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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to the Principle_______________ Senior Assistant One, ________, Senior

Assistant of Students Affair, _____________, Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum, __________________________

Last week the teachers on duty were __________________________ . Based on our observations , Overall we found
everything was in satisfactory condition but still needs some improvement in a few aspects.
I want to ask you a question. Are you a responsible student ? A responsible person
knows her or his responsibility. Responsibility means control. It means your own efforts to
control your behavior.
If you are a responsible person, you are able to attend the assembly before _______. If
you are a responsible person, you have the effort to manage your classroom by following the
duty roster. If you are a responsible person ,you know your job to put all the dirty plates
after eating at the canteen. If you are a responsible person You come to class on time and be
prepared to listen, to participate, and to learn. So, my dear students . responsible students are
those who obey the school rules. They know where to throw the rubbish. They know that they
cannot be in the classroom during recess. So, please ask yourself. Do I have this quality? If you can
control yourself, everyone in this school, you, your friends, your teachers will be happy, calm and
feel comfortable.
Next, I want to touch on the class cleanliness. Most of the classes have showed their effort in
decorating their classroom nicely but only a few have come out with a reading corner. I really hope
you can prepare one in your class after this, Just put a small table. Cover the table and put some
books that you can collect among your friends. Then, the best is to have the record on using or
reading the books at your reading corner.
. Now Im going to announce the winner for the class cleanliness competition . please
welcome our principal, to give a wa y t h e c e r t i f i c a t e t o t h e wi n n e r s .

THANK YOU TO OUR PRINCIPAL. Congratulations to all the winners for their effort to keep their
class clean and cheerful. Thats all for my report, THANK YOU