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Input Devices

Input Device

This is a hardware component of the

computer that is used to enter data or
instructions into the memory of the computer.
Types of Input Devices

This is an input device that is made up of keys which

are used to enter data or instructions into the

This is a handheld device that is moved on the

surface of a desk or a mouse pad. It is used to click
on icons or objects which are located on the
computer screen. There are two types namely,
optical and mechanical.

The trackball is a device that has a similar design to the

mouse. It has a ball located at its top and is used to move
objects on the computer screen or make selections. This is
done by rotating the ball with your finger. The trackball is
ideally used in areas where there is limited desk space.

This is a device which is comprised of a vertical

lever that is fixed to a base. It is used to move
objects on a computer screen. The joystick is
used to play computer games.
Touch Pad

This is a device that is pressure and

direction sensitive. The cursor moves in
the direction that the pointer is pressed
and moves faster when more pressure is
applied. Touch pads can be found in both
laptops and desktop computers.
Digital camera

A digital camera is a device that allows users

to take pictures and store the photographed
images digitally instead of on a film. Images
can be transferred from the camera to the
computer hard disk.
The microphone is a device that is used to enter
speech or sound into the computer.
Optical Scanner/Scanner

A scanner is a light sensing input device that

reads printed text and graphics and translates
the results into a form that can be processed
by the computer.
Bar code scanner/reader

This is an optical reader that uses laser

beams to read bar codes. A bar code is an
identification code that is comprised of
vertical lines of different widths and numbers.
A bar code is unique to a product.
OMR (Optical Mark Reader)

The OMR is a device that is used to read marks that

are made on a special form in certain places. These
marks can either be circles or rectangles.
MICR (Magnetic Ink
character Reader)
The MICR is a device used to read characters that are
written using magnetic ink. The MICR characters are
converted in a manner so that the computer can be
able to process it. These characters are found on