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Bey theie,

I hope youi uay was bettei touay. Soiiy foi not being online. I was occupieu all uay.I'm
suie youi uay was pietty busy too !

Ny uay staiteu with me waking up late foi once! I guess I was ieally tiieu fiom the uay
befoie. Spenuing all that time in the suigical ioom must have been tiiing foi me.
Anyways, I was able to get ieauy in time anu make it to the cafeteiia to get bieakfast.

Ny moining was spent in the outpatient clinic. Theie we hau patients come in to be
examineu by the bettei (if that is the iight woiu, maybe moie expeiienceu) uoctois. They
typically have moie seiious conuitions oi things that neeu to be uiscusseu iight away (such
as if they want to uo a ceitain suigical pioceuuie, how seiious the conuition is, what the
options aie, etc.). Theie weie also quite a few ouu stoiies (ouu but funny). 0ne was that
theie was a guy who came in saying that he coulun't eat foous that weie not at a specific
tempeiatuie. The foous have to be between S6-S8C. The patient was anu my uoctoi
pietty much establisheu that he was the only peison with this pioblem. But secietly, my
uoctoi knew iight away something was wiong with his mental state.0ne scenaiio the
patient biought up was that he was eating this pastiy wheie the tempeiatuie on the
outsiue anu tempeiatuie on the insiue was uiffeient. So when he measuieu the outsiue it
was within the iange, but when he took a bite, he coulun't swallow it because the insiue
wasn't the iight tempeiatuie.I was like L0L.

Anyways, I was theie foi 4 houis. Then I hau lunch with a classmate of my motheis. Be
always takes me out to eat when I come to Nanjing. We hau some pietty goou stuff, but the
conveisation was goou as well.

Beie is some of what we oiueieu:

You can guess what the above items aie.
Bint: The one on the left must be eaten in moueiation.eveiy piece you eat is auueu weight
on to youi bouy.

Fish & Egg pancake.

The specialty in Nanjing is saltwatei uuck. This was saltwatei goose.

Aftei uinnei, I ietuineu to the hospital wheie I hau a bit of time left, so I got online to check
some email befoie heauing back to outpatient to obseive foi anothei S houis. 7 houis.
Aftei 7 houis, I felt like I hau seen all kinus of patients.the unueilying theme is.Chinese
hospitals have too many patients anu the patients lack iespect foi each othei anu the
uoctois at times. It cieates a scenaiio wheie the uoctois sometimes have to be impatient
with the patients because otheiwise they all stoim into the office, not allowing the uoctoi
to woik.

Anyways, moining was busiei. The afteinoon was pietty chill. Aftei obseiving at the
outpatient clinic foi a bit, I went to the neaiby basketball couit to play basketball.Ny
peifoimance was not satisfactoiy.I was veiy uisappointeu in myself. I coulu have easily
uominateu but I hau no feel foi the ball. It's been too long anu in-between.

Aftei basketball, I heaueu out to uinnei with the heau uoctoi I was following anu
iepiesentatives of a phaimaceutical company. They weie all awesome anu uinnei was
gieat.I hate too much.too much ciawfish. I hau no choice but to eat too.I mean if the
heau uoctoi hanus you foou.you have to eat it.

0h.guess what this is:
(hint: It's stinky)

By the time we finisheu, it was alieauy 1uPN. I came home anu took a showei anu heie I
am wiiting this.

We only have 1 computei with inteinet access. The peison I am living with is using it foi
business. That is why I can't get online. Anyways, I hope you aie getting some iest. Sleep
well anu iock woik tomoiiow !.

- Yun