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Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template Rev.

Teacher Candidate: Grace Creech Lesson # 3

Subject/Grade: Montessori 3-6 Date and Time of Lesson: 10-31-13

Learning Objective: Students will be able to draw a picture and write a sentence about the writing prompt
given. Students will also be able to describe the drawing and read the sentence to the teacher.

Alignment with Standards: Common Core Writing Standards Kindergarten Text Types and Purposes 3.
Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to narrate a single event or several loosely linked events,
tell about the events in the order in which they occurred, and provide a reaction to what happened.
Developmental Appropriateness or Cross-curricular connections:
Students will have done writing prompts previously. Students will have also been taught that it is important to
have details when drawing a picture.

Assessment(s) of the Objectives:
Pre Assessment Previous works will be the pre assessment for this lesson. They will show the teacher what
to expect from the child. Each child is on a different level; therefore, different levels will be expected from each
child on the post assessment.
During Assessment After showing the example, the kids will give thumbs up if they understand and thumb
down if they dont. If any one doesnt have their thumb up, further instruction will be given individually. Also
during the lesson, the teacher will be observing the students engagement and participation during the
discussion of writing the sentence.
Post Assessment The post assessment will be the finished product that is submitted to the teacher. This will
consist of a piece of writing paper with a drawing of what they wrote in their sentence. The writing prompt will
be. I will be a ___________ for Halloween.(The teacher with the students help of spelling each word will
have written this on the smart board. It will be erased before children begin their paper so that they dont
copy). Each child will be expected to have initial sounds and ending sounds for each word in their sentence.

When following the Montessori method, each child works at their own pace and are given lessons based on
individual need. There will be no early or late finishers because each child moves to another lesson whenever
they are finished with the current lesson. In this case, the child will pick a lesson of their choice to work on while
the rest of the class finishes.

Materials: Smart Board, writing paper, and pencils

1. Students will gather around the carpet.
2. I will tell them that today we are going to be drawing a picture and writing a sentence to go along with
our picture.
3. I will tell them today we are going to write the following sentence, I will be a ____________ for
4. I will pull up the writing paper on the smart board and demonstrate how this is done.
5. We will begin by writing our names and the date.
6. I will ask a child to tell me the date.
7. When they respond, we will talk about how October and the number 10 correspond with one
Lander University Teacher Education Lesson Plan Template Rev. 2013
another for the months of the year and vice versa. (This is familiar to students)
8. I will then start by drawing my picture of what I was for Halloween.
9. The students will describe to me what I was for Halloween by looking at the details of my picture.
10. I will then get children to help me sound out the words we need in order to write a sentence.
11. Once this is complete, we will read the sentence.
12. I will then erase everything I have written on the smart board except for the date.
13. I will ask the kids to give a thumb up if they understand what to do and thumbs down if they dont.
14. Each student will be given a piece of writing paper and a pencil.
15. Students will complete their own picture and sentence.
16. Once students are finished, they will be asked to bring it to the teacher.
17. Each student will explain their picture and read their sentence.
18. These papers will be placed in the students writing folders.
19. As each child finishes, they will move onto the next lesson of their choice.

Activity Analysis:
Students will do this activity as a whole group. Every student will be writing and drawing about the same thing;
however, each students drawing and sentence will be individual. The technology in this lesson will be the
Smart Board.

Common Core Standards and Candace Kirby