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My Sacrament Book

By: Christian Kaykaty

Baptism- the rite of the sacrament is the celebrant says, I baptize you
in the name of the father, and of the son and of the holy spirit. It is the
sacrament in which we are freed from sin, become children of God, and
are welcomed into the Church.
The symbols of Baptism are:
The white garment
The Easter candle
Sacred Chrism
Holy water
The White Garment- it symbolizes the childs new life in Christ. The
celebrant says, See in this white garment the outward sign of your
Christian dignity.

Confirmation- the sacrament in which we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit
in a special way. The right of the sacrament is to renew you baptismal promise and
receive the gift of the Holy spirit. We complete the 3 sacraments of Christian

The symbols of the sacrament are:
Holy Spirit as a dove
Holy Water- it represents the waters of baptism which is very sacred.

the sacrament of
the Body and Blood of Christ, Jesus is truly present
under the appearances of bread and wine. Do this in
memory of me is the rite of the sacrament.

Some symbols of the sacrament are:
the bread and wine.
Bundles of wheat
Bread and wine- the bread known also as the host represents the body
of Christ and the wine represents the blood of Christ.

Reconciliation-the sacrament by which our relationship with God and the church is
strengthened or restored and our sins are forgiven.
Some symbols of the sacrament are:
The cross
A pair of keys
Ashes-it symbols old testament times. Jesus made him self a symbol of ashes.

Anointing of the sick-the sacrament by which Gods grace and comfort are given to
those who are seriously ill or suffering because of their old age.

The symbols of the sacrament are:
Laying on of the hands
Prayer of Faith
Anointing with oil
Sacred Chrism

Laying on of Hands- it is a gesture of healing used by Jesus and the early
church. Jesus often healed the sick by putting his hands on people or simply
touching them.