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Special letter of re emhfince ftom Dadiii for all teachen, brathers and sr'sfers.

Belovcdavyakt BapDada'sspecial instrumentteachen,pleascacceptlatsof lave {illcd tememhrancc

BelovedBapDada repeatedlyrvarnsus about the fiffes kr csrne" frorn fimc fo fr#re,siglals are
lnu will not be able
givento all of you through lettersby telling yau that Baba says;A ffinc nri.lJrnnre tt'hr.:n
la ga aatrwheieand will just.haveto slt at hamedr:ilg tapasya. You will f}m orrly bt: ahle to study the
mirlis that yau havt kept. Theday will camewlffii noneofyour- prcseuffacilillics ll,rll ftnctian" So today,I
an onceagain writing this .lefte.rspedally b renrirtdyou that nck aneaf Baba's chihlrcn shtsuldhave irt
his .hame,Gita Patlshalaat centrc, firstly the rnpcrisirablefrcasuresof tficjewol-so/"knowledgeof tfte
sakarmd avyakfmurLis,and literature fnr this fJodly sfiidy. Thensc'cond,ly if.ytru fiavc a taperecorder or a
videorecorder,fo ftayecasseff.es of Baba'ssongsard videoc;isseffes aho. ,Alreral/, rhcseart invaluable
treasuresfar all of us.

Seconrlly,you musthave leamt abaut al] lk potiticalaqd.social rervs of aJJdirrrdil'fercntcalamjfie.s,storms

etc. Taday,theremay be a shortageaf tAlt. Tonorrow, it lrr,aybc vety diffir:ult to buy grain, icntils or rjce.
Sornetimes,there are flootis somewllre , and at dffier glacesi ltousesand ruofi; artr bekry blow away in a
hurricane. Therefore,far sucha tirne,Baba is especiallysrgnalllng aJIal yau *tildren to be far-sipfitedand
keepat least a three month slocft of all ess@al ifems lbr ffte filture. Tfiough sonrect:ntresmay be very
s^Alt aod the bhandaraaf thechildren of Fhr the Lard of Paar,nay be vty firnitrd, ir rs sfill cssentia,lto
keepa few things fot' the future. ff is erdendal ta keep things sucft as lcnllls, ricc" wheat fiour, a fcw
essentjal herhs and spices,salf, sugar, nilk pgft*r, teo, booJ<irrgrtil, paraffin. sclap,forcl light, lantern,
candlurx,matc!rcsefc. aitd anything that is $ntlal AJsa ple'ascftec'prviffryotrmclf somewarm dathing.
All centresshouldkecp aL|tlese essential4tr.

Achcha.with lols af fioveto evervone.

B.K. Prakafimani