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Guru Teg bahadur Khalsa Institute of Engineering and

Technology, Chhapianwali

Format for B.Tech Project Synopsis

Title page:
1. N
2. T! "oll No.
#. Class "oll No.
$. resent official %ddress with E&'ail, telephone No.
(. )ranch
*. )atch
+. roposed Topic

Introduction ,should not e-ceed # pages.
The introduction part will include the brief introduction about the pro/ect to be
de0eloped, technology used, field of pro/ect ,if speciali1ed one., any special technical
ter's about the pro/ect.
Feasibility Study2 ,should not e-ceed 1 page.
3easibility study of the pro/ect that include the feasibility, need and significance
of the pro/ect
Methodology/ Planning of or! ,should not e-ceed 1 page.
4ethodology will include the steps to be followed to achie0e the ob/ecti0e of the
pro/ect during the pro/ect de0elop'ent.

Facilities re"uired for proposed or!
Instru'ents re5uired for the de0elop'ent of the pro/ect.
6ere specify the description of the study 'aterial referred for the de0elop'ent of
the pro/ect.
1. The synopsis shall be co'puter typed ,English& )ritish, 3ont &Ti'es
"o'an, 7i1e&12 point. and printed on %$ si1e paper.
2. The 7ynopsis shall be typed on one side only with double space with a
'argin #.( c' on the left, 2.( c' on the top, and 1.2( c' on the right
and at botto'.
#. In the synopsis, the title page 8"efer sa'ple sheet ,inner co0er.9
should be gi0en first. This should be followed by inde-,
$. The diagra's should be printed on a light:white bac;ground<
Tabular 'atter should be clearly arranged. =eci'al point 'ay be
indicated by full stop ,..The caption for 3igure 'ust be gi0en at the
)>TT>4 of the 3ig. and Caption for the Table 'ust be gi0en at the
T> of the Table.
7%4?E TIT?E %GE
%*T&M%TI$ $&++#,# B#++ %'-

7!)4ITTE= )@

=epart'ent of ECE, 7ETG>I

GT)KIET ?ogo

S%'%.% #-*$%TI&'%+ T(*ST/S ,(&*P &F