ and
__________ weakness in ____________ area.

Broad Written Language
Broad Written Language is a comprehensive measure of written language achievement.
Broad Written Language included the areas of Spelling, Writing Fluency and quality of
expression in Writing Samples. ______s Broad Written Language scores was within
the ______________range. ______s scores showed strengths in _______________ and
weaknesses in ______________.

Total Achievement
The Total Achievement cluster is a combination of Broad Reading, Broad Math, and
Broad Written Language. It is a representative of a persons overall academic
achievement levels. _____ scored within the _______ range on the Total Achievement

(Give a summary of tests-ie., what are the ranges of performance, scores suggest difficulty in
what areas and list areas in need of improvement)

These results are consistent/or not with classroom performance based on teacher observation and
informal assessments. (If not consistent give suggestions why they arent)

If multiple measures were used to reinforce the validity of the Woodcock-J ohnson results. -list
them next or informal Assessments

One paragraph summary including areas of strength and areas of need to be addressed.
Be sure to state whether student will benefit from Special Education to address these
needs. Eligibility will be determined by the IEP Team.