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The following can be found on various sites.

Jonathan Gray-Ark of the Covenant.pdf

Jonathan Gray-Dead Men's Secrets.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Lost Cities.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Lost Races, The Big Dating Shock.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Lost World of Giants.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Man in Embarassing Places.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Sitchin Fiction.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Sixty-Four Secrets Still Ahead Of Us.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Sting of the Scorpion.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Stolen Identity Jesus Christ - History Or Hoax.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Surprise Witness.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Big Dating Blunder.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Bizarre Origin Of Egypt's Ancient Gods.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Corpse Came Back.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The da Vinci Code Hoax.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Discovery That's Toppling Evolution.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Forbidden Secret.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Killing Of Paradise Planet.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The Weapon The Globalists Fear.pdf
Jonathan Gray-The_2012_Prophecy.pdf
Jonathan Gray-UFO Aliens, The Deadly Secret.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Welcome, Then Betrayal.pdf
Jonathan Gray-What Happened to the Tower of Babel.pdf
Jonathan Gray-Will You Survive.pdf
These are some of his other books.
Curse of the Hatana Gods
Discoveries: Questions Answered
How Long Was Jesus in the Tomb?
Modern Religious Myths About Genesis
More Dead Mens Secrets
Sinais Exciting Secrets
The Sorcerers Secret
Was This a Miracle?
Whos Playing Jesus Games?