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AUSL/NLU Lesson Plan Template

Name: L. McMillion Time: 10:15am Subject/Topic: Shared Reading Date: 9-16-13 & 9-17-13

Objective (SWBAT): Identifies sequence of events in literary text (first)

Identifies sequence of events in literary text (last)
Assessment / Exit Ticket: Mon.- Practice book p.23 Tues.- Practice book p.27
Vocabulary/Key Concepts/Word Wall:
Materials / Technology:
Modifications / Accommodations:

Do Now (3-5 minutes)
Silent, short, pen to paper, complete w/out teacher direction, preview or review

Opening (3-5 minutes)
The Hook, Preview Objective, Connection to Prior Knowledge.

Middle (IWY)
I Do Direct Instruction (5 minute limit)
We Do - Guided Practice
You Do Independent Application by students

Teacher will . . . Student will . . . CFU
I do (5 minute limit):
T. will play selection story on radio aloud and circulate.

T. will play the audio of the weeks selection: Alexander Who Used to Be
Rich Last Sunday.
I do:
Students will listen to the selection Inezs
Birthday Gift and track print.

Students will listen and track print.

We do (guided practice):
T. will do a think aloud to model how to identify sequence. I know that
many stories begin with the first even and go in order from first to last.
The clue words the next day in the second paragraph make it clear that
the events in this paragraph happen after the events of the first
paragraph. In the first paragraph it says Inez received money from her
grandmother for her birthday T. will add event to timeline. Using the
clue words I would write that Inez and her grandmother walked to the
camera shop.

We do (guided practice):
S. will sit in listening position while teacher

S. will complete practice book p.23.

S. will listen to story and track print.

S. will speak with elbow partner in level 1 to

T. will model how to visualize. I can imagine that Inez is holding all the
items she has picked up in a big bundle in her arms. This is a strong
image that I can use to help me list the order of events. Complete
Timeline with this event and Finally Inez went to the checkout counter.

T. will instruct students to complete exit ticket.

T. will say As we read pay close attention to the sequence of events on
pages 70-71. Remember that the author will not always write the clue
words to sequence but the author always writes the list of events in an

T. will play selection story CD aloud.

T. will ask students to reread p. 70 and identify which of the words from
the board (fair, soon, most) can be used to indicate sequence as used on
that page.

respond to question.

S. will complete exit ticket page.
You do (@ Bats):

You do (@ Bats): Exit Ticket

Summarize & review content. Preview next days lesson. Homework