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A Day in the Life of Jenna Philson

Playing three sports in one season while maintaining your academic standards is
challenging. That is what I experienced this past spring.
I am about to complete my Junior year of high school and will soon be a Senior at
Concord High School-class of 2015. I participate in four sports: volleyball, basketball, softball,
and track & field. I am also a part of the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church and am involved in
the Youth Group and a member of a cell (small) group. I also am a member of the Jackson
County Teen Advisory Group and help with the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI) in
Jackson County.
This spring I put forth a challenge in front of myself to see if I could achieve it. I was a
part of the Varsity Softball team as starting catcher and batting leadoff. I also was a part of the
track team and participated this spring in Long Jump and in the sprinting events. I had the great
opportunity in being a part of the first ever girls track team Regional Champs for in Concord
history. I also had the experience of a lifetime to compete at the Division 4 State track meet in
the 400 and 800 relay as the first leg. While I was a part of these two teams for the school
season I also played on an AAU travel volleyball team, the Net Threat.
How is this possible? I would go through long school days and transition into two
practices a day and sometimes 3 practices. Then I would have to worry about my academics
and get my school work done. On Mondays and Wednesdays I would have three practices all
back-to-back and get home at 10 oclock at night. Some weeks I would have a total of two
softball doubleheaders, 2 track meets and a volleyball tournament. These could end up being
really long days and I was so tired. Not only did I survive, but I actually thrived.
Our Softball team just won District Champs, for me personally this is my 3
year in a
row. Our track team ended up with Regional Champs and I personally made all-state placing 4

for the 800 relay. My volleyball team played in five tournaments and ended the season with an
undefeated tournament championship. I couldnt have been more proud of my teammates and
couldnt thank the coaches enough for allowing me to do this and making it work. Last but not
least my parents for supporting me in this decision and always coming to watch me compete.
With many late nights getting home whether it was from practices, or a softball game,
track meet, or volleyball tournament I still kept up with homework. My grades stayed strong
keeping my GPA at a 3.98 with all As this semester. I am proud for challenging myself.