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Art Museum Project

Due: Tues. Feb. 25

This term were examining our relationship with nature, therefore were going to focus
on art in which nature plays in important if not central role. I am suggesting some
specific paintings and some areas in the museum that are rich in these works. You are of
course welcome to choose other paintings as long as they are appropriate for the
assignment. Be sure to provide both the title, date of creation, and the painters name for
any pieces to which you refer. ead the guideline !"ooking #nalytically$ from %eldman
attached to help guide you in your analysis.
In your analysis, I expect you to refer to the ideas presented by &einig, #ndrews and
'ombrich. (ow the natural work is portrayed in art is shaped by the cultural context in
which the artist works. #lthough our eyes may be the same anatomically and
physiologically, we arent looking through identical lenses when we view nature. #rt can
serve as a lasting record, giving us insight as to how nature was perceived at different
times and places. #rt also influences and shapes culture.
To help you accomplish this task, I listed below and series of steps to guide you in
completing your work.
). *bserve and describe three paintings or photographs +with either a
landscape motif or a strong nature element, from at least two of the
following galleries +specific paintings are suggested on the back.,. -sing
%eldman as a guide, describe and analysis the painting or photograph.
&ake sure to include the image as well as a detailed description of the
piece, the impression it creates or you think the artist is attempting and a
brief .udgment as to what relationship with nature is implied.
a. /uropean #rt 012 on map +0
floor main building. (offman
b. 3chnit4er 2enter for 5orthwest #rt 61# on the map. 6
%loor &ain
Building. have to go up some stairs, but this is very
worth the visit8.go past the 5ative #merican exhibit,.
c. #merican #rt 01# main building +south side,
d. #sian #rt )1# on the map main building +.ust a few pieces but
e. 9ubit4 2enter for &odern and 2ontemporary #rt +a few pieces in
)1# and the long hallway, but the best territory is the :hotography
/xhibit in &1B,
0. *f the three paintings chosen above, choose two that you think provide
contrasting perspectives of nature. 2haracteri4e each and then explore
what their differences tell you. #re there humans present in the picture;
(ow is their relationship with the natural world portrayed; Tell me in
detail what the artist has done to create the impression. emember what
#ndrew has to say about the human creating the landscape as a choice of
setting. <hat values are imposed upon and reflected in the piece;
2onsider the ideas we have explored in class as to whether they apply. Is
nature beautiful, calming, threatening, awe inspiring; <hat is the role of
any humans, observers or participants; Is the landscape human shaped
and occupied or pristine; omantic influences;
3uggested <orks +"ocation by letters on the maps,
). /uropean #rt
a. !&ercury and #rgus$ Bonaventura :eeters
b. !3hipwreck$ 2harles "acroix
c. !5atures %an$ <illian1#dolphe Bougueveau
d. !In the :yrenees$ Theodore ousseau
e. !#utumn$ 2ourbet
f. !The <ave$ 9. =upre
g. !"a &are aux >iperes$ =ias de la :ena
h. !>esuvius /rupting at 5ight$ %idan4a
i. !The :onds of >ille d#vray$ 2orot
.. !3ummer =ay$ &onticelli
0. 3chnit4er 2enter for 5orthwest #rt
a. !-ntitled$ 2allahan
b. !&t. (ood$ <m. 3amuel :arott
c. !&ountains and "andscape$ 2allahan
d. !/lliot Bay at 5ight$ ?rause
e. !#dam and /ve$ (all
f. :aintings by 2.3. :rice
6. #merican #rt
a. !&arine$ <m. Trost ichards
b. !2heyenne /ncampment$ Blakelock
c. !&t. (ood$ Bierstadt
d. !5ew /ngland oad$ 2hilde (assam
e. !2ottage 'arden$ 9. aphael
f. !&ohawk iver$ Bierstadt
g. !Ice 2utters$ 9ohan <eir
h. !#fternoon 3ky$ (assam
@. ?orean, 9apanese and 2hinese #rt
a. !"anscape of Yuan &asters$ 'ao 9ian +2hina,
b. !<intry %orests$ ai 3an Yo +9apan,
c. !&ount %u.i$ 3akai (oitsu +9apan,
d. !%amous :laces in ?yoto$ &ori ?ansai +9apan,
A. 9ubit4 2enter &odern and 2ontemporary #rt
a. !#fter the (urricane$ &. (artley +)
b. !%ir Trees$ ?irchner +)
c. !<aterlilies$ &onet
d. !>allee de la 3eine$ 3isley
e. !iver at "avacourt$ enoir
f. <onderful landscape photographs +including some by #nsel #dams,
on view in the Photography Gallery on the 2
Floor Mezzanne