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Fortune Saynsberry was born in 1498 into a Noble family of the Court of England.

She was carefree and

enjoyed a lavish lifestyle of such a young woman and had begun to frequent the court of King Henry VIII.
Around the time the King was to marry his new Spanish bride, she had caught his eye, and she had just
turned 18. Those wanting the rid the King of this distraction, and wanting her to devote himself to his
new soon-to-be spanish bride, hired a powerful sorceress and witch to cause some tragedy to befall
Fortune and scandalize her family. The witch cast a powerful year curse upon Fortune, making her
immortal by turning her into a beautiful polished granite statue. The witch's price was that her brother,
a common sculpturer become part of the King's court by giving the King a gift. That gift was the now
statuesque Fortune. Gossip was started that Fortune had become pregnant by a married courtisan and
whisked away in the night. Her family was shamed, and eventually poverty stricken. Fortune, watched
some of this happen from her place in the court. She could hear and observe everything.
Over the years she has been passed from Museum to Museum, listening to Museum goers and watching
out windows when she was so placed. Lonliness almost drove her mad, but a few eccentric caretakers,
and faithful museum goers over the years allowed her to live vicariously through them, in her mind at
Then, last year on her 500 year anniversary while on exhibit in the Seattle Art Museum, her "Aunt" had
sensed the evil around the statue, and prepared a magical spell of her own. The result freed Fortune,
but the curse hadn't been fully lifted. Fortune is still immortal, and will come back to life within 4 hours
of being rendered "dead." The only thing that will prolong this is if the necklace is separate from her
body as it is a piece of her formerly cursed form. If in statue form, severing her head or any of her limbs
will keep her from coming back to life until all is rejoined. Fortune can choose to slip back into the form
of an Ebony Statue, wherein she has incredible strength and toughness in this statue form.
A simple polished granite stone pendant hangs on a necklace she always wears. When she rubs it, she
reverts back into the image of the Ebony Statue she once was, but now she can move and is quite
strong, quick and tough.