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CloudStack in the Box: DevCloud

What is DevCloud?

Virtual Image -- Xen on VirtualBox Ease your CloudStack Deployment Real Environment For Quick Development For Some Testings

All In One Box

DevCloud View

DevCloud View Reference: <a href= " id="pdf-obj-2-4" src="pdf-obj-2-4.jpg">

DevCloud History

Originally developed by Edison ( @sudison) Improved by Rohit Known as DevCloud2

From Ubuntu 12.04 to Debian Wheezy 7.0 Add Host-Only Network Adapter Can Separate MS with Other Services Allow Multiple DevCloud VMs Hosts Support Run on all Host OS Reduce Image Size


Get DevCloud2 Image: Get VirtualBox (> =4.2): Import OVA image into VirtualBox Do not Change Default Network Settings Login: root/password Try: ssh -v root@ Get Source Code

git clone

Setup Cont. Build Management Server

cd incubator-cloudstack; mvn clean install -P developer,systemvm

Deploy Database

mvn -pl developer,tools/devcloud -Ddeploydb -P developer

Set Envorinment for debuging

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=800m -Xdebug \-


Run Management Server

mvn -pl client jetty:run

Setup Cont. Deploy a basic zone

mvn -P developer -pl tools/devcloud Ddeploysvr (fail on debug 8787)

cd tools/devcloud ; python ..