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Instructor: Hellen Catalina Ortega Chen Date: March 26th 2014
Course Tittle: Environmental Impacts of Petroleum. Grade: 7th
Unit: 2 Specific Topic: Petroleum Production
Understands and analyzes the importance of petroleum nowadays,and names a few products that come
and used from it and uses on a daily basis in an oral and written way.
Ss will learn that petroleum is part of our daily lives in many products such as nylon, plastic, and rubber come
from petroleum. You must write why it is important for them to learn about this product. Check wording.
Lesson Content:
This lesson explores some of the different forms petroleum takes on as a component or ingredient in various
manufactured products, some of the human health and environmental concerns associated with the use and
disposal of these particular products, and ways to minimize the harmful effects of petroleum and petroleum-
derived products on the environment.This is written in just two or three words. Be specific.

a. Warm up: Have students to get out a sheet of paper and a pencil. Ask them write down
everything they see around the room that they think is made from petroleum. Afterwards, ask
the students to tell you some of the objects that they listed and how many products were
listed. Ask students if they can think of any other objects made from petroleum.

b. Teaching Procedures

Presentation: Explanation about why petroleum is so important and which are some
products that come from it.
Controlled Practice: Answer the 5 question that the T is going to write on the board, in
your notebook.

Semi controlled Practice: Have students work with a partner to generate lists of all the
petroleum based products, appliances, or conveniences their family uses on a daily

Free Practice: Ss cut out magazine pictures of products made from petroleum and
create a collage with the pictures then paste them in a sheet of paper.
c. Closure: Watch a video about Everyday Petroleum-based Products

d. Feedback: Write a paragraph about why is important petroleum in some products, according
to the video.This is not feedback it seems its free practice. Feedback is done T/S

e. Student Participation: Brainstorming about how important is petroleum nowadays. Specify
what was their participation in class. What you wrote is an activity.

f. Homework: Write and illustrate 10 products that come from petroleum in you notebook.

3 min

8 min

5 min

5 min

10 min

7 min

3 min

2 min

2 min
Students should complete a questionnaire worksheet.
Material and Aids: What about this? Is this your material and aids?????
-Sheets of paper - Board -Magazine -Scissors -Internet
-Pencil case - Notebook -Glue -Computer