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Trademarks Registration in Haiti
Trademark Facts

Sanitary Product Registration in Dominican


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Registration Register your trademarks in Haiti through
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Trademark Registration in Argentina
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Trademark Registration in Cuba

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Trademark Registration in Haiti General Overview

Trademark Registration in Honduras
In The Republic of Haiti intellectual property has explicit laws regarding the protection of
Trademark Registration in Jamaica trademarks, there is a department responsible for maintaining a public register of
trademarks in this country. It handles different types of trademarks and trade names that
Patent Registration in Cuba the law allows to record in Haiti.

Exception on Cuba Embargo for Protection of

US Companies' Intellectual Property The Law on Trademark Protection in Haiti provides the rules and procedure to both
companies and individuals wishing to protect their trademarks and trade names in Haiti.
Professional Services

The Certificate of Registration issued by the competent authorities after a trademark

Quick Divorce registration is issued in Haiti, is valid only within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Haiti.

International Adoptions
The registration of a mark in Haiti is valid for a period of ten year and proof of use should be
Trademark Registration provided before the sixth (6th) anniversary from granting. Renewals for 10 years period is
the time limits prescribed by law in Haiti and same proof of use before the sixth (6th)
anniversary from granting renewal should be submitted to avoid automatic cancellation.

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