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Fossa Ovalis

The superior vena cava is

labeled 5 on this model.
The red area marks the opening
of the coronary sinus.
Close-up of pectinate muscles
in one part of the opened right
This close-up shows the upper
surface of the right av valve,
the coronary sulcus with the
right auricle removed and the
right coronary artery in the
coronary sulcus.
This shows the trabeculae
carneae on the inner wall of
the right ventricle.
Close-up of pulmonary
semilunar valve
This is the region of the
conus ateriosus.
In this model the papillary
muscle is labeled .
The strings represent the
chordae tendineae of the right
atrioventricular (tricuspid)
valve above.
!ou can see the coronary
sulcus between the atria and
This is the diaphragmatic
surface of the heart. The
posterior interventricular
sulcus is between the two
ventricles. The posterior
interventricular branch of the
right coronary artery and the
middle cardiac vein can be
found in this groove.
This shows the azygos vein as
it "oints the superior vena cava.
The hori#ontal blue vessels on
either side are the right and left
pulmonary arteries. $ote the%
are blue&
This is the left atrium which
forms the base of the heart. The
two pairs of vessels entering the
left atrium on either side are the
pulmonary veins. $ote the% are
The white structure is the
ligamentum arteriosum
connecting the aorta 'above( to
the pulmonar% trunk 'below(.
The aorta is labeled )* in
this model.
This shows the superior
vena cava to the right of the
+ere are the right and left
brachiocephalic veins fusing
to form the superior vena cava
This is the onl% model that has
this, the thymus gland.
The pulmonary trunk is labeled
)) on this model.
The right atrium is labeled ,*
on this model.
The right auricle is the
anterior flap. !ou can see a
piece of it here.
The coronary groove is the
groove between the atria and the
ventricular chambers. !ou can
onl% see a part of the groove
here going across the picture at
a diagonal.
The right ventricle forms most
of the surface under the
sternum and chondral ribs.
This shows the anterior
interventricular sulcus. The
anterior interventricular
branch of the left coronar%
arter% and the great cardiac
vein are found in this groove.
The apex is simpl% the tip of
the heart.
The marginal artery is the
branch of the right coronar% arter%
on the right ventricle.